Chapter 9


(NB: Also see point 01 under chapter 8, "Earth, Hell, - - -", above).

No comments necessary - this "astronomy" is as hopeless as the "geography" in the previous chapter. We may add, though, that Muslims like to try to claim that the Big Bang verifies the Quran on the creation of Heaven and Earth, but more or less everything makes that impossible - only persons knowing very little about the Big Bang, astronomy, and the history of the Universe, are able to believe in that - like normal for Islam never proved claim.

**01 15/18b: “But any (jinn/bad spirit*) that gains a hearing by stealth (by spying on the heavens*), is pursued by a flaming fire, bright (to see).” According to the Quran, the stars are fastened to the lowest of 7 material heavens (37/6-7, 41/12). The stars are lights and decoration, but are also used for shooting stars for weapons to chase away jinns and bad spirits. (YA comment 1954: "A shooting star appears to be meant".) Muhammad did not know that the mass of a star is somewhere in the range of 1 shooting star x 10 to the 20. or more power and utterly impossible to use as a shooting star in our atmosphere – for the reason of its glaring light, for the reason of heat, for the reason of irradiation, for the reason of gravity, for the reason of sheer size, etc. As said in 15/17a above: Scientific nonsense and insanity to at least the 5. power. No god uttered this fairy tale stuff – but Muhammad did not know any better. Then who made the Quran?

###02 37/6b: “We (Allah*) have indeed decked the lower heaven (in) stars - - -”. The Quran tells this in some varieties some places in the book: The stars are fastened to the lowest (37/6-7, 41/12) of the 7 heavens (which also means that the heavens have to be made from something material - if not it was not possible to fasten the stars there). The stars also are lower than the moon, as other places in the Quran tell that the moon are in between the heavens - in addition to that it here is said the stars are fastened to the lowest heaven, and as also the moon was fasten to a heaven according to the astronomy of that time, in addition to that the Quran tells it is between the heavens, it has to be higher than the lowest heaven. The mistake actually is borrowed from Greek and/or Persian astronomy at the time of Muhammad (a fact mistake - any baby god had known better. Muslims generally tries to evade questions about this - or give you a lot of diffuse words (and never tell it is from local, wrong astronomy)). We have hardly ever seen a reasonable – not correct, but at least logically reasonable - explanation of this mistake, except the standard one when something is so wrong that even “explanations” are not possible: It is “figurative”, "allegorical” - or something similar - explanations or stories.

###03 41/11b: “- - - it (the sky) had been (as) smoke - - -)”. The sky according to Muhammad was something material (the stars were fastened to the lowermost heaven, f.x. - impossible if the heaven was not material) and had to be made from something. But it is wrong. The sky as we see it, is just an optical illusion.

Some Muslims discover the Big Bang and the cloud-like state after that, and in triumph present you for this “proof” of Islam being scientific and correct. But the Big Bang happened 13.7 billion years ago according to science. The cloud-like state lasted for 300ooo – 380ooo years and was not smoke (micro particles floating in gas) but only ionized gas, mainly hydrogen + a little helium and perhaps traces of lithium. - - And our sun and earth did not coalesce until 9 billion years later – 4.567 billion years ago - and are on top of all 3. generation creations. The connection between the "clouds" after the Big Bang and Earth is highly feeble and has nothing to do with our sky.

More logical but less frequently quoted, are the tales saying the sky was made from the cloud of dust and gas slowly coalescing into the sun, the planets, etc. But that material ended up as the sun, the planets, etc. - an optical illusion like our sky is not made from gas or dust or clouds. It is made from the bending of light in near vacuum only. (And the illusion which makes the night sky seem like a hemisphere is made by our inability to see the 3. dimension at those distances). See 41/11c below.

It also is very typical for Islam and Muslims that they just throw out this claim without the least try to prove it, and then demand proofs for that it is wrong from the opponents. But it is the ones launching a claim who has the duty to prove it.

"A proof is one or more proved facts which can give only one conclusion".

"Strong claims need strong proofs.

"A claim without a proof may be dismissed without a proof".

"Claims are cheap, but only proofs are proofs".

"- - - blind "taqlid", i.e. an unthinking acceptance of religious doctrines or assertions - - - ((A)23/11). How many millions of Muslims are practicing this?

04 41/11c: “Come ye (Earth and sky*) together - - -”. Earth and sky never were separated in two or more parts which then could come together. (Islam tries to explain that what is meant is gas, mainly H2 – hydrogen. But hydrogen – or other gases - has nothing to do with smoke – any god had known. (Smoke = micro particles (normally from oxydation) floating in gas – without the micro particles not smoke)).

####05 41/12e: “And We (Allah*) adorned the lower heaven with lights (= stars*) - - -”. This is one of the points Muslims are very reluctant to try to explain, as it is obviously and impossibly wrong - and impossible to “explain” away in any believable manner. We know from old astronomy that the moon and the planets were fastened to different heavens, and that means that the stars have to be between us and the moon (the Quran another place also says that the moon is between the heavens) - at less than some 384ooo km distance - as the stars were fastened to the lowest heaven. In addition to all the other impossibilities, humans would not be even crisps in a millisecond. Once more: Any existing god knew this, Muhammad not. Contradicted by almost anything – except as said: Not by fairy tales. Is Allah non-existing? Or who composed the Quran?

06 41/12f: “- - - and (provided it) (the lowest heaven*) with guard”. We know from other places in the Quran, that this “guard” is stars mistaken for shooting stars used against bad spirits and jinns wanting to spy on the heavens. The only place such “information” fits today, is in fairy tales. Who composed the Quran?

###07 65/12b: “Allah is He Who created seven Firmaments (wrong*) ########and of the earth a similar number”. Also the 7 Earths are part of the Universe.

According to f.x. Hadith, Al-Bukhari, they are placed one above the other – easy as the Quran tells Earth is/are flat. The lower down, the more devilish life on the respective "Earth" – and if you are a big enough sinner, you can fall down through them to Hell at the Day of Doom according to Hadiths. It is not necessary to say it is all rubbish. No comments. But also see 65/12c.

08 84/1: “When the Sky is rent asunder - - -.” Vacuum cannot be rent asunder. Any god had known.


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