Chapter 8


This "geography" is so far out that it hardly needs any comment.

01 6/1e: “Praise be to Allah, who created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth - - -.” And what does it look like? In short (included Earth, the Universe and living beings): According to the Quran the “everything” = this:

High above everything – above the 7th heaven – resides Allah.

Under him are the seven heavens – one on top of the other.

The heavens are from something material - if not one could not fasten the stars to one of them.

The heavens are held up by invisible pillars - if not they of course would fall down.

The heavens contains Paradise - and better the higher a Heaven (= closer to Allah).

The Paradise for normal good Muslims seems according to Hadiths to be in 1st heaven. It consists of 4 or 6 or more (exact number not clear) Gardens, one more luxurious than the other

In between the heavens are the sun and the moon (the sun is not said, only indicated to be just here).

Also the sun moves across the sky. (It in reality is the Earth that spins around.)

The sun rises in the east from the Earth, and sets in a pool of dirty water on Earth in the west.

The places for sunrise and sunset was found by Dhu'l Quarnayn = Alexander the Great.

Under the sun and moon, and fastened to the lowest of the 7 heavens (37/6-7, 41/12), are all the stars. (The movements of the planets are not explained.)

Stars also are used as shooting stars to chase away bad spirits and jinns spying on Heaven.

Under the heavens and stars are clouds.

The clouds Allah sometimes breaks to pieces (raindrops).

Under the clouds the birds are kept aloof by only the will of Allah.

Then there is our flat Earth.

On the Earth mountains are set down - not grown up, but set down.

The Earth is kept steady by the mountains.

Without the steadying mountains Earth might start wobbling and tip around

(today Islam points to earth-quakes, but that was not the original meaning according to Muslim scholars of the old).

On "our" Earth are rivers. Hadiths tell that 2 of them - the Nile and the Euphrates - start in Paradise.

On Earth there further are highways - made by Allah.

On the Earth also all kinds of beings live – created from clay or something or nothing.

The first man was Adam - a single man - created in somewhere between 5 and 13 different ways*.

Under our Earth (Hadith) there are more flat Earths – 7 all together.

Islam has named for all the different Earths - and tells (in Hadiths) that the lower down, the more hellish life for the inhabitants.

And at the bottom (Hadith) is Hell.

Hell has seven gates, each leading to a separate part of Hell - one worse than the other.

* Modern Islamic literature seems to indicate that the official point of view of Islam is that man really was created by clay or similar.

Just like what your school and modern science tell you?

(This is one of the really strong and easy to see proofs for that the Quran is not made by an omniscient god - no omniscient god makes mistakes, and absolutely not of this quantity, magnitude and stupidity.)

##02 21/30a: “Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens (plural and wrong) and the earth were joined together (as one unit of Creation), before We (Allah*) clove them asunder?” Heaven is an optical illusion - a fact that is well known today, but Muhammad did not know it - and an illusion cannot be “cloven asunder” from a material thing (like Earth). We also have met Muslims saying that the theory of the Big Bang proves the Quran. But the Big Bang “clove something asunder” 13.7 billion years ago, whereas our sun (Helios or Sun*) is a 3. generation star, and it and the planets included Earth are just 4.6 billion years old (the latest numbers actually are 4.567 billion years). The differences in age, and far more the fact that our sun is 3. generation, (which means that the stuff the earth - and the sun – is made from, has been through two cycles of being fluid and mixed parts of (former) suns that became supernovas (exploding stars) and were spread over large parts of cosmos where it mixed with remnants of other exploded supernovas and with gas, and at last coalesce to make a new sun and planets) makes the Big Bang totally irrelevant in this connection – for all the first 9 billion years the Earth and the sun and the planets just were scattered atoms, molecules and fragments in a celestial “mixer” – not an Earth, etc. that could be identified and could “be joined together” or “cloven asunder” with the sky. At least the professors at Al-Azhar University know this because these are very well known facts, and it is dishonesty to try to cheat people by using this “argument” in f.x. “The Message of the Quran” - a book pretending to give, as seen from the Muslim point of view, correct information on and explanations of the Quran, certified by one of the highest authorities on the Quran in the Muslim world, the above-mentioned university.

Conclusions: According to the Quran Allah created a quantity of something like smoke, ordered the smoke to “come together”, and afterwards split that mass in 2 – the Earth (actually 7 Earths) in one part, and the heaven as we see it (but actually 7 material heavens according to the Quran - and Islam) in the other part. It should be unnecessary to mention that this has no similarity to what really happened. The Big Bang spread gas – nearly only hydrogen (H), but with traces of helium (He) in ionized and thus opaque form – and absolutely no smoke, because even micro particles did not exist yet (smoke = micro particles floating in gas) - over vast realms. After some 300ooo – 380ooo years the gas had cooled enough to be able to combine to molecules (mainly H2) that could condense to stars. The first stars tended strongly to be super giants because the gas in space was by far more tightly packed than today and thus easier to mop up to make big stars. In the stars H2 was transformed to different atoms up to iron by means of atomic reactions that releases the energy stars “live” from.

But in super giants these reactions runs fast because of very high temperature and pressure. Already after some 10 million years – or more if they were smaller - they explode in super-novas. In the extreme conditions of those explosions the heavier stuff is created – and spewed out into the Universe. There it became parts of the gas clouds which over eons condensed to new stars. The average size now was smaller, for natural reasons – the gas clouds were less dense. Because of somewhat smaller average size, the average “life” was somewhat longer. But even so a large percentage also of this 2. generation stars were big enough to go supernova sooner or later (often still pretty fast) – and then a new circle started. Gas clouds – which now contained a small percentage of other matter than H2 and He – condensed once more to new stars.

And here finally our star – Helios or Sun – fits in. Our sun is a 3. generation star – and because of that there were enough heavy material to make "rock planets" like the Earth.

But heaven and Earth as such never was smoke. The stars and the sun never made up one mass with a recognizable Earth (another fact that made that impossible: Earth was made 9.1 billion years and trillions of stars later than the universe). Not to mention that a recognizable Earth and heaven/stars/etc. never were one mass which was split apart leaving the Earth like we know it ready for life and living beings.

The Quran and Muhammad could hardly have been more wrong even if they really had tried to.

###03 65/12b: “Allah is He Who created seven Firmaments (wrong*) ########and of the earth a similar number”. According to Hadith the last part means 7 separate Earths - one above the other. According to Muhammad Ibn ‘Abd Allah al-Kisa’I the last part means 7 layers down in the Earth according to one “explanation”. But what the Quran really says, is 7 Earths – 7 flat Earths. No matter if you believe the Quran/Hadith or one of the “explanations” for this somewhat special geology/geography/astronomy, the names of the “Earths” from top and down are:

Ramaka. People: Muwasshim, in everlasting torment and divine retribution. (Earth?)

Khalada. People: Tamis, eating their own flesh, drinking their own blood.

Arqa. People: Qays, eating dirt, drinking mother's milk. Pest: Mule like eagles with spear like tails and poisonous quills.

Haraba. People: Jilla, have no eyes, hands, or feet, but bat like wings. Pest: The snakes of Hell, large as mountains.

Maltham. People: Hajla, eat each other. Pest: carry stones of sulfur around their neck - may burn.

Sijjin. People: Qatat, look like birds, worship Allah. Pest(?): contains the register of Hell.

Ajiba. People: Khasum, black and short, with claws like lions. Pest: Iblis/the Devil lives here (Hell?). Gog and Magog will end here.

According to f.x. Al-Bukhari the Earths are placed one above the other – easy as the Quran tells the Earth(s) is/are flat. The lower down, the more devilish life on the respective layer – and if you are a big enough sinner, you can fall down through them all at the Day of Doom. It is not necessary to say it is all rubbish.

p> Also see 2/131 – 7/61 - 7/67 – 7/104 – 7/121 – 10/3 – 26/16 – 26/23 – 26/47 – 26/77 – 26/98 – 26/109 – 26/127 – 26/145 – 27/8 – 27/44 – 32/2 – 37/87 – 38/87 – 39/74 – 41/9 – 43/46 – 45/36 - 56/80 – 59/16 – 68/52 – 69/43 – 81/27 – 81/29 – 83/6 and many more. All these places mention “the worlds” in plural – f.x. “Lord of the Worlds (Allah*)” – and reference to the 7 worlds. But beware of a stumbling stone here: The Quran also in 1 – 2 cases uses the expression “the Worlds” in another connection – Muslim scholars believe it in that or those couple of cases refers to “man and Jinn” or “man and woman”. In western languages it is not possible to see the difference, because our nouns only have singular and plural. But in Arab (and some other languages) it is different: They have singular, dual (= 2), and plural. We are informed that in all such cases where the original Arab text has plural, it refers to the 7 non-existing Earths (well, one exists, even though it is not flat). But if the Arab text any place has the noun "Worlds" in dual, it just that place is referring to something else - like "man and jinn".


The 7 gates of Hell:

Like the heavens also Hell has 7 gates. They open to 7 parts of Hell, one worse than the next.






Jahim. (This one is for Jews, Christians, and Sabians - "the People of the Book".)


Once more: Just like your teacher of geography told you? And who created this nonsense?

04 65/12c: “Allah is He Who created seven Firmaments (wrong*) and of the earth a similar number”. Modern Islam has problems with this one, as it is so obviously wrong, and so difficult to explain away. As mentioned one way to try to explain it away, is to claim the Quran here speaks about different layers in the Earth - which it most obviously do not do, and a way of understanding it none of Muhammad's listeners and none of the Muslim scholars of the old even thought about. And also an "explanation" which "forgets" that Islam claims (well, they speak with very small letters about it nowadays) that on each of the 7 earths there lived sentient beings - impossible in the stone and iron and pressure and temperature inside Earth - but then it is typical for Muslims to produce "explanations" for difficult problems, mistakes, etc., which seemingly may explain one or a few aspects of a case, and "forget" about other aspects of the same or other cases which kills the made up or trumped up "explanation".

Yusuf Ali (YA5527) has this claim for an "explanation" - and like all other Muslims trying this explanation, he "forget" that Islam (Hadiths) claims there live "humans" on each of the claimed Earths: "If we take the literal meaning (= what the Quran really says - and this is how the Quran is to be understood if nothing else is said or clearly indicated according to the Quran*) - just as we see the heavenly spheres one above another (they do not exist!!), over our heads, so we can see that the crust of the earth is built up of geological strata one above another". But you will never find a Muslim trying to explain this in more details if he can in any way avoid it. The reason is that in addition to the "humans" Islam claims live on the different Earths, and which are "forgotten" here, this "explanation" is scientific gobbledygook:

li>If you only take the crust, it is normal to reckon 2 (not 7) strata - upper and lower crust: Heavy stone like basalt at the bottom and lighter like granite at the top. 2 layers is very different from 7.

Some Muslims use the whole Earth. Then science normally reckons 3 layers: The core, the mantel, and the crust - still a long way to go to find 7.

The Muslim fares somewhat better if the scientist splits up these layers somewhat - like they often do. Then you get the lower and upper core, the lower and upper mantle, and the crust = 5 layers - or 6 if you also split the crust in a lower and upper one - but still not 7.

The scientific stratifying of the Earth - splitting it in layers - is a rather arbitrary affair, except where it is split in core, mantle and crust. Such arbitrary splitting can be done in many ways, and if you look long enough and split in the correct way, it is very likely you will find a way to split it in 7 theoretical ways - - - and then you have your and the Quran's 7 Earths!!! - admittedly very different from what is told in the Quran, and Hades take the "forgotten" inhabitants Islam tells about on the claimed Earths. The magic number - not to say the number magic - is found and as the number fits, the "explanation" is proved!! You will find that some mistakes in the Quran are tried explained away in this way - find some facts, real or claimed, which looks like they fit one or some aspects of the problem, forget the other aspects, especially if they prove your "explanation" wrong, and then you have your "solution" or sometimes even "proof". That both science and normal brain power tell that an explanation is invalid if it does not explain all aspects of a problem, is totally overlooked and of no interest to those Muslims.

As for using layers - strata - in the crust for an explanation like Abdullah Yusuf Ali indicates, you run into one more problem: Because of the tectonic activity (movement - also up and down) in the crust, it will be impossible to find 7 continuous layers in the Crust. May be this is why he did not say more about how layers in the crust can explain the Quran's 7 "Earths".

#05 21/31c: “And We (Allah*) have set on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with them - - -”. Experts on Islam and the Quran say this refers to that the disk which is the Earth (in the Quran the Earth is flat, but perhaps a round disk) might shake and become unstable, and because of this may slip away or tip around and drop everything - included humanity - off the Earth.

We refer to some Muslim scholars: Jalalan, (p. 437), Baydawi (p. 686), Tabari (p.589), and Zamakhshari (part 4, p. 381): They all tell that “if it was not for these unshakable (!!*) mountains, the earth would slip away.”(!!!*)

****And Jalalan, Baydawi, and Zamakhshari all say that “- - - He (Allah*) placed unshakable mountains (not more so than that they shake during earthquakes*) on Earth lest it tilts with people.” This obviously is what the Quran really meant, and this even more obviously was the meaning Muhammad told his followers, as it is what the learned Muslim scholars were sure was the truth.

But this “truth” is so ridiculous, that let us go on to the alternative explanation – the one that is in vogue in Islam now that they know the original “truth” was wrong: That the mountains hinder earth-quakes. (But remember that it is what Muhammad originally meant which counts when judging the Quran - the rest is "explaining away" old errors.)

That is not correct. Well, it is so far from the truth, that it is not even wrong - it is sometimes the opposite of the truth:

According to f. ex. heavyweights like “New Scientist” and “Nature” mountains sometimes can CAUSE earthquakes because of their considerable weight and pressure on the underground. Yes, even variations in the amount of water (= weight) in big mountain lakes or glaciers sometimes causes minor and medium earthquakes. The same go for heavy snow-falls in the mountains sometimes – snow in the mountains and rain lower down is a normal phenomenon = imbalance in weight. (There f.x. are more earthquakes in the north in winter than in summer).

*It is well known today that mountains are made because of tectonic activity (this always causes earthquakes - though sometimes too feeble for human so feel) or volcanic activity which often causes earthquakes. This means that mountains in reality are made by earthquakes (or actually by the same mechanisms which make most earthquakes), it does not hinder such quakes. Any god had known this, but Muhammad not - this is new knowledge to humans. Then who composed the Quran?

Also volcanism is closely connected to earth quakes. Volcanism also in many cases is connected to tectonic activity - there thus are connections between the two mechanisms for mountain building - and for earthquakes. Tectonic activity makes it easier for lava to break through to the surface - as seen f.x. in "the Ring of Fire" around the Pacific.

Also see 15/19 – 16/15 – 31/10b – 41/10

06 41/9-12d: These verses tell that Allah created the Earth in 2 days, the mountains and everything on Earth in 4 days and finally the heaven (“the seven firmaments” – plural and wrong) in 2 days. 2 + 4 + 2 = 8 days. But:

7/54: “- - - Allah, Who created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth in six Days - - -.”

10/3: “- - -Allah, Who created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth in six Days - - -.”

11/7: “He (Allah*) is it Who created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth in six Days”.

25/59: “He (Allah*) Who created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth and all that is between, in six days - - -.”

50/38: “We (Allah*) created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth and all between them in six Days - - -.”

57/4: “He (Allah*) is it Who created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth in Six Days”.

(6 contradictions. It also contradicts reality, which tells that the creation of Earth took millions of years)

The 7 Earths and Hell - and their people: 

(As you see included "our" Earth - scientific name Tellus - Islam lists 8 Earths, but if you recon Ajiba to contain Hell, or reckon that Earth = Ramaka, there are 7 + Hell. We have not found out of this for sure.)

The scientific name of the people on our Earth is Homo Sapiens. That means "the thinking human" or "knowing human". There are times when there are reasons for believing that name is an ironical joke - f.x. when leaders demand blindness, blind belief, and acceptance/belief in obviously wrong facts and/or obviously invalid logic.

If there somewhere is a god who is behind the creation or development of man, his second most valuable gift - after life itself - is our brain. If it is a gift from a god, it is an insult to this god to use blind belief instead of the brain.

We repeat: ##(YA5570):"He (Allah*) Who creates must necessarily know His own handiwork". This is very correct, so when the Quran shows that the maker of that book clearly do not know the reality, it is a strong proof for that something is very wrong somewhere.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)