Chapter 7


See comments on Chapter 06: FALSIFIED BIBLE?

01 42/13f: “The same religion (Islam*) - - - that We (Allah*) have sent by inspiration to thee (Muhammad*) - - -”. Is it really an omniscient god who has initiated a religion based on a book with may be 3ooo cases of mistakes, invalid logic, invalid arguments, invalid "signs" and "proofs", plus lots of contradictions, etc.? Definitely no. See 40/75 and 41/12 above and many others.

The underlying claim is that the old Jews were Muslims, but falsified the religion and the Bible to get a better life here on Earth. ####But how could leaving a religion permitting stealing/robbing, dishonesty, extortion, etc. give anyone a richer life? The Hadiths confirms that Muslims grew rich and powerful that way, and it had worked the same way for f.x. the Jews if they had gone for economic gain and had such a religion. The argument that the Jews and Christians falsified their religion to have a richer life here on Earth, thus is killed by reality. Worth thinking over.

###02 42/3d: (A42/2): "I.e. the basic truths propounded in the Quranic revelation - - - are the same as those revealed to the earlier (Jewish*) prophets". To be very polite: This is not true. There are oceans between Muhammad and the Jewish prophets - deep fundamental differences and contradictions, especially compared to Jesus and his new covenant. Muhammad was not in that line of prophets - not even in the same moral world - and in a basically very different religion - one of war and suppression, dishonesty and apartheid, simply 180 degree contradiction to Jesus' teachings, and a lot different from the older prophets, too.

The fact is that the many and deep differences between the messages in the Bible and the Quran are one of the absolute proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

03 44/3f: (A44/4): "The revelation of the Quran is but a continuation and, indeed, the climax of all divine revelations which has been going on since the very dawn of human consciousness".

To comment on the last first: How far back do we have to go to find forefathers who were not conscious beings? There f. ex. is no doubt that Homo Erectus were conscious beings - but how much further back in time to find "the very dawn of human consciousness"? At least a few million years. Which means that Islam has been taught on Earth for a few million years at least. You are free to believe it if you want. But no trace of Islam older than 610 AD when Muhammad started his preaching, has ever been found anywhere.

"Strong claims need strong proofs". "A claim without a proof can be dismissed without a proof". "Claims are cheap, but only proof are proofs". "A proof is one or more proved facts which can give only one conclusion". "- - - blind "taqlid", i.e. an unthinking acceptance of religious doctrines or assertions - - - ((A)23/11). How many millions of Muslims are practicing this?

But the main point here is that the Quran is so different from the Bible, and especially from NT and its New Covenant, and Muhammad so different from the Jewish prophets included Jesus, that it takes a lot of naivety or/and blindness to be able to believe in claims that Muhammad belonged to the Jewish line of prophets or that Islam is from the same god as the two other religions. That someone makes an undocumented claim does not mean that the claim is true - and when it is claimed in a book full of mistakes, told by a man of a very doubtful moral, but with much to gain, there are extra reasons for being careful.

The Quran simply is an apocryphal book far away from Yahweh. So far away that it normally is not even counted among the apocryphal ones.

####04 29/46f: “- - - our (Muslims*) and your (Jews and Christians*) god is one - - -”. This is not correct unless he is schizophrenic, as too many fundamental aspects are too different between the two gods. To mention a few points (there are MANY more):


The New Testament:

Do not kill without a good reason.

Do not kill.

To wage war is a religious duty.

Do not kill.

An eye for an eye.

Turn the other cheek.

You cannot carry another’s burden.

Carry your fellow man’s burden.

Religion shall run the country.

"My land is not of this world".

Be killed for Allah and go to Paradise.

Become like a child to go to Paradise.

Paradise = Earth-like luxury plus women

Paradise = Heaven for your soul - you "become like the angels - - -“(Matt. 22/30).

(for women = Earth-luxury and a share of the husband).

(for women = Heaven for your soul.)

Paradise = resurrected body.

Paradise = the soul lives on.

Do not lie except for good reason.

Do not lie.

Do not mourn the unbeliever.

“The lost lamb”.

Break an oath and pay expiation for it.

To break any oat is a severe sin.

Al-Taqiyya – Muslims’ lawful lie.

Do not lie.

Kitman - Muslims' lawful half-truth.

Do not lie.

To rob and steal may be “good and lawful”.

Do not steal.

To rape a female slave is “good and lawful”.

So immoral that it is not even mentioned.

Help others to gain merit in heaven.

Help others because they need it – and gain merit in heaven.

*A similar sentence exists also in Islam (in Hadiths), but it is so well hidden and forgotten and sleeping, that we never have heard it quoted even from Muslims trying to prove what a benevolent religion Islam is.

(For those who do not know: Jesus said that if someone hit you on one cheek, turn the other towards him = answer bad with good. And: Jesus said that a good shepherd would search for a lost lamb = to save a lost soul is very valuable, and there is reason to mourn the not saved ones.)

We know both religions have been misused – though with one serious difference: Christ has been misused in contradiction to his teaching, Islam very often because of and in accordance with the Quran’s often bloody teaching and lack of real moral.

But these are some of the teachings – some of the fundamental points. And it is worth repeating here that science (and even more so Islam) has proved that the Bible is not falsified – a few mistakes, but no falsifications. This in spite of the Quran’s and Islam’s never documented claims of much falsification. Islam will have to show proofs for the claims if they wants to be believed – proofs they have been unable to find in 1400 years. (We also reminding you that the only other alternative is that something is seriously wrong with the Quran and hence with Islam, as no god makes a book full of errors, etc.). Only Islam says it is the same god - and they are wrong, unless the god is mentally ill. Similar claims in 2/139 -3/64 – 42/13.

(For those who do not know: Jesus said that if someone hit you on one cheek, turn the other towards him = do not take revenge, and answer bad with good. And: Jesus said that a shepherd would search for a lost lamb (or sheep) = to save a lost soul is very valuable, and there is every reason to mourn the not saved ones.)

We know both religions have been misused – though with one serious difference: Christ has been misused in contradiction to his teachings, Islam very often in accordance with its teachings, because of the Quran’s often bloody religion and lack of real moral on too many points. The sentences above are some of the teachings – some of the fundaments.

Also see separate chapter - hopefully to be launched in 2012 AD - in "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran", Book A under .

####05 40/70d: (A40/52 - English 2008 edition A40/51): "Since, as the Quran often points out, the fundamental truths set forth in all divine revelations are the same, a rejection of the last of them (the Quran*) amounts to a rejection of all the preceding ones (the Bible*)". Both these claims are wrong - and the logic belongs in primary school. Many of the fundamental truths are far from the same. The fundamental differences between the basic thoughts and rules, ethics and moral, etc. in the Quran and in the Bible - and especially compared to NT and its New Covenant (f.x. Luke 22/20) - are so enormous, that there is a Ginnunga Gap - or Abyss - (see the Vikings' religion and geography where it represents geographically the very end of the world) between them. The gap between the Quran and NT is such that in stark contradiction to Mr. Azad's claim here, is not possible not to reject the Quran if one believes in NT - and the same goes for the Quran compared to the Mosaic religion, even though the abyss may be a little - little - less there. Muhammad was way away from the "road" of the old prophets - not in the same line at all, also this in 180 degree contradiction of Islam's never proved claim (a claim only possible to believe in for persons not knowing the Bible or believing in the disproved claim that the Bible was much falsified).

**06 42/13d: “The same religion (Islam*) has He (Allah*) established for - - - Abraham, Moses, and Jesus”. Neither the Quran, nor Hadith, nor Islam has brought the slightest valid proof for this - only words and claims. And at least when it comes to Jesus, it is provably wrong, as he lived in times of written history, so that we know a lot about those times - knowledge which prove the Quran wrong on many points. The teachings of Jesus and the ones of Muhammad are fundamentally too different. Of course Muslims say that the Bible is falsified and that scriptures have disappeared – that is the only way out they have. But they have yet to prove the first and to prove that scriptures documenting all the points Islam says are wrong in other religions, have disappeared and none reliable and impossible to misunderstand ones have reappeared among the relevant 12ooo - 13ooo scriptures + the some 32ooo with references to the Bible which exists. “Strong claims need strong proofs.” This even more so as science by means of all the old scriptures has proved that the Bible is not falsified – a fact that is extra clear for NT. And as central: Islam has proved the same even stronger by being unable to find one single proved falsification among all those scriptures. You bet they had told about it if they had found even one. As for Abraham and Moses being good Muslims, for one thing that is strongly contradicted by the Bible, which tells their god was Yahweh, and for another thing: As mentioned no traces from Islam older than 610 AD has ever or anywhere been found - not even by Islam - - - and Moses lived some 2000 years before, and Abraham some 2500 years before that.

#############There also is another hard fact here concerning Jesus: Jesus as said lived deep inside the times of written history. We know for sure that there was no religion like Islam and no god like Allah anywhere in the Roman Empire, not before Jesus and not until several centuries after him - not until after 610 AD when Muhammad started his mission. This is an indisputable historical fact. This means Jesus was no Muslim. Another historical fact is that also early Christianity is known from such sources, and it had no similarity to Islam. The claim that Jesus was a Muslim and preached Islam is proved by written history to be made up claims (claims also never proved true by Islam - like normal for Muhammad's very many claims).

#07 42/30d: (A42/35 - English 2008 edition 42/34): "Since this latter (man’s life in the hereafter*) is but an organic continuation of the earthly life - - -". A very informative sentence - and a universe from the Bible's Paradise, where you become "like the angels in heaven" (f. x. Matt. 22/30). Did anyone claim Yahweh and Allah are the same god? - even their Paradises are incomparable and incompatible. And did anyone claim the basic elements in the religions of all prophets, included Muhammad, are identical? It is so wrong that "wrong" is not even the correct word.

One more of the strong proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - if they had been, their Paradises had been one and the same.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)