Chapter 42


Islam is the youngest of the big religions, started in 610 AD. Muslims claim it really is the "original" and oldest of all religions, but there is no serious scientists who believes in that claim - the proofs against it are too strong. In spite of slogans like "Islam is the Religion of Peace" it is the only one of the big religions which is a religion of war - or to be exact it changed from a peaceful religion to one of war during the years 622-624 AD when Muhammad established himself as a robber baron and started to need warriors. It is built on the book the Quran - a book dictated by Muhammad, and a book so full of errors and worse, that the book itself proves it is not from any god, and definitely not from a good and benevolent god, like Islam claims. Islam also claims it is "the Religion of Truth", but it is symptomatic that the Quran contains something like 2ooo cases of wrong facts, and something like 1ooo other errors, contradictions, etc. It also is symptomatic that no serious scientist uses it as a source for information for anything older than 610 AD (except to a degree for the aborted attack on Mecca in 570 AD).

As for moral, ethical, and judicial codes in Islam, they partly are very far from the gold standard of "do to others like you want others do to you". This together with Islam's haughtiness, its aggressive ideology, and perhaps its unreliability (al-Taqiyya, Kitman, Hilah, acceptance of deceit and of disuse and breaking of words/promises/oaths (2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2)), may be parts of the reason why both the religion and sometimes its followers to a degree are disliked some places.

BUT REMEMBER: Even though Islam is a harsh and little human religion, and based on a book not from any god - to blame a book of a quality like the Quran on a god, is heresy, slander, and an insult to any god - most of its members are just as human as you and me, only wishing for a peaceful life with a job and a family. Of course it is difficult to know who belong to the good majority, and who not, but no Muslim should be judged bad just because he or she is a Muslim.

###01 62/9c: "- - - prayer - - -". What is the idea with and the effect of prayers in Islam? The Quran MANY places states that Allah predestines absolutely everything, and he predestines it according to his Plan, which nobody and nothing can change. And he predestines it a long time before it is going to happen - he f.x. according to Hadiths predestines whether you are going to end in Hell or Heaven already when you are a 4 months old fetus = 5 months before you are born. Now the Quran tells that man also has free will - a necessary claim not to make Allah very unjust when he sends a person to Hell for sins (or for that case rewards him for good deeds) - but those are two things which are impossible even for an omniscient and omnipotent god to combine. Give man even the slightest degree of free will, and the laws of chaos inexorably finish off predestination - the god can make things happen by adjusting this and that, but the moment man gets the possibility to change his mind once more about something, full predestination is gone - and the same is full precognition. Even Islam admits that full predestination is impossible to combine with free will of man (some claim that partly free will is possible, but that is wrong - the laws of chaos is very clear on that point; the so-called "butterfly effect" kicks in). We quote (A6/141 - comment to verse 6/149): “In other words, the real relationship between Allah’s knowledge of the future (and, therefore, the ineluctably of what is to happen in the future) on one side, and man’s free will, on the other – two propositions which, on the face of it, seem to contradict one another – is beyond man’s comprehension; but since both are postulated by Allah, both must be true". But here Islam is leaving religion, and entering pure mysticism. In the non-material realms of life there are things impossible even for an omniscient and omnipotent god. Proofs for this in 6/149a above.

If there is complete predestination in Islam like the Quran states as absolute several places in the Quran, prayers can have no effect in this religion (and similar for forgiving, which also means a change to Allah's predestined Plan) - everything is already decided and nothing can be changed in Allah’s long since predestined Plan. To claim the opposite just is mysticism, not religion.

Combine this with 67/9c and you get a dark picture.


###02 9/33j: "- - - to proclaim it (Islam*) over all religion - - -". This is a sentence to beware of, because this is the official goal for Islam even today and for all foreseeable future: Dominate and suppress all others.

This sentence must be seen in connection to 9/29c above.

This is the promised future for non-Muslims under Islam. A religion so full of errors that the book itself proves there is no god behind it. Perhaps the dark forces, but not any god.


03 31/25f: "But most of them (non-Muslim opponents of Muhammad*) understand not". Who understands? - he who understands something is wrong or he who believes blindly in the tales of a man of a dubious character and liking power and money and women? - many of the claims and tales even provably wrong. Many a false prophet has had a good life - and Muhammad never proved a comma about essential points, but demanded blind belief and/or belief in invalid "signs" and "proofs". The easiest way to be cheated in most situations in life, is to be blind. and to believe blindly.

04 42/45e: (A42/47 - English 2008 edition A4246): "Thus the above sentence implies that every kind of evildoing (zulm), and particularly the oppression of others, results in a spiritual injury to, and ultimately the self-destruction of, its perpetrators and/or their followers". Read the Quran's moral code, laws, and rules concerning points of view and treatment of non-Muslims - including suppression and oppression of them. Also compare this to the one basic moral code: "Do onto others like you want others do onto you" - and weep. This sentence tells a lot about why many Muslim societies are like they are - and may be about why Islam and Muslims are widely disliked. (As for the latter also Islam's/Muslims' haughtiness and Islam's aggressive ideology count a lot.)

05 22/78e: "- - - it (Islam*) is the cult of your father Abraham". For one thing it is unlikely Abraham is the forefather of the Arabs - Ishmael and his sons settled near the border of Egypt, according to the Bible (written at a time when there was no reason for the writer to falsify this), not in Arabia (1. Mos. 25/18). Also DNA-analysis indicate that the Arabs in reality is a mixture of people who drifted into the peninsula from different places and nations + the result of being at a crossroad for the caravans + the result of large import of slaves/concubines from Europe, Asia and Africa. What once - impolitely - was called a bastard production. And for another thing there is no reason to believe Islam was Abraham's religion, but strong reason reasons for to believe that the claim is wrong, as there never is found a trace anywhere in the world from neither a god like Allah, nor for a religion like Islam. Islam will have to produce proofs in order to be believed by us.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)