Chapter 40


Neither the Quran nor Muhammad was quite honest or objective concerning non-Muslims. Propaganda is an old and well known weapon.

###01 62/6c: “- - - then express your desire for Death, if ye are truthful!” An impossible demand for pious Jews and Christians: For one thing life has its values for everybody. More essential for them: Life is a gift from Yahweh/God – to wish to end it is to diminish a gift from Him. Most serious: To willfully end your own life, is a sin so grave that it automatically sends you to Hell.

Any god had known this – Muhammad obviously not. Then who made the Quran?

In a way worse: Muslim scholars today and for centuries have known the fact that seeking your own death is such a grave sin in Christianity, that it sends you to Hell. But they never mention it, in spite of using this argument. Dishonesty.

The underlying claim is contradicted by religious, historical and psychological facts.

02 50/27c: "- - - he (non-Muslim*) was (himself) far astray".

If no god exists, he and a Muslim was equally astray.

If only Allah exists, but is no god, both are astray.

If only Allah exists, and is a god, the non-Muslim was astray

If the non-Muslim's god (f.x. Yahweh) and Allah both exist as gods, none was astray.

If the non-Muslim's god (f.x. Yahweh) and Allah both exist, but Allah no god, the Muslim was astray.

If the non-Muslim's god (f.x. Yahweh) exists, but Allah not, the Muslim was astray.

03 58/18f: "They (non-Muslims*) are but liars". This is one of the ironic sentences in the Quran, as the only of the big religion which accepts lies in many cases and advices it in some cases, is Islam - f. x. al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie), Kitman (the lawful half-truth), Hilah (the lawful pretending/circumventing), betrayal (following the shining idol Muhammad's example), and broken words/promises/oaths "if that gives a better result" (though in some cases you should pay expiation afterwards) - 2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2.

04 24/40b: This verse indicates that non-Muslims live in religious darkness. But what is best - no belief or a strong belief in a made up religion? Besides may be some of the non-Muslims' gods is/are real - there is a chance, something there is not if the Quran is made up or if it is sent (because if it is sent, it is not from any god - too brutally much is wrong for any god to be involved).

##05 43/37b: "Such (satans) really hinder them from the Path, but they think that they are being guided aright!" This is one of the really thought provoking verses in the Quran, when you think over the many horrible, immoral, and unjust moral, and other rules you find in the Quran - rules Muslims honestly believe are glorious, because they have been thought so by their parents and mullahs and others. The same verses which make people from almost any other culture refuse quite to let go the suspicion that the real maker of the Quran are some dark forces - plural or singular.

###06 33/61-62: “They (non-Muslims, hypocrites, etc.*) shall have a curse on them: whenever they are found, they shall be sized and slain (without mercy) (‘no compulsion in religion’ 2/256*). (Such was) the praxis (approved) of Allah among those who lived aforetime (f.x. Jews and Christians*)". Muhammad claimed that Allah was just another name for Yahweh – but try to find an order telling that all non-Christians shall be murdered “without mercy” in NT and in the new covenant (f. ex. Luke 22/20 in NT) - a covenant Muslims never mention - and NT is what Christianity is built on . Oh, we know very well that persons from Christian countries have done bad things, but that was in spite of their religion – and they were not really Christians deep down – and not in accordance with, or even because of the religion, like the case often is with the “religion of peace” (Muslim-speak for camouflaging the “religion of war”) Islam.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)