Chapter 39


Moses is one of the central persons in OT - and in the Quran. If science is right that Exodus happened around 1235 BC, and if the Bible has his age correct - 80 years when Exodus took place - he lived from ca. 1315 to ca. 1195 BC. In the Quran he seems to be ranged as prophet number 3 or 4 in greatness - after Muhammad, Abraham, and likely Jesus. Much of what is told about him in the Quran, differs - sometimes considerably - from what is told in the Bible. As the Quran with all its errors, etc. is not from any god, one may wonder from where Muhammad got the extra information. Or "information"?

691 6/154a: “We (Allah*) gave Moses the Book (here intended to mean a not falsified Bible = one claimed similar to the Quran*), - - -”. As said some times before: The 5 books of Moses – also called “the Book of Moses” - (or the Torah) - were written 400-700 (500-800?) years later according to science. Moses only got the 10 Commandments in writing. That is to say: He also got “the Law” – which later became part of “the Book of Moses”- but only verbally, and then wrote it down himself later according to the Bible (what he wrote down sometimes is called "The Book of Covenant" - f.x. 2. Mos. 24/7). But the law for one thing is just part of the book, and for another: Science as said all the same means the full book (or books) is written centuries later. And NB: According to the Bible, he got the Commandments and the law from Yahweh, not from Allah - and the teachings of Jesus and of Muhammad are far too different; it is impossible they represented the same god or the same line of prophethood (in addition to that Muhammad was no real prophet - he was unable to make prophesies or "to know the unseen"). And we remind you: Science have long since proved beyond any reasonable or unreasonable doubt that Muhammad's never documented claims that the Bible is falsified, are wrong. Islam has proved the same even stronger by not finding one single clear case of falsifications in all the tens of thousands relevant old manuscripts or fragments.

369 10/84-86: Moses and the Jews were good Muslims. Try to find this claim in the Bible! (And remember: Science has proved the Bible is not falsified - in spite of Muhammad's never proved claims he had to make to save his religion and his leadership. Islam has thoroughly proved the same by not finding one proved falsification among the tens of thousands of relevant manuscripts.)

##234 18/80a: Moses and a wise man who in Islam (not in the Quran) is named al-Kadir or Al-Khidr ("the green one") are in a legend retold like a true story in the Quran, on a long walk. They meet a young man whom the wise man without being provoked slays (18/74). Later he explains that the reason was that “we feared that he would grieve” his good Muslim parents. If that is enough to kill their son, it is no doubt that Muslims – his parents – were much better than non-Muslims, and perhaps that apostates – at least bad ones, deserve to be killed? No matter: That it is better to kill even their children than to perhaps - perhaps - meet problems, tells much about ethic and moral in Islam. And does it tell something about Muhammad and the Quran that they use legends for true stories in the "holy" book?

###099 26/46-47: "Then did the sorcerers fall down, prostrate in adoration, Saying 'We believe in the Lord of the Worlds - - -". For one thing this is not from the Bible. But much more serious in this connection is that this is one of the proofs for that Muhammad knew he was lying each time he explained away his inability to produce any miracle as a proof for his god and for his own connection to a god, with that Allah did not want because it would make no-one believe in Allah anyhow. Here Muhammad is telling - early in his career and before many of those "explaining" away - about a minor miracle which made all those sorcerers suddenly become ardent believers in just Allah. Also see 26/51 below.

#031 87/19d: "The books of Moses - - -". (YA6095): "The original Revelation of Moses, of which the Present Pentateuch is a surviving recension - - -". This deserves no comment, except that it is written by the same man who wrote the comment in 87/19b above. For your information: He is reckoned to be a top scholar and writer in Islam. When he writes things like this, how serious are then the lesser Muslim scholars?

###We may add that even the oldest copies and fragment of what often is called "the Books of Moses" or "the Pentateuch" are more or less identical to the present ones (there may be minimal differences a few places because they are copied by hand, and then such things can happen). And as essential: There never was found even one fragment from those books with contents close to that in the Quran - Muhammad claimed the Bible originally was similar to the Quran, but falsified by the bad Jews and Christians. (It was his only way to explain away the differences between what he told the Bible said - he took his material from verbal legends, fairy tales etc. - and what the Bible really said.) This never proved - very normal for Muhammad and for Islam - claim from Muhammad and from the Quran simply is wrong, unless Islam proves - proves - the opposite.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)