Chapter 37


To quote science's careful language: "There is no indication for that Abraham ever visited Mecca". Also there is no indication for that Abraham is the forefather of the Arabs (via Ishmael) or Muhammad. For one thing The Bible directly tells that the descendants of Ishmael settled east of where the Suez channel now runs, which is FAR from Arabia and Mecca. For another thing Arabia was settled thousands of years before Abraham and there lived at least tens of thousands of people - which means that the Arabs have tens of thousands of forefathers, and thus that even if it had been true that Ishmael settled in what later became Mecca, he only meant a small drop or the Arab blood. And not least: Modern DNA test shows that the Arabs never were or are a coherent race. They are a mix from people who when Arabia was settled drifted into the peninsula from all around + dilution from foreign traders making and leaving behind babies (remember that before Islam, sex was one of "the two delicious things" in Arabia - the other one was alcohol) and Arab trader bringing home women, and not least the Arabs are descendants of millions of slaves brought to Arabia through the times - at least the female slaves made many "Arab" children.

As for the claim that Muhammad was a descendant of Abraham: Abraham lived some 2500 years before Muhammad. This means that on top of what is said just above, Muhammad had to know his forefathers all the way 2500 years back. How many today know their forefathers all the way 2500 years back - which many places means somewhere in the Iron Age? - and Arabia on top of all was a primitive nomad area with no written records. Believe the claim if you are able to, but many a man - and woman - through the times have pretended to be of better stock than he/she really was.

01 22/78e: "- - - it (Islam*) is the cult of your father Abraham". For one thing it is unlikely Abraham is the forefather of the Arabs - Ishmael and his sons settled near the border of Egypt, according to the Bible (written at a time when there was no reason for the writer to falsify this), not in Arabia (1. Mos. 25/18). Also DNA-analysis indicate that the Arabs in reality is a mixture of people who drifted into the peninsula from different places and nations + the result of being at a crossroad for the caravans + the result of large import of slaves/concubines from Europe, Asia and Africa. What once - impolitely - was called a bastard production. And for another thing there is no reason to believe Islam was Abraham's religion, but strong reason reasons for to believe that the claim is wrong, as there exist no traces of any kind from a god like Allah or a religion like Islam older than 610 AD when Muhammad started his mission. Islam will have to produce proofs in order to be believed by us.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)