Chapter 25


Muhammad some places in the Quran claims he asked no payment from his followers and others. One more place where he lied in the Quran: He took 20% of everything looted - 100% if the victims gave in without a fight - plus 20% of all the slaves taken (and personally raped at least 2 of them), and 20% of all extortion. In addition there was the so-called "poor-tax" - much of it was used to far other things than help to the poor - from Muslims, the "zakat" - special tax - from non-Muslims (often high under some of the later rulers), and the land tax, which under Muhammad normally was 50%.

Islam and Muslims often tell that Muhammad died a poor man. This is not true. In spite of having used enormous sums on bribes to attract and keep followers, he had estates in 3 different places (Mecca, Medina and Fadak), each of his many long time wives had her own house, etc. But he had decided that his riches should follow the religion, not his family, and when Muslims tell about how little he left behind when he died", they "forget" to include the riches the new caliph, Abu Bakr, took over from him. As mentioned before: Honesty is not always the main thing in Islam or for Muslims.

01 8/41e: "- - - out of all the booty that ye may acquire - - -a fifth share is assigned to Allah - and to the Messenger (all to be paid to Muhammad*) - - -". No place in the NT Yahweh or Jesus demand part of stolen things (politely called booty). One single place in OT Yahweh demands a small share (see 8/41c above). Even compared to this Muhammad - not one, but each time - demanded on behalf of Allah 10 - 100 times as much - and not for sacrifice (mostly for "gifts" (bribes) to stay popular and stay in power, for "gifts" to buy new or keep doubting followers, to pay for more war, and some for Muhammad and his family - and some for the poor). The same god, like the Quran and Islam claims? - and Muhammad and Jesus in the same line of prophets like that book and Islam claims? - believe it if you want, but you have to want to believe it to be able to do so".

8/41 makes a joke out of Muhammad's claim that he demanded no payment for his work. This even more so as a very large part of the spoils was used for bribes to buy himself followers and power + not a little for giving himself a good life - f.x. lots of women and estates in Mecca, Medina, and Fadang.

02 42/23g: "No reward do I (Muhammad*) ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin". Well, except 20% of all stolen goods and enslaved people - 100% if they gave in without a fight - 2.5% (average) of all your belongings each and every year in tax (though it is likely Muhammad used little or nothing of just this point personally), plenty of women and undisputed and total power over you, + lots of warriors to fight and may be die for me, among other things. In addition there was the tax - zakat - and land tax (often 50%) from non-Muslim underlings/victims. One of the in reality most and strongest contradicted and abrogated by reality verse in all the Quran. Good propaganda towards followers unable to think for themselves.

Two words: Hypocrisy. Dishonesty.

One of the places where Muhammad knew he was lying in the Quran.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)