##01 16/36c: “For We (Allah*) assuredly sent amongst every people a Messenger, (with the command), 'Serve Allah, and eschew Evil’: - - -”. The Quran insists that every people everywhere and every time through history and pre-history has been sent prophets from Allah. The Hadiths mention that through the times there have been 124ooo prophets or more, and even that number may be just an expression for innumerably many. But nowhere in the world - except among the Jews (and in a way in Egypt under pharaoh Akn-Aton, who only accepted the sun as god - not Allah, and the Zoroastrians in Persia) - at any time or under any circumstances there are traces of prophets preaching monotheism before year 1 AD (Jesus). Not in history, not in folklore, not in traditions, not in history, not in art, not in literature, not in archaeology, not any place - not even in fairy tales or legends. Especially when you compare this to the results of just two prophets: Jesus and Muhammad, it is not possible that 124ooo or more prophets through the times have left not a single trace. Nothing found by science, and nothing found even by Islam. This statement about all the prophets for Allah simply is not true.

And there is no traces of a god like Allah or a religion like Islam any time or any place earlier than 610 AD.


#####02 16/52e: "- - - then will ye (people*) fear other than Allah?". Simply yes. For the simple reason we do not believe he exists. The only claims about his existence are from a man with a very doubtful moral and reliability, who on top of all perhaps was mentally ill (TFL - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy), and who liked power and riches for more power - and women - and who liked/needed a platform of power, something many a scheming man have found in religion. There are thousands who through the times have used an existing religion as a ladder to riches and power - and for that case to women - and hundreds who have started new sects or religions - Muhammad did something in between, which also is not uncommon. The only special thing about Muhammad, is that he was the most successful of these many men and a few women.

On top of this all the errors, etc. in the Quran proves 110% to any person with a not damaged brain - f.x. from brainwashing - and an IQ not below medium imbecility, that the Quran is not from any god, and thus that something is seriously wrong with Muhammad, with the Quran, and with Islam.


03 27/59e: "(Who) is better? - Allah or the false gods they (non-Muslims*) associate (with Him)?" False gods have no power and no value and nothing to offer for a perhaps next life - on the contrary, as they waylay and misdirect you in your search for a possible next life - even blocks the road for you if it denies you to search other than wrong roads. The disturbing fact here is that also Allah never has proved his power or even his existence and thus may be a made up and false god - and Muhammad never was able to prove his connection to a god and thus may be a false prophet, this even more so as he clearly liked riches for bribes, and power and women, believed in using lies (al-Taqiyya, Kitman) and even broken oaths if that gave better results (plainly said even in the Quran), and had a very doubtful moral (stealing/robbing, raping, suppressing, murdering, deceiving ("war is deceit" - and every place outside Islam is "the land of war"), lying even in the Quran, just to mention a few facts - all this from central Islamic religious literature and history). If the Quran is a made up book and Allah thus a made up god, Allah is as false a god as all the other false gods. What is sure, is that the Quran is not from a god - no god makes that many mistakes, contradictions, unclear language, cases of invalid logic, etc.

04 28/70c: "There is no god but He (Allah)". If f.x. Yahweh exists, this claim is not true. And we remind you that even the Quran admits (if it is not wrong here, too) that this old Jewish and Christian god exists (but Muhammad wrongly mixes him with Allah).

Besides: If Allah just is the old pagan and made up god al-Lah/al-Ilah (the moon god of at least south Arabia - it is no co-incidence that the crescent moon is the symbol for Allah and for Islam) or Il, which is his oldest known name, shined up, not to mention if he is something shined up/dressed up from the dark forces (Muhammad would have no chance to see the difference), like parts of the Quran's and Islam's moral and also judicial code may indicate - and which is one of only 2-3 possible explanations for who made the Quran, as no god would deliver a book of that quality - what is then the situation? (And what is then the future for Muslims if there is a second life?)

05 29/56d: "- - - serve ye (people*) Me (Allah*) - (and Me alone)!" Rather risky as long as all the religion rests just on a book full of errors, contradictions, a few lies, etc. from a man even central Islamic literature admits used lies, cheating, broken oaths, etc. If no god exists, it does not matter. But if there some place exists a real god, whereas Allah is a made up one, it is a pity. Not to mention if the other and real god is a good and benevolent one not liking injustice and terror, whereas also Allah exists, but belongs to the dark forces. It will in case not be a good experience for Allah's followers.

##06 33/15c: "- - - they (Muslims*) had already a covenant with Allah not to turn their back (in war/battle) - - -". Also quite a theme for a covenant with/from the claimed good and benevolent god of "the religion of peace". Try to compare this with: "You shall not kill (or sometimes translated 'murder')" (The 10 Commandments, 2. Mos. 20/13), not to mention "Turn the other cheek" in the time of the New Covenant (Luke.22/20).

There also is another fact which often strikes us when the Quran claims that Yahweh and Allah is the same god: The Mosaic religion had a rather strict god - Yahweh could be harsh and strict and bloody. But his harshness and his tendencies to be bloody had a limited purpose: To make the Jews a believing people and to create space for a homeland for them. When this was done - at least after a fashion - - - and when there for the first time in history came a period of peace and international open connections - the Pax Romanum - long enough for a peaceful religion to set strong enough roots to survive later harsh times in this normally unruly part of the world, he let the more peaceful and human sides of his religion take over. All this for suddenly changing his mind around 622 AD when Muhammad started to need warriors and moral explanation for his raids of thieving, enslaving and murder, and not only return to the harsher version of his religion from OT, but taking it far into Odin's and Thor's Valhalla (gods and the Paradise of the Vikings) and blood and war, or Djingis Khan's pure religion of war - or actually even further.

And the thought which strikes us is: This god must have a "jumbled up" "top floor" to change his mind frequently and much:

If Muhammad and the Quran are correct on this point, the god drifted form a rather benevolent, but strict religion (OT) with some harsh spots, towards a religion (NT) dominated of mildness and love. (Before you fire your machine-guns: Remember we are talking about how the book tells the religion should be, not how it in reality was practiced or disused some times and places).

Then suddenly in 622 AD in the space of a few months, the god not only returns to his stricter and obsolete OT-ideas, but creates a new and full-fledged hate and war religion (that Islam is "the religion of peace" is pure al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie) and propaganda - just read the Quran and the Hadiths and see for yourself, only remember that when nice words are contradicted by harsh demands and deeds and rules, it is the demands and deeds and rules which are telling the truth, not the nice, but cheap words).

And our thoughts continue: This god is a master of mental slalom - or he is undecided. Or unable to make up his mind.

To our knowledge there never before - or after - was a religion which drifted from benevolent, but strict, to peace and love, for them to change once more, and now to the very opposite: A religion of discrimination, superiority complex, and a pure and war religion - from politeness and from a small feeling that the word "hate" is just a little too strong, we omit that word here.

To our knowledge there also never in history was another religion which change so completely - here from relatively peaceful to a full war religion - in such a short time: Just some months, maximum 2 years (in the period 622 - 624 AD).

Did Allah find peace too boring and changed his mind once more to get more action and blood and human misery?

Or was it Muhammad who suddenly wanted warriors for his raids?

**07 61/4c: “Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array as if they were a solid cemented structure”. Muslims claiming the Quran confirms the Bible, have never tried to find sentences like this in NT. This is one of the at least 200% proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - not to mention that Jesus and Muhammad are not in the same line of anything at all of any consequence. Antipodes is a suitable word for most of the essential facts of their lives and teachings.

#08 35/3c: "Is there a Creator, other than Allah - - -". Is Allah a creator? Yes, is Allah a creator? There are lots of loose claims and as loose statements about him, but not one atom is proved or documented. And claims for blind belief are the hallmarks of cheats and deceivers - and sometimes for politicians. Also see 6/2b, 7/158i, 11/7a and not least 21/56c above.

###Also note Muhammad's technique: He debates like Allah is a proved fact, even though he never was able to prove one inch about Allah - lots of claims, but never a real proof. You meet this technique many places in the Quran - some places even added by demands for proofs from all non-Muslims. And Muslims of today use the same technique.

####There even is an extra point here: Muhammad's demands for proofs from non-Muslims prove that he meant proofs were essential, but all the same he himself was totally unable to give a valid proof for any of his central claims concerning Allah or Islam or the Quran or his own claimed connection to a god.

#########09 39/32c: "- - - utters a lie concerning Allah - - -". There is no bigger lie against Allah than the Quran, this whether he exists or not. Why we can say this so 100% sure and definitely, is that the book is so full of mistakes, contradictions, etc. that no god has been involved in it, not to mention a claimed omniscient god. It is not possible to say who made it, though there are good reasons for to suspect Muhammad, partly because one recognize the methods used by false prophets, partly because many of the mistakes are things one believed was correct science at his time in that area, partly because it is clear from f.x. Arabisms that it was made in or near Arabia, partly because of all the times Allah helped him with family and other personal problems, partly because he was the main benefactor, partly because it was his platform of power, and not least because the religion changed when Muhammad needed or wanted changes.

If he was mentally ill like modern medical science suspects, he can, however, partly have believed in his tales and preaching himself. But he was too intelligent and knew too much about people not to know that he was lying some times, even in surahs and verses in the Quran. Some things there is not possible for an intelligent person knowing people to believe.

But if one believes in supernatural beings, there also is the possibility that the Quran is from the dark forces. If f.x. the Devil dressed up like the angel Gabriel no human - included - Muhammad would have a chance to know the difference. The partly immoral moral code, the partly unethical ethical code, the partly unjust judicial code, the permission of stealing/robbing, raping, suppressing, enslaving, murdering, etc., etc., may point in this direction.

Also see 34/8b above.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)