Chapter 19


Allah's words are the Quran. As the Quran has hundreds and more of errors, mistakes, etc., Allah's reliability is moderat. This even more so as he not one time has been able to prove himself.

###01 14/10a: "Is there a doubt about Allah - - -?" Yes, there clearly is:

The absolute only source for the claims of his existence, the Quran, is a book so full of mistakes, contradictions, etc. that it is highly unreliable. (Well, there also are the Hadiths - but they are even more unreliable. There are Muslims who do not use the Hadiths, because they find it too unreliable.)

This book was dictated by a man with lust for power, a moral which was pretty amoral - cfr. his acceptance of lying (al-Taqiyya, Kitman and breaking of oaths), thieving, enslaving, womanizing/rape, murder, etc. - and possibly with a mental illness (TLE?).

It is claimed that the religion is from Adam and before, but not one single trace of any kind older than 610 AD exists anywhere.

There never was any kind of reliable proof for any of the central claims - including the existence of Allah. Absolutely nothing."

Allah has never - neither before Muhammad, nor during Muhammad's life, nor after Muhammad given one single reliable sign showing that he exists".

The only possible conclusion is that there are good reasons for strong doubts about Allah's existence.

And even if he should exist there are good reasons for strong doubts about how he wants his followers to behave - partly because there is so much difference between Islam before 622 AD and after 622 AD when Muhammad started to need warriors, and partly because so much is wrong in the book, that also the claim about a possible Allah may be wrong.</0l>

##02 26/209: “- - - and We (Allah) never are unjust”.

A man correctly telling that a woman has been indecent, is lying to Allah if he cannot produce 4 witnesses - even if an omniscient Allah has to know he is speaking the truth.

A woman who has been raped, is forbidden to tell who it was, unless she can produce 4 MALE witnesses WHO HAS ACTUALLY SEEN THE ACT. If she cannot produce 4 such witnesses, and all the same tells who the rapist is she shall have 80 whiplashes for slander.

**A woman who is raped and cannot produce 4 MALE witnesses (who on top of all may be punished for not helping her if they witness about what they saw) that saw the very act, is to be strictly punished – may be stoned – for indecency - if she is unable to hide that she has been raped - . Probably the most unjust and amoral law we have ever seen in a “modern” society.

It is 100% permitted for an owner to rape his female slaves or captives of war (may be this is why Muslims so often rape women during conflicts - f.x. earlier in Bangladesh and earlier and now in Africa). The Quran even directly tells that it is no sin to rape also your married slaves or prisoners of war, as long as they are not pregnant. NB: As for raping a captive there is an even more disgusting fact: It has to be done in the name of Allah - during or after a jihad ("holy war" - practically all conflicts are declared jihad).

**It is glorious and the Muslims’ right to steal, rob, plunder, rape, enslave and to kill non-Muslims during jihad - and almost any conflict is declared jihad (holy war). It is “just and good”.

There are more if you look. Pleas never tell us that Allah as described in the Quran never is unjust. These 5 points - and more - are morally horrible. Some of it actually the most unjust we have ever seen in any law. And rape in the name of Allah perhaps the most disgusting.

03 30/60c: “- - - the promise of Allah is true - - -“. The promises of Allah are expressed via Muhammad and the Quran. The first was a man of highly suspect morality according to his words and deeds told in the Quran and other Islamic religious and historical literature (the Quran, Hadiths, and Ibn Ishaq to mention the most central ones). The second is a book dictated by that man, and containing huge numbers of mistakes, contradictions, twisted arguments, twisted logic, inhuman ethics and moral, etc., etc. Islam will have to bring real proofs to be believed – and Islam has until now been unable to prove anything fundamental - - - they instead insist on and glorify naïve blind belief. Also see 16/38 - 32/9 - 35/5 – 40/77 – 46/17.

It also is a fact that there never was a proved case of Allah even giving a promise, not to mention keeping one. Many claims, but not one proved case. The best proof for this is that if one single such case had ever happened, Islam had screamed about it. Nobody has heard such a scream.

04 31/22d: “- - - the most trustworthy hand-hold (the Quran and Allah*) - - -“. But a book with so many mistakes, etc. - and even some shining lies (like that miracles will not make a lot of people believe) – is not trustworthy. May be also this quote is wrong. Also see 31/22a above.

05 57/8a: "What cause have ye (non-Muslims*) why ye should not believe in Allah?". Well to mention a few of the reasons:

Not one single claim is proved in Islam - not even the existence of the claimed god, the former pagan god al-Lah.

All the mistaken facts and other mistakes prove 110% and more that the Quran is not from any god - no omniscient god makes such mistakes (which is why Muslims cannot afford to see the mistakes no matter how obvious they are).

All the contradictions have the same 110% effect. 

All the invalid logic also has the same 110% effect - so only on these 3 points you have 330% proofs that the Quran is not from a god.

The language many places are unclear or with 2 or more possible ways of understanding a point. No god would use unclear language in his holy book.

A lot of points in the book were difficult or impossible to understand from people not from that region - Arabisms. No universal god would make his holy book in ways not possible for all to understand unless they were known in a small region of Earth. Humans might make such mistakes, but not an omniscient god.

The horrible and immoral parts of the Quran's moral code may indicate that the real maker of the Quran belongs to some dark forces. Who wants to believe in a religion perhaps made up by f.x. a devil impersonating Gabriel? (Have you ever noticed how many similarities there are between the Quran's moral code, etc. and the same from organized crime?

The immoral and unethical parts of the ethical code, means a not good and benevolent god.

The parts of sharia which are unjust and/or immoral, gives the same thoughts as the sentence above.

The Quran contains not a few cases of boasting or bluffs. Who needs to use bluffs? - the cheat and deceiver, not an omnipotent god.

The Quran contains some places where Muhammad is lying. How many other places in the book is he lying? How true is a religion which needs lies? And who needs to use lies? - the cheat and deceiver.

All the points in the Quran where it is used wrong science - science believed in at the time of Muhammad - indicates very clearly that the Quran is made by humans living at the time of Muhammad - perhaps by Muhammad himself.

Islam is a war religion - the claim "the religion of peace" is an al-Taqiyya (a lawful lie) - and who believes a "good and benevolent" god runs a religion of dishonesty, stealing, apartheid, rape, suppression, and war?

The Quran is entirely based on the words of a man with a very doubtful moral - lying, breaking even his oaths, deceiving, stealing, raping, and a lot more - and a man wanting power and riches (for "gifts" to buy more followers and to keep some of the ones he had - clear from central Islamic books) - and not to mention women (one knows the name of 36 women he had more or less regular sex with (see the chapters about Muhammad under - and those are the ones one knows the names of).

Well, these at least were a few reasons why not to believe in Allah and in Muhammad's religion - at least not until something is proved.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)