Chapter 18


The Quran is very clear several places on this: Allah predestines every detail of your life - Muhammad needed this claim to be able to tell his men that to go to war was not dangerous, because you do not die until the moment Allah has predestined anyhow, and at that moment you would die all the same, no matter if you were in a fierce bate, or home playing with your baby. (Everybody with normal intelligence, but without brainwashing, is able to see that this claim is rubbish - and by means of modern statistics it even is easy to prove it is rubbish - but his followers believed it, and many do so even today.)

There also is a black extra spot here: The fact that to take part in a battle by far is more dangerous than to sleep in your bed, is so obvious, that there is no chance an intelligent man like Muhammad was not aware of it. ###This simply is one more place where Muhammad knew he was lying in the Quran.

But Muhammad also needed his god to be a just and fair god. And how can a just and fair god reward or punish humans for deed he himself has decided they should do - and forced them to do it?

Thus Muhammad told man had free will, and that reward and punishment was because of deeds one had decided oneself.

This has caused problems for Islam to this very day, because full predestination for Allah and even a tiny bit of free will for man is impossible to combine. They are so-called mutually excluding each other, and in such cases maximum one of the claims can be true - and this goes even for gods, as in the non-material realms of life, there are things impossible even for gods. (When you really study the Quran, you are struck by the fact that this is a primitive religion.)

You will met a number of fanciful "explanations" for this problem - mainly from Muslims without too much education - but not one of them is correct. The combination even theoretically is impossible.


####01 6/149a: (A6/141 – in 2008 edition 6/143): “With Allah is the argument that reaches home (= the decisive arguments = it is Allah who decides*) - - - ". Predestination again - because Allah long since has decided everything according to his Plan - a Plan nobody and nothing can change. (What then about prayers? - see further down.) And man's claimed free will?

“The Message of the Quran” has this comment:

“In other words, the real relationship between Allah’s knowledge of the future (and, therefore, the ineluctably of what is to happen in the future) on one side, and man’s free will, on the other – two propositions which, on the face of it, seem to contradict one another – is beyond man’s comprehension; but since both are postulated by Allah, both must be true.

Simply the ultimate pinnacle of clear speech. And the ultimate victory not for blind faith, but for blind faith based on naivety and intellectual unconsciousness.

IT ALSO IS THE ULTIMATE DEFEAT FOR THE CLAIM THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO COMBINE THE CLAIM THAT MAN HAS FREE WILL WITH THE CLAIM THAT ALLAH DECIDES EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE - sorcery has to be involved. (But in the nonmaterial regions of life, there are things impossible even for gods.)

Predestination contra man’s free will actually is a version of “the Time Travel Paradox”, which is long since proved unsolvable. (In short: The king is murdered. A FTL-message (FTL = Faster Than Light) is sent to a star-ship off Sirius. FTL according to Einstein moves backwards in time, and arrives earlier than it was sent. The ship sends a warning to the king, and as it uses FTL, the warning arrives before the murder and the king avoids the murderer. Because of that no message is sent to the ship, which sends no warning to the king - and the king is murdered. Then a FTL message is sent to the ship - - - -".) There is no way Allah can even be fully clairvoyant, not to mention decide everything on beforehand, and man at the same time have free will. (More in the chapter about predestination.)

Another proof for that there are things in the non-material parts of life which are impossible even for an omnipotent and omniscient god: Add one mathematical 1 to another mathematical 1. The only possible answer even for a god is the mathematical 2. There simply are things not possible even for gods. And to combine full predestination with even a tiny part of free will for man, is one of them - the laws of chaos inexorably prohibit it. A god may direct this and that to happen, but full predestination or full precognition is not possible if it is possible for man to change his mind, even if he can change it only now and then.


This point perhaps is the pinnacle in all Islam's ability to flee even from facts they see themselves, its inability to face hard facts even when they see them, and its ability and willingness to be blind and to overlook even the strongest facts and proofs for that things are very wrong in the Quran and thus with Muhammad and in Islam. Central claims which cannot be true, are accepted in pure superstition, whereas hard facts are denied.

"Our fathers told us and our neighbors and mullahs tell us this is true, and then it must be true".

"We built our lives on this belief - it has to be true because it is too difficult for me to face the alternative".

You meet this lack of moral backbone and the ability in Islam and in Muslims to overlook or explain away even the strongest facts, at every point in the Quran where there are mistakes, contradictions or other proofs for that something is wrong in the Quran, and thus with Muhammad and with his religion - proofs they are unable to face for that Islam as told in the Quran is not a religion, but a superstition.

Total predestination for Allah and even a smitheren of free will for man are two claims which are mutually prohibiting/excluding each other. Maximum one of them can be true. The claim is logical and scientific nonsense.


02 24/57b: "- - - (Allah's Plan) - - -". According to many places in the Quran, Allah predestines absolutely everything in this world - it was the only world Muhammad knew about (though he told about some flat worlds under the flat disk(?) of Earth). This predestination is absolute, and nobody and nothing can change anything. Everything also is predestined long time before - the time of your death and whether you are going to end in Hell or Heaven (!) are f.x. predestined when a fetus is 4 months old - 5 months before it is born (according to Hadiths). And everything is predestined in accordance with Allah's Plan, which nobody and nothing can change. (What then about free will for man or the effect of prayers? - prayers normally are for betterments.)

#########03 33/39c: "And enough is Allah to call (men) to account." This is a sentence in the Quran Muslims have forgotten - and keep forgetting - when they punish humans for religious or religiously related mistakes or "crimes". And this even is a relatively late surah. Are they sinning or is this sentence abrogated? (We may here remind you that many Muslims denies the rule of abrogation, as abrogations are profs for that the god has to correct earlier mistakes - which in case are more proofs for that Allah makes mistakes.

By the way: Have you ever noticed how many similarities there are between the Quran's moral code and that of organized crime - f.x. the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, or the Chinese Triads.

#####04 42/50e: (A42/52 - English 2008 edition A42/51): "The purport of this passage is a re-affirmation of the fact that whatever happens to man is an outcome of Allah's unfathomable will - - -". The total predestination confirmed. Where then is man's claimed free will? - with total predestination it does not exist. (And the same for any effect of prayers.)


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)