Chapter 17


Islam has no kind of proofs for Allah. As long as Allah did not prove himself (Yahweh did if the old books tell the truth), Muhammad and Muslims got no real proofs. French philosophers already a couple of centuries ago proved it is impossible for humans to prove a god - only the god himself can do that. Muhammad listed many "signs" and some "proofs", but not one of them is valid, because it never was proved it really was Allah who was behind the effect Muhammad claimed was a "sign" (quran-speak for "proof") or "proof" - any believer in any religion can make just the same claims just as cheaply on behalf of his/her god(s), as long as he/she can flee from all requests for proof, like Muhammad did.

But Islam in some ways is a weak religion - a giant on clay feet - in that it is built only on the words of a man anyone with some knowledge, some brain, and some command of critical thinking, is able to see was and is not a reliable kind of person. For this and other reasons - many f.x. have problems living with uncertainty, and want sure information - the longing and seeking for a proof is strong in Islam. Because of this you will meet many claimed "proofs" - some of them quite entertaining - but not one of them is valid. The best proof for this is Islam itself: If they had found a valid proof - even a small one - they had told the world 16 times a day. But they are silent.


#####01 17/59a: "And we (Allah*) refrain from sending Signs (Quran-speak for "proofs for Allah"), only because the men of former generations treated them as false (and thus proved that people would not believe anyhow*) - - -".

This is one of Muhammad's standard "explanation" for why Allah would not and Muhammad himself was unable to give any real proofs for the existence of Allah or for Muhammad's connection to a god - Allah or someone else. And it is not a good one, as for one thing it obviously is not true:

There were stories both in the Bible and in the Quran - f.x. the sorcerers of Pharaoh Ramses II and Moses - about people believing in the performed miracles/real proofs (if true stories).

Muhammad knew about at least some of the stories about the miracles Jesus performed, and how huge flocks of believers he got from the miracles.

It is not contra, but incompatible with, human nature and psychology that not a good percentage of the ones who witnessed real miracles/proofs would not come to believe.

Muhammad was intelligent and he understood people and how to manipulate them. He knew this fact. But he obviously was unable to find a better excuse - there are not many excuses which would work.

What is really strange, is that Muslims have not seen through this "explanation" centuries ago, and still are unable to do so.

This is a monument over the effect of brainwashing, of wishful thinking, of ability to refuse to see the obvious, of lack of ability/training in critical thinking, uncritical acceptance of the fathers and other authorities, and more. A monument over the weak point of the human brain and psyche.

There are some such cases in the Quran, the most prominent and serious may be the impossible combination of full predestination like the Quran states many places, and free will of man, and the as impossible combination of full predestination, and claims about any effect of prayers (if nothing can change Allah's predestinations, also prayers cannot do so). And the impossibility of lots of mistakes, etc. in the Quran, and the claim that it is from an omniscient god.


02 18/9f: "- - - (the story about the seven sleepers*) were wonders among Our (Allah's*) Signs (normally "Quran-speak" for "proof") - - -". It really tells something about Muhammad and about the Quran, that an old and well known made up legend is a "wonder among Our Signs".

03 30/9d: “- - - Clear (Signs) - - -“. Clear signs about Allah and Islam do not exist in the Quran - or any other place. The reason is that the Quran NEVER proves that it really was/is Allah who caused/causes the phenomenons the book claims are proofs for him, and then the claimed conclusion/sign/proof is totally invalid. One may wonder why Muhammad used invalid claims and “signs” and even “proofs” – invalid proofs and arguments normally are the hallmarks of cheats, deceivers, and swindlers. It also indicates, shows, and proves lack of real facts and proofs. “Clear Signs” in “Quran-speak” = clear proof. Claimed clear proofs for Allah, or for the Quran being made by a god, or for Muhammad’s connection to a god, but such proofs simply do not exist. Islam is aware of it and Muslim scholars are aware of it – you find it mentioned and tried explained away in their books, but learned books are not much read by the lay Muslim. And when the scholars and imams and others do not tell them, the lay Muslim often honestly believes that everything really is sure and safe – they simply are cheated by the withholding of inconvenient facts and by the glorification of all the invalid “signs” and “clear signs” and even “proofs” in the Quran, not to mention by the ones in Hadiths and by the “miracles” in the Hadiths – which hardly a single imam clearly tells his flock are absolutely proven by the Quran to be untrue legends (Islam indirectly admits this fact by their statement that “the only miracle connected to Muhammad is the Quran” – which also indirectly admits that Muhammad was not a prophet (a real prophesy is a kind of a miracle – to see what has not happened yet – and Muhammad did not even claim he had that gift). Many top Muslim scholars through the times have confirmed that Muhammad had no supernatural powers.

For more claims similar to 65/11 and 30/9, see f.x.: 2/118 – 2/159 – 2/185 – 2/187 – 2/213 – 2/219 – 2/221 – 2/242 – 2/266 – 3/86 – 3/105 – 3/183 – 3/184 – 6/57- 157 – 7/73 – 7/85 – 7/101 – 8/42 – 9/70 – 10/15 – 11/17 - 11/28 -11/53 – 11/63 – 11/88 – 14/9 – 19/73 – 20/133 – 22/16 – 22/72 – 24/1 – 24/58 – 24/59 – 24/61 – 30/47 – 32/25 – 34/43 – 40/22 - 40/28 - 40/50 – 40/66 – 40/83 46/7 – 45/17 – 45/25 – 57/25 – 58/5 – 64/6. Also see 2/39a – 30/10 – 65/11 + 2/299a - 2/299b .

##04 31/30a: “That is because Allah is the (only) Reality - - -”. Is Allah really a reality? All the tales about him derives from just one man - a man even canonized Islamic history tells for a long time lived as a chief highwayman and from robbing and extortion (for kidnapped salesmen, etc.). A man initiating assassinations and murders on his opponents (f.x. Asma bint Marwan (female poet), al-Nadr, Abu Uzza, and Ocba after the battle of Badr, Abu Afaq (said to be over 100 years old), Kab ibn al-Ashraf, Ibn Sunayana, Othman bin Moghira, Abi ‘l Huqayq, and not to forget Kinana b. l-Rabi whom he tortured to death to find riches, and afterwards he personally raped Kinana's 17 year old, newlywed wife Safijja (Muhammad was nearly 60 then). A man who initiated mass murder - once some 700 helpless male prisoners, and made all their children and women slaves - one of them, the mentioned Safijja bint Huayay (and another time Rayhana bint Amr), for his own personal use), a rapist with permission from Allah for himself and all his men to rape (“have sexual connections with” to use more polite words) all female slaves and captives - girls and women - who were not pregnant (this tells something about Allah, too). A man who initiated raids and wars and got 20% or more of all spoils of war, included slaves (though not all for his personal use). And a man lusting for power - easy to see both from the Quran and from Hadith. And a man - and a god - entirely unable to produce one iota of a real proof for the tales. (Sources: Among others: Ibn Hisham and Ibn Ishaq - both most respected by science for biographies about Muhammad. Ibn Ishaq‘s “The Life of Muhammad“ is the most respected of the old ones of all Muhammad biographies in science, but somewhat disliked in Islam because it also tells about some of the dark sides (even if ibn Hisham took out the worst parts) - written for the caliph in Baghdad around 750 AD - and commented on around 900 Ad by Ibn Hisham. Plus the Quran and Hadiths – Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Only this man told the tales in the Quran - tales that on top of all have hundreds and hundreds of mistakes, at least hundreds of loose statements and hundreds of invalid “signs” and “profs”, etc. And loose statements, claims, and invalid “signs”/”proofs”, not to forget that most of his tales were from made up sources - apocryphal scriptures, legends, fairy tales, etc - ARE the hallmarks of cheats and deceivers, and of persons without true arguments. And so are lies - Muhammad made at least a few lies in the Quran - f.x. that nobody among the skeptics would believe even if Allah proved himself, or that he, Muhammad, did demand nothing for his leadership and preaching. Muhammad was too intelligent not to know that both these claims were wrong.

A good and perfect man, according to Islam. If that is true, we hope never to meet a bad Muslim.

But a man normal people would say was dubious or stronger, and with a dubious morality. Is a dubious man with dubious morality and who is unable to produce the slightest proof, but for a lot of airy and partly illogical excuses for this inability, and even “signs” and “proofs” without value, plus at least some lies even in the Quran itself (like that real miracles would make no-one believe), is this such a man who tells just and only the undeniable and full truth?

And the only indication Islam has for the reality of Allah is the tales of that kind of a man. (This is in reality a main reason why Muhammad has to be pretended to be perfect and without any spot for Islam - if not the Quran is untrue and Islam a made up religion.)

Not to mention that one has to be naive in the extreme or brainwashed to believe that a man with such a morality and lust for power, could not deceive also his followers.

###155 42/24j: “And Allah - - - proves the Truth by His Words.” Muhammad was asked many times to prove his - or presumably Allah’s - words, but he never did, and seemed never to be able to, this even more so, as f.x. some of his “explanations” for why he never could prove anything, an intelligent man like him knew were lies (f.x. that real miracles would make no-one believe anyhow). And the words of the Quran prove not a thing, among other reasons because:

Far too many mistakes pretending to be facts. (Swindle?)

Far too many loose statements pretending to be facts. (Swindle?)

Far too many invalid “signs” pretending to be documentation. (Swindle?)

Far too many invalid or even wrong "proofs" pretending to be documentation. (Swindle?)

Some obvious lies – f. ex. that miracles would make no-one believe, or that Muhammad wanted no payment (in spite of what Muslims claim, Muhammad was well off when he died - estates in Mecca, Medina, and Fadang, and more - even though he had spent fortunes for bribes for followers/power, and lots of women also cost something). (Swindle.)

Muhammad was unable to present anything but fast-talk when asked for proofs. (Swindle?)

Lots of invalid use of logic. (Swindle?)

Lots of contradictions (– proofs of lies?)

These all are hallmarks of a crook and a cheat and a deceiver.

####What does this mean for the religion?

##031 67/10d: (A67/8): "Reason, properly used, must lead man to a cognition of Allah's existence, and thus of the fact that a definite plan underlies all His creation". You several places in the Quran and even more so in Islamic scholars' explanations of the texts, find claims about that reason "must" give this and this conclusion or similar strengthening the claims of the Quran or Islam. The trouble is that such claims also just are claims and proves nothing unless they are backed by proofs. Islam and its Muslims have no proofs about any central point in Islam, and try this way to construct proofs by means of claims about reason and intelligence, but both scientifically and logically this is nonsense, as you do not have a proof unless you have a proof. "A proof is one or more proved facts which can give only one conclusion". Also see 67/9c above.

Another point is that even it had been true that reason had led to a cognition of something divine, this would not mean that this divine was Allah - it could as well be Yahweh or someone/something else.

##044 67/14b: (YA5570):"He (Allah*) Who creates must necessarily know His own handiwork". This is very correct, so that when the Quran shows he clearly does not know the reality, it is a strong proof for that something is very wrong somewhere concerning the Quran - and thus also concerning Muhammad and Islam.


This content was posted with assistance from M. A. Khan, the editor of and the author of "Islam Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery" (available online)