Bible versus Quran: 1000+ Differences & Contradictions

The Quran: Its Divergence from the Bible





There are a number of unavoidable conclusions which can be made from our studies of Bible and the Quran. The most essential ones may be these:

1: The Bible is not falsified. Both science and Islam - the latter one not from intention - have strongly proved this by being unable to find even one proved falsification. (If you doubt or disagree here, then listen to Islam's silence on this point - if there was even one proved falsification, Islam had screamed about it. There is no such scream). This proof is strengthened by the facts that also Muhammad only had claims and words for this, and never proofs, and not least by facts like that Islam also has been totally unable to produce believable explanations for how it could be possible first to make bishops and others agree to falsifications of the Bible - it is just as difficult as making ayatollahs agree to falsifications of the Quran, and for the same reasons. Further Islam has been unable to explain how it could be possible to make different churches and not least the Jews agree to what to falsify, and not least to exactly what new texts to use. To call this impossibility is a strong understatement. Further Islam has never been able to explain how it could be possible to falsify identically and without contradictions tens of thousands of manuscripts, spread over 3 continents in old times with slow and cumbersome communications, and not least not to overlook even on single manuscript on all those 3 continents so that absolutely every existing one was correctly falsified, and not one could tell the "true" texts any more. This simply is an absolute impossibility. In addition Islam has been unable to explain how such an enormous conspiracy - it would at least need some thousands conspirators travelling around for years or decades to find the manuscripts and falsify them, and this without the owners noticed that falsifications had been done and the well known texts were changed - could take place without anybody discovered it. (Muslims often claims that Ezra falsified the OT - but for one thing why should he, and for another there existed so many copies of the old Jewish scriptures spread around all the then known world (there should at least be one set in each synagogue - and Jews lived all over the "world" also at that time - plus many a rich or strong believer had his own copies. Even if Ezra had tried to falsify anything, he would have been found out quickly. As for NT and may be some OT - at least concerning possible foretelling about Jesus - Muslims often claim it was done during the meeting in Nicaea in 325 AD. But for one thing the agenda for that meeting is well known, and nothing similar was on that agenda. For another thing 325 AD was far too late - far too many copies already was spread around (and who falsified the papers which disappeared before 325 AD, but have been found later - f.x. the Qumran manuscripts, also called the Dead Sea Scrolls?). For a third no Jew was at that meeting - then how were the new falsifications of the OT co-ordinated between the Christians and the Jews? And not to forget: How were the old scoundrels able to falsify everything so elegant that even modern science is unable to find the scratches, the differences in the ink used, the difference in the hand-writing, etc.?

It is possible someone will claim that these just are circumstantial and empirical proofs. Perhaps - but they are so many and so strong, that the accumulation of them makes up absolute proofs of mathematical strengths. There is no chance that the Bible is falsified - some few mistakes, but no falsifications. If Islam wants to protest on this, they will have to bring proofs and believable explanations, not only loose claims, which is all they have brought forth till today.

2: Yahweh/God is not the same god as Allah. This is so easy to see from the texts in the two books, that we see no reason for any arguing here - read our comments if you feel unsure. The differences between the two are so many, so deep and so fundamental, especially when you compare to NT and his New Covenant, that there is no chance for that this never documented claim from Muhammad is true. Also on this point the accumulated circumstantial and empirical + some absolute proofs make up absolute proofs of mathematical strength. There is no chance that Yahweh/God is the same god as Allah, unless he is strongly schizophrenic.

3: Jesus and Muhammad did not serve the same god or religion. Both the teaching, the deeds, the ways of living, the moral codes, etc. of the two were so different, and so fundamentally and deeply different, that the claim that they belonged to the same religion, is an impossibility. If you compare NT and the Quran, you will find lots of points which prove this (see our comments) - proofs of all strengths up to the absolute, the mathematical strength, not to mention the strength you get if you accumulate all the proofs.

4: Jesus and Muhammad are not in the same line of prophets. The facts here are similar to the ones in point 2 above, and the accumulated proofs of the same strength (see our comments if you need). Jesus and Muhammad were not even in the same religion - in spite of Muhammad's claims - not to mention in the same line of prophets (if Muhammad at all was a prophet - he was unable to make prophesies according to the Quran, and is anyone a prophet if he is unable to do what is a prophet's most essential job?)

5: The Quran is not from any god. The proof here is very simple, and also easy for everybody to see if they do not refuse to see it: The Quran is full of mistakes - perhaps unbelievable 3ooo, mistaken facts included, but not mistakes/differences compared to the Bible. In addition there are lots of contradictions, invalid logic, unclear language, etc. - only the "wrapping paper" (the Arab linguistics) is ok - because it was polished by top brains in Islam for some 250 years, till it got its present form around 900 AD. No omniscient god is behind this - and this fact is so clear that also these proofs are absolute and of mathematical strength, at least when they are accumulated. There is not one chance for that a product of a quality like the Quran is from any god.

6: There is no god behind Islam - and the religion thus a made up religion. This follows automatically from the fact that the Quran is not from any god. (There may be a theoretical chance for that Allah exists and is a god all the same, but this in case does not help Islam and its Muslims, as they live by a book not from any god, included Allah - if he all the same exists). Also this proof is absolute and of mathematical strength, unless Islam can prove - but prove, not only claim - that the Quran for one thing is from a god, and for another that everything it tells are true, the full truth and only the truth, and that there are no mistakes in it (mistakes in a book claimed being made/delivered by a god = the claim is wrong - - - and as said there are to the tune of 3ooo mistakes in that relatively small book (a little smaller then NT)).

7: Muhammad did not represent any god. Also here the fact is too easy to see to need any debate: As the Quran is not from any god, Muhammad did not represent a god. Also this proof is absolute and of mathematical strength - at least the accumulation of the proofs (but any accumulation should not be necessary here).

8: Islam is no old religion like Muhammad claimed. He claimed Islam was the original religion on Earth, that the entire world and all times had been sent prophets/messengers (according to Hadiths at least 128ooo) teaching Islam. He also claimed that each and every of those many prophets/messengers had got a copy of "the Mother of the book" - similar to the Quran. Of Biblical texts one have found some 44ooo (the number may wary some from one source to another, but it in any case is big) texts, quotes, and references from/to such texts older than 610 AD when Muhammad started his mission. But neither science nor Islam has found one single manuscript or fragment of the Quran, nor one single quote from the Quran, nor one single reference to such texts, nor one single reference to a god like Allah, nor one single reference to a religion like Islam, anywhere in the world older than 610 AD and Muhammad. This in spite of that written history in the Middle East goes back to may be 1ooo BC, and in some scattered cases even further back - not to mention f.x. Egypt and China (remember that Muhammad claimed Islam was taught all over the world and to all times). The proofs here mainly are circumstantial, but there are so many places Islam/Allah should have popped up if the claims had been true, that there are lots and lots of such circumstantial proofs, where something should have been found, but never anything appeared. They are so many that together the combined proofs add up to an absolute proof - mathematical strength - and especially so when you combine it with the fact that the Quran is a made up book - or at least not from any god (it may f.x. be from the dark forces - one of the 3 possible makers of the Quran) - and thus that it is likely that also this illogical claim also is a made up one. Islam at least will have to bring strong proofs - but proofs, not just claims like Islam normally uses (but demands proofs from everybody else) - if they want to topple this proof.


1: Allah does not exist. It is impossible for humans to prove 100% that a god does not - or does - exist. This only a god can do. But as the only - only - place he has ever manifested(?) himself is in the mouth of Muhammad - a man of doubtful moral who on top of that accepted the use of dishonesty, deceit, and even broken words/promises/oaths (f.x. 2/225a, 5/89a, 16/91b, 66/2a) as working tools, and a man who had much to gain from making people believe in his new religion and platform of power. Add this to the fact that the claimed messages from Allah - the Quran - provably are not from any god, and add the included fact that Allah never any time or any place provably has manifested himself in any way, and the only possible answer is: It is highly improbable in the extreme that he exists. And if he after all does, he is not bothering himself one iota about Earth and what happen here.

2: Muhammad was no prophet. For one thing Muhammad according to the Quran was unable to make prophesies - and Aishah said the same in Hadiths (there are told about miracles performed by Muhammad in the Hadiths, but his own words in the Quran prove those are made up stories). And can a man be a prophet if he is unable to make prophesies? - the very token for being a prophet. (Oh, we know this title is a well liked one - and often (mis)used - so that there are several definitions for a prophet. But it is very difficult for us to understand that a person who is not a prophet, is a prophet.) For another thing his message - the Quran - is not from a god, ant to be a prophet, you have to represent a god, not a made up book - there even is a small chance that it is from the dark forces, one of the 3 possible makers of the book. It is highly improbable in the extreme that Muhammad was a real prophet. (It is symptomatic that he did not use that title too often - he more often used the less demanding title "messenger", at least in the Quran - there may be reasons for this.).


Muhammad was not a messenger. That Muhammad was no messenger of a god, follows from the fact that his Quran and teaching was not from any god - see proofs further up. When we say it is improbable he was a messenger, and not highly improbable, the reason is that there is a slight chance for that he was the messenger of the dark forces. We do not believe this ourselves, as not even a devil would use a "holy" book of a quality like the Quran - not unless he was forced to do so. But as a number of points in the Quran fit any devil quite well - and much better than they fit a good and benevolent god believing in the use of honesty - and as the dark forces after all is one of only 3 possible makers of the Quran (all the mistakes in the Quran prove that it is not from a god, and then remain the dark forces, a mental illness (f.x. TLE - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy), or a cold human brain, f.x. Muhammad's) - because of this we cannot 100% oversee the possibility that he was a messenger for someone or something. But f.x. all the mistakes in the Quran prove that he in case was not a messenger from a god.


Islam like you find it in the Quran, is a harsh and brutal apartheid, suppression, and war religion. When you in addition know it is a made up religion not from any god, but with the clear and expressed official goal in the Quran to conquer and suppress all non-Muslims "till they pay jizya (extra tax*) with willing submission" (see surah/verse 9/29g above), and accepts to be sub-humans under the Muslims, there are reasons for thinking.


One essential point: Remember that there may be a difference between Muhammad/the Quran and today's Islam and Muslims' practice. The Quran represents a religion of distaste, suppression, apartheid, slave taking/trading (at least until they were forced to stop), looting, assassination of opponents, distaste/hate, and war. But most Muslims are just as human as you and me - not hating anyone, not wanting war, but with just the same dreams about a good and peaceful life as anyone else. It may be a problem that it is impossible to know which Muslim is dangerous and which not - this even more so at the Quran permits dishonesty or worse in wide cases (f.x. to cheat women, or save one's money), and even advices it "if necessary" when it comes to defending or promoting the religion. But the majority is just peaceful people wanting to live a peaceful life, and looking to the milder parts of the Quran.

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This work was uploaded with assistance from M. A. Khan, the author of Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery, and the editor of website.