Bible versus Quran: 1000+ Differences & Contradictions


The Bible: Its Divergences from the Quran and Islam



Unknown writer. Likely written during the reign of King David (ca. 1012 - 972 BC - but remember that the times/years are not 100% reliable this early)).

#001 Ruth 1/6: "- - - the Lord (Yahweh*) had come to the aid of - - -". All places in the Bible it is made clear that it is Yahweh who makes things happen, and not other gods like f.x. Allah. This is so obvious that we comment on it just a few times.

002 Ruth 3/4-14: You may (not often) meet Muslims calling Ruth a prostitute because of what is told here. But there is no indication of sex in the tale.

003 Ruth 4/21-22: "Boaz (Ruth's 2. husband*) was the father of Obed, Obed was the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of David". Ruth was the great grandmother of King David according to this.

Subtotal: 3 + 406 = 409 remarks.

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