Muhammad in the Quran, Vol. 3: Chapter 78


This and other similar expressions were often used by Muhammad to explain away why many did not believe Islam was a true religion. Psychologically it was much better to claim f.x. that the reason was that they sold the true religion Islam for a good life here on Earth, than to admit that the real reason was that they saw that things were very wrong in Muhammad's new religion. Bluffs from Muhammad?

But also bluffs are a kind of lie.

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*001 2/16a: “These are they who have bartered guidance for error - - -”. = Non-Muslims. Proof is needed, especially as “guidance” refers to the Quran - - - a book with lots of mistakes. The added irony is that if the Quran is a made up book - and with all its errors it at least is not from any god - it is the Muslims who are in a brutal error. Also see 2/99f, 8/55b and 57/27f below.

002 2/41f: "- - - nor sell My (Allah's*) Signs for a small price". See 3/77a below.

003 2/174f: "- - - a miserable profit - - -". One of Muhammad's claims was that the reason why Jews and Christians had - as he claimed - falsified the Bible, was to earn money or other kinds of good things in this life, but that they made a bad deal, because this meant they lost Paradise in the claimed next life.

Another point is that Muhammad never explains how they could benefit in this world from falsifying something similar to the Quran into the Bible with its much stricter moral code, and thus more difficult to f.x. use dishonesty, theft, extortion, etc. for material gain, compared to f.x. the Quran. Muhammad's frequent, but never proved claim, is that Jews and Christians make more material gains because they took their parallel to the Quran and falsified it in ways making it much more difficult to make dishonest gains. How then make a profit because of this in this world?

1063 3/199e: "- - - sell the Signs of Allah for a miserable gain - - -". This and similar expressions mostly are used in the Quran in connection to persons not wanting to enter or wanting to leave Islam, and in connection to claims about falsifications of the Bible - some ones will sell their future in the claimed Paradise "for a miserable gain" in this life. This claim is valid only if Allah really exists, really is a central god, and if there somewhere exist valid signs for him (absolutely all claimed signs in the Quran are invalid as signs or proofs for Allah, as there nowhere is proved that it really is Allah who was/is behind what is claimed to be signs/proofs for him - any believer in any religion can make exactly the same claims for his/her god(s) free of charge as long as they can evade all requests for such proofs, like Muhammad did.

But for Muhammad this was a much better "explanation" than to admit that they saw that things were very wrong in his new religion (this was in 625 AD, and by then he f.x. had better knowledge about the old Jewish scriptures, and knew they often differed from what he claimed they said).

004 16/95a: "Nor sell the Covenant of Allah for a miserable price - - -". This is an expression you meet here and there in the Quran. Often it means that you shall not value wealth more than Islam. Sometimes it refers to Jews and Christians whom the Quran (wrongly according to science and actually also to Islam) accuses of having falsified the Bible. See 3/77a.

005 16/95b: "Nor sell the Covenant of Allah for a miserable price - - -". Often this also is one of Muhammad's standard explanations why many did not believe in him: They wanted a good life on Earth, and therefore did not want to listen to him - like he claimed: They sold Paradise for a good life here - which was a miserable price to get for Paradise. But was the claim true?

Another relevant fact: A covenant is an agreement between minimum two parts. There is nowhere in or outside the Quran and all its errors proved that Allah "signed" this claimed covenant as a part. If he has not done so, there is no covenant, only promises from Muslims to - a hoped existing - Allah.

But Muhammad never explained how to falsify the Quran or something very similar to it, into the Bible and live according to the Bible would give a better life than to live according to the Quran, which after all permits wide use of dishonesty, included stealing, extortion, cheating, etc., at least as long as you do it in the name of Allah.

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