Muhammad in the Quran, Vol. 3: Chapter 69



Also this is a claim you meet directly or indirectly a number of times in the Quran - and from Islam and Muslims. It is a psychological al-Taqiyya (a psychological lawful lie - even though many Muslims honestly believe it is true) - any intelligent, knowledgeable person who is not blinded by religious belief or wishful thinking, easily see far too many errors, contradictions, and other weak spots in the Quran, to be able to believe that this book is from any god.

But both Muhammad, the Quran, Islam, and Muslims claim that their claim here is the truth - even though they have to use many kinds of verbal gymnastics to explain away all the mistakes, contradictions, unclear language, invalid logic, etc. in a book which itself claims it is easy and clear to understand, and that "only the ones with a sickness in the heart" try to find hidden meanings (a method often used by Islam and Muslims to "explain" away difficult points - claiming the texts do not mean what they say, but are parables, allegories, etc.), and if there all the same should be hidden meanings, the Quran directly tells they only are for Allah to understand.

You need a lot of knowledge of psychology to be able to understand how Muslims are able to overlook all the errors, etc. in the Quran, not to mention how they are able to accept that hundreds and hundreds of wrong facts, contradictions, etc. are to be explained away in a book claimed to come from an omniscient god, and thus the texts easy to understand according to the book. One or a few errors and other weak points could be explainable, the history of the Quran taken into account, but literally some thousands of bad points and directly wrong facts + some clear lies should make bells start ringing in any normal brain.

You believe because your fathers said that the Quran was the truth, because so they believed because their fathers had said so. Taqlid

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001 2/164l: "- - - people that are wise". Flattery of this kind you find many places in the Quran. It works especially well on persons who are not too wise. See 13/3j below.

002 2/170h: "- - - their fathers (non-Muslims*) were void of wisdom - - -". They at least seem to have had enough wisdom to see that something was seriously wrong with the Quran.

003 2/171e: "- - - wisdom - - -". For words like "wisdom", "knowledge", etc. see 26/83a below.

004 2/177e: “- - - to believe in Allah and the last day, and the Angles, and the Book, and the Messengers - - -“. Muslim scholars say this is like ############accepting the “heavenly revelations” as facts – clearly Islam’s meaning also today, even though absolutely nothing is proved or documented, and it all rests well on blind belief in your fathers belief- "taqlid" - in what a morally very suspect and perhaps mentally sick (TLE?) person once told. And one thought provoking fact: In all other aspects of life naivety and blindness is the most sure way to be cheated by deceivers and swindlers - but in such a serious case as religion Islam glorifies and advices and demands blind belief and acceptance as the claimed only rational thing.

005 2/197g: "So fear Me (Allah*), O ye that are wise". A wise advise if Allah exists, the very opposite if he does not - and even worse if there in addition is a real god somewhere, one Muslims have been prohibited from even thinking about. (Not to mention if this is the case, and Allah in addition is from the dark forces, like parts of the Quran and its moral code may indicate.)

006 2/285d: "The Messenger (Muhammad*) believeth in what hath been sent down (the Quran*) to him from his Lord (Allah*), as do the men of faith". Yes, but it must be the men of blind faith, not the men of knowledge and intelligence - too much is wrong in the book.

007 3/7f: "Those firmly grounded in knowledge - - - (believe*)". See 26/83a below.

008 3/7h: "- - - and none will grasp the Message, except men of understanding". Psychology - who does not want to have the reputation of being a man of understanding? - especially so the naive and uneducated ones. Also see 13/3jbelow.

009 3/118h: "We (Allah*) have made plain to you the Signs if ye have wisdom". A psychologically well chosen claim - who wants to admit or be accused of not having wisdom? See 13/3j below

010 3/164h: "- - - Wisdom - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses words like this, it normally means religious wisdom (= Islam). All sciences not related to Islam, in reality were disliked or stronger by Muslim leaders, who fought against such "foreign knowledge" - and finally won that war in 1095 AD with the book "The Incoherence of the Philosophers" by "the greatest Muslim after Muhammad", al-Ghazali. (It took another some 100 years in the far west).

011 5/81a: “If only they had believed in Allah, in (Muhammad*) - - - never would they (Jews and Christians*) have taken them (non-Muslims or Pagans*) for friends - - -”. It is just tragic - most religions are today able to live together in peace and reasonable harmony. But Islam is so bent on distaste and superiority complex and apartheid against all non-Muslims, and on conquering all other religions and suppressing its peoples, that integration is difficult. The only position Islam really can accept, is superiority according to the Quran.

012 9/11g: "- - - for those who understand". This is a psychologically good trick: Flattery. You who believe in my teachings and follow me, are the intelligent ones who understand things. Who do not like to hear they are wise - especially among the uneducated and naive ones?

#######It is a strange phenomenon this that any and all founders of an ideology claim that the ones following him and his teaching and ideology, are the best ones, and everybody else of lower quality or even bad. Just ask Lenin and Stalin and Mao and Hitler - and Muhammad.

013 12/2e: "- - - in order that ye (people*) may learn wisdom". Beware that when the Quran talks about wisdom, knowledge, etc. it normally is talking about knowledge and wisdom concerning the Quran and Islam only - though Muslims nowadays often try to tell you differently. The time before Islam f.x. both normally and officially is named "the Time of Ignorance", even though the populations in a number of areas/countries were more - some places much more - educated and enlightened before Islam conquered them than afterwards.

014 12/111a: “This (the Quran*) is - - - instruction for men endued with understanding (flattery*).” It may be so – many Muslim thinkers and learned men were and are intelligent men. But to what avail? – when you give even the most intelligent persons wrong information from the start or babyhood, their conclusions inevitably become just mistakes and errors, no matter how intelligent they are. To quote late Henrik Ibsen in “Peer Gynt”: “Naar utgangspunktet er som galest, blir resultatet tidt originalest” – which means something like ”when the facts you use are really wrong, the result frequently becomes very ’original’”. Also: "Correct facts multiplied by one student give a better answer than false facts multiplied by a number of wise men".

015 13/3i: "Behold, verily in these things are signs for those who consider!" Correct - all the mistakes only in this small verse are clear signs for those who consider - a clear message: Something is very wrong.

016 13/4b: "Behold, verily in these things are signs for those who understand!" Correct - ####all the mistakes only in the small verse above are clear signs for those who consider and understand, not to mention those who consider all the errors and worse + the few(?) lies in the Quran - a clear message: Something is very wrong. Also see 13/2m above.

############One has to be extremely naive or brainwashed not to consider the fact that a man who had a moral code which accepted and in some cases even promoted the use of dishonesty as working tools, and a man who wanted respect and power and women, not also could deceive his followers a little - or more.

###017 16/11e: "- - - for those who give thought". Muhammad often used such small snippets of psychology - like the flattery here: "If you are intelligent, you understand and agree with me". Who does not want to be intelligent, especially among the uneducated, naive and/or primitive ones? - and who among such people has the strength to face down such a remark from a leader? Also see 13/3j above.

018 18/1-2: “Praise be to Allah, Who hath sent to his servant (Muhammad*) the Book (the Quran*), and hath allowed therein no Crookedness: (He hath made it) strait (and Clear) - - -.” In plain words: The verses in the Quran are in straight and clearly and not crooked or incorrect words = to be understood literally (where the text do not indicate straightly and clear that it is a parable or something). See the comment to 3/7 and 11/1 just above.

But no god ever was involved in a book of a quality like the Quran.

019 20/54c: “- - - for men endued with understanding.” Flattery. See 13/3j above.

020 28/60b: "- - - will ye (non-Muslims*) not then be wise (and become Muslims*)?" The wise thing to do is first to check if a religion can be true. It often is difficult to prove that a religion is true - actually only the god himself can prove this. But sometimes facts shows that it cannot be true, though Islam is the only one of the big religions which itself directly proves that something is seriously wrong, to say it politely - to blame a book with so much mistakes, contradictions, invalid logic, etc. on a god, is an insult, slander and heresy. And if there is no god behind Muhammad and the Quran, what then is Islam?

021 30/24h: "- - - signs for those who are wise". See 13/3j and 30/21e above.

022 31/2a: “These are Verses of the Wise Book”. A book with lots and lots of mistakes and with lots and lots of unproved statements based on nothing except unproved, cheap words, is no wise book and no book “full of wisdom”. It may be symptomatic that the name of this surah, Luqman, is the name of a wise man in some Arab fairy tales, not a real one. For similar claims see 2/231- 10/1 – 10/37 – 17/99 – 28/2 – 31/20 - 32/2 – 35/25 - 36/2 – 43/4 – 54/5.


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#####023 34/50b: “If I (Muhammad*) am astray, I only stray to the loss of my own soul - - -.” Wrong to at least the 9. power (as there are better than a billion Muslims – or the 10. power or more if you reckon the ones through the times). ############# If Muhammad was astray – ALL believing Muslims are astray – and all the mistaken facts, contradictions, invalid logic, etc., tell an ominous tale. The Quran - its mistakes, errors, etc. - also is contradicted 100% by any non-religious knowledge and by logic. ONE MORE PLACE WHERE AN INTELLIGENT MAN LIKE MUHAMMAD HAD TO KNOW HE WAS LYING, BECAUSE BOTH THE FACTS AND THE LOGIC ARE WRONG. THERE IS NO CHANCE MUHAMMAD DID NOT KNOW ALSO HIS FOLLOWERS WERE STRAYING IF HE HIMSELF WAS.


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024 38/29f: “Here is a Book (the Quran*) which We (Allah*) have sent down unto thee (Muhammad*), - - - that they (people*) may mediate on its Signs, and that men of understanding - - -”. What follower would ever admit he was not a man of understanding? - especially if he had little knowledge? But in the Quran there is not one valid sign specifically proving Allah. Not one single. And what is then this “proof” worth for Islam? - negative and less than nothing, because one starts wondering what kind of god - or man - uses invalid proofs?

025 39/18g: "- - - those (Muslims*) are the ones endued with understanding". If the Quran is from a god, the understanding is correct. If it is not from a god, the understanding is wrong - and no god ever made a book that full of mistaken facts, contradictions, etc. etc. NB: Also see 13/3j above.

026 39/21f: "Truly, in this, is a Message of remembrance for men of understanding." Yes - but only if the Quran is telling the truth on this point. There are many points which are wrong in the book - too many by far for that it can be from any god - which men of understanding easily see. And NB: It is a strange message if this claim about the rain - and other claims - is wrong.

027 41/3f: "- - - for people who understand - - -". Psychologically correct soft pressure - who, especially among the naive ones, wants to be outside the ones who understand things? - and as psychologically correct flattery; who - especially among the naive ones - does not like to hear they are among the ones who understand things? Muhammad uses this kind of psychology quite a lot in the Quran - he was intelligent, and he understood people. See 13/3j above.

028 41/10a: “He set on the (earth) mountains standing firm, high above it - - -“. Wrong. The mountains were not set (down) on Earth – they grew up.

(YA5570):"He (Allah*) Who creates must necessarily know His own handiwork". This is very correct, so when the Quran shows that the maker of that book clearly do not know the reality, ####it is a strong proof for that something is very wrong somewhere.

###### This is one of the many Muslim claims which backfires, and this backfire destroys the claims about there being a god behind the Quran and behind Muhammad each and every time the Quran uses "facts", claims, etc. a god would have known are wrong: An omniscient god knows the correct facts, the correct way of using logic, etc. This each and every time such things are wrong in the Quran, it proves that the Quran was not made by a god - and that Muhammad did not get his "information", "wisdom", and "knowledge" from such one.

What does this tell about Muhammad, about the Quran, about Islam - and about the future of Muslims if there is a real god and a next life somewhere?

There are many such proofs in the Quran. May be unbelievable 3ooo+.

029 45/13e: "- - - in that are Signs for those who reflect." Yes, for those who reflects AND use their knowledge and their brain, there are clear signs for that something is seriously wrong with the Quran, and thus with Islam.

But note the flattery - one of Muhammad's methods.

030 65/10e: "- - - O ye men of understanding - who have believed - - -". - who have become Muslims.

###031 67/10a: “Had we (non-Muslims*) but listened or used our intelligence - - -”. Islam often tries to tell that it is intelligence which makes Muslims believe, or intelligence that you have to see from the Quran that it is a work from a god - often the claim also is used as flattery (13/3j above). What at least is sure, is that anyone who uses his intelligence and has a reasonable minimum of knowledge of f. x. history, geography, astronomy, archaeology, etc. will find a lot of mistakes in the Quran - if he not for some reason is blind or do not want to see. Also: If he knows a very small minimum of logic and the rules for using logic and for evaluating information, he has to see the lose statements, the invalid “signs” and the as invalid “proofs” - and maybe he will be struck by the thought: Who uses this kind of arguments, except one who has no real arguments, and therefore has to cheat and deceive - f. x. to gain followers and power? Also see 67/9c above.

##032 67/10d: (A67/8): "Reason, properly used, must lead man to a cognition of Allah's existence, and thus of the fact that a definite plan underlies all His creation". Scientifically this sentence is nonsense, but you several places in the Quran and even more so in Islamic scholars' explanations of the texts find claims about that reason "must" give this and this conclusion or similar strengthening the claims of the Quran or Islam. The trouble is that such claims also just are claims and wishful thinking and prove nothing unless they are backed by proofs. Islam and its Muslims have no proofs about any central point in Islam, and try this way to construct proofs by means of claims about reason and intelligence, but both scientifically and logically this is nonsense, as you do not have a proof unless you have a proof. "A proof is one or more proved facts which can give only one conclusion". Also see 67/9c above.

Some other quotes about proofs and invalid or made up proofs:

  1. "Strong claims need strong proofs.
  2. "A claim without a proof may be dismissed without a proof".
  3. "Claims are cheap, but only proofs are proofs".
  4. "The use of invalid proofs normally proves that something is fishy".
  5. "The cheat or deceiver naturally must rely on claims pretending to be facts or proofs".
  6. "A made up "proof" makes the man very suspect".
  7. "A strong belief is not a proof - not necessarily even a truth"
  8. .
  9. "Wrong claims and invalid "proofs" are working tools of the cheat".
  10. "A student with correct facts gets a more correct answer than 20 professors with wrong facts". (Invalid "signs", claims, "proofs", etc. of course are wrong facts.)
  11. And we may add from Peer Gynt in his original language: "Naar utgangspunktet er som galest, blir resultatet tidt originalest" - freely translated: "When you conclude from wrong claims/wrong facts/invalid "proofs"/etc., you get wrong conclusions".

We may also point to the fact that it is not a fact that a plan underlies creation or universe. It is an often repeated claim - nearly always from religious persons and based on religious and not scientific ideas - but it is only a claim, not a fact. As mentioned before Islam hardly is "the Religion of Honesty".

Another point is that even it had been true that reason had led to a cognition of something divine, this would not mean that this divine was Allah - it could as well be Yahweh or someone/something else.

There also exist circumstantial and empirical proofs for that life developed instead of being created. F.x. all life has come through the millions of years in lines, without crossover types. There f.x. exists no mammal with feathers, no bird with hands, no mammal with the bird kind of brain (which gram for gram is more efficient than mammals' ones), etc. For a creator there was no reason why not create such beings, whereas for nature and DNA it is impossible - - - and life has developed according to what was possible for nature and DNA, not according to the whims of a divine creator.

033 89/5a: "Is there (not) in these (verses 1-4*) an adjuration (or evidence) for those who understand?" No, there is not. There exists nowhere any valid proof at all for Allah or for Islam or for Muhammad - why do you think Muhammad and Islam so much glorifies blind belief and are so aggressive if anyone says that Muhammad is not reliable like a holy saint? If there had existed the smallest proof, Islam had long since seen to it that every person on Earth had known it.

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