Muhammad in the Quran, Vol. 3: Chapter 62



Pep talk is an efficient way of motivating your followers. You find that Muhammad used quite a lot of it in the Quran - and for that case in Hadiths. Below are some relevant samples from the Quran.

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001 3/31c: "If ye do love Allah, follow me (Muhammad): for Allah will love you and forgive your sins - - -". Partly strengthening his - Muhammad's - platform of power, and partly pep-talk - including a promise which was very cheap for Muhammad, especially if Allah does not exist.

As for Allah forgiving: Also see 2/187d above.

002 3/111b: "They (non-Muslims*) will do you no harm, barring a trifling annoyance, if they come out to fight you - - -". Pep-talk: Non-Muslims are no good warriors - do not be afraid when fighting them.

003 3/122a: “Remember two of your parties (from the clan Banu Salamah of the tribe Al-Aws, and from the clan Harithah of the tribe Khazraj*) mediated cowardice (just before the battle of Uhud in 625 AD they wanted to leave*); but Allah was their protector, and in Allah should the Faithful (ever) put their trust”. A mighty example and pep-talk forever after. (That these parts after all did not desert Muhammad before the battle, might have meant the difference between a battle the Muslims in reality lost, but at a price which made Mecca withdraw, and a military catastrophe.)

004 3/124b: “Is it not enough for you (Muslims in battle*) that Allah should help you with three thousand angles (specially) sent down?” Pep talk to warriors referring to the battle of Badr, which Muhammad claimed was won because Allah sent down 3ooo angels who fought together with the Muslims - Allah helps you in battle with angle warriors. Morals counts in battle, and battle was essential for Muhammad at this time, though in 625 AD he might also think about defense against Mecca - they might again attack to stop his robbing their caravans, etc. But except for real defense: Why does an omnipotent god have to bring his followers to war to strengthen his position? If it was Muhammad who wanted more power and more riches to use for bribes and more power - and women - the logic is easy to understand, but an omniscient god - - -?

005 3/125a: “Yea – if you remain firm - - - your Lord (Allah*) would help you with five thousand angels making a terrific onslaughter”. Go to war in the secure knowledge that Allah sends large battalions of soldiering angels fighting beside you. It is not explained why an omnipotent god had/has to send angles and by the thousands to strain your enemy’s forces to give you a better chance to win. But a mighty pep-talk for believers – especially the uneducated and/or naïve ones. But again: Why does an omnipotent god have to bring his followers to war to strengthen his position? If it was Muhammad who wanted more power and more riches to use for bribes and more power and women, the logic is easy to understand, but an omniscient god - - -?

But why does an omnipotent god need to send down angels of war to influence a situation?

006 3/127a: "- - - He (Allah*) might cut off a fringe of the Unbelievers to expose them to infamy, and then they should be turned back, frustrated in their purpose". Pep-talk for war/fighting.

007 3/140a: “If a wound hath touched you (Muslim warrior*), be sure a similar wound hath touched the others (the enemy*)”. Pep-talk. Keep the warriors bent on fighting on. A peaceful religion. Very different from especially NT.

008 3/140b: "Such days (of varying fortunes) We (Allah*) give to men and men by turns". A wise warlord prepares his warriors also for the lost skirmishes, and imprints that next time it is your turn to win.

009 3/146b: “How many of the Prophets fought (in Allah’s way), and with them fought large bands of godly men? But they never lost heart if they met with disaster in Allah’s way, nor did they weaken (in will) nor give in. And Allah loves those who are firm and steadfast.” A pep-talk to warriors of all times - never give in, never give up, retreat if you have to, but go on and you will win like the prophets, because Allah will help - - - and sooner or later the lover of religious warriors, Allah, will give you Paradise. Like in the Old Norse religion and other war religions.

As for prophets, Islam maintains that they have existed to all times and all places - Hadith mention the number 124ooo, but even that is just a symbol for uncountable many. (Using the religious time-scale = some 5ooo years up to Muhammad, gives 2 new prophets each and every month for those 5ooo years. Using the scientific time-scale = perhaps 195ooo years for Homo Sapiens, gives one new prophet every 18 months approximately. Believe it if you are able to.) This is not true, because it is not possible to find a single trace of monotheistic prophets (except the few in the Bible) anywhere or any time in any form - history, literature, art, architecture, archeology, or even in folk tales. It is not possible that so many prophets should leave not a single trace - especially the warring ones should leave traces, even if they had no success with spreading the religion.

And not many of the prophets we know about from other sources - mainly the Bible - did actually wage war. This picture becomes even more loop-sided when you remember the Bible mentions there were a number of prophets not named by name, and hardly any of these were leaders of wars - in that case they had been more central and named. (NB: The Bible does not reckon f.x. Saul and David and Solomon - and not even Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob, not to mention Ishmael - primarily as prophets. Leaders, but the title prophet hardly is used - for a central person like Abraham in all the Bible the title prophet is mentioned only a couple of times. Saul, David, Ishmael and a number of others are not reckoned to be prophets at all in the Bible.) The fact that Biblical prophets normally did not wage war, compared to Muhammad's war religion, also is one of the clear indications for that Muhammad was not in the Biblical line of prophets.

010 3/151a: “Soon shall We (Allah*) cast terror into the heart of the unbelievers - - -.” Of course. One more good pep-talk. And a bit different from "turn the other cheek" in the Bible.

011 3/165a: “What! When a single disaster smites you, although ye smote (your enemies) with one twice as great, do ye say, ‘Whence is this?'” Unbelievable! You doubt because of a defeat (Uhud)! Ups and downs are inevitable, and here is a pep-talk against that. Just to mention it; you find nothing like this in NT and the New Covenant.

012 3/168a: “If only they had listened to us (non-Muslims or hypocrites - and not gone to war*), they would not have been slain”. That is what hypocrite Muslims say, according to the Quran - and who wants to be a hypocrite? Good pep talk. On the other hand: In most cases the hypocrites here were right - to claim that it is as dangerous to play with your children or something, as to take part in a battle, is utter stupidity and easy to prove wrong by means of statistics. To be able to believe in an illogical claim like this, takes more than a lot of naivety - a good portion blind belief and/or wishful thinking must be added.

013 3/173a: “Men said to them: ’A great army is gathering against you’: - - - but it (only) increased their Faith - - -”. Pep talk. Real Muslims are not frightened - and Allah will help. Pep talk incites the warriors to keep fighting, and to wage war, that was of course necessary for Muhammad to gain personal security, power and riches. Like for many warlords at that time.

014 3/173b: “Men said to them: ’A great army is gathering against you’ - - -". One more of the many texts or quotes in the Quran which could not have been reliably written into the claimed "Mother Book" (13/39b, 43/4BBb+c, 85/21-22) in Heaven (of which the Quran is claimed to be a copy) eons ago, unless predestination was and is 100% - like the Quran claims many places. If man has free will - even partly only - and can change his mind, full and reliable clairvoyance about the future, not to mention the distant future, is impossible even for a god, as the man always could/can change his mind or his words once more, in spite of Islam's claims. There are at least 3 reasons - 2 of them unavoidable - for this:

  1. When something is changed, automatically the future is changed.
  2. The laws of chaos will be at work and change things, if even a tiny part is made different.
  3. The so-called "Butterfly Effect"; "a butterfly flapping its wing in Brazil may cause a storm in China later on" or "a small bump may overturn a big load".

This that Allah predestines everything like the Quran claims and states many places, is an essential point, because besides totally removing the free will of man (in spite of the Quran's claims of such free will, or some Muslims' adjusted "partly free will for man" - to adjust the meanings where the texts in the Quran are wrong, is typical for Islam and its Muslims), it also removes the moral behind Allah's punishing (and rewarding) persons for what they say and do - Allah cannot reward or punish people for things he himself has forced them to say or do, and still expect to be believed when he (Muhammad?) claims to be a good or benevolent or moral or just god. Also see 2/51b and 3/24a above and 4/43h and 4/64g below.

But remember as for punishment and rewards - and forgiving: They cannot be given unless there are made changes in the Plan of Allah, which several verses in the Quran states nobody and nothing can make. (A predestined reward is not a reward, but theater.)

###015 3/174a: “And they returned (from war) with Grace and Bounty from Allah: no harm ever touched them - - -”. A fairy tale picture of war and easy riches. A good pep talk for recruiting new warriors if the men are uneducated and naïve. Glorifying war and spoils of war attracts new warriors. The larger the “army” the better chance of success and power for leaders.

But never a word about the catastrophes for the victims and for the destroyed lives and cultures, etc. Compassion and empathy nearly do not exist in the Quran - and definitely not concerning non-Muslims.

#####It is worth noticing that Muhammad and his followers behaved like Muslim gangs are doing today (2013 AD) in northeast Africa: Raiding - in this case especially people fleeing north from war and poverty - the weak ones. Muslims stealing what meager possessions they have, murdering, raping, gang raping, torture, extortion, slave taking, slave selling (yes, it goes on even today). This was the life of the semi-saint Muhammad the last 9-10 years of his life - Muslims were involved in some 83 armed incidences during that time, nearly all of them raids for stealing riches, for rape, extortion, and slaves. Muhammad personally led some 26 of them and personally raped at least two women (Rayhana bint Amr and Safiyya bint Huayay). #####Some morally perfect idol!

#####It also is very telling that as far as we know, Islam is doing little or nothing to stop those gangsters of today - and how can they? Those gangsters are behaving just like Muhammad did, and everything Muhammad did was perfect, "lawful and good".

Added 2014: IS - the "Islamic State" is behaving according to Muhammad's demands and rules. An attractive future for the world? - remember that the Quran demands that the Muslims shall conquer and suppress the rest of the world.

016 4/72+73a: Pep-talk for war.

017 4/72+73b: As mentioned in 4/72+73a just above these two verses are pep-talk for war. You NEVER find such pep talk in NT - NEVER. One more of the many points which alone proves that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god, and Jesus and Muhammad not in the same religion - and then there are all the other proofs in addition.

018 4/141b: “And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumph) over the believers”. Go to war – in the long run you are sure to win. The development seemed to justify this verse for Muslims for 110 years - they lost battles, but hardly ever a war, at least not as they stormed westwards. Not until they lost the war in France against Carl Martell (battle of Tours in 732 AD). That made an impression - at least for some - and for a time made some doubt the infallibility of the Quran. The same effect - and stronger - one got over the losses against the west during the 1800s and early 1900. Allah - why did he not let Muslims win?

But the verse is meant as pep talk. And an efficient pep talk it really is. Most active Muslims expect to win total power on Earth sooner or later in accordance with Allah’s/Muhammad’s word.

Will it be like living in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, North Pakistan, Libya, Ethiopia, or Iran? Or Afghanistan?

019 5/12g: “- - - and loan to Allah a beautiful loan - - -.” This normally is “Quran-speak” for “risk or lose your life in battle for Muhammad and Allah”. In just this case it is claimed to be said to the Jews of old times, which gave it double value: A good pep-talk and “documenting” that messengers wanting war, was nothing new.

020 5/54d: "- - - a people (Muslims*) He (Allah*) will love as they will love Him - lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the Way of Allah, and never afraid of the reproaches of such as find fault". A mighty pep-talk for warfare. But the same god as you meet in NT and even in OT? - hopeless. One of the 120% proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - and Jesus and Muhammad not in the same religion (not to mention line of prophets)

And: Allah can love no-one unless he exists - and with little consequence unless he in addition is a god. Besides - how lovely is the love of a god of war?

021 5/56f: "- - - the Fellowship of Allah that must certainly triumph". Pep-talk. Besides at least that Muslims "must certainly" triumph is wrong.

022 5/58a: "- - - that is because they (people rejecting Islam*) are a people without understanding - - -". Just this sample of pep-talk is older than Adam in many religions, and will never become too old in many religions - there always will be lots of naive people falling for it - "we intelligent ones know, those stupid do not know" - - - and it is just the least intelligent and least learned ones who most easily are duped, by many religions, by this worn out claim. Besides: Who is the one without understanding? - the one who believes anything told to him, or the one who is able to think things over? - in this case the one blindly believing the Quran, or the one able to see at least some of all the errors, etc. in that book, and able to understand what they mean?

023 6/5d: "- - - soon they (non-Muslims*) shall learn the reality of what they used to mock at". One thing is that this just is pep-talk - a well-known technique even. Another is that many non-Muslims already knew the reality; that the Quran with all its mistakes, etc. is not from any god. No god ever was involved in a book of that quality.

024 6/24c: "But the (lie) which they (non-Muslims*) invented will leave them in the lurch". This is a typical kind of pep-talk religious - and sometimes political and other - leaders frequently use. "The others will lose and we will win". It works well among believers and often among others with little knowledge (among people with knowledge it only works if it is likely the claim is true - in this case it did not work among f.x. the local Jews who know something was much wrong with Muhammad's teaching, and thus that thus it was unlikely the claim was correct).

025 6/27a: "If thou (Muslims`) couldst but see them when they (non-Muslims*) when they are confronted with the Fire!" Psychological pep-talk of a standard kind frequently used by religious and other leaders: "Just wait and see; "they" will be the losers and "we" the winners - and "they" will fare badly. An ever so well known technique - but it often works. You meet this kind of pep-talk MANY places in the Quran - we mention just some of them.

026 6/29-31: Pep-talk to followers: See how badly "they" are going to fare - we are better.

027 6/34a: "Rejected were the Messengers before thee (Muhammad*) - - -." Muhammad was rejected by many. But cheer up: Rejection was normal for real prophets! - "ergo" Muhammad is consequently a prophet like other prophets. Pep-talk. There is some pep-talk in the Quran.

028 6/36b: “Those who listen (in truth), be sure, will accept - - -.” Pep-talk - the ones who does not accept Muhammad, is because they do not really listen to him. That it for many was not true, did - and does - not matter very much for pep-talk, as long as his believers believed/believe it.

029 6/91i: "- - - vain discourse and trifling - - -". Pep-talk - there is no reason to listen to what they tell. A wise "advice" from any leader who does not want his followers to get correcting facts.

###030 6/112b: "- - - (non-Muslims*) inspiring each other with flowery discourses by way of deception." This is a nice piece of pep-talk, explaining-away, and inducement for his followers not to believe what non-Muslims told them. But is it true? ####Besides: Used as slander from "the Religion of Dishonesty" (al-Taqiyya, Kitman, Hilah, lawful deceit, even breaking of oaths (2/224, 2/225, 3/54, 5,89, 16/91, 66/2)) the claim is a bit ironic.

031 7/42-43: Rather similar to 2/25 above. Pep-talk.

032 7/46a: “Between them (those going to Paradise and those going to Hell) shall be a veil - -” - and the first ones telling the last ones that Islam was right. Good pep-talk whether true or not.

033 7/92: Pep-talk, based on the claimed story about Shu'ayb.

034 7/147c: This verse is typical pep-talk for Muhammad's followers.

035 7/157o: "- - - it is they (Muslims*) who will prosper - - -". In this life some did prosper from loot/stealing/extortion and some so absolutely did not prosper. If here is meant the claimed next life, the answer depends entirely on if Allah exists, is he is a central god, if he in case is correctly described, and if the $Quran tells the full truth and only the truth here. An on whether there exists other/real gods - f.x. Yahweh.

036 8/18a: "- - - Allah is He Who makes feeble the plans and stratagem of the Unbelievers". True or not true - it is good for the moral of warriors to believe things like this.

037 8/19d: “Not the least good will your (the enemy’s) forces be to you even if they were multiplied: for verily (it definitely is no proved verity/truth*). Allah is with those who believe”. Perhaps discouraging the enemy, but surely encouraging his own warriors. “Gott mit uns.” Just this one is as old as the oldest religion - and still valid for everyone who believes it, and the uneducated, naïve early followers did believe - - - as do many Muslims even today.

038 8/19e: "- - - for verily Allah is with those who believe - - -". If he exists and if he is behind the war religion Islam.

039 8/36-37: A pep-talk.

040 8/37f: "They (mainly the non-Muslims*) will be the ones to have lost". If the Quran tells the full truth and only the truth about the claimed next life. And only if none of the non-Muslims happen to believe in a real god (if such one exists). It here is ironic that Muslims all will be among the lost ones if the Quran does not tell the full truth - and on many points it is full of mistakes, so full that it is not made by any god.

041 8/50a: This is one of the many anti non-Muslim pep-talks in the Quran - we point to a few of them. Look, and you will find a lot more.

042 8/59a: This verse is pep-talk.

##043 8/60c: (A8/64 - 2008 English edition 8/65): "- - - the enemies of Allah - - -". Definition according to A8/64: ########"(The enemies of Allah are*) everyone who deliberately opposes and seeks to undermine the moral laws lay down by Allah" - and those people automatically are "an enemy of those who believe (Muslims*) in Him (Allah*)". The definition of "the enemies of Allah" is very interesting because of the Quran's too often very primitive, medieval or even pre-medieval, and at too many point immoral moral code based on a Nazi-like apartheid suppressive ("Übermench" rule, "Umtermench" suppressed) war ideology, and because of the extremely immoral moral underlying and expressed in some of the Sharia laws (f.x. "a woman is to be seriously punished for unlawful sex if she is raped, but cannot bring 4 male witnesses to the act" or: "a man who correctly accuses a woman for unlawful sex is unjust unto Allah, if he cannot bring 4 witnesses" - even though an omniscient Allah knows he is speaking the truth). The definition is given is these words: Allah's enemy is "everyone who deliberately opposes and seeks to undermine the moral laws laid down by Allah (= Muhammad's quoted words in the Quran*) - - -". Oppose f.x. the "lawful and good" military (nearly always Muslim) aggressions and raids, stealing/robbing, raping, extorting, enslaving, betraying ("war is betrayal"), murdering, etc., etc. during "holy wars" - and practically everything is called jihad (holy war) - or opposing the incitements for going to war on the slightest religious reason or alibi ("self defense in the widest meaning of the word" - the ideology that makes every disagreement a cause for jihad) and you are an enemy of Allah.

And at least as bad: As the Quran with all its mistakes, etc. is from no god, also its so-called moral also is not from any god, included Allah if he was a god.

Also of sinister meaning is YA's comment that "- - - everyone - - - who actively opposes and seeks to undermine - - - (Allah's/Muhammad's (im)moral laws*) is, "eo ipso", an enemy of those who believe in Him (Allah*)". If you talk against Islam and its partly immoral moral rules, etc. you do not disagree with the Muslims, but you are an enemy of them. No wonder connections - or lack of such - sometimes are strained, and no wonder killing non-Muslims often are ok. Who wants to make friends with enemies? - enemies it is ok to kill. "The Religion of Peace" founded by a good and benevolent god?

044 8/60d: "- - - and others beside (other enemies of Allah or of you*), whom ye may not know - - -". YA (comment YA 1226): "There are always lurking enemies whom you may not know, but whom Allah knows. It is your duty to be ready against all, for the sacred Cause under whose banner you are fighting". There always are non-Muslims wanting to attack you, so always beware and be prepared for war with the untrustworthy unbelievers (NB: "the untrustworthy unbelievers", not "the untrustworthy of the unbelievers"). And remember: These comments are not written around 650 AD, but in modern times - they represent today's thinking of (many of) today's influential Muslims.

273 8/60e: “Whatever (money, time or your life*) ye shall spend in the Cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly”. Resources counts – for you to go to Paradise, for Muhammad (and Allah) to be able to make war. And warriors like you count – for you to gain loot or be sure to go to Paradise, for Muhammad (and Allah? – an omnipotent god really should not need war and mass murder and inhumanities? – especially not a good god,) to be able to make war and gain riches for f.x. “oiling” (bribes), and power and followers for his religion and platform of power.)

045 8/65g: “If there are twenty amongst you (Muslim warriors*), patient and persevering, they will vanquish two hundred (non-Muslims*), if a hundred, they will vanquish a thousand of the Unbelievers: for these are people without understanding”. A good pep talk, at least to blind believers. During the civil war in USA the South said something similar - but lost the war. But the Quran is right on one point: Non-Muslims tends not to understand the fanatic and fatalistic way of thinking impressed on Muslim warriors and terrorists - they go on and on and refuse to give in. On the other hand Japanese soldiers were just like that during WWII, but they all the same totally lost the war - even Americans were able to learn.

046 8/65-66: Pure pep-talk and war propaganda.

047 8/66b: “- - - but (even so (even if Allah has lightened the fight for you - by sending angle warriors?*)) if there are a hundred of you, they will vanquish two hundred, and if a thousand, they will vanquish two thousand, with the leave of Allah - - -”. Another pep talk, and somewhat more realistic than 8/65e above. Besides: If you lose, know that is was not the enemy who was too strong for you, but Allah in his unfathomable wisdom who wanted it like that. (And Allah always has a good reason leading to a final victory).

But why cannot an omnipotent god just decide how he wants things to be and make it like that? Why does a presumably good and kind and loving and benevolent and omnipotent god have to let humans live through so much blood and murder and hate and rape and misery? Something in the Quran just does not add up.

##048 8/74d: “- - - for them (warriors, terrorist and all their helpers and those giving them aid*) is the forgiveness of sins and a provision most generous”. This sentence tells a lot about Islam. And it also is a good pep talk.

It also may explain some of all the help terrorists get from “normal” Muslims.

But a serious question as a book with so many errors as the Quran is not from a god: Are these never proved claims true?

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

##049 9/14e: “Fight them (the “unbelievers”*), and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame, help you (to victory) over them - - -”. When you fight non-Muslims, you are doing the work of the good and benevolent god Allah.

Some religion: Hating, fighting, stealing, plundering, raping, enslavement, and murdering are the work of the god.

And remember: The “ethics” and "morality" in the Quran was for then, for now and forever - for us and for our children and our descendants for all future.

“What a wonderful world!” to quote Louis Armstrong.

But why does an omnipotent god need humans for doing the killing and suppression?

###War mongering for religion is one more strong proof for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god and Jesus and Muhammad not in the same religion. You do not find anything like this in the Bible, and especially not in NT. (There is some war in OT, but not for religion.)

*050 9/14f: “(Allah will*) help you (to victory) over them, heal the breasts of the Believers”. To murder or mass murder non-Muslims in battle or other ways - remember that Muslims are ordered to “lie in wait for them with any stratagem of war” (9/5) - plus a lot of the killing end other atrocities were done after the fighting was over - will heal the breasts of the good Muslims.

It seems us that Muslims living according to the Quran may be not the best of neighbors. (But again: Remember that only a minority live according to these parts of that book - though our dangerous difficulty is that it often is impossible to know who is who).

###War mongering for religion is one more strong proof for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god and Jesus and Muhammad not in the same religion. What kind of inhuman god is Allah?

*051 9/14g: “(Allah will*) help you (to victory) over them, heal the breasts of the Believers”. Only possible if he exists and is something powerful - good or bad.

052 9/16a: “Or think that ye (Muslims*) that ye shall be abandoned (by Allah and not be rewarded for going to war*), as though Allah did not know those among you who strive with might and main - - -.” Just go to war – it is sure that Allah will reward you for it (as he is the good and benevolent god of “the Religion of Peace”.) But if Allah knows everything, why - why - then his need to test even his followers?!!

053 9/16b: “Or think that ye (Muslims*) that ye shall be abandoned (by Allah and not be rewarded for going to war*), as though Allah did not know those among you who strive with might and main (for the religion*)- - -.” But is the implicit claim here true? It only can be if Allah really exists and is a god, and if the Quran in addition has described him correctly - in a book full of mistakes, etc.

*054 9/20h: “- - - they (terrorists/warriors*) are the people who will achieve (salvation)”. The very antithesis of the NT - and one more of the 100% proofs for that Yahweh is not the same god as Allah or Jesus in the same line of prophets as Muhammad - the teachings, the moral code, etc. are too fundamentally, too deeply and on too many points far too different. And we remind you that both science and even more Islam has proved beyond any reasonable and unreasonable doubt that the Bible is not falsified, in spite of the Quran's never documented claim.

Also: Combine this quote with Islam's slogan: "Islam is the Religion of Peace" and weep - or laugh.

*055 9/21a: “Their (terrorists/warriors*) Lord (Allah*) doth give them glad tidings of a Mercy (that terrorists/warriors for Allah are forgiven practically any sin*) from Himself (from Allah personally*), of His good pleasure (from the fighting and murdering they have done for the good and kind and benevolent god*), and the Gardens for them, wherein are delights (earth-like riches, luxury, and women*) that endures”. The ultimate pep talk for war, terror and murder? In the name of a presumably peaceful religion and a kind and good god?

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

056 9/24e: "- - - or the striving in His (Allah's*) cause ("Quran-speak" for waging war*) - - -". Going to war for Muhammad/Allah gives top marks in the claimed "religion of peace". Guess if this is contradicted by the NT - one of the strong proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god, and Jesus and Muhammad not in the same religion! Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

057 9/25b: “Assuredly Allah did help you in many battlefields - - -.” – and consequently he can be expected to do the same in future battlefields. A good pep talk.

058 9/25e: "- - - the day of Hunayn - - -". In this battle some 10ooo-12ooo Muslim warriors met some 3ooo-4ooo non-Muslims. All the same - perhaps because of over-confidence - the Muslims were on the point of losing the battle before they managed to turn the tide. A good pep talk. The battle-hardened core of Muhammad’s army plus the reality of 3 times as many warriors, finally manage to turn the tide of the battle - but for the morals of the large number of fresh warriors, it of course was better psychology to explain that it was Allah who - as usual - wanted the Muslims to win, and sent down an army of invisible angles fighting together with the Muslims. As said: A good pep talk.

059 9/38c: "But little is the comfort in this life, as compared with the hereafter (the claimed next life)". Often claimed, never proved. But a cheap way for Muhammad to pay his warriors.


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###060 NB: 9/38d: In connection to verse 9/38 we quote from comment YA1299: "When a call (for war*) is made on behalf of a great cause (Islam*), the fortunate ones are those who have the privilege of responding to the call. The unfortunate ones are those who are so engrossed in their parochial affairs that they turn a deaf ear to the appeal. They are suffering from a spiritual disease". These comments are from our times, so you see that even now Muslim scholars mean that if you do not want to go to war whenever the religion calls, you are mentally ill. Further comments necessary?

And YA1300: "The choice is between two courses: will you choose a noble adventure (war*) and the glorious privilege of following your spiritual leader (to war), or grovel in the earth for some small worldly gain or for fear of worldly loss (f.x. your life or health*)?" "The Religion of Peace" anno nowadays - this claim is as wrong today as it always was.

Islam "the Religion of Peace" even today? Do not laugh - it is impolite.


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061 9/38e: There is nothing like this in the Bible - not even in the OT (not to mention NT). Yahweh and Allah the same god? Jesus and Muhammad in the same line of prophets? Believe it if you are able to.

062 9/40g: "- - - (Allah*) strengthened him (Muhammad*) with forces which ye (humans*) saw not (= angels*) - - -". Often claimed - especially in connection with battles - but never proved.

063 9/47a: "- - - they (the ones not wanting war*) would not have added to your (strength) but only (made for) disorder - - -". Pep-talk to the warriors; you did right to come along, the others were just lousy quality.

064 9/47e: This verse mainly is a pep-talk to the warriors about the bad quality of the ones who did not want to go to war. Strongly contradicted by the Bible, and especially by NT. Jesus and Muhammad belonging to the same line of prophets? Impossible is the only possible word, because we do not know a stronger one. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

065 9/52b: “Can you see for us (Muslims*) (any fate) other than the two glorious things – (martyrdom or victory)?” A glorification of war which is an absolute contradiction to the Bible, and with a nonexistent much stronger for comparison to NT. One more of the really strong proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are different gods - if any of them exists, and for that Jesus and Muhammad are not from the same line of prophets (in addition to that Muhammad was no real prophet - he was unable to make prophesies.

066 9/56-57: Not everybody wanted to go to war - a pep-talk against these ones. (#######But when judging Muslims, remember that large numbers of them do not want war - just like you and me they only want a life in peace and quiet and a reasonably standard of living, together with their loved ones. They are humans just like everybody else. Of course it may be difficult to know who of the Muslims are humans and who are more or less inhumanized by the hate and war and apartheid/superiority complex religion, but none should be judged bad only because he/she is a Muslim.)

067 9/111k: "Then rejoice in the bargain which ye (Muslim warriors*) have concluded: that is the achievement supreme”. A good bait – but see 9/111a and 9/111e above.

068 9/121b: "- - - Allah may requite their (warriors') deeds with the best (possible reward)." A nice reward if Islam is a true religion. A very cheap way for Muhammad to pay his warriors if the religion is a made up one. And here it is very thought provoking that the Quran is not from a god - no god makes that many mistakes, not to mention reveres them in a "mother book" in his heaven. (And no benevolent god has a moral code and war code like in the Quran).

069 11/17a (= Medina?): “Can they (non-Muslims*) be like those (Muslims*) who accepted a Clear (Sign) from their Lord (Allah*) - - -?” For building up his followers’ feeling of being superior to “the masses”, this is good psychology. This even more so if you want your followers to become a separate group, feeling distance to other people or groups.

*070 11/22a: “Without a doubt, these (the non-Muslims*) are the very ones who will lose most in the Hereafter!” All the mistakes, wrong logic, etc. in the Quran make it very clear it is not from a god. Partly because of that – and this alone is a 100% proof for that something is wrong – there is every reason to doubt Islam is a genuine religion. And if it is a made up religion – and Islam will have a tough job proving the opposite – there is every reason to doubt Muslims will fare any better than others in a possible next life. On the contrary: If there do exist a real religion and if this is run by a good god, the Muslims will not fare well if they have lived according to the Quran’s horrific ethics, and even worse moral code, inhuman treatment of fellow - but non-Muslim - humans, etc.

*071 11/22b: “Without a doubt, these (the non-Muslims*) are the very ones who will lose most in the Hereafter!” A good claim psychologically to hear for his followers - but like everything else with Muhammad only a not documented claim.

072 13/22a: "- - - patiently persevere - - -". This is an expression the world - and American presidents - should never forget: The Quran repeats and repeats and repeats: If you stay on and persevere, in the end you always win, because the "enemy" grows tired and gives in - retreats or even accepts you as his/their lord.

073 16/41d: "(Good Muslims*) We (Allah*) will assuredly give a goodly home in this world; but truly the reward in the Hereafter will be greater". This is a pep-talk to Muhammad's followers in a difficult time. This surah is from 622 AD, shortly before Muhammad had to flee from Mecca - good words are cheap, but often helps the spirit. Some of it even became true, as a number of his followers later gained riches and power from stealing/robbing, extortion, and enslaving.

074 16/41e: "(Good Muslims*) We (Allah*) will assuredly give a goodly home in this world; but truly the reward in the Hereafter will be greater". Once more: Yes, if Allah exists, is a major god and is correctly described in the Quran. If he does not exist, not to mention if he exists, but belongs to the dark forces, the answer will be different.

075 16/41h: "- - - the reward in the Hereafter will be greater". If Allah exists and is a god. And if the Quran tells the full and only truth. (For some reason or other Islam and its Muslims seldom claim that Islam is the religion of honesty.)

076 16/45b: "- - - (do non-Muslims*) feel secure that Allah will not cause the earth to swallow them up, or that the Wrath (of Allah*) will not seize them - - -". Pep-talk from Muhammad to his followers.

077 16/45d: This verse is pep-talk from Muhammad to his followers.

078 16/46: Pep-talk from Muhammad to his followers.

079 16/47a: "For thy (Muslims'*) Lord (Allah*) is indeed full of kindness and mercy". Please read the surahs from Medina (you find the numbers in "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran" - ) and some of his (?) sharia laws, and see if you agree. Also see 1/1a above.

080 23/1b: (YA2865): “The Believers must (eventually) win through - - -.” It may be worth mentioning that communism once said the same - their system was superior and had to win in the long run. The Nazi said the same - better system and better quality humans. Also the South States (of U.S.) said the same - they were better quality and better warriors than the "merchants" in the North States.

But also see 2371c just below - maybe it is not meant Muslims will win through.

081 25/27c: "Oh! Would that I (non-Muslim*) had taken a (straight) path with the Messenger (Muhammad*)". Pep-talk for his followers - and a very ordinary kind of such.

082 28/61a: “Are (these two) alike? - one to whom We (Allah*) have made a goodly promise (Muslim*) - - - and one (non-Muslim*) who We have given the good things of this life, but who (will go to Hell*)?” Another rhetoric question with an obvious answer enlarging “our” self-esteem and feeling of righteousness. But with an addition: Many religions have a problem with non-believers or believers who are not really good people who have a good life in this world. So also Islam. But the Quran explains this very simple - like some other religions: It is Allah who in his unfathomable wisdom has decided it like that - to try the bad person or for some other reason only Allah understands - but Allah is going to punish him in the next life. A fulfilling explanation that leaves the others' envy half satisfied, and their gloating also half satisfied - and our self esteem at least on par or a little in plus.

You find this argument in variations time and again and again in the Quran.

But is the underlying explanation valid? - that it is for to try persons? Because why does a predestining, omniscient god have to try anyone at all? - and why, if it in reality is Allah who predestines everything one does according to MANY places in the Quran? If he predestines everything, he also predestines what you do during a test. (With full predestination free will for man does not exist - there are immaterial things impossible also for omnipotent gods, In spite of Islam's lame try to explain away the fact that they see this is impossible: "It must be true all the same, because Allah say so in the Quran" (freely quoted after the Swedish "Message of the Quran" - remark A6/141 to verse 6/149).

083 29/7e: "- - - We (Allah*) shall reward them (good Muslims in the possible next life*) according to their best deeds (and the best deed for Muslims, is war or raids for Allah and Muhammad and his successors*)". This only is true if Allah exists and is a major god, and if the Quran in addition has told the full truth and only the truth on relevant points - and if he can reward/punish without changing his own unchangeable predestined Plan. (For some reason or other Islam and its Muslims seldom claim that Islam is the religion of honesty.)

084 29/9c: "- - - them (good Muslims*) shall We (Allah*) admit to the company of the Righteous". The ones who are going to end up in the Quran's Paradise - - - if the Quran tells the full and only truth. Also see 10/9f above.

*085 30/2-4: “The (East*) Roman Empire (Byzantine/Constantinople*) has been defeated (by Persia*) in a land close by (battles: Damascus 613 AD, Jerusalem 614 AD, Egypt 615-616 AD – may be a battle in Syria in 615 AD – just pick your choice (the surah is from 615 or 616 AD)); but they, (even) after (this) defeat of theirs will soon be victorious – Within a few (“bid” - an Arab word meaning between 3 and 9) years.” Byzantine defeated Persia in 628 AD after they first had had a number of defeats at the start of the war - 12 or 13 years after this verse.

  1. The Arab word “bid” means “a few” with the additional meaning “means a number of no less than 3, no more than 9” according to comment 2 to this surah in “The Message of the Quran” (A20/2). It took at least 12 years.
  2. This was a pep-talk to his followers. No-one – not even Muhammad himself – said that it was a prophesy - - - except that many Muslims say so afterwards.
  3. It is very clear from the Quran that Muhammad did not have the gift of being able to make prophesies (a kind of miracles), and it is as clear that he never even pretended to or claimed to have that gift. This was just one of the (few) cases where a little of all that he said through his life happened to come partly true (actually: So much that he said and spoke it is a miracle that not more happened to come true – and more true than in this case. And NB: This is the only heavy claim Islam has about him being able to make prophesies (though there are other claims). The sheer laws of probability should have made him right a lot more often, but then he had little of creative fantasy. Once - nearly - in a lifetime = a prophet? As much as he talked and said, he from pure statistical probability should have had a number - not to say quite a number - of "hits", but he had few.

This is one of Muslims' strongest - if not the strongest - claims for that Muhammad made foretelling. Not a very convincing case (but then Islam as such does not claim Muhammad was able of foretelling: "The only miracle of Muhammad, was the Quran", is a sentence you often meet - foretelling is a kind of miracle; "to see the unseen".) Actually Muhammad himself several places in the Quran said he was unable to see the unseen = unable to make prophesies. #######Thus any Muslim claiming Muhammad made prophesies. claims that Muhammad lied every time he said he was unable to make such ones.

086 33/9b: "- - - when there came down on you (Muslims*) hosts (to overwhelm you) - - -". In the 3 battles between Muslims and Mecca, the Muslims each time were outnumbered. But it is a military fact that attack is more difficult and dangerous than defense, and the will to fight - plus the trench and the weather in the last case - decided the outcome: Muslims won at Badr, lost at Uhud, but for a price which made Mecca wait too long before following up the narrow victory, and a draw at Medina, which in reality won the war.

087 33/12-15 Pep-talk for the lukewarm - not all wanted to wage war, but Muhammad demanded this - or maybe it was the benevolent, good god Allah?

088 33/19c: "Such men (who do not want to fight*) have no faith - - -.” – and are not good. Pep-talk: You of course are better?

089 33/20e: "- - - they (no good Muslims*) would fight but a little". Pep-talk: You of course are better?

090 33/48a: “And obey not (the behest) of the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and heed not their annoyances, but put thy Trust in Allah.” This may be seen as comforting and a pep-talk to Muhammad’s followers against the still strong non-Muslims, or as an advice not to mind the meanings of the non-Muslims too much and, not to take too much offence from what they said and did. If it is meant to cool down the strife between Muslims and non-Muslims in Medina, it is one of the last such verses, as it came in 627 AD or a little later – around the attack and obliteration of Khaybar or somewhat later, (but before the final symbol of the Muslims’ taking over the power; the conquest of Mecca) – and before some of the harshest verses like “The Verse of the Sword”, 9/5, which most likely came in 631 AD.

091 37/50-57: Pep-talk for believers.

092 37/163a: "Except such (persons*) as are (themselves) going into the blazing fire!" These are possible to lead astray from Allah - see 37/161-162 just above. Real Muslims cannot be lead away from Allah. At least this is a good pep-talk claim.

093 37/170e: "- - - but soon they (skeptics*) will know". Pep-talk to Muhammad's followers - the underlying meaning is that "take it easy - the skeptics will be punished!" As for knowledge see 26/83a above.

094 37/173: “- - - And that Our (Allah’s) forces – they surely must conquer.” This is in a tale about messengers, and seems to talk about mental and intellectual fighting. At this time (615 - 617 AD) Muhammad also had not started using weapons as a means – he was not powerful enough, and his religion preached peace. But you bet it has been uses as a pep-talk to warriors through the centuries.

095 37/179: "And watch (how they (non-Muslims*) fare and they soon shall see (How thou (Muslims*) farest)!" Pep-talk to Muhammad’s followers - Muhammad like so often here utilize humans' enjoyments from gloating.

096 38/11: "But there will be put to flight even a host of confederates". Pep-talk for Muhammad's followers.

097 38/60-64: Pep-talk for Muhammad's followers - gloating is a good and sure feeling to use for comforting - and for manipulating.

098 38/62-64: Pep-talk.

099 38/62: "- - - men whom we (non-Muslims) used to reckon among the bad ones (= Muslims - indicating that the non-Muslims were wrong about them*)". Pep-talk for Muhammad's followers.

100 39/48c: "- - - that which they (non-Muslims*) used to mock at". Islam. Also pep-talk to Muhammad's followers.

101 39/53-61: A pep-talk to Muhammad’s followers.

102 39/56b: "- - - (I) was among those who mocked - - -". This is part of a pep-talk from Muhammad to his followers. But there was a reason for mocking if the Quran was/is a made up book - and with all its errors, etc. it is not from any god - and thus Islam a made up religion. Muhammad himself must take the blame for the mocking, as he did not produce one single proof for his claim, in spite of requests for proofs and in spite of that he had to know that all experiences tell that to believe blindly in loose words is a sure way to be deceived and cheated. Muhammad only had loose words and fast-talk to offer - like so many a self proclaimed "prophet" and starter of religions or sects. There were a number of such persons during the early centuries of Christianity, which resulted in a number of apocryphal - made up - "biblical" scriptures. Is the Quran one more of those? - a very apocryphal one in case.

103 39/57a: "- - - if only Allah had guided me (a non-Muslim) - - -". Part of a pep-talk, but Allah cannot guide anyone unless he exists and in addition is a god. There has been not one proved case of guidance from Allah in 1400 years and more - a lot of claims, but not one proved case (the best proof for this is Islam's silence on this point).

104 39/71-75: Pep-talk for the followers of Muhammad (like so much more in the Quran).

105 40/60d: "- - - (non-Muslims*) will surely find themselves in Hell - - -". A nice pep-talk - like so much in the Quran - for Muhammad's followers (as said; gloating is a good feeling for many). But whether it is true or not, will depend on if Allah exists and is a god, and whether this god in case is correctly described in the Quran.

106 42/44-45: Pep-talk to Muhammad's followers - telling how badly non-Muslims will fare. Your own success is best, but others' bad luck is not too bad, too. A psychologically good claim with effect on followers' spirit.

107 45/27h: "- - - that Day (of Doom*) the dealers of Falsehood perish". Pep-talk for followers, warning for others. But also see 3/77b.

108 45/35e: "- - - nor shall they (non-Muslims*) be received into Grace". Pep-talk for his followers - if you look for it, you will find much pep-talk for Muhammad's followers in the Quran. And warning to non-Muslims. But also see 3/77b above.

109 47/25c: "- - - Satan has instigated them (apostates from Islam*) and buoyed them with false hope". A good pep-talk and a good "explanation" to his - Muhammad's - followers. Much better than to admit they may be had seen that things were much wrong in Muhammad's teachings.

110 48/22a: "If the Unbelievers should fight you, they would certainly turn their backs - - -" Pep-talk in "the Religion of Peace".

111 48/25i: "If they (the few Muslims and all the non-Muslims inside Mecca*) had been apart, We (Allah*) should certainly have punished the Unbelievers among them with a grievous Punishment". Boasting and pep-talk from Muhammad - for a claimed omnipotent god it had been no problem at all to punish whom he wanted. In reality and explaining away for not attacking. (But it had not been wise to attack there and then - Mecca was powerful and strong and Muhammad after all had just a limited number of not fully armed warriors.)

112 54/26: Pep-talk. Easy to claim, never proved.

##113 54/51a: "And (oft) in the past have We (Allah*) destroyed gangs like onto you (the people of Mecca in this case*) - - -". A pep-talk - good words to hear for his followers in lean times like it was for Muslims around 614 AD when this surah was made. Besides: All the destruction and killing Muhammad boasts about to enlarge the picture of his claimed god, show the Yahweh with his puny wars to establish and defend a country for the Jews, was just an immature trainee in the business of war and killing - a bit sobering for some anti-Christians and anti-Jews talking about Yahweh's warlike sides for a period (and never even mentioning that his period of war was restricted both in area and time). For Allah the "land of war" is all the non-Muslim countries and areas, and lasting until the last non-Muslim is subdued. And remember: These are not antique words of the old - this always was and still is the official policy of Islam today.

114 57/12-16: Pep-talk for believers.

115 58/17a: "Of no profit whatever to them (non-Muslims*), against Allah, will be their riches nor their sons - - -". Good pep-talk for Muhammad's followers.

116 58/19a: A good pep-talk for Muhammad's followers.

117 59/3b: "- - - in the Hereafter they (the Jews from the tribe Banu al-Nadir) shall (certainly) have the Punishment of the Fire". See 3/77b above.

118 59/13a: “Of a truth ye (Muslim warriors*) are stronger (than they (the “infidel” Jews in this case*)) because of the terror in their hearts, (sent) by Allah.” It is good psychology that your warriors believe the enemy is weak and also that the enemy is frightened. This claim that non-Muslims have a terror or an illness “in their hearts” often is repeated by Muhammad – partly as pep-talk to his warriors, and partly to stigmatize non-Muslims as low quality in the eyes of all his followers.

119 59/13da: "- - - they (the Jews in Medina*) are men devoid of understanding". Pep talk and slander.

120 59/13-16: Pep-talk. But the Quran may be right about one thing: Promises about help were given (at least according to Islamic sources), but not kept.

121 59/19c: "- - - the rebellious transgressors - - -". One more case of Muhammad's many distaste - or stronger - inducing names for non-Muslims.

122 67/7-9: "Description" of life in Hell - a pep-talk to Muhammad's followers and a try to terrify the listeners to flee into Islam and to be obedient and willing in order to evade this terror.

###Also the big differences between the Bible's and the Quran's hells are more than big and fundamental enough to prove that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - if they had been, also their hells had been more or less identical.

123 69/25-33: A "sulfur" preaching for non-Muslims, but more essential a pep-talk for his followers explaining(?) how badly the bad ones not believing in Muhammad would fare. "One's own success is good, but another's bad luck is not too bad either" - at least it often helps one's spirit.

Sub-total Chapter 62 = 123 + 5.763 = 5.886.

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