Muhammad in the Quran, Vol. 3: Chapter 56




Muhammad could prove exactly nothing of the central claims in his new religion - this in spite of that he normally demanded proofs from opponents for anything, and thus proved he reckoned proofs to be essential. Because of this he frequently had to resort to fast talk to explain away or "explain" away points, facts, arguments, etc., which proved or indicated that there were wrong facts or claims, etc. in his new religion. Below are a few samples. Read the Quran and you will find many more.

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001 3/183b: “They (non-Muslims/Jews*) (also) said: ’Allah took our promise not to believe in a Messenger unless he showed us a sacrifice consumed by fire (from heaven)’. Say: ’There came to you messengers before me, with Clear Signs and even with what ye ask for (fire from heaven as a proof*): why then did ye slay them, if ye speak the truth?”

  1. The first double-quoted sentence is far from in accordance with the Bible or other Jewish scriptures - there is no reference to that the Jews (or Christians) said something like this. This verse is likely to be inspired by Elijah and his duel with the Baal priests (1. Kings 18/22-39), but that was not after such a request from the Jews.
  2. Only a very few prophets used fire from heaven as a proof or at all to have brought such fire - the most well-known of these was Elijah, and he so definitely was not slain (he according to the Bible was taken up to Heaven alive (2. Kings 2/11)). None of the prophets who according to the Bible used fire from heaven as a proof, were killed. Besides the logic is wrong: That the Jews were accused of having slewed some, does not disprove that proof was a minimum requirement (and transferred to the Quran: Especially when a claimed message is full of mistakes, contradictions, etc. so that verification of what is true and what is not is strongly needed).

002 3/184a: "Then if they reject thee (Muhammad*), so were rejected Messengers before thee - - -." This also is one of the remarks you meet here and there in the Quran: There is nothing strange in that Muhammad and his teachings were not accepted at once - that is normal for messengers. "Ergo" the situation is normal for a "messenger" when Muhammad is rejected. "Ergo" Muhammad is a (normal) messenger. (But the logic here does not hold - to be rejected is not a "sine qua non" (= it proves nothing)).

003 3/185d: "- - - life in this world is but goods and chattels of deception". Unintended (or intended?) irony if the Quran is a made up book - and it at least is not from a god (too much is wrong).

004 6/25a: "- - - We (Allah*) hath thrown a veil on their hearts, so they understand it not - - -". Allah often denies people the possibilities of finding Islam and believing in it. And then he sends them to Hell as sinners. A fair and benevolent god? - compare to f.x. "The Lost Lamb" or "- - - in the 11. hour - - -" (Luke 15/8-10 and 15/11-31, Matt. 18/12-14 and 20/8-13) in NT: Definitely not the same god as Allah. (Islam often tries to explain that it is the person who is the really guilty one, not Allah, because Allah doing things like this grates against claims that Allah is a good and benevolent god. But when they make such explanations, they never mention the fact that according to MANY places in the Quran, Allah decides and predestines everything which happens in the world - and thus everything you do. Thus there is no rational way of getting around what is told here: Allah denies you the possibility to find the way to Paradise if he just decides so.

And not to forget: It was a very convenient way for Muhammad to explain away the fact that many did not believe in him because they knew the old books and f.x. saw that much of what he claimed the Bible said, was wrong.

005 6/37a: “They (people*) say: ’Why is not a Sign sent down to him (Muhammad*) from his Lord (Allah*)?” People saw things might be - or was - seriously wrong. Many had questions and requests - but Muhammad was not able to deliver one single unmistakable proof. Only lots of fast-talk to explain it away, and the many, but logically invalid claimed "signs".

006 6/37c: “Allah hath certainly power to send down a Sign - - -”. But he never did - and Muhammad never was able to produce anything but fast words and less than convincing “explanations”. That is to say: Muslims are indoctrinated to believe it - and not to think for themselves, but only to obey and believe the imam. Because of this many of them honestly and without thinking things over, believe that invalid claims are proofs.

007 6/71c: "- - - things (other gods*) that can do us neither good nor harm - - -." It is clear that made up gods have no effect. What also is clear, is that Allah has never done anything which is documented, not one thing - there are lots of claims for him being a god, but not one single documentation. But ###"- - - it is in the nature of man to regard the beliefs which have been imprinted in him from childhood, and which he shares with his social environments, as the only true and possible ones - - -", to quote Islam (M.A. comment 6/93 to verse 6/108). Taqlid. So Muslims believe uncritically he is a god.

If Yahweh according to the Bible and to the Quran could let Jesus make proofs for connection to something supernatural, and if Allah = Yahweh like the Quran claims, it just is fast-talk outside any logic that Allah could not send proofs to Muhammad if Muhammad was his representative. This even more so as people believed in Jesus to a large part because his miracles - and Pharaoh's sorcerers came to believe because of a miracle Moses did - whereas Muhammad's excuse is that no-one would believe even if he made miracles. (To be very polite: Muhammad knew he was lying each time he used this excuse - he was too intelligent not to see this.) And: There has been proved not one single act of good or bad from Allah himself since he was launched by Muhammad 1400 years ago! He has himself never done an documented good or harm - the teaching about him, yes, he himself never (Muslims had told about it with letters made by fire and more if there had been even one single case). Allah personally has been able to "do neither good nor harm".

008 6/109b: "They (non-Muslims contemporary to Muhammad*) swear their strongest oaths by Allah, that if a (special) Sign came to them, by it they would believe". This is entirely in accordance with human nature - produce miracles and most people will believe. But Muhammad was unable to produce any miracle, and instead had to use fast-talk to "explain" away the request and the clear logical fact.

009 6/147a: "If they accuse thee (Muhammad*) of falsehood, say: 'Your Lord (Allah*) is full of Mercy all-embracing; but from people in guilt never will His wrath be turned back.'" Muhammad never was able to prove even a comma about Allah or about his own connection to a god - even though it should have been easy for an omnipotent god to do so. He had to resort to fast words and explaining everything away. Here he uses a treats for waylaying the debate.

010 7/182-183b: "Those who reject Our (Allah's*) Signs - - - Respite will I grant unto them - - -". This also is the standard explanation in the Quran for why non-Muslims often have a better life than Muslims; it is Allah who in his wisdom has decided it like this - given them respite. But sooth yourself; they will be punished and you better off than them in the claimed next life at least.

011 11/8a: "If We (Allah*) delay the penalty for them (non-Muslims*) - - -". Opponents (and followers) asked for proofs. Muhammad was not able to prove one thing. Here he is fast-talking to neutralize such requests for proofs.

012 11/13e: "Bring ye then ten surahs forged - - - if ye (non-Muslims*) speak the truth!" Muhammad claimed proofs from everybody else = proofs are essential - - - but he never was able to prove anything himself - many words and claims, but never a real proof for any central point in his new religion.

013 11/15: "Those who desire the life of the Present and its glitter - to them We (Allah*) shall pay (the price of) their deeds therein - without diminution". At the same time explaining why non-Muslims may have a good life, and claiming they would be punished in the next life - as normal for Muhammad none of these two claims were documented.

014 12/104a: “And no reward dost thou (Muhammad*) ask of them (people/Muslims*) for this (the new religion*) - - -“. No, nothing except 20% of all stolen/robbed values and slaves from raids and wars, 100% of all values taken from victims who surrendered without fighting, plenty of women and lots and lots of absolute and undisputed power/dictatorship, and lots and lots of free warriors – he only had to pay them with promises about paradise and promises about rich spoils of war stolen from humans and countries. And the “poor-tax” - zakat - (normally 2,5% - 10% not of your income, but of your possessions each year if you were not too poor) – which he far from only spent for the poor – and the jizya – the tax from non-Muslims (free for the ruler to say how much – and that sometimes meant really much). Yes, and the land tax for farms he had taken from mainly Jews - 50% of the harvest. Much of this as said was spent for waging more wars and for “gifts”/bribes to make neighboring Arabs good Muslims + some was given to the poor.

And the price for their riches was neighboring cultures and humans and lives they destroyed – to gain more power for him and riches and slaves for his warriors. It is indisputably clear from the Quran that he at least liked women and power and that he needed riches for bribes - f.x. up to 100 camels to a chief. You must steal a lot to be able to give lots of such bribes - and who cares about the victims?! Long live the Quran's moral code! Similar claims in 25/57a – 34/47 - 38/86 – 42/23.

###015 13/27e: (A13/48 - in the English 2008 edition 13/49): "- - - their (humans'*) original, innate faculty to realize the existence of Allah and their own dependence of His guidance - - -". Science has nowhere and to no time found such an "innate faculty" concerning any god. This includes all Islamic universities and other Islamic research centers. (Guess if Muslim newspapers and others had had big letters on their front pages if such a faculty had ever been found!) But Islam needs arguments even like this, as there is no clear documentation for any of their central religious claims. Fast talk. Scientifically it is not even "gobbledygook".

016 14/11d: "It is not for us (Muhammad*) to bring you an authority - - -". = something that really proves the claims. One of Muhammad's many "explanations" for why it never was possible for him to prove anything.

017 14/11e: "It is not for us (claimed earlier prophets*) to bring an authority except as Allah permits". Muhammad never was able to prove one atom of his central claims. Here in his tale the situation was the same for claimed former prophets = Muhammad's inability to prove anything was normal for prophets - at least this is Muhammad's not proved claim. Also see 9/98b above. But here he keeps an opening open: If Allah will. Which explains why some Jewish prophets included Jesus and even f.x. Paul made miracles - Allah did it.

018 14/33-34: These words are quite big - - - and like normal for the Quran never proved. Fast talk, claims, and never proved promises.

019 14/34a: "And He (Allah*) giveth you (Muslims*) of all that ye ask for". A questionable claim - we have met a lot of dissatisfied Muslims.

020 15/7+8: “’Why bringest thou (Mohammad*) not angels to us if it be that thou hast (speak*) the Truth?’ We (Allah*) send not the angels down unless for just cause: if they came (to the ungodly), behold, no respite would they have (it would suddenly be the Day of Doom*).”

#####It is no just cause to prove to millions of non-Muslims and to doubting Muslims that Islam is a true religion? See 6/8a+b+c above.

###021 15/14: "Even if We (Allah*) opened out to them a gate from heaven, and they (disbelievers*) were to continue (all day) ascending therein (they would not believe*) - - -". This is one of the places in the Quran where Muhammad explains away the difficult question why he could prove nothing. ######And it is one of the places where he knew the fast-talk was a lie: If there was opened a gate to Heaven, and people knew it led to Heaven, there would have been a run for it, and "seeing is believing", at least in cases like this - and Muhammad was too intelligent and knew too much about people not to know this. The same goes for any intelligent person today - they know this would be the result. Even intelligent, brainwashed Muslims know this deep down.

022 15/14+15: “- - - They would only say (when experiencing a miracle*): ‘Our eyes have been intoxicated - - -”. Wrong. At least some had come to believe. These two verses are a piece of fast-talk. There is some fast-talking in the Quran - trying to explain away things and facts and ideas and not least questions which are difficult to explain or answer. See the chapter about fast talk in the Quran. And there are even more fast-talk among Muslims today, trying to explain away mistakes, abrogation, changes in Islam around 622, etc., not to mention trying to present Islam as a peaceful religion. Just in this case one tries to explain away questions for proofs for Allah and for Muhammad's connection to a god.

#####But the really bad thing about this point is that it is one of the points where Muhammad himself knew he was lying – at least some would believe in Islam if he produced miracles or could in other ways prove his claims. He was too intelligent and knew too much about people not to know this – this even more so as he himself told about heathens becoming Muslims after they had experienced miracles (f.x. the magicians of Pharaoh), and he also had a good example in Jesus who got many believers from making miracles – some refused to believe no matter, but quite a number of others did after miracles made by Jesus (made also according to the Quran).

023 16/107a: "This (that many would not believe Muhammad*) because they love the life of this world better than the Hereafter (Paradise*) - - -". This is a claim you meet many places in the Quran; the reason why the skeptics did not believe in Muhammad was that they were bad people, not that they saw things were wrong with his teaching or that they really believed in another god (or gods). Claiming that they were low quality, psychologically was a much better explanation to give his - Muhammad's - followers and others.


#####024 17/59a: "And we (Allah*) refrain from sending Signs (Quran-speak for "proofs for Allah"), only because the men of former generations treated them as false - - -".

This is Muhammad's standard "explanation" for why Allah would not and Muhammad himself was unable to give any real proofs for the existence of Allah or for Muhammad's connection to a god - Allah or someone else. And it is not a good one, as for one thing it obviously is not true:

  1. There were stories both in the Bible and in the Quran - f.x. the sorcerers of Pharaoh Ramses II and Moses - about people believing in the performed miracles/real proofs (if true stories).
  2. Muhammad knew about at least some of the stories about the miracles he performed, and how huge flocks of believers he got from the miracles.
  3. It is not contra, but incompatible with, human nature and psychology that not a good percentage of the ones who witnessed real miracles/proofs would not come to believe.

Muhammad was intelligent and he understood people and how to manipulate them. He knew this. But he obviously was unable to find a better excuse - there are not many excuses which would work.

What is really strange, is that Muslims have not seen through this "explanation" centuries ago, and still are unable to do so.

This is a monument over the effect of brainwashing, of wishful thinking, of ability to refuse to see the obvious, of lack of ability/training in critical thinking, uncritical acceptance of authorities, and more. A monument over the weak point of the human brain.

There are some such cases in the Quran, the most prominent and serious may be the impossible combination of full predestination like the Quran states many places, and free will of man, and the as impossible combination of full predestination, and claims about any effect of prayers. And the impossibility of lots of mistakes, etc. in the Quran, and the claim that it is from an omniscient god.


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#####025 17/59b: "And we (Allah refrain from sending Signs (Quran-speak for "proofs for Allah"), only because the men of former generations treated them as false - - -".

In this connection we quote Muhammad Asad: "The Message of the Quran" (A/17/71), translated from Swedish: ####### "Several places the Quran stresses the fact that the Prophet Muhammad, in spite of being the last and greatest of Allah's messengers, did not have the permission to make signs or miracles similar to those earlier prophets are told to have made as confirmation of their verbal preaching". (This of course also goes for foretelling/prophesy, as foretelling simply is a special kind of miracle; "the ability to see the unseen".)

Worth remembering each time Muslims - often believing it honestly, because their imams, mullahs, etc. have told them so - tell you about the miracles of Muhammad or try to use claims about his miracles as arguments or proofs for something.

This is one more place were Muhammad knew he was lying in the Quran. One thing is that the Bible tells about the people's reaction to some of Yahweh's supernatural acts/miracles. This he may or may not have known because he did not know the Bible - though it is likely he knew the claim was not true, because some of the stories also figured in a number of legends, and legends he did know. But no person as intelligent and knowing as much about human nature and about what could manipulate humans as Muhammad, was able to believe that clear proofs for a god would not make a great number of people believe.


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026 17/76b: "Their (the Quraysh leaders in Mecca*) purpose was to scare thee (Muhammad*) - - -". This is dishonest political fast-talk. Their purpose was to neutralize him as a political and economical danger by letting him share power and be part of the establishment. But the fast-talk afterwards sounded better for his followers.

027 17/77a: “(This was Our (Allah’s*)) way with the messengers We sent before thee (Muhammad*) - - -". Wrong. None of the known prophets had an incident leading up to a possible punishment like the "Satanic Verses" had merited if Allah had been real - not even Jonah or the claimed prophets known only from the Quran.

028 17/77b: “(This was Our (Allah’s*)) way with the messengers We sent before thee (Muhammad*), thou wilt find no change in Our ways.” Wrong. There is so much difference between especially NT and the Quran that it is not the same religion at all. F.x. Jesus was for peace, Muhammad for war. And science has clearly shown that the Bible is not falsified – Islam in case will have to prove it, and after 1400 years of thorough searching they have found not one single proof, only loose claims. (Guess if they had told the world about it if they really had found a proof!! The lack of such a proof, is an even better proof than science has produced for that the Bible is not falsified.)

029 17/79a: "- - - soon will thy Lord (Allah*) raise thee (Muhammad*) to a Station (Heaven*) of Praise and Glory (a top position -"Maqam Mahmud" - in Paradise*)". If Allah exists and is a major god, and if the Quran in addition is reliable.

030 17/95b: "If there were settled, on earth, angels walking about in peace and quiet, We (Allah*) should certainly have sent down from heaven an angel for a messenger". The underlying meaning is that as angels do not live on Earth, Allah could not use angels as messengers for beings living on Earth. But according to the Quran Allah used angels for such jobs - to f.x. Abraham. Lot, Mary and Jesus (remember also that the Holy Spirit = the angel Gabriel according to many Muslims). Muhammad sometimes uses different excuses for why angels cannot come and prove he has supernatural connections or give proofs for the existence of Allah (obvious excuse is the claim that Allah cannot send down angels, because that would mean the Day of Doom had arrived, or that it would give no good results because angels would have to take the shape of men - he does not explain why.

This is one more of Muhammad's "explanations" for why Allah could not send proofs for his claimed existence and power, or for Muhammad's connection to the claimed god.

As for Gabriel there is a strange fact in the Quran: He is never named in the surahs from Mecca. Not until after he came to Medina did Muhammad start claiming he got his information(?) and messages(?) from Gabriel. If Muhammad really had got - or even only believed he got - the claimed messages from a central angel, this had been such a strong argument that there is no chance Muhammad had not told about this - and often - during the first difficult 12 years in Mecca. What is the explanation?

031 23/17b; (YA2876): We simply quote: “Thara’iq; tracts, roads, orbits, or paths in the visible heaven. These seven are clearly marked to our eyes (??*), in the immense space (the Arab word meaning space in modern astronomical meaning - al-Kawn - is not used anywhere in the Quran*) that we see around us. We must go to astronomy to form any plausible theories to these motions. But their simplest observation gives us a sublime view of beauty, order, and grandeur in the universe (see 51/47c). The assurance given in the next clause, that Allah cares for us and all His Creation, calls out attention to Allah’s goodness, which is further illustrated in the subsequent verses.” A lot of words to avoid explaining anything about the 7 material heavens with the stars fastened to the lowest one (37/6-7, 41/12), and with stars used as shooting stars to chase away spying jinns and bad spirits, which is what the Quran in reality is speaking about. Here things are clear, but is made unclear and wrapped up in verbal wool to tuck away wrongs which the Quran clearly states many places.

##032 24/1c: “(This is*) A surah which We (Allah*) have sent down and which We have ordained: in it have We sent down clear Signs; in order that ye may receive admonition.”

"The Massage of the Quran", comment to 24/1 (A24/1): I.e., “the injunctions whereof We (Allah*) have made self-evident by virtue of their wording”: thus Abd Allah ibn ‘Abbas explains the expression 'faradnaha' in this context. - - - The same explanation, also on the authority of ibn ‘Abbas, is advanced by Tabari. It would seem that the special stress on Allah’s having laid down this surah c+---------------“in plain terms” (the norm, but here stressed extra*) is connected with the gravity of the injunctions spelt out in this sequence: in other words, it implies a solemn warning against any attempt at widening or re-defining those injunctions by means of deductions, interferences or any other considerations unconnected with the plain wording of the Quran". Any comment necessary?

###Also remember that the wording of the Quran was polished by the best brains of Islam for some 250 years (until ca. 900 AD) before it got its present wording, and that there existed more than 20 accepted versions - 14 of them canonized - of the book before the two present versions became dominant.

###“- - - the injunctions whereof We (Allah*) have made self-evident by virtue of their wording”. What about telling this sentence to Socrates or Pascal or a plain teacher of logic? - they had not been finished laughing - or weeping - until after next Christmas. Add the fact that the wording in the Quran took some 250 years (from ca. 650 AD to ca. 900 AD) to polish, and they hardly had survived the laughing. And this is the kind of arguments and "proofs" Islam relies on!

033 25/7e: "Why were not an angel sent down to him (Muhammad*) - - -". Muhammad was asked for proofs from very early from both followers and opponents. He never was able to prove anything. And in a way worse: Some of the "explanations" he used for evading the requests for proofs, so obviously were untrue, that an intelligent man like him knew he was lying.

034 29/53e: “- - - had it not been for a term (of respite) appointed, the Punishment would certainly have come to them - - -.” Are you able to recognize fast-talk?.

#####035 34/50b: “If I (Muhammad*) am astray, I only stray to the loss of my own soul - - -.” Wrong to at least the 9. power (as there are better than a billion Muslims – or the 10. power or more if you reckon the ones through the times). If Muhammad was astray – ALL believing Muslims are astray – and all the mistaken facts, contradictions, invalid logic, etc., tell an ominous tale. The Quran also is contradicted 100% by any religious knowledge and by logic. ONE MORE PLACE WHERE AN INTELLIGENT MAN LIKE MUHAMMAD HAD TO KNOW HE WAS LYING, BECAUSE THE LOGIC IS WRONG.

#####036 34/50c: “If I (Muhammad*) am astray, I only stray to the loss of my own soul - - -“. This is utmost and extremely wrong – if Muhammad was astray (and too much point in that direction) it is to the loss of each and every Muslim’s soul. Because then Islam is a false religion. Also see 34/50a just above.

037 42/24g: "And Allah - - - proves the Truth by His Words". Muhammad's literal meaning here is that the words of the Quran is of such a quality, that only a god can have uttered them. Muslims and Islam claim the same today - and are as wrong as Muhammad: The linguistics are ok because it was polished by Islam's best brains for some 250 years before the final prototype were ready around 900 AD, but on most of the other points the Quran really is of miserable quality, and no god ever was involved in a book - not to mention a claimed holy book - of that level.

Besides: That the Quran is the truth, is just a claim, not a proved fact. It also is proved at least partly wrong.

And not least: Nobody uses this kind of arguments and "proof" if they have valid arguments and/or proofs. It simply is fast talk. At very best a so-called circular proof: The words are claimed to be the truth, and then the claimed truth proves the words which proves the truth which proves the words - - -. Circular proofs are by definition invalid.


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