Muhammad in the Quran, Vol. 2: Chapter 30


According to Muhammad, according to the Quran, and according to Islam Muhammad got the Quran from Allah. But no god ever was involved in a book of a quality like the Quran - it is slander, an insult, and heresy to blame a book that full of mistaken facts, other errors, contradictions, unclear language, etc. on a god. And not to forget: No good and benevolent god would be behind a harsh religion of stealing/looting, apartheid, rape, blood, and superiority propaganda.

For the wrong facts, other errors, contradictions, invalid logic, unclear language, etc., see our Book A, "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran" (the Quran may contain unbelievable 3ooo+ errors, etc. - a powerful proof for that no god was involved in the making or delivery of that book.)

Then who - if any - gave the Quran to Muhammad? (There only are 3 possibilities left: The dark forces, a sick brain (f.x. TLE - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - which modern medical science suspects Muhammad had, see BBC: "God on the Brain" 20. March 2003, or BBC Two 17. April 2003), or a cold brain, f.x. Muhammad's (or a mixture of these).

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001 2/4c: "- - - the Revelation (the Quran*) sent to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". No omniscient ever sent down revelations so full of errors like the texts in the Quran.

002 2/145f: "- - - after knowledge hath reached you (persons*) - - -". As the Quran normally does not mean "real" knowledge, but knowledge about the Quran and Islam (also called Islamic knowledge - vs. everything not related to the religion was "foreign knowledge" and opposed) sentences like this do not mean after you have got education or something - it really means "after you have got information about Islam" or "after you have become a Muslim".

003 2/145g: "If thou (a person*), after (becoming a Muslim*), wert to follow (Jews or Christians*) - then wert thou indeed (clearly) in the wrong". Only if Allah exists, if the Quran is from a god, and if it in addition speaks the full truth and only the truth. And definitely not in the wrong if Yahweh exists and is a real god.

004 3/3b: “It is He (Allah*) Who sent down to thee (Muhammad*) - - - the Book (the Quran*) - - -". There also (see 3/3a) is not one proof for that Muhammad was connected to a god - neither Muhammad nor Allah was ever able to prove anything essential at all. There only - only - are Muhammad's words for everything - a man of rather doubtful reliability and moral even according to Islam (if you look for the reality behind glorifying words).

005 3/3d: “It is He (Allah*) Who sent down to thee (Muhammad*) - - - the Book (the Quran*), confirming what went before it - - -.” Here is indicated that it confirms the Bible. But the Arab original is cloudier: “- - - ma baynayadayhi - - -“ – literally “- - - that which is between its hands - - -“. Is it correct to guess that is means “- - - what went before - - -“? Or is it more correct to guess it means “- - - what is left now - - -.”? Muslim scholars dispute about it – most agree to the first alternative, but some to the other. And the literal meaning is yet another. Clear language?

006 3/3i: “It is He (Allah*) Who sent down to thee (Muhammad*) - - - the Book (the Quran*), confirming what went before it - - -.” This refers to the Bible, which Muhammad claimed originally was like the Quran, but was falsified to become the Bible. But there are so deep and fundamental differences between the Bible and the Quran, that this claim simply is not true. This is even clearer as both science and Islam have proved very thoroughly that the Bible is not falsified. Neither science, nor Islam has been able to find one single falsification in the some 45ooo relevant manuscripts and fragments. Also neither of them has been able to find one single manuscript or fragment similar to texts from the Quran older than 610 AD and Muhammad. Even the numbers here - 45ooo to 0 - also tell that the claim is wrong - if Islam had been taught to all people through all times there had been traces from it. Also see 3/3h just above and 3/3j just below.

Also there only is one small identical part of a sentence - the 6 words: "- - - the righteous will inherit the land - - -" (Psalms 37/29), in the entire Bible compared to in the Quran. Falsification? Or a totally different book?

007 3/7a: “He it is Who has sent down to thee the Book (the Quran*): - - -”. Wrong. There are too many mistakes in the Quran - it cannot possibly be sent down by a god, not to mention by an omniscient god.

008 4/136f: “- - - and the scripture (the Quran*) which He (Allah*) hath sent to His Messenger (Muhammad*) - - - ”. It is very obvious to anybody with some knowledge and the ability to read and think, that there are many mistakes in the Quran. It is a question if it is advisable to believe in a book where you know there are many mistakes - and may be many more you do not see. The fact that there are many mistaken facts - and dubious statements + contradictions + numbers of invalid “signs” and “proofs” + many cases of unclear language, also make one doubt the not proved claim that the book is sent down by an omniscient god and a copy of a book revered in Heaven. It simply is impossible that it can be true. It is heresy and slander and an insult to blame a book of a quality like the Quran on a god.

009 4/162e: "- - - what (the Quran*) hath been revealed to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". The stories Muhammad told were from no god - too many mistakes, contradictions, etc.

010 4/166a: "But Allah beareth witness that what He hath sent (the Quran*) onto thee (Muhammad)- - -". No god has ever sent a book with that many mistakes, contradictions, etc.

Besides: How can Allah witness? - he has not even proved his own very existence, and Muhammad not proved his contact with a god - Allah or anyone else.

011 4/166b: "(The Quran*) He (Allah*) hath sent from His (own) knowledge - - -". The Quran with all its mistakes, etc. is from no god's knowledge.

012 5/48a: “To thee (Muhammad*) We (Allah*) sent the Scripture - - -”. As there are many mistakes, contradictions, etc. in the Quran, there are reasonable doubts about if a god really sent down the Quran, to say the least of it. This even more so as a number of the mistakes are in accordance with what one believed to be true at the time of Muhammad in the Middle East. Muhammad would have believed it was the truth, a god had known it was wrong. Then who made the Quran?

Besides: "The Books of Moses" which Muhammad perhaps was indicating here, according to science were written at least some 4 centuries after Moses.

Islam will have to prove the statement to be believed by rational thinkers with some knowledge.

013 5/49d: "- - - that (teaching)(the Quran*) which Allah hath sent down to thee (Muhammad*)". No god ever sent down a book of such sorry quality like the Quran, not to mention revere it in his "home" in Heaven as a "mother book" (13/39b, 43/4b+c, 85/21-22).

014 5/59e: “- - - the revelation (the Quran*) that hath come to us (Muhammad*) (from Allah*)- - -“. Well, one of the central questions about Islam is if there really were revelations (with that many mistaken facts, etc.) – and if there were: From whom? There are these alternatives:

  1. Revelations from a god – which the Quran proves is not the case, as no god, omniscient or not, had made so many mistaken facts and other mistakes, contradictions, and so much wrong logic, etc.
  2. Or revelations from an impostor – f.x. the Devil – pretending to be Gabriel. The inhuman and on some points highly immoral war religion Muhammad founded, may indicate that this really is a possibility.
  3. Or something working on Muhammad’s brain (an illness like TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy) which easily would explain everything – see BBC “God on the Brain”, 20. March 2003) – and the inhuman and on some points highly immoral religion the highway-man and later warlord Muhammad founded, may indicate that also this really is a possibility. A sick brain. All the mistakes which were in accordance with what one believed was correct science in Arabia is compatible to this alternative.
  4. Or it is all a “scenario” made by a cold and scheming brain – and Muhammad’s inhuman ruthlessness and easily recognized lust for power (see f.x. how he glues himself to Allah) may indicate this. His obvious lust for power may explain the making up of a religion - many a self proclaimed "prophet" with lust for power or money or women has done so through the times (Muhammad at least liked power and women - and riches to attract and keep followers by means of "gifts" or bribes). Even more so all the mistakes which are in accordance with what one believed was correct science in and around Arabia at that time, may indicate this - humans would believe they used facts, supernatural beings of some class had known it was wrong.

A combination of some of the 3 possible points also is possible.

Also see 2/136a+c, 4/47c and 13/1f.

015 5/64e: “- - - the revelation (the Quran*) that cometh to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". Was what Muhammad claimed he received, revelations or something else? And may at least some of it have been made (up) to measure?

016 5/67c: “- - - the (message (the Quran*)) which hath been sent to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". Was it sent? - and in case from whom? - or was it made up? Most self proclaimed prophets through the times have made up their preaching themselves, and often their religions and gods, too.

017 5/67d: “- - - the (message) which hath been sent to thee (Muhammad*) from thy Lord.” There is no chance that a message (the Quran) that full of mistakes, contradictions, wrong logic, unclear language, etc. is from an omniscient god. See 5/59e above.

018 5/68e: "It is the Revelation that commeth to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". Were they really revelations? And in case from whom? As they were from no god - no god makes that many and often stupid errors - there only are these alternatives:

  1. Dark forces - f.x. the Devil.
  2. A sick brain - f.x. TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy) like modern medical science suspects.
  3. One or more cold and scheming man/men - f.x. Muhammad.
  4. A combination of two or three of these.

019 5/81g: "- - - revealed unto him (Muhammad*) - - -". Revealed unto him? - and in case by whom as all the mistakes, contradictions, etc. prove it is from no god? Or made (up) by him?

020 6/19c: "- - - this Quran hath been revealed to me (Muhammad*) by inspiration - - -”. Information transferred "by inspiration" is a very unreliable way, as it is impossible to know from where the inspiration came - one may believe, but not know. It also is very convenient to claim inspiration if one needs or wants to add a little - some texts in the Quran has nothing to do in holy books, but were very convenient for Muhammad. It also is contradicted by the Bible: (4. Mos. 12/6) "When a prophet of the Lord, I (Yahweh*) reveal myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams, (or sometimes speak to him directly*)" - there never in the whole Bible is mentioned "by inspiration" in such cases. Also see 26/52a below. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

021 6/50c: "I (Muhammad*) but follow what is released to me". Was it really released? - and in case by whom? As no god was ever involved in a book of a quality like the Quran, there remains dark forces, a mental illness (f.x. TLE - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - like modern medical science suspects), or a cold brain - f.x. Muhammad's.

022 6/106a: "Follow what thou (Muhammad*) are taught (the Quran*) by inspiration from thy Lord (Allah*) - - -". No god did teach the Quran - too much is wrong. We also mention that the word "inspiration" never is used in such connections in the Bible. Yahweh used direct talk, visions, or dreams according to the Bible (4. Mos. 12/6-8), but never inspiration for transferring messages, etc.

023 6/145a: “I (Muhammad*) find not in the Message (the Quran*) received by me - - -". Was it really received? - and in case from whom? As gods are impossible with all those mistakes, there are few alternatives: Dark forces/devil, illness like TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy), or a cold, scheming human mind. Or a combination of 2 or 3 of these.

024 6/145b: “I (Muhammad*) find not in the Message (the Quran*) received by me by inspiration - - -". A method easy to claim - and easy to falsify. And a method never mentioned in the Bible.

025 7/3c: (A7/3): “Follow (O People!) the revelations given onto you from your Lord (Allah*), and follow not, as friends or protectors other than Him”. So far so well. But the unclear point is: How wide is this prohibition? Does the Quran here only mean in religious questions? Or are f.x. earthly laws included? Many Islamic thinkers claim so – f.x. Ibn Hasm and Ibn Tamiyyah. They say that laws not given in the Quran have no legal validity. But does this also go for laws supplementing laws given in the Quran? – f.x. concerning inheritance where the rules in the Quran far from always add up to 100% of the inheritance? (Real life has forced Islam to make such rules, but is that strictly in accordance with the religion?). And what about modern life and necessary laws – f.x. concerning road traffic? – do such laws have real legal validity (it is a serious problem if not, for you cannot demand that people respect invalid laws – or accept to be punished for breaking them.) And what about facts mentioned in the claimed revelations, but which all the same are wrong? – it just is some few years since clergy in Saudi Arabia told it was wrong to accept the belief that Earth is spherical, because according to the Quran it is flat).

These are points which are unclear because of unclear and not specific texts in the Quran.

026 7/87a: "- - - the Message (the Quran*) with which I (Muhammad*) have been sent - - -". But in case from whom? - a book where that much is wrong, is not from any god.

027 8/41j: "- - - sent down to Our (Allah's*) servant (Muhammad*) - - -". Can a man whose preaching has so many errors and a man whose moral is so doubtful, be the accepted servant of a god, not to mention a claimed benevolent and just god?

028 10/94d: “- - - the Truth hath indeed come to thee from thy Lord (Allah*): - - -”. Also once more: Can a book with that many mistaken facts, be made by a god? Simply no.

029 11/49b: "- - - stories from the Unseen which We (Allah*) have revealed unto thee (Muhammad*) - - -". Muhammad her claims these are stories are not known to man - at least not the details - but that Allah knows them - Allah knows also what man does not see. (It f.x. is a way of playing safe if you know you may have to claim that other stories about the same history are falsified.) And that Allah then has revealed some of them to Muhammad.

030 12/3c: "- - - We (Allah*) reveal to thee (Muhammad*) this (portion of the) Quran - - -". No omniscient god ever revealed a book of a quality like the Quran - too much is wrong.

031 12/102a: "- - - which We (Allah*) revealed unto thee (Muhammad*) - - -". No god revealed the Quran - too much is wrong in the book.

032 12/102b: "- - - which We (Allah*) revealed unto thee (Muhammad*) by inspiration - - -". And who can control from where the inspirations come? - not from a god, because too much is wrong. - but from other forces? - or from an illness like TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy)? - or from helpers? - or from his own wishes? - or some from here and some from there? - there at least are some stuff in the Quran which does not fit a holy book (f.x. surah 111), and a lot which fit Muhammad very well. "- - - by inspiration - - -" is a most convenient claim.

033 13/1e: “- - - the Book: that which hath been revealed unto thee (Muhammad*) - - -". Well, was it revealed to Muhammad - or did he just claim so? At least no book that full of mistakes, contradictions, invalid logic, unclear texts, etc. is from a god. And no really good and benevolent god believing in honesty, would use a harsh warlord who on top of all accepted and practiced dishonesty as working tools, for his representative.

##034 13/1f: “- - - the Book: that which hath been revealed unto thee (Muhammad*) from thy Lord (Allah*) - - - “. That is the question, to quote Hamlet: Did a god really produce and reveal a book with that many mistakes, contradictions, and invalid “proofs“? No. And when no god revealed it, he also did not reveal it to Muhammad.

An alternative is that the Devil impersonated Gabriel and in other cases told Muhammad “by inspiration”, and that it thus was revealed to him, but from dark forces. Another alternative is that it all stems from a sick brain – TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy) + lust for power may easily explain everything. Yet another alternative is that it was not revealed, but made up – the fact that many of the mistakes which are in accordance with the wrong science of the time and area of Muhammad, and also the fact that Muhammad was not stupid enough to believe everything that is said in the Quran, may indicate that it is made up. (As for the last argument: F.x. the claim that miracles would not make any people believe, Muhammad was too intelligent and knew too much about people to believe himself – and f.x. Jesus was a good proof of the opposite: A lot did not believe in spite of everything, but quite a number came to believe because of what they saw and heard and witnessed. The same was the conclusion of the story that Muhammad himself told about the magicians of Pharaoh Ramses II and Moses: They came (according to Muhammad’s own words) to believe after a small miracle.) For similar also see 2/231 – 3/3 – 4/136 – 5/48 – 5/59 - 5/64 – 5/67 – 6/7 – 7/2 – 7/3 – 10/2 – 13/19 – 16/89 – 18/1 - 16/102 – 25/33 – 27/6 – 33/2 – 34/6 – 35/24 – 35/31 – 39/2 - 47/2.

Thus to repeat:

An alternative is that the f.x. the Devil impersonated Gabriel and in other cases told Muhammad “by inspiration” what thus was "revealed" to him. The inhumanity of the religion would then be explained. Personally we doubt this explanation, if for no other reason, then because even a devil would not make so many mistakes, contradictions, etc. in the Quran - he simply would not want to be found out by his victims sooner or later. There is one possibility, though: If Iblis - the Islamic Devil - got permission from Allah for trying to lure more humans to Hell only on the condition that the trap should be one which was easy for thinking persons to see, then all the mistakes may be explained. To be flippant: May be the god did not want too many too stupid humans into his Paradise?

Another alternative is that it all stems from a sick brain – TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy) + lust for power may easily explain everything. In this case Muhammad may have believed at least partly in his own tales and religion.

Yet another alternative is that it was not revealed, but made up in cold blood. The fact that many of the mistakes are in accordance with the wrong science of the time and area of Muhammad, and also the fact that Muhammad was not stupid enough to believe everything that is said in the Quran, may indicate that it is made up. In this case it may have been made up of one (or more) helper like many of his contemporaries suspected, or by himself - the last is most likely, at least for parts of it.

035 13/19c: “- - - that which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord (Allah*) - - -”. No god reveals a book with that much wrong content. Also see 13/1f above.

036 13/30g: "- - - what We (Allah*) send down (the Quran*) unto thee (Muhammad*) by inspiration - - -". To get - or claim to get - revelations by inspiration, is very convenient. Nobody can check on it and nobody can check from where the claimed inspirations come. Add a man with questionable morality according to Islamic books (read the reality, not the flowering words), and one starts thinking. But it is remarkable that the biblical prophets never got messages by means of inspiration - in stark contradiction to what Muhammad claimed - - - like normal without ever documenting his claims. The biblical prophets got their messages by direct contact, visions, or dreams. Another indication for that Yahweh and Allah were not the same god.

037 15/6c: “O thou to whom the Messages is being revealed!” = Muhammad. (it may be understood as a general rule for what prophets are told, but as far as we find, the scholars mean this is quoted from what was said to Muhammad - and there is no doubt such things were said to him, according to Islam).

038 16/64b: “And We (Allah*) sent down the Book (the Quran*) to thee (Muhammad*) - - -”. As no god sent down a book of a quality like the Quran, also no god sent it down to Muhammad. It also is an open question if a good and benevolent god could have used such a brutal and immoral man like Muhammad - rapist, enslaver, robber, torturer, murderer, mass murderer, hate monger, etc. Islam's glossy painting of Muhammad is not very correct. (Modern science straight out tells that Muslims are falsifying history concerning Muhammad's personality.)

039 16/89d: “- - - We (Allah*) have sent down to thee (Muhammad/Muslims*) the Book - - -". As no god has not sent it down - too many errors - he also has not sent it down neither to Muhammad, nor to Muslims.

040 16/89e: “- - - We (Allah*) have sent down to thee (Muhammad*) the Book (the Quran*) - - -”. Yes, that is the big question for Islam. If Allah exists, and if he sent down the Quran, and if Muhammad retold everything correctly - f.x. did not “doctor” the surahs in Medina to get warriors or peace in his family - then Islam is a religion. If it is not true, what then? - and what happens in case to all Muslims if there is a next life run by a real god they have been prohibited to search for? - especially if they have lived according to the harsh, discriminating and bloody parts of the Quran, and the possible god is one teaching love and "do unto others like you want others do unto you"? Can a book full of mistakes, etc. be sent down by a god - not to say an omniscient one? Flatly no.

041 17/39a: "- - - wisdom, which thy Lord (Allah*) has revealed to thee (Muhammad*)". Was it really revealed? - and in case by whom or what? - not by any god at least, as too much is wrong.

042 17/73c: “- - - that (the Quran*) which We (Allah*) had revealed unto thee (Muhammad*)”. As no book of a quality like the Quran is from any god, also no god has sent it to Muhammad.

043 18/1b: “- - - Allah, Who hath sent down to his Servant (Muhammad*) - - -".The sinister question is: Was Muhammad the servant of an omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent god? Muhammad never was able to prove even the smallest of his claims, and it is clear that his claimed holy book is no from a god - the quality of the contents is of such a low quality, not least scientifically, that it is an insult, slander and heresy to accuse any god for such sloppy work.

044 18/1c: “- - - Allah, Who hath sent down to his Servant - - - the Book (the Quran*)". Well, the next sinister question is: Can a book this full of mistaken facts and other mistakes, really be sent down by an omniscient god? If yes, does that mean that Allah is not omniscient/omnipotent? If no, does it mean that someone else who is/was not omniscient, has made (up) the Quran? The last question is most sinister, especially if it means that Islam is a made up religion, and even more so if this (may be?) made up religion blocks the road for its “believers” to a real religion (if such one exists). The answers have got to be: No omniscient god would make such an unreliable book (among other reasons because man had to see the mistakes sooner or later), and it is likely it is made by one or more humans at the time of Mohammad (among other reasons because the mistakes and many of the stories are in accordance with what one believed in Arabia at that time).

045 18/1-2: “Praise be to Allah, Who hath sent to his servant (Muhammad*) the Book (the Quran*), and hath allowed therein no Crookedness: (He hath made it) strait (and Clear) - - -.” In plain words: ###The verses in the Quran are in straight and clear and not crooked or incorrect words = to be understood literally. ###Remember this each time a Muslim or Islam tries to explain away errors and weak points by claiming the text is not straight and clear, but parables, etc. (where not something else is said strait and clear). See the comment to 3/7 and 11/1 just above.

But no god ever was involved in a book of a quality like the Quran.

046 18/27b: "- - - revealed to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". Revealed to Muhammad - by whom in case? Told to Muhammad? Made by Muhammad? A combination of these? These are the alternatives. What all the errors, contradictions, etc. prove, is that it is not from a god (the Quran even says this itself: "If it was (is*) not from a god, there would be contradictions- - -" - which there are aplenty.

047 20/2b: “We (Allah*) have not sent down the Quran to thee (Muhammad*) to be (an occasion) for thy distress - - -“. The main question here is: Was anything sent down to Muhammad at all? All the errors make involvement by a god impossible and a devil unlikely - even a devil would not use means so easy to look through (if not the god forced him in order to give the humans a better chance to look through the trap). If nothing supernatural was involved, there remains mental illness (TLE - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, which is the suspicion of modern medical science), or accomplices or a cold manipulation from Muhammad himself - he had plenty of motifs in case: Power, riches for bribes for more power - and women.

048 21/108a: "What (the Quran*) has come to me (Muhammad) - - -". Did it really come? - - - and in case from where, as no god ever was involved in a book of a quality like the Quran.

049 21/108b: "What has come to me (Muhammad) by inspiration - - -". Inspiration is a very convenient way to get messages - or pretend to get them - or believe to get them (f.x. from an illness like TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy)) - or from a mixture of these. Just to mention it once more: According to the Bible, Yahweh never used inspiration to send massages to his prophets, only direct contact, visions, and dreams (4. Mos. 12/6-8). One more indication for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

#050 25/32e: "Why is not the Quran revealed to him (Muhammad*) all at once?)" If there had really been a god behind the book, there had been big pluses with revealing all at once - now f.x. believers had to wait up to 23 years for the verses. If it on the other hand was f.x. Muhammad who made the verses, it is much easier to understand why it came little by little when new situations emerged. It also is much easier to understand all the trying and failing, and the sudden and marked change in the religion from rather peaceful to a robber baron and war religion around 622 - 624 AD. The explanation given in this verse, simply and obviously is an explanation of convenience.

051 26/99b: "- - - guilt". Who are the guilty seducers if the Quran is a made up book? - and remember here that all the mistakes, etc. in that book prove absolutely that no god was involved in making or delivering it.

*052 27/6a: “- - - the Quran is bestowed upon thee (Muhammad/Muslims*) from the presence of One who is Wise and All-Knowing (Allah*).” Islam claims that the Quran is the copy of the Mother of the Book (13/39, 43/4, 85/21-22) which is revered in Heaven by Allah and his angles there. It further is claimed that the book either is made by the omniscient and omnipotent god Allah – the only god (? - see 2/255a and 6/106b above) – or has existed since eternity, and is so fundamental that may be it is not made even by the god. This verse may be understood as a strengthening of the last claim: The Quran is not said to be made by or sent down by or from Allah, but sent down from “the presence of“ Allah (but this wording may be used of the ones claiming the Quran was never made, but have existed since eternity.). The fact that spoils this lofty and undocumented claim (claims normally are undocumented in Islam – though they demand documentation and proofs from anybody else) is the huge number of mistakes, twisted facts, contradictions, twisted and invalid logic, unclear language, etc. in the book. No god – omniscient or not – has ever made such a sloppy work. And also: A large number of the mistakes, rites, ways of thinking, etc. are in accordance the culture and “knowledge” around the time of Muhammad in what we now call "the Middle East" – but no omniscient god would have to use mistaken science, customs and rules and ways of thinking from a special century and a special, small area on the minuscule planet Earth, when he made a book – or it in other ways came into existence – before the universe (see 51/47c) was created (which happened 13.7 billion years ago according to science). Propaganda? At least it is wrong.

There is one more fact that makes it impossible that the book is from eternity: There is at least one place in the Quran that angels (according also to Muslim scholars) are speaking (and at least 8 places or more where Muhammad is speaking). This means that the book cannot have been made - or at least not finished - until after the first angels had been created (they could not speak in the book before they were created). It is clear in the Quran that the angels are not from eternity - Allah created them from light. And not to forget: The angels were speaking to humans, so that also the first humans already had to exist. And it also cannot have been made earlier than it was possible for Muhammad to have his say in the book at least the mentioned 8(?) times.

*053 27/6b: “- - - the Quran is bestowed upon thee (Muhammad/Muslims*) from the presence of One who is Wise and All-Knowing (Allah*).” No god ever sent down a book of such a quality like the Quran - far too much is wrong - plus helplessly expressed according to Muslims wanting to explain away blemishes.

054 27/68b: "- - - these (Muhammad’s verses and surahs*) are nothing but tales of the ancient". Mostly the opponents were right - most of the stories in the Quran are older tales Muhammad "borrowed" and then twisted to fit his religion. Most of the sources are known. Is it necessary for a god to use old - and sometimes wrong - stories? - and often wrong facts?

*055 28/3a: “We (Allah*) rehearse to thee (Muhammad/Muslims*) some of the story of Moses and Pharaoh in Truth - - -”. The story about Moses contradicts and differs not a little from the one told in the Bible - which for this part is more than 1000 years nearer in time to what (may be) happened - and with stronger traditions concerning Moses. It is a question, which one is most reliable. In any case: Both have the death of Pharaoh Ramses II wrong (but when it comes to the Bible it is possible to explain this - not so with the Quran, which is told by Allah (or even has existed since eternity and is never made), as Allah is omniscient and omniscient gods make no mistakes (the human narrator of the Bible may have mixed Ramses II with one of his 67(?) sons or one of his generals - for Allah such a mistake is impossible)).

Moses and his brother Aaron came to Pharaoh Ramses II (one of the really strong and mighty pharaohs in the history of Egypt - may be the mightiest ever). A lot is known about Ramses II, among other things that he did not drown. Because of this you often meet Muslims claiming this happened earlier and under more unknown pharaohs which we do not know from what they died, but science is not in real doubt, and also the years then does not add up.

##There is at least one more historical fact connected to this story which is wrong in the Quran: The Quran tells that Allah destroyed all the large, magnificent buildings in Egypt (7/137b). There is no kind of scientific indication for that this can be correct - no trace from such a catastrophe at that time neither in archeology nor in literature nor even in folklore. And remember: No omniscient god makes mistakes - then who made the Quran?

Another point: As no god ever was involved in a book of a quality like the Quran, also no god rehearsed it to Muhammad.

056 28/86b: "And thou (Muhammad/Muslims*) hadst not expected that the Book (the Quran*) would be sent to thee except as a Mercy from thy Lord (Allah*) - - -". No book like the Quran is sent from a god - or revered by him in his "home" - too many mistakes, etc.

057 29/51b: "And is it not enough for them (non-Muslims*) that We (Allah*) have sent down to thee (Muhammad*) the Book - - -". (For some reason or other Islam and its Muslims seldom claim that Islam is the religion of honesty.) Comment (A29/50): "I.e., 'are the contents of this revelation not enough for them (the skeptics*) to make them grasp its intrinsic truth without help of 'miraculous proofs' of its divine origin?'" This is logical nonsense on the same level as 29/48b above - and even more so when one remembers all the mistakes, etc. in the Quran.

It also tells a lot about what arguments and proofs Muslims and Islam have, when they are forced to stoop to this kind of claims/arguments - especially when you know the real quality of the Quran.

058 34/6d: “- - - the (Revelation (the Quran*)) sent down to thee (Muhammad*) by thy Lord (Allah*) - - -“. The Quran is not from any omniscient god – too many mistakes, etc. Neither is it from a good god – war religions normally are not: Too much inhumanity, injustice and terror.

059 35/31c: “That which We (Allah*) have revealed to thee (Muhammad/people*) of the Book (the Quran*) - - -”. No omniscient god reveal a book with that many mistakes, contradictions, and invalid “signs” and “proofs” and send it to humans for use as his holy book.

060 38/29b: “Here is a Book (the Quran*) which We (Allah*) have sent down unto thee (Muhammad*) - - -". No god ever sent down what Muhammad did teach - too much was and is wrong in the texts. And too much of the contents are harsh and immoral for that the maker can have been someone or something good or benevolent.

061 39/2d: “(Allah has*) revealed the Book (the Quran*) to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". No god was behind Muhammad's teaching - too much was wrong. And if there had been a god, he had not been a good or benevolent one with that kind of ethical, moral, and judicial codes.

062 39/41c: “Verily We (Allah*) have revealed the Book (the Quran*) to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". One ominous question was raised already in the first years, and still exists: Was the Quran revealed to Muhammad, or did Muhammad (perhaps helped by some accomplice or a mental illness - TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy)) "reveal" the Quran? Or were the dark forces involved? In the last cases Islam is a made up and pagan religion - and all the errors in the book indicate something sinister: No god ever delivered a book of that quality.

063 41/6b: "- - - it has been revealed to me (Muhammad*) by inspiration - - -". To get information by inspiration is a very unreliable way. For one thing even the best person will have problems being sure which of his inspirations really come from an angel, and which from other sources. And for another thing it has to be a man with a strong moral not to be tempted to get "inspirations" solving his personal problems - like Muhammad had them solved several times - - - and neither Muhammad, nor the Quran, nor Islam were/are against lying when there is a reason (al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie), Kitman (the lawful half-truth), Hilah (the lawful pretending/circumventing), breaking of oaths, advocated by Muhammad (for some reason or other Islam and its Muslims seldom claim that Islam is the religion of honesty)).

064 42/7b: “Thus have We (Allah*) sent (the Quran*) by inspiration to thee (Muhammad*) - - -.” See 42/3b above.

065 42/52b: "And thus have We (Allah*) - - - sent inspiration to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". "Inspiration" is a very practical way to receive messages: What is really messages, what is wishful thinking, and what is own planning? impossible for others to say. But even Muslim scholars say there are verses in the Quran which do not fit in a holy book and/or is not worthy of a god - f.x. surah 111.

Also: The word "inspiration" is never used in such connections in the Bible. There only are mentioned direct contact (included by angels*), visions, and dreams.

066 43/43c: “- - - the Revelation sent down to thee (Muhammad*) - - -.” The claimed revelation at least is not sent down by any omniscient god like the Quran wants one to believe – if at all sent down.

067 45/6c "- - - which we (Allah*) rehearse to thee (Muhammad*) - - -". No god would rehearse invalid signs (Quran-speak for proofs)." A god could tell that "I did this and this", but to use it for a proof without showing that it really was he who did it - well, he at least would know that as a proof it was invalid. (But then Islam and its Muslims seldom claim that Islam is the religion of honesty.) Also see 13/1g and 40/75 above.

068 46/9i: "I (Muhammad*) follow but that (the Quran*) which is revealed to me - - -". No omniscient god revealed a book with so many errors like the Quran, to Muhammad or to anyone else. It would be both an insult and heresy to accuse a god of such a product.

069 47/2d: “- - - believe in the (Revelation) sent down to Muhammad - - -”. Was it really sent down? What is for sure is that it was not sent down from any god - no god delivers a book of that quality.

070 65/5c: "That is the Command of Allah, which He has sent down to you (Muhammad*) - - -". As no god sent down the Quran, also no god sent it down to Muhammad.

071 73/5a: "Soon shall We (Allah*) Send down to thee (Muhammad*) a weighty Message". This was early in Muhammad's religious years (611 - 614 AD) - still much Allah could send down "soon". But no omniscient god "sent down" a message with that many mistaken facts - many in accordance with wrong science at that time - contradictions, and other errors".

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