Muhammad in the Quran, Vol. 1: Chapter 23



In Islam Muhammad is the ultimate teacher in everything, or at least in religion, moral, etc., because after all he got his words in the Quran from an omniscient god, according to never proved claims. He did not - no god ever was involved in a book of a quality like the Quran - and he thus was/is not any ultimate teacher. It is said directly only a limited number of times in the Quran, but it is and "obvious" deduction from his claimed, but never proved relationship to Allah, and thus from what is said about Allah.

A few samples:

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001 2/151e: "- - - instructing you in Scripture - - -". Remember here that among the uneducated in the old times - and not only in Arabia - the written word was believed to be much more reliable than the verbal one. They simply did not understand that it is as easy to lie with the pen as with the mouth.

002 2/151h: "- - - in Scripture and Wisdom, and in new Knowledge." So "new knowledge" (the Quran) that it is clear much of it is wrong. And is it then wisdom? But psychologically it was wise to talk about knowledge. Who especially among uneducated, naive primitives is not influenced by idols - hardly heroes, but idols - telling them they have knowledge?

003 3/58e: "- - - the Message of Wisdom (the Quran*)". Wrong. There are so many mistakes and worse - even a few lies - in the Quran that you at best have to run slalom to find some wisdom in between.

004 3/118i: "- - - wisdom - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses words like this, it normally only refers to "wisdom" and knowledge related to Islam.

005 3/138b: "Here (in the Quran*) is - - - a guidance - - -." No. Too many mistakes, etc.

006 3/138c: "Here (in the Quran*) is - - - a guidance and instruction to those who fear Allah". And a central instruction is: "Wage war for Allah and for Muhammad".

007 3/164g: "- - - (Muhammad*) instructing them in Scripture and Wisdom (the Quran*)- - -". There is not much wisdom in a book full of mistakes, contradictions, etc., and as for what there after all is of such; it is not easy - often not possible - to pick out what is wisdom and what is of no value or of negative value, unless you on beforehand have enough wisdom - = intelligence + knowledge - to evaluate every detail which is told to see if it is wisdom or invalid or "unwisdom"/error or worse. And if there all the same are points you are unable to evaluate, you have to lay them aside till you are able to evaluate/check it. That is the only way a wise person can treat a book overflowing with mistakes. But when you already have gained so much wisdom, how much is there then to learn from such a book? (In reality the Quran neither is very "deep", nor containing much knowledge except for religious claims and statements - and undocumented claims and statements may be called hypotheses or theories, but are not knowledge no matter how sure you are that your hypotheses or beliefs are right - knowledge needs some kind of proofs, not necessarily the mathematical 100% ones, but at least the 99.998% ones from natural sciences - empirical proofs).

But one thing which is easy for any wise, not brainwashed, person to see, is that no god would base his religion on a book full of errors - if not for other reasons, then because he had to know that he would be found out sooner or later and lose credibility. A dark force - f.x. a devil - might do it to deceive victims, but if he is wise, he would use as few mistakes as possible to make it difficult for the victims to see the trap (there is an exception if the god permitted the Devil to make up a religion to lure more people to Hell, only on the condition that the trap should be easy to see for persons able to think). A human maker of the book is the only really credible possibility, and this even more so as all the real "knowledge" - right or wrong - in the book, is in exact correspondence to the "knowledge" one had in and around Arabia at the time of Muhammad (this in spite of the many claims Muslims make trying to "prove" that the Quran contains facts that was not known at that time - we have not seen one such till now which is not in reality wishful thinking.) And if there is no god behind the Quran, what then is Islam? - and what about all Muslims in a possible next life if Islam is a made up religion like many others?

008 7/2f: "- - - and teach the Believers". Can you teach anyone what is right from a book where much is wrong? - and can you teach s right religion from a book where there is no god behind (no god had made that many errors, etc.)?

009 7/157f: “- - - for he (Muhammad*) commands them (Muslims*) what is just, and forbids them what is evil”. The last statement is solidly contradicted both by reality and by the Quran. The book – not to mention Muhammad and his successors - not only permitted, but demanded murders and war, robbing and extortion, rape and enslavement, etc. It is possible to make such things “lawful” by sick laws. But there exists no way to make such inhumanities “good”, or “just” or “pure” – and this includes calling what in reality are raids for loot and slaves, or wars of aggression, for “self defense” or jihad (like Muslims have done legion times throughout history – often with a real but minor detail or made up arguments as pretext).

010 12/2e: "- - - in order that ye (people*) may learn wisdom". Beware that when the Quran talks about wisdom, knowledge, etc. it normally is talking about knowledge and wisdom concerning the Quran and Islam only - though Muslims nowadays often try to tell you differently. The time before Islam f.x. both normally and officially is named "the Time of Ignorance", even though the populations in a number of areas/countries were more - some places much more - educated and enlightened before Islam conquered them than afterwards.

011 16/101f: "Thou (Muhammad*) art but a forger - - -". They may have been right - all the mistakes, etc. indicates something bad. The same that most of the stories just are retold with some twists from old Arab folklore, etc.

#####012 26/216a: (YA3234): "'Disobey thee (Muhammad*) - - -' implies that they did something wrong, for the Prophet (Muhammad*) commanded what was right and forbade what was wrong.'" Thus hate mongering, war mongering, murder of opponents, stealing/robbing, lying, deceiving and breaking oaths when that is better, extortion, enslaving, raping, raids for riches, is right in Islam. Muhammad did and commanded all this and more.

013 41/10a: “He set on the (earth) mountains standing firm, high above it - - -“. Wrong. The mountains were not set (down) on Earth – they grew up.

(YA5570):"He (Allah*) Who creates must necessarily know His own handiwork". This is very correct, so when the Quran shows that the maker of that book clearly do not know the reality, ####it is a strong proof for that something is very wrong somewhere.

##############This is one of the many Muslim claims which backfires, and this backfire destroys the claims about there being a god behind the Quran and behind Muhammad each and every time the Quran uses "facts", claims, etc. a god would have known are wrong: An omniscient god knows the correct facts, the correct way of using logic, etc. This each and every time such things are wrong in the Quran, it proves that the Quran was not made by a god - and that Muhammad did not get his "information", "wisdom", and "knowledge" from such one.

What does this tell about Muhammad, about the Quran, about Islam - and about the future of Muslims if there is a real god and a next life somewhere?

There are many such proofs in the Quran. May be unbelievable 3ooo+.

######014 43/37e: (YA4639): "The downward course in evil is rapid. But the most tragic consequence is that evil persuades its victims to believe that they are pursuing good. They think evil to be their good. They go deeper and deeper into the mire, and become more and more callous." Think of the immoral parts of the Quran's moral code, the unethical parts of its ethical code, the unjust parts of its laws, the inhuman parts of its war code (compare all of it to the one and only main moral code "do onto others like you want others do onto you", and you easily see the immoral, etc. parts) - is this point describing Muslims?

###015 46/8c: “Say: ’Had I (Muhammad*) forged it (the Quran*), then can ye obtain no single (blessing) for me from Allah.” What an unbeatable proof!!!

Actually Muhammad is said to have "proved" that he was a prophet, by answering 3 cryptic questions brought by Uqbab Abu Mu’ayt from Jewish rabbis in Medina - he claimed he got the answers from Allah via Gabriel. The first one concerned the “seven sleepers”. Any god had known the story is made up - a Christian legend (some Muslims say it is copied from an older Jewish legend, but it is as wrong anyhow) - but Muhammad did not know this. The second concerned Alexander the Great (Dhu’l Quarnayn - an Arab name for him) - and Muhammad answered fairy tales any god had known were wrong. The third concerned the Holy Spirit - and Muhammad had no real answer. But the conclusion after the fiasco (it was not documented then that it was a big fiasco, but it has been documented later) was clear: The story was taken to be an unmistakable proof for that Muhammad was a prophet. Worse: EVEN TODAY WHEN WE EASILY SEE WHAT IS WRONG, MUSLIMS REFUSES TO ADMIT THE OBVIOUS AND TRY TO EXPLAIN THE ERRORS AWAY - AND RECKON THE WRONG INFORMATION AS SURE PROOF OF HIS BEING A REAL PROPHET, IN SPITE OF THAT NO GOD HAD GIVEN HIM ANSWERS SO FAR FROM THE REALITY. It should be a matter of doubt for any thinking person - but then Muslims are not taught how to think, but only to accept and obey. This really is an interesting “proof”. And unmistakable dishonesty from the one who used this "explanation" and at least by the educated leaders who have got to true facts by now - or at least has no excuse for not checking them.

Besides: The criteria for really being a prophet, are:

  1. Have the gift of and close enough connection to a god for making prophesies.
  2. Makes prophesies which always or at least mostly come true.
  3. Makes so frequent and/or essential prophesies, that it is a clear part of his mission.

Sub-total Chapter 23 = 15 + 2.024 = 2.039.

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