Muhammad in the Quran, Vol. 1: Chapter 17


As all the wrong facts, etc. in the Quran definitely prove that the book is not from any god, who was it really who "perfected" the in many ways imperfect religion Islam? There are 3 suspects: The dark forces, a sick human brain (f.x. TLE - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy), or a cold human brain. The prime suspect is Muhammad, especially if he had TLE like modern medical science suspects. According to BBC (see f.x. BBC, Thursday, 20 March 2003 -, or BBC Two 17. April 2003) this illness explains religious experiences like what Muhammad is said to have had).

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001 5/3h: "This day have I (Allah*) perfected your (Muslims'*) religion for you - - -". This sentence always fascinates us - was the religion not perfect earlier? And how could the religion be perfected - made better - without changing the claimed "Mother Book" which is claimed to be the unchangeable and timeless basis for Islam? How could f.x. Abraham be a perfect Muslim - or a Muslim at all - if the religion was not perfected until this day in 632 AD? Etc., etc.

002 5/3i: "This day have I (Allah*) perfected your (Muslims'*) religion for you - - -". A time anomaly - see 4/13d above.

003 5/3j: "This day have I (Allah*) - - - chosen for you Islam as your religion". Did Muhammad preach Islam - first 12 years a peaceful religion, and then changed to a religion of war - for 23 years before Allah did chose Islam as the Muslims' religion?

004 5/3k: "This day have I (Allah*) - - - chosen for you Islam as your religion". A time anomaly (earlier readers of the twin of the Quran, copied from the claimed "Mother Book" like the Quran is claimed to be, could not know which day or year*) - see 4/13d above.

Sub-total Chapter 17 = 4 + 911 = 915.

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