THE 13 PROOFS (for that the Quran is not from any god) + THE REASON FOR THE REASONS (behind Islamic terrorism)


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Part 1:


The Quran and Islam both claim - without any proof - that the Quran is an exact copy of "the Mother of the Book" (13/39, 43/4) in Heaven, the original of the Quran, highly  respected by Allah and his angels (43/4), and sent down to all claimed Muhammadan (the correct name as the Quran proveably is not from a god) prophets through the times (10/47, 16/36, 35/24) prophets, included Muhammad. Muhammad claimed he received it by inspiration (42/5, 53/10) or via the angel Gabriel. It was and is the god`s perfect, unchangeable, and infallible words, then and forever (10/64) - so perfect that the very perfection is a proof for that the texts are the exact words of the god (fx. verses 4/82, 10/37, 20/52, 41/42), and contains the best explanations (25/33, 75/19, and many more). But:

1. The Quran contains unbelieveable 1750+ wrong facts (compared to present knowledge and science) and 350+ other non-religious errors (  Religious errors are not included here. No omniscient god makes LOTS of errors in his "holy" book.

2. Many of the errors are so grave, that each of them or a few together make additional proofs for that it is not true that the texts are from a god (there thus in reality are far more than 13 proofs for that it is not true that the Quran is the words of a god). Fx.: 7 Heavens (2/29, 17/44, 23/17 and many more) rests on the (flat) Earth by means of invisible pillars (fx. 13/2, 31/10). The stars are fastened to the lowermost heaven (37/6, 41/12, 67/5) - below the Moon (71/16 – the Moon is between the heavens = the stars are below the moon. Earth would be VERY hot in case.) - and used for shooting stars to chase away jinns and bad spirits wanting to spy on the Heavens (37/10, 67/5). Below the Heavens there are 7 (flat) Eaths (65/12 - all named in Hadiths), with Hell at the bottom. The rivers Nile and Euphrates starts in the heavens according to Hadits. No god has to borrow old, wrong Greek and Persian astronomy  and more, corresponding to what one wrongly believed was true knowledge at the time of Muhammad, in a small part of the Earth.

3. The Quran contains 300+ internal contradictions (and more external ones) ( No omniscient god has such a helpless overview over what he has said and done, that he contradicts himself, not to mention hundreds of times. (Till here: 2400+ errors already.)

4. The Quran has 650+ points where the texts, according to Muhammadan scholars, are so unclear, that Islam still does not know for sure what really is meant. No omniscient god is so dull that he is unable to express himself cristal clear, and especially so in his (claimed) holy book. (Till here: 3050+ errors, etc. - for an omniscient god also unclear instructions and information are errors.)

5. The Quran contains much "Biblical" stuff, but it "borrowed" this from legends, made up apocryphals, local folklore, etc., and not from the Bible - Muhammd knew the Bible little (relevant science knows the real sources). Because of this , the Quran diverges from what the Bible really says at more than 1500 points. Muhammad "explained" all such errors and more with the never proved claim that the reason for the divergences was that the Bible was falsified, and that his texts were correct. But science knows 13ooo scriptures and fragments from the Bible, plus 32ooo others with quotes from or references to  the Bible, all of them older then 610 AD (when Muhammad started procelyting). In addition there are at least 5ooo as old traces from archeology, buildings, art, etc. ("1000+ Comments on the Quran", Amazon). THESE TEXTS ALL ARE THE SAME ONES WE HAVE IN THE BIBLE TODAY (AND AT THE TIME OF MUHAMMAD, AS THE BIBLE GOT ITS PRESENT FORM DURING THE COUNCIL OF LAODICEA IN 363 AD). "Ergo" the old scriptures are not falsified. (A strong proof for this: If even one single proved falsification had ever been found, Islam had SCREAMED about it. No such scream is heard from their scholars - claims, yes, but nothing more, and mainly in texts meant for lay people or non-Muhammadans.) This means that when the Quran uses wrong quotes or references from the Bible, it is the Quran which is in error. No omniscient god knows the Bible so badly, that he uses wrong quotes 1500+ times in his(?) after all small "holy" book. (Errors till here: 4550+).

6. The Qumran Schrolls contains large parts of OT. Those schrolls are from 150-50 BC, and the Biblical parts have the same texts Jesus read from in the synagogues and the Temple. If any texts had been falsified, a prophet of that quality, also according to the Quran (he is no. 3 in esteem in Islam after Muhammad and Abraham), had strongly warned about it. He never did, neither in the Bible, nor in the Quran. If there had been falsifications in the Bible, it thus had to have been done after Jesus died in 33 AD. But a number of the traces from OT mentioned in point 5, are older than 33 AD =  accepted by Jesus and thus no falsifications of those old texts. And for the period 33 - 610 AD there are so many sources, that it is nonsense to claim that the claimed falsifications were done during that time.  Any omniscient god had known all this. Besides: Neither Muhammad nor Islam has ever explained how it was possible first to find each and every one of tens of thousands of scriptures from the Bible, busines letters and personal letters, etc. quoting the Bible, all religious buildings, art, etc. spread over 3 continents, and then identically falsify everything and without making contradictions, etc. - or how to get permission from EVERY owner to falsify their cherished holy scriptures, art, etc. - and doing such a clever job that not even modern science is able to see anything? And how to falsify words carved in wood or stone in a church or on a statue or another monument, etc.? Not to mention how to falsify good Muhammadan statues or paintings, etc. (such art hardly is permitted in Islam), to show Christian motifs and symbols instead?

7. Then there are  the abrogations (fx. 2/106, 16/101). An abrogation means that Allah(?) had to change what he earlier had said or indicated, or make it more  complete. Normally in such cases the youngest text is the valied one (a main reason why it is essential to know the age of the texts in the Quran), but the oldest, and now invalied one, is not removed from the book. Muhammadan scholars disagree some about how many abrogations there are in the Quran, but some 500. (Only 9/5 - "the verse of the sword" - abrogates 124 milder points according to Muhammadan scholars. The reason for that high number may be that Islam was reasonably peaceful until Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD,  but shortly after he started as a highway man and robber baron, and the religion fast was changed to one of blood, terror, and dishonesty, and then many older points in the religion and the Quran had to be adjusted. Muhammadans NEVER tell about or explain this fundamental change around 622/623 AD. But it is symptomatic that very many of the abrogations are connected to this transformation of the religion, and  that many came in the years 622-624 AD. Was it Allah who who suddenly found he originally had created a too peaceful  and honest religion from Adam and up? Or Muhammad who needed dishonesty and warriors? No matter: No omniscient god is unable to always make things right at his first try, and instead have to abrogate himself - hundreds of times.( Errors, etc. till here: 5050+). NB: All the central points concerning abrogations, are in surahs - chapers - from 622 AD or later.

8.  The Quran tells that Jesus was a strong believer in Allah and Islam (4/171-172, 5/72, and many more) But there are plenty of written and other sources from around the time of Jesus (fx. Josephus Flavius), which prove that the religion of the Jews, and thus of Jesus, also at that time was the Mosaic - Jewish - one. Well, Jesus likely was the first Christian. Any god had known this.

9. The Quran claims to be the original religion on Earth from Adam and Abraham om and up, and all over the Earth - absolutely all people and cultures on Earth and through all times up to Mohammad had prophets preaching Allah, it claims (fx. 10/47, 16/36, 35/24, 57/25) - at least 124ooo prophets through the times, according to Hadiths. But the religion was falsified into the Jewish, Christian, and the many heathen religions (how was that possible if it is true that Allah decides and predestines everything people do, and predestines it according to a divine Plan nonthing and nobody can change (fx. 10/64)?) But science like mentioned knows more than 50ooo traces from the Jewish and Christian religions, and at least as many from other religions all over the world, all older than 610 AD, BUT NOT ONE SINGLE TRACE FROM A GOD LIKE THE MUHAMMADAN ALLAH, A RELIGION LIKE ISLAM, OR A BOOK SIMILAR TO THE QURAN, OLDER THAN 610 AD = also this very central claim, in the Quran is untrue. 100ooo : 0 is a proof of mathematical strength. Also this any omniscient god had known.

10. Woven into point 9 is also history. Written history started around 3300-3200 BC. There is not one single word clearly relevant to Islam older than 610 AD anywhere in the world. Thus also written history proves that it is not true that Islam is the original religion on Earth, or that Islam is older than 610 AD. Like said above: 100ooo : 0 is a strong proof.

11. Several points in the Quran are physically impossible. Fx. predestination (fx. 3/145, 3/154, 7/34, 10/64, 23/43) - a very central point in the Quran - is impossible if man (or animals) has free will, like the Quran claims. With even a small touch of free will, man – or animals - always may change his mind once more. Then the future is changed, and Allah's predestinations are gone. In the non-physical parts of existence, there are things impossible even for an omniscient and omnipotent god. Any omniscient god had known this. (Also prayer runs into problems here: If Allah has predestined everything, and predestined it according to a divine Plan "nobody and nothing can change", also prayers can change nothing. Similar goes for forgiving.)

12. The book "Muhammad Lying in the Quran",  Amazon, lists 100 points in the Quran where Muhammad obviously or proveably lies. (Fx. the sorcerers of Ramses II suddenly became believing Muhammadans (2ooo years before Muhammad), because of small miracles made by Moses (20/69, 26/46). Later Muhammad "explained" that the reason why Allah did not prove himself by making a miracle, was that miracles would make nobody believe anyhow (fx. 17/59). This claim also psychologically is very wrong.) No omniscient and omnipotent god needs to lie in his "holy" book. This even more so as he had to know the lies would be discovered sooner or later, and he loose trust from the people. (As also lies are wrong facts: Till here 5150+ errors, etc. But the lists are not complete, and thus the real number is higher. If we also add the points in the Quran where the book slanders non-Muhammadans - slander normally are things made up or exagregated = wrong claims or statements - there easily on average may be 1 error or something in each and every one of the 6236 verses in the Quran. The same if there are religious errors. (There is a list listing 900+ points in the Quran where non-Muhammadans are mentioned, mostly defaming/slandering or dehumanizing them, but that list is far from complete. The correct number likely is between 1500 and 2ooo. As for religious errors in a proveably made up "holy" book, it is anybody's guess how many such errors there are.) It is slander and blasphemy to blame a god for holding in high esteem or for the delivery of a book of that quality.

13. Like mentioned in point 11, predestination is very sentral in the Quran (fx. 23/43, etc.). But it is very easy to prove it is not true. It f.x. is very easy to prove by means of statistics - if a proof is necessary - that if you are plowing your field instead of taking part in a battle of war, the chances for that you are alive the next day, greatly improve. (And even if you all the same keel over dead in your field, the very fact that you died another place, will upset Allah's divine Plan for the future. The laws of chaos are very strict there.) Also this any omniscient had known.


The only possible conclution: It is not true that the Quran is the exact words of a god. (Thus there hardly will be any royal, Earth-like  luxury life, servants, and willing sex slaves - a luxury brothel - waiting for dead warriors or terrorists "at the other side".) Islam also is unable to tell which one of the 24 versions of the Quran accepted by Islam (6 versions are in daily use today), in case is the one - if any – which has the correct words of Allah. (The oldest known Quran today, was written around 705 - 715 AD and found in Yemen in 1972. Quite much is different there from f.x. the most used version of today, Asim after Hafs.)

As no god delivers a book of such a quality and that full of errors, etc. like the Quran, there only are 3 possible makers:

1. Dark forces - fx. dressed up like the (arch)angel Gabriel (it would be impossible for Muhammad to see the difference).

2. A sick brain. Medical science suspects that Muhammad had TLE – a brain illness which can give just the kind of "experiences" and "inspirations" Muhammad is said to have had.

3. A cold brain.

Or a combination of  these. (Personally we do not believe in point 1. Not even a devil hunting for victims, would deliver a quality like in the Quran - lousy composition, lots of repititions, thousands of errors, many lies, unclear texts, several cases of invalid logic, etc. He had to know that the errors, etc. would be discovered sooner or later, and the book lose credence - - - - if he was not fully aware of that believers believe what they prefer to believe and what their parents and surroundings claim ("taqlid" in Arabic), and damn the facts which prove something different. Related to what science names "the backfire effect" - where facts trying to correct erroneus worldviews or self-consept instead make the person embrace his wrong belief even more - and to what is named "cognitive disonance" where 2 conflicting ideas in the brain at the same time, prompts people to spin-doctor the facts to get at the answer one wishes, instead of the correct answer.

The proved fact that the Quran is a made up book, means that Islam is a made up (war) religion, a heathen/pagan "religion" like fx. the religion of the vikings - another religion of war, but less dishonest than Islam. Allah = Odin (the wise god)? Muhammad = Thor (the warrior)? (Even if Mohammad formally is not divine or holy, he is treated like that in Islam - infallible, always right, high above normal humans, etc.)


Part 2:


One debates in radio and TV, in papers and political circles - and among people: What are the reasons for Islam's terrorism? And how to stop it?

2. But terrorism is a too integrated part of Islam. "I was made victorious through terrorism", Mohammad said (Hadith, al Bukhari, 4-52-220). It will never come to a full stop, until one informs the world thoroughly about the reason behind the reasons: The Quran, and what it really is.

3. Until this happens, there always will be fanatics doing what the Quran orders: Believe blindly, fight, terrorize, and suppress - and rape - until Islam dominates every human being. The future for our great grandchildren?

4. Mohammad's words originally were jotted down on pieces of bone, palm leaves, etc., and taken care of by one of his 36 women (1000+ Comments on the Quran, Amazon), the long time wife Hafsa. From these many Qurans were written, but - partly because the Arab alphabet was very incomplete - the contents of these varied very much. 4 versions became the dominant ones, but also these varied so much, that there was even armed fighting about which was the correct one.

5  Because of that Calip Uthman ca. 650 AD (Muhammad died in 632) had an official edition made. Muhammadan sources whisper that he left out some 100 verses he did not like, but inserted a somewhat similar number of not original verses, but this is not confirmed. He then ordered all other Qurans to be burnt, but this was not done, and the older ones may have influenced later copies.

6. But the alphabet still was very incomplete. It lacked vovels, signs like the comma, full stop, etc., and not least the points now used to make some of the letters in Arabic - the diacritical points. Because of this, one had to guess a lot of the words, and lots of new versions were the result, and they frequently were quite a lot different.

7. Around 900 AD (the alphabeth finally was complete) a group led by the very learned ibn Mohair tried to find out which one of the many versions was the correct one. They did not succeed, and in the end they "cannonized" 14 versions. In addition there were 6 "good" ones and 4 "acceptable" ones = there are 24 versions of the Quran accepted by Islam, and nobody knows which one - if any-  is the correct one. Of the 24 versions, 6 are in daily use today, with the versions Asim after Hafs and Nafi after Warsh the dominant ones. Uthman's version has disappeared.

8. Remember this serious question when Islam or a Muhammadan claims that the Quran is Allah's exact word (fx. 4/82): Which version - if any – is the words of Allah? (Relevant here is that in the collection of old Qurans found in Yemen in 1972, the texts had "many small, but significant differences" from today's versions. Among the Qurans found there, also is the oldest known Quran - written between 705 and 715 AD. This one is rather different from modern versions, and either shows that the modern ones have "drifted" far from Mohammad's words, or at least it shows how different the many versions were, which ibn Mohair and his people had to make heads and tails of, when trying to guess which one was right and which ones wrong.)

9. But there are even more serious points. Fx. verses like 4/82, 10/37, 20/52, 41/42 confirm that the Quran is sent down by Allah, and because of that it is eternal (10/64), perfect and without any errors. But the book is full of wrong facts, other non-religious errors (and likely religious ones, too), contradictions, unclear points (= more imperfection), invalid logic, etc., and even some lies. Plus a lot of bad talk about all "infidels", slandering and dehumanizing them, and motivating the Muhammadans for robbing, supressing or killing them.

10. The best overview over the errors it is likely you find in "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran", Amazon, or the older "";."The Office for Religion" in Malaysia unintentionally has confirmed that the lists and comments in that book are correct and reliable, as they tried to to have the book removed from the net, but found no errors in it serious enough to use as an argument for having it removed = the contents are correct. The book contains among other points unbelieveable 1750+ wrong facts, 350+ other non-religious errors, 300+ contradictions, and more, this in spite of that the Quran only is about 1/10 as big as the Bible (some 3.116.500 letters and words in the English Bible, some letters and 77.500 words in the English Quran). NO omniscient god makes 2400 and many more errors in his "holy" book = the Quran is not from any god = Islam is not from any god (and thus no women and Earth-like luxury life/brothel is awaiting warriors and terrorists if there is a Paradise somewhere).

11. Just as rewealing, but even more disgusting: The book "Muhammad Lying in the Quran", Amazon, lists 100 points where Muhammad obviously or provably lies in the Quran. Fx. when he first tells that the sorcerers of Pharaoh Ramses II all suddenly became believing Muhammadans because of minor miracles made by Moses (20/70, 26/ 45-46), but later he "explains" that the reason why Allah does not prove himself by making miracles, is that miracles will make nobody believe anyhow, but claim the miracles to be fakes(17/59). (This "explanation" also very clearly is psychologically totally wrong. At least some would come to believe if Allah made obvious miracles.) No almighty and omnipotent and omniscient god has a reason for lying in his "holy" book. This not least because lies will backfire when revealed - like for wrong facts and other errors, but perhaps even stronger. One more solid argument and proof for that the Quran - and thus Islam - is not from a god.

12. The book also contains at least 650+ points where Muhammdan (the correct name as Islam is a made up religion and the Quran a made up book) scholars even today are unsure what really is meant (fx. Abdullah Yusuf Ali, died 1953, in his highly respected book with comments on the Quran: "The Meaning of the Holy Quran"), because the texts are unclear or have two or more possible meanings, this in spite of that the Quran several places tells that the texts are so perfect, correct, clear, and easy to understand, that the very clearness, etc. is a full proof for that the book only can be made by a god - fx. 4/82. No omniscient god is so helpless that he is unable to express himself clearly and impossible to be misunderstood in his "holy" book = helpless or unclear language are one more proof for that the Quran is not the words of a god.

13. Also the Bible is part of the picture, as the Quran has much "Biblical" stuff. The problem is that the texts often differs from what the Bible really tells. Muhammad, who knew the Bible badly and took this kind of stuff from legends, etc. (relevant science knows the sources), explained away all such things by claiming - never a proof - that the reason for the differences, was that the Bible was falsified. But science knows 13ooo scriptures or fragments from the Bible, included the Biblical parts of the Qumran schrolls (similar to the texts Jesus read from), plus 32ooo others with quotes from or references to Biblical texts, all older than 610 AD (when Mohammar started his procelyting), (fx. They are the same texts like in today's Bible = no falsifications of the old texts. The "witnesses" from the as old architecture, archeology, art, etc. show the same. Not one single proved falsification was ever found - lots of claims, but not one proved case. (Guess if Islam had advertized it, if even one proved case had been found!!) This tells somthing about the Bible, but more essential here is that this shows that where the "Biblical" texts in the Quran differs from what the Bible really says, it is the Quran which is wrong. There exist lists with more than 1500 such errors. If you add this to the 2400 + 100 errors above, you have more than 4ooo errors in a not big book, claiming it is the exact words of an omniscient god! In addition there are the unclear points (650+), abrogations (some 500) = 5150+ errors, etc. Add that the mentioned lists are not complete, add slander (normally made up or exagregated - wrong - claims), etc. against non-Muhammadans, add religious errors in a made up "holy" book, and you will on average have at least one error or something in each of the Quran's 6236 verses! Not bad for an omniscient god.

14. In addition to the at least 50ooo traces from Jewish and Christian religions older than 610 AD, there exists at least as many as old from other religions all over the world, BUT NOT ONE SINGLE TRACE FROM  A RELIGION LIKE ISLAM, A BOOK LIKE THE QURAN, OR A GOD LIKE THE MUHAMMADAN ALLAH, OLDER THAN 610 AD. This proves that also this very central claim - that Islam is the original religion on Earth, with prophets like Adam, Abraham, and Jesus - is not true. 100ooo : 0 is a proof of mathematical strength. (As for Jesus: Both written history and archeology prove that the religion in Israel at that time, was the Mosaic - Jewish - one, and that no religion like Islam existed there or anywhere else until some 600 years later.)

15. Another relevant point regarding Islam, are words like al-Taqiyya (lawful lie), Kitman (lawful half-truth), Hilah (lawful pretending or circumventing) (based on verses like 3/54, 4/182, 8/30, 27/50, etc. - when Allah can make "clever" plans, the same of course also is morally ok for Muhammadans, too), lawful cheating/deceit/betrayal (based on different words from Muhammad), and lawful breaking or disuse of words, promises, and even oaths (fx. 2/225, 5/89, 16/61, 66/2) – pay expiation afterwards if necessary (5/89). It is a bit peculiar that a man with such a morality and such a view on the use of dishonesty in deeds and words, and even worse when one adds his morality conserning humans during raids, wars, slave taking, and power struggle – and clearly wanting respect (2/104, 24/63), power (4/64, 4/80, 33/36, 36/20), and money (8/41) for bribes for more power (fx. 4/64, 4/80, 4/115, 36/20) and for women (he had at least 36 - the some one dozen Islam normally mentions only were his long time wives and sex slaves) - such a man according to Islam is nearly a saint, who never would dream about cheating also his followers. Peculiar.

16. When it comes to fighting, we just mention that the Quran and "the Religion of Peace" contain 300+ points glorifying violence against or suppression or murder of all "infidels", and 300+ inciting to or ordering the same - less than 600 put together, though, because of some overlap (fx. "Verses of war in the Quran", Amazon). Even worse: There exists lists containing over 900 points (the number is too low) in the Quran where non-Muhammadans are mentioned in mostly negative discription, bad humans, and "Untermench", who deserves anything Muhammadans and Islam do to them, and 950 corresponding points about Muhammadans - top quality, with the right and the duty (a duty because Muhammad should have 20% of everything stolen/looted and of all slaves taken (8/41) - 100% if the victims gave in without a fight) to steal from, suppress, take for slavery, or kill all "infidels". And the right to rape any not pregnant captiv or slave woman or girl child. This initiates haughtiness, and the psychological basis for dehumanizing of and inhuman behaviour against "the enemy". The right to steal oneself rich and take slaves (fx. 8/1, 8/41, 8/69, 48/15), plus lawful rape (8/69, 23/6, 33/50, 70/30) likey also strengthened the wish to take part i raids and war - then and today.

17. Once before when terror was a main argument for Islam - under the Assassins - it took 180 years and the unforgiving Mongolian army to put an end to it. Are we at the beginning of a new such periode now?

In that case it is far less bloody to try to make an end to it by thoroughly informing the world (included the Muhammadans) what the Quran and Islam really are - a "religion" built on a book which proveably is not from a god = a made up religion - a superstition - and one of war, terrorism, suppression, and disnonesty - than to fight it physically.



One meets the argument that there are errors in all the religious "holy" books - legitimizing that errors also in the Quran are not serious. Yes, but for one thing errors in other "holy" books do not remove one single error in the Quran, and for another a big difference is that all the other "holy" books are written by humans. Humans may err. The Quran claims that it is the exact words of an omniscient god (fx. 4/82, 10/37, 20/52, 41/42). No omniscient god makes errors (fx. 20 - not to mention lots of errors - in his holy book. That is why errors in the Quran are so much more serious - they are strong proofs for that it is not true that the Quran is the words of a god. One also meets the argument that also Christians and others have made wars - legitimizing terror and war from Islam. But a serious difference here is that when Christians fight and make war, it is in spite of the Bible - especially NT - and in spite of the words of Jesus. In Islam it is in accordance with and often because of the words, incitements, orders and moral code of the Quran and of Muhammad. Also when equalizing Christianity with Islam in being warlike, and thus deny that Islam is more war- and terrorlike, they resort to examples from OT, even though they know ever so well that Christianity is built on NT and the words of Jesus, and with OT mainly as historical background - this especially so where NT contradicts OT, f.x. concerning fighting. (OT is the "Bible" of the Jews.)

And one meet more dishonesty. Fx.: "Hitler killed 6 million, and Hitler was a Christian" = Bloody Islam is ok, because also Christianity is bad. One thing is that bad deeds from Christians do not remove one sigle bad deed from Islam. Another: EVERYBODY knows that Hixtler killed because of a religon named Nazism, not because of the Bible, NT, or the words of Jesus - contrasting the religion Islam, where the terrorism and killing to a large degree are because of the words and incitements from the Quran and from Muhammad. All the same one frequently meets dishonesty like this.

Also: Hitler and his religion, Nazism, killed 6 million. Horrible!! they claim - - - never mentioning that till now Muhammad and his Quran and religion have  killed 270 million, the tens of millions killed during slave raids and transport not included (especially the forced marches through Sahara had terrible death rates.) Hitler was just a baby. But he, not Islam, is the terror!

All this said, please remember that the majority of Muhammadans are just as human as others. Metascience published in 2015 or 2016 showed that only 2.5% of the Muhammadans have sympathy for use of violence, and that in times of peace only these - but all these - are in the danger zone for becoming warriors or terrorists. Not "are terrorists or warriors", but may become.

But 2.5% of 1.6 billion after all are 40 million. And how can we know who is who? - or who will become who in later generations atfer reading the Quran and listening to some of the imams, etc.? Muhammadans angry for not being wellcome as refugees or other kinds of immigrants, should remember that this is our dilemma, and that we do not like to be killed, or to have our grandchildren killed or suppressed - or raped - once in the future, for the advancement of a "religion" which proveably is a made up one, and as proveaby is not from a god. A made up superstition simply.

Well, to finish off the problems connected to Islam, it is not enough to analyze or debate "the reasons".  One must start with the reason for the reasons: The Quran, and thorough information about what the Quran really and proveably is.



Part 3:



If it had not been the claimed "holy" book of a big and powerful "religion", it had been prohibitted long time ago in all sivilized and semi sivilized countries, because:

1. Proveably a made up book, and a book inciting apartheid, hate, and blood. Muhammad's political platform, simply - later taken over by other leaders. If it was a product of TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy), it is possible Muhammad believed his own words in the beginning.

2.  300+ points glorifying the use of violence and suppression. 9/20: "Those who believe, and suffer exile and strive with might and mind, in Allah's cause, with their goods and persons, have the highest rank in the sight of Allah".

3.  300+ points inciting to or ordering the use of violence and suppression. Fx. 9/5: "- - - fight and slay the Pagans whereever you find them, and size them and slay them, beleaguer them, and lay in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)".  (Actually this sentence is a bit ironic, because as the Quran is a made up book, and Islam thus a made up religion, all Muhammadans are Pagans themselves.) 9/29: "Fight those who believe not in Allah - - - until they pay jizya (extra tax*) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued".

4. "- - - every strategem of war" includes the use of dishonesty and not least of terrorism. ("I was made victorious through terrorism", Muhammad said - Hadith, al-Bukhari, 4/52/220 - and everything which was right for him, was and is and for ever will be right - and the right thing to do - for all Muhammadans.)

5. Strongly advocating social segregation - apartheid - with the Muhammadans on top, Jews and Christians as after a fasion accepable, but the rest hardly so. 9/16: "- - - take none for friends and protectors except Allah, Muhammad, and the (community of) Believers - - -".

6. At least 900 points more or less slandering and inhumanizing all "infidels". 9/28: "- - - the Pagans are unclean - - -".




How should we look at such a book?

And last, but definitely not least: How should the fact that it is strongly proved that the Quran is a made up book, and Islam thus a made up, pagan religion - a superstition - influence our view and reactions towards the Quran and Islam, its propaganda, deeds, etc.?

(Yes, we know very well that most or perhaps all religions are made up ones, but Islam is a special case: A religion of dishonesty, apartheid, hate, suppression, terrorism, blood, and war - and lawful rape. Besides: For the Quran it is a proved fact that it is a made up book. For other "holy" books it is from a belief to obvious that they are made up, but not strongly proved, like with the Quran.)




There are:

1. Lawful stealing/looting. This in principle is connected to raids and wars and after raids and wars. But the entire Earth, except the Muhammadan areas, is defined by Islam as "the land of war", and also even today's militant leaders incite Muhammadan activists to steal from or cheat "the infidels" to finance activity and terror. 4/94: "- - - with Allah is profits and spoils abundant" = steal yourself rich when fighting for Islam. 8/41: "- - - out of all the booty ye may aquire (steal*) (in war), a fifth is assigned to Allah (Muhammad*)". No comment should be necessary.  8/69: "But (now) enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good". What they took in war was food, clothes, money, valuables, and slaves + if Islam conquered the area, sometimes the farms, businesses, houses, etc. of the victims - fx. 33/27: "And Allah made you heirs to their lands, their houses, and their goods, - - -". 48/15: "- - - when ye (are free to) march and take booty - - -".

2. Lawful lie (al Taqiyya).

3. Lawful half-truths (Kitman).

4. Lawful pretending or circumventing (Hilah). This is based on verses like 3/54, 8/30, 13/42, 27/50, 86/15-16. When it is ok for Allah to "plot and plan", it of course is ok for Muhammadans, too. These 3 are permitted to be used in some ten wide cases, like cheating women or to secure your money, and it should be used if necessary to defend or promote Islam. (One may speculate on how many have been cheated into Islam, or cheated to stay on in the "religion".)

5. Lawful cheating.

6. Lawful deceit.

7. Lawful betrayal. This is based on Muhammad's example and words, mainly in Hadith, like: "War is deceit", "War is betrayal" - like when Muhammad murdered the peace delegation from Khaybar by means of cheating or deceit.

8. Lawful disuse or breaking of words or even oaths. This is based on verses like 2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2. In principle you should honour your oaths, at least the confirmed ones. But break them if that will give a better result - pay expiation afterwards if necessary.

None of the other big religions have similar rules, and definitely not as many and as wide.

Our minimum reaction should be to be careful believing Muhammadans, Muhammadan leaders, and Muhammadan nations in serious cases, unless there are real proofs in addition to their words.




Normally we have free speach in the West. But it is well known and proved that some of these disuse their free speach, their permission to stay in a country, or their new nationality, to teach hate, dishonesty, suppression, and war.




Comments similar to for point C.





Several Muhammadans use signs for that they are supporting and forwarding this "religion": Big beards, hijab, burka, and others. How shall we react to such signs? Shall we accept them? A special point here is that there are no requests for the mentioned signs in the Quran - they have become political/religious symbols later, and are not parts of the Muhammad's teaching. F.x. the burka originally was a snobbish upper class idea from Persia - the rich and "fine" ones wanted to demonstrate the distance between them and the "plebeis" to use that word – the lower clases. An idea which was aped in Arabia - and by some Muhammadans later on. Today it is a clear religious/political sign: "We support and promote Islam and its moral and political code". (The closest thing we in the West have to a burka, is what some places is named a Finland hood - a hood covering the entire head, but with openings for the eyes. At least some places it is prohibitted to wear such one in public places (but permitted when hunting, working outside in real cold, etc.) This in spite of that this hood sends no political or other signal of support to dishonesty, apartheid, suppression, terrorism, etc., like fx. the burka does. Should such things be restricted/prohibitted?

"Mein Kampf" was harsh. The Quran is harsh - its political program and morality on points is not too far from "Mein Kampf" (Islam sometimes is compared to just Nazism - fx. by the renown psychologist C. G. Young). The religion "Nazism" killed 6 million. The religion "Islam" has till now killed 270 millions + some tens of millions during slave raids, transport, and business, and it continues to kill. Symbols promoting Nazism is more or less prohibited, and as nearly forbidden socially. Should symbols promoting Islam be accepted or forbidden?





When it comes to terrorists, there is no disagreement on how to react - especially agains the ones killing children on purpose - except that parts of Islam name them heroes and prise them highly. The problem is the warriors:

1. They have fought for a political idea which at points is more harsh than even Nazism.

2. They in many cases have fought in ways far beyond the international laws/agreement for "lawful" warfare.

3. Perhaps worst: They for one thing are fanatics - if not they had not gone to Syria or wherever to fight. They have much training using weapons and explosives. How many will become terrorists at home or other places in the future?

How to react to such persons?




Generally speaking there are two groups of immigrants: The ones coming to make money, and the ones fleeing from danger. At least at the time when this is written (2017 AD), there are so many fleeing from real danger, that may be we should drop the ones seeking money, to be able to help more of the ones who really need help?

But problems remain:

1. According to international science, 2.5% of all Muhammadans have sympathy for the use of violence as a working tool. All of these – still according to science - may become dangerous. But it is impossible for us to know who is who. And 2.5% of 1.6 billion after all are 40 million.

2. Even the best of Muhammadans may get children, or grandchildren, etc. who will obey the Quran and become dangerous - wanting to kill our grandchildren or later ones, to promote Islam. It is impossible for us to know who will get such descendants, and the price for letting in wrong persons may be tall.

3. A few of the ones arriving from war zones, seems to be trained terrorists pretending to be refugees, but planning terror. Who are who? Impossible to know.

I do not like to be killed. My children or grandchildren or great grandchildren hardly will like to be killed or suppressed - or raped (Muhammadans in the West rape a lot more often than locals – perhaps because the Quran's wide permissions for it, perhaps because they reckon non-Muhammadans to be "Untermench" (Nazi German for "sub-humans"), perhaps because they so often claim that all Western women are prostitutes, and make themself believe so, or perhaps for other reasons.)

Because of all this, it may be wise - and cheaper, so that one can help more - to hep them in a Muhammadan country?





"Is then one who is brought up between trinkets, and unable to give a clear account in a dispute (to be associated with Allah)?" (43/18).  Add that in most situations a woman has half the value of a man, that a man has the right to dominate his woman/women, because he feed them, etc. (because women mostly could not work outside the home), and that rape in several cases was/is ok, plus women for sex slavery in Heaven is a central part of a man's reward in the next life, if he has been a good Muhammadan, add all this and you have the broad picture of women'sposition in Islam.

Is this acceptable in modern societies?




The Sharia laws partly are very inhuman and very unjust. How to react to the claims that Muhammadans want these laws to take over in your country, or at least that Muhammadans shall be judged by them (a judicial system for Muhammadans in your country, paralell to your ordinary system)? If Islam becomes strong enough in your country, one of these two alternatives may be the result.
In life one often is attracted by one or some moral codes or ideologies, and tries to stick to them. Within reasonable limits, this is ok. But there are at least 2 cases, when it may cause trouble:

1. When religious, moral or political, etc. ideas or ideologies become fanatism - like what is the case for many islamists. Fanatics very often are wrong, because "too little and too much are just as bad". They forget that life has many facets, and drop all the other facets – often destroying them also for other human beings - because of the ONE facet which to them is the only thing which counts - in this case the proveably made up book the Quran, and the thus as made up religion of war based on it, Islam.

2. When 2 or more moral codes or ideologies collide.

In both cases the problems and their effects will be exacerbated if one only listens to or reads arguments strengthening what one already wants to be the reality, and poh-pohs everything else - what science names "thinking, mode 1".

In this case there are moral codes like "people in need should be helped" and ideologies like "every human being are and should be treated equal", "rasism is bad", etc. What many forget or refuse to include when evaluating fx. the situation of Muhammadan refugees, are fx. to differenciate between real refugees and "economic refugees", but worse: That there also are moral codes and ideologies telling fx. : "One should be careful when there are possible real dangers", or: "Be careful not to expose other people, included your descendants to damger", and fx.: "When helping, one should do it in ways best for all, not only for one part", not to mention: "It is adviceable to take into account not only the situation today, but also what may happan in the future", and : "If there may be danger to my grandchilderen, etc., I should act accordingly".

When there are conflicting principles or moral codes, one must weigh them against one another to find the best solition, not only follow one of them blindly.

It also is pretty ironic to claim to fight racism by aiding a political "religion" at least as rasistic as Nazi Germany, the old South Africa and the old South USA - and based on a book which on many points is as harsh as "Mein Kampf", and proveably a made up book.

In this case when taking everybody and all aspects into account, it may better to help Muhammadan refugees in fx. a neighbouring Muhammadan country.


Spread this article or at least these facts as far and wide as possible, included on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more you spread it, the more it will be read. Remember: Dishonesty, apartheid, suppression, violence, terrorism, and war are such integrated in the Quran and in Islam, that it will never come to an end as long as Islam exists. Even though most Muhammadans are honest and dislike violence, the hard core will always try to obey the Quran - blind belief, and fight the "infidels" "till they pay jizya (extra tax*) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued".

The only way to stop Muhammadan terrorism for ever, is to thoroughly spread the proved facts about the Quran: That it proveably is not true that it is the words of a god, and definitely not of an omniscient god.


(Essential books:
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The 13 Proofs for that the Quran is not from a God + the Reason for the
Reasons behind Muslim Terrorism. (A booklet).)

All on Amazon, some also on the net, f.x.

This work was upload with assistance of M. A. Khan, editor of and the author of "Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery".