Islam's Manifest

1. The Quran is from the omniscient and omnipotent god, Allah. The one and only god. And Muhammad was his prophet.

2. The Quran is the TRUTH.

3. The reason why the "Biblical" texts in the Quran differ from the corresponding ones in the Bible - if they exist there - is that the Bible is falsified by the Devil and his followers, the bad infidels. And they did a thorough job: For one thing they have enlarged the texts more than 10 times (783ooo words in King James Bible, 77ooo in the Quran), and for another  only one short sentence is the same (the Quran directly tells it quotes (from Psalm 37/29): "the righteous will inherit the land", in verse 21/105). Everything else is falsified and mostly very different from the Quran, but all so cleverly done, that no follower ever discovered it, not even Jesus, even though EVERYTHING except 6 words was changed.

4. To believe in points 1, 2, and 3 is more essential than to find out if they are true.

5. To be able to believe 1, 2,  and 3 yourself, to make others stay in Islam, and to make procelytes or unbelievers believe in Islam, it is lawful to use lies (al-Taqiyya), half-truths (Kitman), and   circumventing/pretending (Hilah). (Extracted from Quran verses like 3/54, 4/142, 8/30, 10/21, 13/42, 27/50, 86/15-16. When Allah – and Muhammad - used "plotting and planning", that is the morally correct thing to do also for Muslims. Islam specifies some 10 wide cases where such lies are lawful - fx. to save your money or cheat women - (see fx. &q= uot;1000+ Mistakes in the Quran", Amazon), but in 2 cases it is directly adviced to use it "if necessary": When defe= nding or promoting Islam.

6. It also is lawful to deceive for this end. Muhammad did so – even said that "war is decite", and that nearly everything is war. And everything Muhammad said and did, is morally good, and the best things for Muslims to do.

7. Also disuse and breaking of words and even oaths are lawful for this end - pay expiation afterwards if necessary (Quran, verses like 2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2. Unconfirmed oaths clearly are ok to break. When breaking confirmed ones, you may have to pay expiation afterwards.)

8. "- - - fall into no disputes, lest ye lose heart - - -": Do not dispute religion with non-Muslims. You may learn things which makes you disbelieve Islam (8/46).

9. Overlook or explain away all facts and arguments which shows errors in the Quran. The Quran is claimed to be from an omniscient god, Allah. No omniscient god makes errors. Errors, therefore, prove that it is not from a god, so all errors must be denied, explained away, or blamed on the Devil or bad infidels (fx. 4/82, 10/37, 18/1, 2= 0/52, 41/42).

10. Point 9 is extra essential when you meet real proofs for that something is wrong in the Quran, or other proofs for that t= he Quran is not from a god, like fx. these:

Proof A: ""; lists unbelievable 1750+ wrong facts, 350+ other non-religious errors, and 300+ contradictions in the Quran. The Office for Religion, Malaysia, tried to have the book expelled from Googles, but found no errors in it serious enough to use for argument = the lists and information are correct. But no omniscient god makes 2400+ errors in his holy book. = 100% proof for that the Quran is not from a god.

Proof B: Many of the errors in the Quran are so clear and obvious, that each point alone or together with a few others, make separate proofs for that the information is not from an omniscient god. Fx. the Quran's picture of the Earth and the rest of the universe. Or when the Quran some places claims that Allah made no miracles to prove Muhammad and his words, because real miracles would make nobody believe anyhow. Or when the Quran claims it is possible to combine 100% predestination with even a little free will for man. = The Quran not from any god.

Proof C. The Quran has 650+ points with so unclear text, that Islam even today does not know for sure exactly what is meant. No omniscient god is so bumbeling helpless that he would speak less than 100% crystal clear in such an essential book as his holy book. = The Quran not from a god.

Proof D. The Quran has much "Biblical" stuff which differs some or much from the Bible. Muhammad claimed without any proof that the reason was that the Bible is falsified. But science knows some 13ooo scriptures and fragments from the Bible + some 32ooo orhers with reference to or quotes from Biblical texts, all older than 610 AD (when Muhammad started procelyting. All are the same as the corresponding texts in the modern Bible = there may be errors in the = Bible, but 45ooo documents and no proved falsification = 100% proof for that the Bible is not falsified. But as the Bible is proved not falsified, this proves that the "Biblical" points in the Quran which differs from the corresponding texts in the Bible, are wrong. No omniscient god knows the Bible that badly, or makes that many misquotes. = The Quran is not from a god.

Proof E. The Quran claims - like normal for serious points, no proof - that Jesus was a good and believing Muslim prophet (no. 3 after Muhammad and Abraham). But written history proves that the religion of the Jews was the Mosaic one since long before Jesus and still is, that they never had an Islamic periode, and that the Mosaic - Jewish - religion was so strong, that if Jesus had started procelyting for a pagan god, al-Lah/Allah, from a not distant country, he for one thing had gotten few followers, and for another had been executed by the Jewish clergy much earlier.  Jesus thus proveably belonged to the Mosaic - or rather Christian - religion, not to Islam. Any omniscient god had known this = the Quran is not from a god.

Proof F. The Qumran schrolls<= /span> have large parts of the Old Testament (OT) of the Bible. They are from 150-50 BC, and thus the same schriptures as Jesus read from in the Temple and in the synagogues. A prophet of a quality like Jesus is described to be, in both the Bible and the Quran, had SCHREAMED if he found the central religious scriptures there falsified!! This even more so as according to the Quran he like all other prophets received an original copy of "= the Mother of the Book" - similar to the Quran - from Heaven, and HAD to see the falsifications if they had existed. This proves that OT was not falsified at the time of Jesus (NT was not written yet), and those texts are the same like in the modern Bible = the Quran once more not from any god. (It also proves that OT cannot have been falsified by Ezra, like Muslims often claim.)

Proof G. The Quran claims - without proofs - that Islam is the original religion on Earth - other religions are falsified from Islam, with fx. the Bible = falsified Quran. Science knows some 45ooo (see Proof D) scriptures relevant to the Bible + at least 5ooo other relevant traces from buildings, art, archeology, etc. from the 2 Biblical religions = 50ooo, + at least as many from other religions, all older than 610 AD, but NOT ONE SINGLE ONE FROM ISLAM that old. 100ooo : 0 = a proof of mathematical strength for that also this central point in the Quran is untrue, something any omniscient god had known = the Quran not from any god.

Proof H. Woven into all this is history. Like said it proves that there are 100ooo+ traces older than 610 AD from religions on Earth, BUT NOT ONE SINGLE ONE THAT OLD PROVEABLY FROM ISLAM = all claims about an Islam older than 610 AD - a central point in Islam - are untrue. Any omniscient god had known this = the Quran not from a god.

Proof I. The Quran claims both that Allah predestines everything, and predestines it according to a divine Plan "nobody and and nothing can change", (necessary in order to make warriors believe that raids and wars were not dangerous), but that man also has free will (necessary to be able to blame them for things which happened, and to make Allah look fair when he gave reward or punishment for words and deeds he had forced them by predestination to say or do). But full predestination is impossible to combine with even a little free will for man, even for a god. A man with free will always could change his mind one more time. No god stumbeles on that elementary logical laws = the Quran not from a god.

Proof J. The book "Muhammad Lying in the Quran", Amazon, lists some 100 points where Muhammad clearly or proveably lies in the Quran. But no omniscient and omnipotent god for one thing needs to lie in his "holy" book, and for another thing under no circumstances would do so, because he would loose credence at once, after one or two lies, not to mention 100, were discovered by his followers. = The Quran not from a god.

Proof K. The Quran some places states that Allah predestines everything concerning your life, included if you are to end in Heaven or Hell, and the time of your death. These two points are among the ones Allah predestines when you are a 4 months old fetus, and nobody and nothing can change this. Therefore you can as well follow Muhammad/leaders on raids and into battles, because you will not die until on your predestined day, and then you will die whether you fight in a battle, are tilling your field, or sleeping in your bed - and doing battles or raids you may become rich from loot, extortion and slaves. (Nothing is said about f.x. becoming a cripple from wounds.) Any - any- statitician today easily can prove that it is more dangerous to fight in a battle than to till a field or sleep. Any omniscient god knows more than a statititian. = One more proof for that the Quran is not from a god.

The only possible conclusion from these 11 and more proofs - proofs - is: The Quran is not from a god = no god behind Islam &= nbsp;= no god behind Muslim terrorism. This proved fact that there is no god behind the terrorism, is a fact everybody should spread far and wide,  because Muslim terrorism will not come to an end until it first comes to an end that "idealists" want to obey the bloody damands<= /span>, orders and moral codes of the Quran, and Muhammad's words and example.

10. It is a lie that full predestination makes it impossible for Allah to punish, as to punish means to change Allah's Plan, which nobody and nothing can change. (If there is no change, there is no real punishment.) Punishment is a stated truth in the Quran, but the Devil and infidels make lies like this about it.

11. It is a lie that full predestination makes it impossible for Allah to reward, because to reward means to change Allah's Plan, which nobody and nothing can change. (If there is no change, there is no real reward - fx. a predestined reward is no reward, but theater). Reward is a stated truth in the Quran,  but the Devil and infidels make lies about it. When something is said in the Quran, it is true!

12. It is a lie that full predestination makes forgiving impossible, because it means to change Allah's Plan, which nobody and nothing can change. Forgiving is a stated truth in the Quran - anything else is lies from the Devil and infidels.

13. It is a lie that full predestination makes it impossible for Allah to react to prayers, because to comply with prayers and give the one who prays betterments - which is the intention with all prayers - means changes to Allah's Plan, which nobody and nothing can change. It is stated in the Quran that prayers to Allah have effect, and then it is the truth. But the Devil and infidels make lies like this about it.

14. It is a lie that inbreeding - close relatives marry and marry through centuries - may have reduced physical or mental health or IQ in Muslim areas where this has been practised through centuries. The Quran mentions no such danger, and it thus this rumor is one of the unbelievers' lies.

15. It is a lie that Islam's war culture through 1400 years - 50 generations - can have have influenced the DNA of Muslims. A culture favouring the harsh warriors, plus that the hardest and most ruthless warriors had best chance to survive and multiply - and become rich enough to have more women and multiply even more. The Quran does not tell that this can influence DNA towards more inhuman personalities, or towards brutality instead of towards rational brains, and thus it is not true.

16. It is a lie when the book "Verses of War in the Quran" lists  300+ points in the Quran glorifying violence  against and killing and suppression of all  infidels who do not want to become Muslims. And it is an even bigger lie when it lists 300+ points demanding or ordering the same (less than 600 together, because of some overlap). Islam IS THE RELIGION OF PEACE, AND NEVER ATTACK ANYBODY OR INOCENT ONES EXCEPT IN SELF DEFENCE. But of course in the widest meaning of "self defence". Of course we may defend ourself fx. against those who give negative information - true or not - about Islam, or who refuse to believe in Allah, and defend ourselves by armed attack on them - "attack is the best defence". Parts of Islam have rediscovered the old judgements agreed on by all the 4 Muslim "Law Schools", that the fact that the opponents are not Muslims, is a lawful reason for attacking them, robbing them, enslaving them (fx. warriors taking sex slaves), killing them, and introducing them to Islam.

17. It is a black lie when unbelievers claim that through the times large parts of Muslim warriors have taken parts in raids and wars totally or partly because they wanted to steal and rob and rape and take slaves. To loote, extort, and take slaves is a legal part of raids and wars, and no sin, but lawful and good - proved both by Muhammad's example and by the Quran (fx. 3/174, 8/1, 8/69, 48/15).  Also sex with slaves and captives is lawful and good and not immoral, because Muhammad did so, and also the Quran rewards warriors with permitting this (fx. 4/24, 8/69, 23/6, 33/50, 70/30) . But it of course never is rape, but always free will from the women or children. But that is no problem, as most non-Muslim women are prostitutes - you see it from how freely they behave when together with men, and from how indecently they dress - fx. not one hijab or burka - and prostitutes like sex, even when forced on them. But there never was a warrior taking parts in raids or wars for such reasons - only for self defence, for freeing suppressed Muslims, or for giving unbelievers a chance to become believers.

18. It also is a lie when you in "1000+ Comments on the Quran" find 900+ points from the Quran describing all non-Muslims as bad people and low quality - so negative descriptions, that it becomes distasteful for strong believers to mix too much with them or to be integrated among them. Bad unbelievers, perhaps helped by the Devil, have twisted the texts. The Quran only tells the truth, also about the Infidels. It is a total lie that the Quran in texts like the ones quoted in this case, promote discrimination or apartheid. There is no apartheid in Islam, only natural differences caused by more or less strong belief - or no belief - in Allah and Muhammad. And there is nothing in the Quran adverse to contact with or integration in non-Muslim cultures, at least not as long as integration goes by the Quran's rules.

19. Another lie is that the 950 points in that book describing Muslims as mainly good and good quality, contains incitements to violence, stealing/looting, slave taking, rape, discrimination or apartheid towards the lower levels of people. These points only are highlighting the same natural differences, etc. like in the previous paragraph.

20. We stress that it is a devilish lie, when unbelievers claim that in the Quran there are 30 or more points which directly oppose, strongly oppose, or even prohibit too close contact or integration with unbelievers and with bad Muslims, and thus making real integration for believers in fx. Western countries difficult or impossible. When fx. "1000+ Comments on the Quran"= ; find such texts fx. in (incomplete list): 3/28a,b,c, 4/89b, 4/89h, 4/139a, 4/144c, 5/51b, 5/51d, 5/80a, 5/81a, 5/81h, 6/68c, 6/106f, 6/112f, 6/137e, 7/3c, 8/73d, 9/7aa, 9/16d, 9/23b, 11/113a, 15/94a, 18/28d, 28/86c, 28/87d, 32/30b, 32/30c, 33/1, 33/61a, 33/61b, 33/61c, 33/73a, (when a verse has more than one comment, they are sub-numbered a, b, c, etc.), well, then the unbelievers have twisted the meaning of the texts. We Muslims all are interested in integration, though of course on conditions fitting us and the Quran - like stated in f.x. 9/29 and 9/33. When bad infidels claim that those 30 or more points make it difficult or impossible for real believers to become really integrated in non-Muslim societies, or that they make a joke of the unbelievers working for integrating the Muslims who have come to the West, it is dishonest disuse of Quranic texts, but this is one of many points Muslims should not mention.

21. Another lie: When relevant science states: "'One has to have a Muslim's belief to be able to believe that the quality of the Quran proves it is made by a god". And when "1000+ Comments on the Quran" adds: "Reckoned as litterature the Quran is well below 1/2 Shakespeare" (44/2d). Well, those are 2 more lies from unbelievers.

22. It is a lie when infidels claim that stories about specific foretellings claimed told by Muhammad and the Quran, and now fullfilled, are made up ones, as they fx. conflict with reality and/or with verses like 3/179, 6/50, 7/188, 10/20, 11/31, 27/50, 46/9, 72/26, 81/24. They are not lies or sins, but alternative truths permitted by the rules for al-Taqiyya (lawful lies), Kitman (lawful half truths), etc. (see point 5) - and even if it sometimes should be made up ones, al-Taqiyya, etc. are not only permitted, but adviced to use if necessary when defending or promoting Islam. It thus is slander when infidels claim that each time a Muslim tells such stories, he implisit states that Muhammad and Allah lies at least 9 plases in the Quran. Similar go for stories about miracles performed by Muhammad, in spite of that f.x. 7/188, 10/49, 72/21 tells that he did not have supernatural power to hurt or help even himself, and in spite of that the only miracle connected to Muhammd, is the delivery of the Quran, according to Islam. Essential here for us: Such al-Taqiyyas works, at least among people wanting to believe them - and they are lawful, no sin, and morally good tools.

23. It is a lie what the book "Muhammad Lying in the Quran", Amazon, lists: Some 100 points in the Quran where it is clear Muhammad lies. Muhammad never lied, except to unbelievers. He under no circumstances would lie to his followers - he did not like respect, power, women, and riches for bribery that much. And he definitely would not lie in a book claimed to be from our claimed god or to his believers!!

24. To name Muslims Muhammadans, is discrimination and Islamophoby, in spite of the fact that it is strongly proved that the Quran is not from a god, and thus that the believers are not followers of a god,  but of Muhammad.

25. All negative words about anything Islamic or Muslim are lies, discrimination, and Islamophoby, no matter whether the words are true or not. They are prohibited in some of our countries, as opposed to what the Quran, Islam and we say Muslims about unbelievers, which is the truth and should not be hindered. We try to have such hate speech against us prohibited also in infidel countries.

This work was upload with assistance of M. A. Khan, editor of and the author of "Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery".