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Chapter 105



001 The Quran tells that Allah has sent "messengers" to every people in the world through all times. It also tells that each "messenger"/"prophet" has received a copy of "the Mother of the Book" in Heaven = a Quran. 124ooo "messengers" through the times, according to Hadiths.

002 The Quran does not tell when Adam lived, but if one uses the Bible's time lines, he lived very roughly some 5ooo years before Muhammad. Science tells that modern man - Homo Sapiens - is between 160ooo and 200ooo years old - likely some 195ooo years. Our "brothers", the Neanderthals and the Denisovans may have been a bit older (the forefathers of Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthals split some 600ooo years ago, and the Denisovans split off from the Neanderthals some 400oooyears ago), and our forefathers like Homo Habilis, and Homo Erectus much older.

003 If we use the religious age - 5ooo years up to Muhammad - and if we think that each of them worked for 25 years on average, this means that there during all those 5ooo years at any time were 620 "messengers" working all over the world. If we recon the age of modern man, there at any time were 12 - 15 messengers working. But not one of them ever left one single trace neither of themselves, nor of their teaching, nor of their books. Not one. (The claimed exception are the Biblical prophets, by they were talking about Yahweh, not about Allah, and teaching a quite different religion.) For comparison science knows about some 45ooo written references to the Bible older than 610 AD, when Muhammad started his mission. And then there are the other traces in addition.

004 And there is at least one more problem: The art of writing and reading is just a few thousand years old. What did the claimed "messengers" do with the books they received in the times before this art was invented?

005 Well, one more fact: Neither science nor Islam has ever found any trace from a religion like Islam, a god like Allah, a book like the Quran, or prophets for such a religion - not in history, not in literature, not in archeology, not even in legends or fairy tales. For comparison the Jewish and the Christian - and several other religions - are traced by history deep into the old times, in litterateur you find some 45ooo scriptures or fragments 0lder than 610 AD relevant to the Bible, and then there are all the other traces.

006 The claims about all the "messengers" are pretty unlikely.

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##007 10/47c: “To every people (was sent) a Messenger - - -.” Comment A10/68 (translated from Swedish): "This verse stresses the continuity of religious revelation in mankind's history and the fact (!*) that through the times no community , period or civilization - - - has been left without prophetic guidance - - -". Neither science nor Islam has been able to find the slightest traces from such prophets (except the Jewish, and they talked about Yahweh, not about Allah) older than 610 AD. It simply is a fairy tale - if Islam is not able to prove it is true. (Actually it is a lie, because Muslim scholars know that except for the Biblical prophets, there are no traces from relevant prophets/"messengers" older than 610 AD.)

######A mathematical fact: If we operate with a normal religious time frame, Adam lived something like 5ooo years before the claimed last prophet, Muhammad. If we say that Hadiths' number 124ooo (= 620 at any time for 5ooo years or 12-15 for 160ooo-200ooo. No traces found. Believe it if you can.) had been correct, and that each of them worked for 25 years, there all the time from Adam till Muhammad should be on average 620 active prophets working for Allah around the world (more than 3 in every country during all those thousands of years). None of them (except the old Jewish ones - really working for Yahweh) left one single trace anywhere on the entire Earth. Even if you reckon the entire age of Homo Sapiens - 160ooo-200ooo years - there in case during all these eons have been 15-20 prophets working all the time. But no trace from them or a religion like Islam, a god like Allah - or a book like the Quran.

Believe it if you are able to. But it is proved by science to be not true - that many prophets HAD to leave at least some traces, but none exists.

##008 16/36c: “For We (Allah*) assuredly sent amongst every people a Messenger, (with the command), 'Serve Allah, and eschew Evil’: - - -”. The Quran insists that every people everywhere and every time through history has been sent prophets for Allah. The Hadiths mention that through the times there have been 124ooo (= 620 at any time for 5ooo years or 12-15 for 160ooo-200ooo. No traces found. Believe it if you can.) prophets or more, and even that number may be just an expression for innumerably many. But nowhere in the world - except among the Jews (and in a way in Egypt under pharaoh Akn-Aton, who only accepted the sun as god - not Allah, and the Zoroastrians in Persia) - at any time or under any circumstances there are traces of prophets preaching monotheism before year one AD (Jesus). Not in history, not in folklore, not in traditions, not in history, not in art, not in literature, not in archaeology, not any place - not even in fairy tales or legends. Especially when you compare this to the results of just two prophets: Jesus and Muhammad, it is not possible that 124ooo or more prophets through the times have left not a single trace. ####Nothing found by science, and nothing found even by Islam. ####This statement about all the prophets for Allah simply is not true.

009 16/63b: "- - - We (Allah*) (also) sent (Our Messengers) to Peoples before thee (Muhammad*) - - -". The Quran claims that all people everywhere and to all times have got prophets from Allah teaching Islam - the number 124ooo (= 620 at any time for 5ooo years or 12-15 for 160ooo-200ooo). No traces found. Believe it if you can.) prophets through the times is often mentioned. Neither science nor Islam has ever found the slightest trace from them older than 610 AD (when Muhammad started his teachings), except among the Jews and Christians, and that was about Yahweh, not Allah. (And the Zoroastrians, but also there nothing about Allah).

###010 35/24i: “- - - there never was a people, without a warner having lived among them (in the past).”

  1. 28/46: “Yet (art thou (Muhammad*) sent) as a Mercy from thy Lord (according to the Quran = Allah*) to give warning to a people to whom no warner (= prophet, messenger*) had come before - - -.” No messenger had they had, even though “every people” had had.
  2. 32/3: “Nay, it is the Truth from thy (Muhammad’s*) Lord (Allah*), that thou mayest admonish to a people to whom no warner has come before thee - - -.”
  3. 34/44: “But We (Allah*) had not given them (Arabs”*) Books which they could study, nor sent messengers to them before thee (Muhammad*) - - -.”
  4. 36/6: “In order that thou (Muhammad*) mayest admonish a people (the Arabs*) whose fathers had received no admonition - - -.”

Which verse(s) is/are wrong?

(4 contradictions).

###011 35/24j: “- - - and there never was a people, without a warner (a prophet for Allah*) having lived among them (in the past) - - -”. As said before: Neither in archaeology, nor in architecture, nor in art, nor in history, nor in literature, nor in folklore, nor in folk tales - not even in fairy tales - do we find a single trace of any teaching of monotheism before 610 AD, with two well known exceptions (Jews and Christians) and two or three less known exceptions (Pharaoh Akn-Aton, praying to the sun, a semi-Christian sect in Persia, an Arab sect around 600 AD - likely inspired by the two monotheistic religions in the area – plus the Zoroastrians after a fashion). Some places one or a few gods dominated, but no monotheism.

  1. In the Americas - absolutely nothing.
  2. In Australia - absolutely nothing.
  3. In the Pacific - absolutely nothing.
  4. In Europe - absolutely nothing except Christians and some Jews.
  5. In Africa - absolutely nothing with the exception of one single man: Pharaoh Akn-Aton - but he so definitely was not speaking about Allah. He wanted the sun for the only god. (+ Jews and Christians).
  6. In Asia - absolutely nothing, except in what we now call the Middle East: The Christians, the well known Jews and as already mentioned the Zoroastrians mainly in Persia (after a fashion) and a couple of monotheistic old sects. Of course there was Buddha, but he was/is no god, and besides he accepted that gods existed, but told they were on wrong ways not leading to nirvana - no monotheism.

124,000 (= 620 at any time for 5ooo years or 12-15 for 160,000-200,000. No traces found. Believe it if you can.) or more - the number is said to be symbolic, as there may have been more - prophets had to have left some traces somewhere, if the tale was true.

This statement simply is not true. If Islam still insists, they will have to produce strong proofs. “Strong statements demands strong evidence”, to quote science. And not just loose claims, invalid “signs” and “proofs”, and more loose statements like Islam normally produces - real proofs are needed.

But the Quran's claim is very clear.

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