Allah in the Quran, Chapter 101


Chapter 101



001 The word "love" is not much used in the Quran, and often to tell not whom Allah loves but whom he does not love, or to tell he loves the harsh and hard Muslim - the warrior. Also the very mentality you meet concerning love when reading the Quran - or Hadiths - is very different from in NT. Yahweh and Allah he same god? Jesus and Muhammad in the same religion? Guess 4 times - if you need 4 times.

Finally: Always when you read the Quran, Hadiths, and other Islamic books, you should remember that Muhammad accepted the use of and himself used dishonesty in many forms in words and deeds. Even if the names are younger, it was he who institutionalized dishonesty like al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie), Kitman (the lawful half-truth), Hilah (the lawful pretending/circumventing), the use of deceit ("war is deceit" - and "everything" is war), betrayal (f.x. the peace delegation from Khaybar), and even the disuse of oaths (2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2 - and the star case 3/54 (if Allah could cheat, cheating is ok)), which also includes the disuse of words and promises, as they are weaker than oaths = when oaths can be disused, so can words and promises. On top of this it is very clear from the Quran and all other central Islamic books, that Muhammad also liked respect and power and women. Combine these lusts with his acceptance of and personal use of dishonesty - even the gravest kinds: How reliable are that kind of men normally? - and how true and reliable are their never proved claims and tales?

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002 2/205c: "But Allah loveth not mischief". All the Muslim raids and wars and conquests through history, have made a lot of mischief and worse for hundreds of millions of humans. Did Allah love this?

Mischief in Islam frequently has another meaning compared to peaceful religions. But that is normal for war religions.

003 2/222g: "- - - Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly - - -". If he exists. If he is behind the Quran. And if the Quran tells the full and only truth here.

004 3/14a: “Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: women and sons; heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses - - - and cattle and well-tilled land”. Does this lining up of a man’s glorying in his possessions tell something about women’s position and kind of value in Muslim societies? And what about the value of books? - books are not even mentioned. We do not think the value of books (except the Bible, etc. and the Quran, etc.) is mentioned anywhere in the Quran - a fact which tells something about Muhammad and Allah and Islam. The same goes for non-religious knowledge. Also see 3/15c below.

005 3/31a: "If ye do love Allah, follow me (Muhammad) - - -". A strong version of Muhammad's mantras used to glue himself to his platform of power; his god.

006 3/31b: "If ye do love Allah, follow me (Muhammad) - - -". No comments necessary: The words of many a maker of sects and religions - and the dream for any highway-men boss, any warlord, any dictator.

007 3/31c: "If ye do love Allah, follow me (Muhammad): for Allah will love you and forgive your sins - - -". Partly strengthening his - Muhammad's - platform of power, and partly pep-talk - including a promise which was very cheap for Muhammad, especially if Allah does not exist.

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

008 3/31d: "If ye do love Allah, follow me (Muhammad): for Allah will love you and forgive your sins - - -". Allah cannot forgive sins unless he exists and is a god.

Another point is that to forgive - or for that case to punish or reward or fulfill prayers - means for Allah to change his Plan considering the sinner/person, something which according to the Quran is something nobody and nothing can make him do. See 2/187d above.

##009 3/76g: "- - - Allah loveth those who act right". How can he in case love the ones who live according to the Quran? - a number of its moral rules are obviously wrong. The "constitution" for all moral rules is: "Do onto others like you want others do onto you". Compare this to the Islamic (im)moral code - and even a number of its laws, not to mention its rules for behavior in war - and weep. The only ones not able to see the horror in it, are Muslims who have been taught that this is "good and lawful" and "our glorious rights and duties" from they were babies. Read modern religious Islamic literature meant for Muslims, and you still find these medieval and pre-medieval ways of thinking and this upside down moral - or immoral - code. This at the same time as they declare that Islam is the "religion of peace". They should mention that Islam also is the culture and mentality of 630 AD and the "Religion of al-Taqiyya" (the lawful lie) - - - and in reality "the religion of war and suppression"..

010 3/134c: "- - - Allah loves those who do good - - -". If he exists - - - and if a war god really likes really good deeds - "do onto others like you want others do onto you".

Also remember that "to do good" may mean something very different in the Quran compared to more normal religions (but that is normal for war religions).

011 3/140f: "And Allah loveth not those that do wrong". Does this also include those who live according to the immoral parts of the Qurans moral code? (For comparison: The fundamental moral imperative is: "Do onto others like you want others do onto you".)

Also remember that "to do wrong" may mean something very different in the Quran compared to more normal religions (but that is normal for war religions).

012 3/146c: “And Allah loves those who are firm and steadfast (in battle*)”. Another mighty incitement to primitive warriors – and terrorists - with strong belief.

But Mr. Bush (American president when this originally was written) and others should have remembered this about being steadfast.

013 3/148d: “For Allah loveth those who do good (in this case: To wage war for Allah and Muhammad*)”. To do battle for Allah - to steal and burn and kill and murder and destroy and rape for the good and benevolent deity - is a good thing which Allah loves. (Actually that it shall be made in the name of the god, makes it even more disgusting.) Did anyone say that modern terrorists have to twist the words of the Quran to find incitements to their deeds? And also: Muhammad got cheap warriors and gained wealth and power - in wars and robberies that really were illegal according to the Quran, as they in reality were wars of aggression, not really of defense. And they gave him the possibility to rape at least two women - Rayhana bint Amr and Safijja bint Huayay.

014 4/148b: (A160 – in English 2008 edition A161): “Allah loveth not that evil should be noised abroad in public speech - - -.” What does this mean? As it is said in a context where the book has been talking about sinners who repent and become Muslims and getting absolution (4/146-147), f.x. Rezi says this concerns slander about former, but now repented and forgiven sins. Others say it means to talk about all things evil. (Do they also mean even if what said is true?) Unclear text - especially as what is evil according to the Quran, may be ever so different from what it means in more peaceful religions with more normal moral codes.

015 5/42e: "For Allah loveth those who judge in equity". Pleas study the Quran's moral code and the sharia laws, and then read this sentence once more.

016 5/54d: "- - - a people (Muslims*) He (Allah*) will love as they will love Him - lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the Way of Allah, and never afraid of the reproaches of such as find fault". A mighty pep-talk for warfare. But the same god as you meet in NT and even in OT? - hopeless. One of the 120% proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - and Jesus and Muhammad not in the same religion (not to mention line of prophets)

And: Allah can love no-one unless he exists - and with little consequence unless he in addition is a god. Besides - how lovely is the love of a god of war?

017 7/55b: "- - - Allah loveth not those who trespass beyond bounds". According to our book, murder, rape, stealing/robbing, hate, suppression, enslaving, murder, war, etc. are mischief. Not so in the Quran. But maybe it only is against Muslims that is immoral and forbidden, and not against non-Muslims?

018 9/4c: "- - - Allah loveth the righteous". Can he then love the Muslims living according to also the immoral parts of the Quran's moral code and the unjust parts of the sharia laws?

019 9/7f: "- - - Allah doth love the righteous." As parts of the Quran and parts of Sharia are horribly unrighteous compared to all normal moral rules, do Allah then love Muslims if they live according to those points in the Quran and in Sharia?

020 16/23d: ""- - - verily He (Allah*) loveth not the arrogant". He does not even love Muslims if he does not exist.

021 19/96d: "- - - Love". This is a word not much used in the Quran, and mostly only in connection with your closest family, or telling who Allah does not love. In the NT it is the central word (" - - - but greatest is Love"). 2 very different gods. 2 very different religion.

022 30/45e: For He (Allah*) loves not those who reject Faith". One more deep difference between the Quran and NT: According to the Bible Jesus and Yahweh loves every human being and tries to give them the chance for salvation till the very end (f.x. Luke 15/8-10 + 15/11-31 and Matt. 18/12-14 + 20/8/13). Allah loves the Muslims.

023 30/45f: "For He (Allah*) loves not those who reject Faith". Allah loves no-one unless he exists. Who he loves if he belongs to the dark forces, is more difficult to say.

####024 31/15f: "- - - (- - - love) - - -". This word is very little used in the Quran - it may be symbolic that here it is inserted by the translator. And the few times it is used, it nearly without exception is used about Allah - like here - or about close relatives. Extremely different from NT. Yahweh and Allah the same god? Jesus and Muhammad in the same line of prophets (if Muhammad had been a real prophet)? Do not ask silly questions.

###025 31/18a: "- - - Allah loveth not - - -". The word "love" is little used in the Quran, but this expression - "Allah does not love" - you meet here and there in the book. One of the extremely fundamental differences between NT and the Quran, between Yahweh and Allah, between Jesus and Muhammad. Anyone claiming there are close relationship between these two groups (NT/Yahweh/Jesus - the Quran/Allah/Muhammad) simply does not know what he/she is talking about - - - or is using an al-Taqiyya (a Muslim "lawful lie").

026 31/18c: "- - - Allah loveth not any arrogant boaster". Is Muhammad an arrogant boaster when he is telling about all Allah has done and all he can do, if the tales are not true? - and they are not if Allah does not exist or if they for other reasons are made up - by dark forces or man (they are not from any god, as no god would be involved in a book as full of mistakes, contradictions, etc. as the Quran).

027 42/40c: "- - - (Allah) loweth not those who do wrong". This looks nice - until you try to find out what is wrong and what is not according to Muhammad's moral and ethical codes. To suppress victims, rape female captives, steal/rob, extort, kill was right if you could claim you do it in the name of Allah, to lie and cheat and break your oaths could be right. To refuse to go on raids or wars for the god/Muhammad, was seriously wrong. Etc. There are some large differences between the moral code in the Quran, and normal moral codes.

**028 61/4b: “Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array as if they were a solid cemented structure”. The ones who say the Quran is as good as the Bible, not to mention NT, have never read the Quran - which we can say even if we are not very Christian.

  1. A god loving mass slaughter and murderers!!!
  2. If that is a good god, I do hope I never meet a bad one.
  3. And this is the icon and ideal of Islam!
  4. Will you like to live in a Muslim society in a world ruled by such a religion? Remember in case in this connection that the Quran is not from any god - no god delivers a book of that quality.
  5. And remember: War and hate is only one part of Islam. There also are f.x. the dishonesty, the apartheid, etc.

But a mighty incitement and war propaganda mixed with romancing of war – and everyone at this time knew about spoils of war and slaves and free women to rape, etc.

But Allah never gave even one valid proof for that he was a god and loved war and warriors.

**029 61/4c: “Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array as if they were a solid cemented structure”. Muslims claiming the Quran confirms the Bible, have never tried to find sentences like this in NT. This is one of the at least 200% proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - not to mention that Jesus and Muhammad are not in the same line of anything at all of any consequence. Antipodes is a suitable word for most of the essential facts of their lives and teachings.

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