Allah in the Quran, Chapter 93


Chapter 93



001 Muhammad had a marked tendency in the Quran to claim that facts or information not in accordance with his claims/texts in the Quran, were false ones, and thus falsehood against Allah. This in spite of that not a small part of them were completely true.

A few samples follow below.

Finally: Always when you read the Quran, Hadiths, and other Islamic books, you should remember that Muhammad accepted the use of and himself used dishonesty in many forms in words and deeds. Even if the names are younger, it was he who institutionalized dishonesty like al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie), Kitman (the lawful half-truth), Hilah (the lawful pretending/circumventing), the use of deceit ("war is deceit" - and "everything" is war), betrayal (f.x. the peace delegation from Khaybar), and even the disuse of oaths (2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2 - and the star case 3/54 (if Allah could cheat, cheating is ok)), which also includes the disuse of words and promises, as they are weaker than oaths = when oaths can be disused, so can words and promises. On top of this it is very clear from the Quran and all other central Islamic books, that Muhammad also liked respect and power and women. Combine these lusts with his acceptance of and personal use of dishonesty - even the gravest kinds: How reliable are that kind of men normally? - and how true and reliable are their never proved claims and tales?

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002 2/42a: ”- - - and cover not Truth with falsehood - - -”. This is a standard Muslim expression claiming that the Bible is falsified (the only way Muhammad could and Islam can explain away all the divergences from the Bible's real texts - Muhammad relied on verbally told and retold apocryphal (made up) texts, legends, etc. which he told were from the Bible or from his god (which he wrongly and without proofs - normal for Muhammad - claimed was the same god as Yahweh), as he did not know the Bible, but these texts often were different from the real ones in the Bible) - a claim which science and even more Islam has shown is not true. (Also see 40/75.)

And remember: If the Bible is not falsified, things are seriously wrong in the Quran and thus in Islam.

The problem for Islam is that both science and Islam strongly have proved that the Bible is not falsified. (The best proof: Islam's silence about even one proved case. Lots and lots and lots of claims, but not one proved case.)

003 3/161d: “No prophet could (ever) be false to his trust. If any person is so false - - -”. Beware that the second sentence means that in reality it all the same may be possible that some prophets or "prophets" may be false to their trust - Allah - anyhow.

A fact: There have been literally tens of thousands of false prophets in this world through the times. ALL OF THEM have been false to their trust.

Another fact is that as the Quran and all its errors, etc. is not from any god - a god had known better - Muhammad was no real messenger, not to mention prophet.

004 3/71c: “Why do you (Christians/Jews*) clothe the truth with falsehood (= falsify the Bible, the Torah, and the other Jewish scriptures - this is strongly stated in the Quran, as if the Bible is not falsified, then the Quran is a falsified book - - - and the falsified parts claimed being lies against Allah*), - - -?” Always when there was a discrepancy between the Quran and the Bible, Muhammad said it was he who was right and the Jews and the Christians who had falsified the Bible (even in cases where it is clear the story in the Quran corresponds to a made up legend known in Arabia at that time) - a most convenient explanation for a man who knew little about the Bible, and the only way out he had. But does the Quran represent the truth? - with that many obvious mistakes, etc., it at most can be partly true. Also see 3/24d and 3/70d above.

"Falsehood against Allah" is a standard claim and "explanation" for it.

005 6/31a: "Lost indeed are they who treat it as a falsehood that they (humans*) must meet Allah - - -". They are lost only if the Quran is from a god, if that god is Allah, and if it in addition the Quran tells the full truth and only the truth.

006 7/152c: "- - - thus do We (Allah*) recompense those who invent (falsehood (= claims not in accordance with Muhammad's teachings = falsehood against Allah*))". What is the value and consequence of this sentence if the Quran is a made up book?

#007 10/30f: "- - - their (non-Muslims'*) invented falsehoods (false gods*) will leave them in the lurch". This only is "invented falsehood" if it really is invented. There f.x. is a reasonable chance that Yahweh exists, and Jesus is a historical fact (he f.x. is mentioned by the renown Jewish writer of contemporary history shortly after, Josephus Flavius, and by 2 others a bit later). (A small curiosity here: There exists no real proof for that Muhammad really has lived. A few scientists honestly believe he is an invention.)

Worse: There also exists no proof for the existence of Allah, only the word of a man who believed in the use of dishonesty as a working tool, and with much power, etc., to gain from making people believe in his new religion. That kind of people are not always reliable. And as the Quran is so full of errors that they prove the book is not from any god, these 3 facts make it extremely likely that Allah is a made up - false - god.

Made up gods also are falsehood against Allah according to Islam - are they right also if Allah is a made up god?

008 16/56d: "- - - your (non-Muslims*) false inventions (other gods than Allah*)". But are all of them false inventions? There f.x. is the problem of the old Jewish and Christian god Yahweh, who according to the Bible far from is a made up god, and accepted by the Quran, even though that book wrongly mixes him with Allah, even though he is in stark contrast to Allah, according to the Bible. NB: Also the Quran tells that the old Jewish and Christian god exists, though they mix up his name with their own god Allah.

And there is the contra question: Does Allah belong among the false gods? He after all is the dressed up pagan Arab god al-Lah, and his claimed holy book is so full of wrong facts and other errors, etc. that it 100% sure is not from any god.

And: If it is falsehood, is it falsehood to Allah if Allah does not exist or if he exists but is something different from what the Quran describes?

009 18/5c: “What they (the Christians*) say (about Jesus being the son of Yahweh (claimed to be another name for Allah only)*) is nothing but falsehood”. Tell that to all the witnesses who heard Jesus say so. There were so many listening to Jesus, that if a thing like this (Jesus calling Yahweh his father, and obviously in a traditional meaning - though perhaps a created, not a born son) was a lie, but was written in scripts meant for many to read, there had been serious protests and corrections. We do not say Jesus spoke the truth - even if he is accepted also by Islam to be an honest prophet. But we say it is highly unlikely that he did not say - many times - that Yahweh was his father and he himself the son of Yahweh. There simply were too many witnesses to what he said.

To tell facts not in accordance with the Quran, according to Muslims is falsehood against Allah, even if they are true facts, which have to be "explained" away. But even if the Quran and Islam deny it, many of the facts they deny are true.

010 18/15b: "Who doth more wrong than such as invent a falsehood about Allah?" The real question to this as the Quran proves it is not made by a god - too much is wrong - is: What about this if the Quran is a made up book? Not to mention: What if the Quran is made by the dark forces?

011 29/13a: "They (non-Muslims*) will bear their own burdens (of sins*), and (other) burdens along with their own, and on the Day of Judgment they will be called to account for their falsehoods (here against the religion/Allah*)". In the Quran sinners on some occasions have to carry also the burden of sins of the one you have sinned against. F.x. if you kill someone "unjustly", the victim loses the chance of being forgiven by Allah later in life, and then he/she is forgiven and you have to take over his/her burden of sins.

If this principle really is valid in a possible next life, it will have serious effect for many a Muslim if Allah is a made up god and/or the Quran has not told only and the full truth in everything. In that case all the millions of killings and murders and assassinations done by Muslims throughout times are "unjust killings" - and the killers only can hope for that there is no next life and no god judging their deeds.

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

012 31/30c: "- - - whatever else they (non-Muslims*) invoke besides Him (Allah*), is Falsehood (included a falsehood against Allah*) - - -". Well, even if we drop all other claimed gods, there still remains the problem Yahweh. If the old books tell the truth, he has proved his existence - and he is NOT the same god as Allah, like Muhammad liked to claim; fundamentally too different teachings.

013 34/8b: "Has he (Muhammad*) invented falsehood (in the Quran*) against Allah - - ?" This was in case not what they said - the pagan Arabs would say "against al-Lah". (Al-Lah was the pagan Arabs' main god - earlier the moon god (Allah's symbol even today is the crescent moon), and that god Muhammad dressed up and used only the name Allah - just a small twist on the pronunciation. Because of that he could claim they said Allah when they in reality said al-Lah. Muslims today use a similar trick when they use the name God for Allah in the west, where the name God normally is used for Yahweh. Al-Lah really means "the god" not "God" and Allah something like "the hidden one" (but used like meaning "the god"), but by using this twist they camouflage many of the differences between Yahweh and Allah - in addition to their wrong claim that Yahweh and Allah really is the same god (the differences are too many and too fundamental for that to be true)).

#########014 39/32c: "- - - utters a lie concerning Allah - - -". There is no bigger lie against Allah than the Quran, this whether he exists or not. Why we can say this so 100% sure and definitely, is that the book is so full of wrong facts, mistakes, contradictions, etc. that no god has been involved in it, not to mention a claimed omniscient god. It is not possible to say who made it, though there are good reasons for to suspect Muhammad, partly because one recognize the methods used by false prophets, partly because many of the mistakes are things one believed were correct science at his time in that area, partly because it is clear from f.x. Arabisms that it was made in or near Arabia, partly because of all the times Allah helped him with family and other personal problems, partly because he was the main benefactor, partly because it was his platform of power, and not least because the religion changed when Muhammad needed or wanted changes - f.x after fleeing to Yatrib/Medina, not to mention after the religion shortly later changed from relatively peaceful to a religion of war, dishonesty, stealing/looting, etc., Muhammad stared as a highway-man and needed warriors.

If he was mentally ill (TLE) like modern medical science suspects, he can however partly have believed in his tales and preaching himself (science suspects he may have done so in the beginning, but that his growing power later destroyed him morally). But he was too intelligent and knew too much about people not to know that he was lying some times, even in surahs and verses in the Quran. Some things there is not possible for an intelligent person knowing people to believe.

But if one believes in supernatural beings, there also is the possibility that the Quran is from the dark forces. If f.x. the Devil dressed up like the angel Gabriel, no human - included Muhammad - would have had a chance to know the difference. The partly immoral moral code, the partly unethical ethical code, the partly unjust judicial code, the permission of lying (f.x. al-Taqiyya, Kitman, Hilah, use of deceit and betrayal, disuse and breaking of words/promises/oaths, etc.), stealing/robbing, raping, suppressing, extorting, enslaving, murdering, etc., etc., may point in this direction.

What do these facts mean for the religion?

Also see 34/8b above.

As for Gabriel there is a strange fact in the Quran: He is never named in the surahs from Mecca. Not until after he came to Medina after some 13 years did Muhammad start claiming he got his information(?) and messages(?) from Gabriel. If Muhammad really had got - or even only believed he got - the claimed messages from an angel, and even a central one, this had been such a strong argument that there is no chance Muhammad had not told about this - and often - during the first difficult 13 years in Mecca. What is the explanation?


As the Quran is not from any god, it is extremely likely that Allah just is a made up, false god - the old pagan Arab god al-Lah dressed up. And if he after all exists, it is as extremely unlikely he is correctly described among all the wrong facts and errors in the Quran.

Also see 34/8b above.

015 40/78i: "- - - Falsehoods". In this and many other connections: Anything not in agreement with the Quran, no matter whether it is true or not. Claimed - but often wrongly - falsehood against reality, and often a claimed - right or wrong? - falsehood against Allah.

016 42/24d: "He (Muhammad*) has forged a falsehood against Allah?" Already at that time many saw that something was wrong with Islam - but Muhammad became military and economically too strong for them.

017 46/28d: "- - - falsehood - - -". In the Quran this word mostly means "other gods than Allah" or "other religions than Islam" - and not least "a falsehood against Allah". Neither the Quran nor Islam brings proofs for such claims. (It is clear, though, that at least the majority of Pagan religions - likely all - are made up religions. As the Quran is too full of wrong facts, contradictions, other errors, etc. to be from any god, the Question may be if Islam belongs to these.)

018 52/11a: "Then woe that Day (of Doom*) to those that treat (Truth (= the Quran/Allah*) as Falsehood - - -". If Allah is a made up god - and all the errors in the Quran at least proves that something is seriously wrong - is it then possible to make a lie against him? - perhaps except that it may be a lie against him that he exists if he does not exist.

019 56/51d: “- - - and treat (truth (the Quran/Allah*)) as Falsehood! - -”. The Quran at best is partly true (and as it is from no god with all its errors, hardly true at all). Similar claim in 56/92. Also see 13/1g, 40/75 and others.

020 61/7a: "Who doth greater wrong than one who invents falsehood against Allah?" What about someone who invents a book and claims it is from Allah? - is it bad also if Allah does not exist? - what if the invented book in case denies people access to a real god (if such one exists) - is that as bad or worse?

Or what about doing wrong to Yahweh if he exists and is the real god?

021 64/10b: "- - - those who - - - treat Our (Allah's*) Signs as falsehood - - -". Another of Muhammad's many negative names for non-Muslims.

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