Allah in the Quran, Chapter 85


Chapter 85



001 You will meet Muslims claiming Islam had as a goal to stop slavery. To use a polite word, that is bullshit. There is total acceptance of slavery in the Quran, with the small remark that it was reckoned to be a good deed to set free a slave - at least a Muslim one. Which means that they knew slavery was something bad (if not it had not been a good thing so set free slaves). In addition Muhammad took and gave away and accepted as gift and traded - and raped (at least Rayhana bint Amr and Safijja bint Huayay) - slaves, and whatever Muhammad said and did, still is right and just and morally completely ok. Muhammad also personally had at least 2 slaves: Marieh (from Egypt) and Rayhana bint Amr. It seems he mainly had them for sexual use.

002 The Muslim world was forced backward and kicking and screaming into abolishing slavery, by western ideas and powers - the last one (Mauritania) as late as in unbelievable 1982 (and it did not become a punishable crime there until in even more unbelievable 2007 AD). Besides UN published a report a few years ago telling that in the world at that time there were some 24 million people "living as slaves or under slave-like conditions". A good proportion of them in Muslim areas (well, Europe was not 100% clean, too - some 700ooo (but totally illegal) - but with much to go on compared to the Muslim areas (and there are a lot of Muslims in Europe, too)).

003 There are two things you can be absolutely sure of when it comes to slavery:

A. If not western ideas and western powers had forced the Muslims to stop slavery, official slavery had existed - likely flourished many places - also today.

B. If Islam gets world dominance, slavery automatically will return over a little time - the Quran is so accepting to slavery and Muhammad such a perfect moral alibi, that it will not be possible to stop it.

004 Another question is: If the majority becomes Muslims, who will be the masters and who the slaves? - people of the north and f.x. the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans are harder workers and more industrious than the average in much of what is now the Muslim area. Surprises may surface in case.

######## Another - and serious - point is that to "explain" that the Quran means something different from what it really says (f.x. that it always was the Quran's intention to finish slavery), is to corrupt it.

Also: What is sure, is that no god ever made a holy book as full of wrong facts, other errors, contradictions, unclear language, etc. as the Quran. #### Besides: Which one of the 20-30 known versions accepted by Islam of the Quran (see 15/9c) - if any (and there were even more versions through the times) - is in case the correct one?

Finally: Always when you read the Quran, Hadiths, and other Islamic books, you should remember that Muhammad accepted the use of and himself used dishonesty in many forms in words and deeds. Even if the names are younger, it was he who institutionalized dishonesty like al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie), Kitman (the lawful half-truth), Hilah (the lawful pretending/circumventing), the use of deceit ("war is deceit" - and "everything" is war), betrayal (f.x. the peace delegation from Khaybar), and even the disuse of oaths (2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2 - and the star case 3/54 (if Allah could cheat, cheating is ok)), which also includes the disuse of words and promises, as they are weaker than oaths = when oaths can be disused, so can words and promises. On top of this it is very clear from the Quran and all other central Islamic books, that Muhammad also liked respect and power and women. Combine these lusts with his acceptance of and personal use of dishonesty - even the gravest kinds: How reliable are that kind of men normally? - and how true and reliable are their never proved claims and tales?

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005 8/70b: “O Prophet! Say to those who are captives in your hands: ‘If Allah findeth any good in your hearts, He will give you something better than what has been taken from you - - -.” Muhammad was a great taker of slaves, and here he promises the slaves a better life in Paradise if they behave and work – the always cheap words. Some religion.

006 16/71e: "Will they (rich Muslims*) then deny the favors of Allah". An arrangement giving others, or slaves, part in the riches, is an insult - denying Allah's favors - to Allah. No further comments.

007 16/75a: “Allah set forth the Parable (of two men: one) a slave (here aka "infidel") under the dominion of the other - - - and (the other) a man (= Muslim*) on whom We (Allah*) have bestowed goodly favors from Ourselves, and he spends thereof (freely), privately and publicly: are the two equal?” A rhetoric question with only one answer – of course "we" are better than those who are slaves under pagan gods. (Though it is an open question who really were/are blind slaves under their religion – the Pagans/People of the Book or the Muslims? In intense and extreme sects the followers frequently are informal slaves of the leaders – not of the god(s) but of the leader(s)).

##008 16/75b: “- - - a slave under the dominion of another - - - a man on whom We (Allah*) have bestowed goodly favors - - - are the two equal? (By no means); praise be to Allah.” #############This “praise be to Allah,” tells many pages about the Muslims’ evaluation of slaves and of fellow non-Muslim humans.

#009 33/26g: "- - - some (the Jewish men and male youths*) ye (Muslim's*) slew, and some (= the Jewish women and children) ye made prisoners." The word "slave" is a loaded word today - and Muslims not always 100% honest. Muhammad did not make them prisoners, but slaves, and he sold and gave them away. Muhammad also personally raped first Rayhana bint Amr, and when Khaybar finally was taken a couple of years later, Safijja bint Huayay - Safijja was 17, and married very shortly before - and Muhammad raped her after he had tortured her husband Kinana to death (he lit a fire on his chest, let it burn till Kinana was practically dead, and then beheaded him - he believed Kinana knew about hidden money Muhammad wanted to steal). We do not know if he raped more women - or children - but the casual way his men reacted to the rapes, may indicate something. Muslims are very right: Muhammad is a moral idol for Muslims - Islam after all is a war religion.

And not to forget: He murdered between 600 and 900 - likely some 700 - Jewish adults and men.

010 33/27a: (Continued from 33/26 above): "And He (Allah*) made you heirs of their land, their houses, their goods, and of land ye had not frequented (before) - - -". Muhammad "on the war-path" stole everything - in this case (Medina and Khaybar) also their homes and land - - - in addition to making the women and children slaves and murdering the men (some 700 men and youths in Khaybar).

Muhammad was very different from Jesus. Very.

011 33/27b: “And He (Allah*) made you heirs of their land, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things”. Some rich spoils of war can justify much, and quiet many a man’s conscience - especially when a god sanctifies it. Could such things happen today or in the future? - we do not mention names like Darfur or Indonesia or East Timor or the Turks against Christian underlings around 1900 AD - f.x. in Armenia and Smyrna. It is accepted in the Quran as "lawful and good" and the Quran cannot be changed - a fact those forget who talks about liberalizing Islam. If Islam gains the upper hand, things like this may happen again, as it is part of the Quran's unchangeable and partly immoral moral code.

And like Muhammad did against the Jews in and around Medina - stealing even their farms and houses (mad Muslims "heirs" of it) - Islam frequently did other places later = one more incitement for warriors to go to war and perhaps "inherit" a farm or something.

Muhammad was very different from Jesus. Very. And living in a totally different religion.

###012 33/51g: "- - - Allah is All-Knowing - - -". How can it then be possible he does not know that to be made a slave is destroying for the life of any human? - and how can it be possible that he does not know that to be raped is destroying for the life of a woman - not to mention a child?. Or does he know, but does not care as long as his warriors and terrorists get money and pleasure and power?

013 76/8b: “And they feed, for the love of Allah - - - the captive - - -". Captives - slaves - is an accepted part of the Quran's teaching. And they did not only feed them - captives mainly were taken for 3 reasons: Extortion if the captive’s family had money, slave work, or sex/rape.

As for slaves there also is a deep difference between the Quran and NT: NT accepted that slavery at that time was a part of reality. The Quran promotes slavery actively as part of the reward for warriors - and income for the leaders - a reward including permission to rape women and girls if you take them captives/slaves. Jesus and Muhammad definitely were not in the same religion.

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