Allah in the Quran, Chapter 58


Chapter 58



001 It is normal for religions that there exist rewards for the good persons and punishment for the bad ones. This also is the case in Islam. Like so many religions the rules are at least partly formed by the culture it grew from - here a harsh culture of war (though wars and battles in Arabia normally were far less bloody than they became after Muhammad and Islam took over). And like so many religions and sects started by one person, Islam was heavily influenced by the thinking of the one who started it - and Muhammad was a man who liked respect, power, obedience, riches for bribes for more power, and women (all this is very easy to see from the Quran and from Hadiths). Islam was for Muhammad what communism was for Lenin and Stalin and Mao: Something they may have believed in the start, but later mainly a platform for respect and power - and the threat of punishment is a mighty weapon for leaders.

002 But Muhammad and Islam have a serious problem here - a problem none of them mentioned or mentions: Allah's full predestination and his Plan which nobody and nothing can change.

003 Allah predestines every detail of your life, and he does so early. According to Hadiths he does this when you are a 4 month old fetus - 5 months before you are even born.

004 But if it is he who has decided what you are to do, and you in reality only is a puppet-on-a-string, how can he then be fair, if he punishes you - or reward you - for deeds he has decided on and forced you to do? (Oh, Islam also talks about free will, but free will - even partly free will - and full predestination, is not possible to combine. They are mutually excluding each other, and maximum one of them can be true, this no matter what the Quran says. Muslims and Islam try several "explanations" and evasions, but it is even theoretically impossible for both to be true.)

005 Allah is very far from being a fair god if he first forces and predestines people to do something, and then sends them to Hell afterwards, for deeds he has forced and predestined them to do.

006 But if Islam in reality is made up by Muhammad, one may suspect that he needed predestination to make it seem not dangerous for his followers to rob and raid and wage war - hence the predestination. But he also needed warnings about punishment for the unwilling or disobedient to stay in line - hence punishment for "bad" deeds. The two are even theoretically impossible to combine, but his early followers were primitive people - and perhaps more interested in loot and rape and slave taking than in thinking - and did not react to the impossibility. And later generations were indoctrinated from they were babies, and overlooked or explained away the impossibility - just like they try to do today.

007 One further proof for this is that Muslim thinkers have given in to find an explanation, except the lame one: "It has to be true, because it is said in the Quran". (There exist claimed "explanations", but they are made by al-Taqiyya or small brains, and believed in by even smaller brains or by brains not in use.)

008 If full predestination exists - like the Quran claims several places - fair punishment (or reward) is an impossibility, as they were forced on you by Allah and his Plan. They also are impossible for Allah to perform, as they will cause changes in Allah's predestined Plan, changes which are impossible according to many verses in the Quran (and the same for forgiving or f.x. any effect of prayers - even theoretically impossible to combine with full predestination).

Finally: Always when you read the Quran, Hadiths, and other Islamic books, you should remember that Muhammad accepted the use of and himself used dishonesty in many forms in words and deeds. Even if the names are younger, it was he who institutionalized dishonesty like al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie), Kitman (the lawful half-truth), Hilah (the lawful pretending/circumventing), the use of deceit ("war is deceit" - and "everything" is war), betrayal (f.x. the peace delegation from Khaybar), and even the disuse of oaths (2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2 - and the star case 3/54 (if Allah could cheat, cheating is ok)), which also includes the disuse of words and promises, as they are weaker than oaths = when oaths can be disused, so can words and promises. On top of this it is very clear from the Quran and all other central Islamic books, that Muhammad also liked respect and power and women. Combine these lusts with his acceptance of and personal use of dishonesty - even the gravest kinds: How reliable are that kind of men normally? - and how true and reliable are their never proved claims and tales?

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

009 2/165h: "- - - Allah will strongly enforce the Penalty". See 3/77b below.

010 2/187g: "Those are the limits (set by) Allah - - -". Allah may have set them if he exists and is a major god. But who has set them if not?

011 2/196e: "- - - Allah is strict in punishment". See 3/77b below.

012 2/211e: "- - - Allah is strict in punishment". See 3/77b below.

013 2/270a: "- - - be sure Allah knows it all". - and will reward you for it. The carrot. Also see 2/233h above and 35/38b below.

But remember as for punishments and rewards - and forgiving: They cannot be given unless there are made changes in the Plan of Allah, which several verses in the Quran states nobody and nothing can make. (A predestined reward is not a reward, but theater.)

014 3/11c: "- - - Allah is strict in punishment". See 3/77b below.

015 3/129d: "- - - (Allah*) punisheth whom He pleaseth - - -". Similar to 3/129c just above.

As for punishment see 4/43h and 4/64g below.

016 4/100f: "- - - his (dead Muslim*) reward becomes due and sure with Allah - - -". This only is possible if Allah exists and if he really is a god - there only are the words of a not reliable man seeking power, for both.

But as so much is wrong in the Quran that the book definitely is not from any god, no reward from Allah is sure.

But remember as for punishment and rewards - and forgiving: They cannot be given unless there are made changes in the Plan of Allah, which several verses in the Quran states nobody and nothing can make. (A predestined reward is not a reward, but theater.) Something is wrong.

017 4/104c: "- - - ye (Muslims*) have hope from Allah, while they (non-Muslims*) have none". Wrong. They had hope in their god/gods. But one of these two parts likely was wrong - perhaps both. The point is contradicted by the Bible. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just lose claims and as lose and invalid words, like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

###018 4/148a: "What can Allah gain by your punishment, if ye are grateful and ye believe?" Yes, that is one of the big mysteries if it is true like the Quran claims many places, that Allah predestines everything, included everything every human say and do, and all the same he predestine that many will have to live a life sending them to Hell.

##019 5/18d: “Why then doth He (the god*) punish you for your sins (if he loves you*)”. Wrong psychology, and a naïve question, as anyone knows you sometimes have to punish even children you love, to teach them how to behave.

020 5/18f: "He (Allah*) forgiveth whom He pleaseth, and punish whom He pleaseth". Whereas the Christian god according to the Bible forgives anyone who regrets honestly and tries to make amends, and punishes only those who deserve it. The same god? Guess twice.

As for Allah forgiving: Also see 2/187d and 67/9c above.

021 5/40e: "He (Allah*) punisheth whom He pleaseth, and He forgiveth whom He pleaseth - - -". If you think the world is unjust, remember that it is Allah in his unfathomable wisdom who runs it - and accept that Allah is just even if you do not understand it. At least according to Muhammad.

As for Allah forgiving: Also see 2/187d and 67/9c above.

022 5/98a: "- - - Allah is strict in punishment - - -". See 3/77b above.

023 6/15a: "I (Muhammad*) would, if I disobeyed my Lord (Allah*), indeed have fear of the Penalty - - -". Only if Allah exists and is correctly described in the Quran. But if f.x. the book is made up, what had Muhammad to fear if he knew it?

024 6/47a: "Think ye (people*), if the punishment of Allah comes to you - - - will any be destroyed except those who do wrong?" The tsunami of 26. Dec. 2004 hit Muslims much harder than all other religions put together. The numbers are unsure, but some 250ooo+ vs. some 50ooo. Were all those 250ooo+ Muslims bad people?

025 6/47b: "Think ye (people*), if the punishment of Allah comes to you - - - will any be destroyed except those who do wrong?" Remember this in the cases in the Quran where Muhammad explains that the reason why Allah did not punish non-Muslims, was that he would not risk hurting Muslims at the same time (an "explanation" which in case shows that Allah is not omnipotent).

026 6/139d: "- - - He (Allah*) will soon punish them (non-Muslims*) - - -". See 3/77b above.

027 6/165d: "- - - thy (people's/Muslims'*) Lord (Allah*) is quick in punishment - - -". See 3/77b above.

028 7/99d: "- - - those (doomed) to ruin!" But Allah only can doom somebody if he exists and in addition is a god - - - and in addition his predestined Plan cannot be changed.

029 7/130a: “We (indicated Allah*) punished the people of the Pharaoh with years (of draught) - - -.” There is nowhere said directly how long time it took Moses to get his people free and out of Egypt neither in the Quran nor in the Bible. But the few sources indicate a limited time. The Bible has one piece of information which gives a clear indication – and we had better once more mention that science has proved beyond any legal and reasonable and any unreasonable doubt that the Bible never was falsified, in spite of never documented lose claims and lose statement from the Quran and from Islam. Moses was 80 years old when he came to the Pharaoh to get the freedom for the Jews. Afterwards he and his people spent 40 years in Sinai, and he died 120 years old – which means it must have taken less than one year, perhaps weeks or a few months, because if not, the numbers do not add up. Also the texts in the Bible indicate weeks or months, even though it is not directly said. Further there is no mentioning of draught or shortness of food or anything else in the Bible, connected to this incident. This verse may be a mix up with Joseph and the 7 bad years 430-440 years earlier.

030 7/152c: "- - - thus do We (Allah*) recompense those who invent (falsehood (= claims or facts not in accordance with Muhammad's teachings*))". What is the value and consequence of this sentence, if the Quran is a made up book (with a made up god)?

031 7/156a: "With My (Allah's*) punishment I visit whom I will - - -". A small distinction from Yahweh, who visits only those who deserves it, according to the Bible.

032 7/182-183b: "Those who reject Our (Allah's*) Signs - - - Respite will I grant unto them - - -". This also is the standard explanation in the Quran for why non-Muslims often have a better life than Muslims; it is Allah who in his wisdom has decided it like this - given them respite. But sooth yourself; they will be punished and you better off than them in the claimed next life at least.

033 8/35d: "Taste ye (the pagans of Mecca before Muhammad took over*) the Penalty because ye blasphemed". If Allah is a made up god, blasphemy was/is impossible - there is no way of blaspheming a non-existent god. See 3/77b above.

034 8/48b: "- - - for Allah is strict in punishment." A strong reminder: Be good, be obedient, fight in battle - if not Allah will punish you strictly. The good and benevolent "Religion of Peace"? Also see 3/77b above.

035 8/52f: "- - - Allah is strong, and strict in punishment - - -". See 3/77b above.

036 9/68e: "- - - for them (the ones not really believing in Muhammad and his Islam*) is the curse of Allah, and an enduring punishment". See 3/77b above.

##037 9/85b: “Allah’s plan is to punish them (the ones not wanting to go to war*) with these things in this world, and that their souls may perish in their (very) denial of Allah”. Refusing war means:

  1. Social contempt.
  2. To most likely end in Hell.
  3. To deny Allah.

Is it possible to put more social and religious pressure on a man to make him go to war - willingly or not? Anyone saying Islam is peaceful, either has not read the Quran, is repeating “correct” words but wrong meanings, or is a Muslim (who believes it or not believes it).

038 9/85c: "- - - their (non-Muslims'*) souls may perish in their (very) denial of Allah". Similar are often claimed, but never proved - and wrong unless Allah really exist and is correctly described in the Quran.

039 11/48b: "- - - Peoples (non-Muslims*) whom We (Allah*) shall grant their (some people*) pleasures (for a time), but in the end will a grievous Penalty reach them from Us (Allah*)". Muhammad's standard explanation for why non-Muslims often had a better life than Muslims: It was/is Allah's unfathomable decision - but take comfort; he will punish them in the end, and you will come out on top. There is much comfort to be found in such a belief, especially for small souls.

040 12/110c: "- - - Our (Allah's*) punishment - - -". See 3/77b above.

041 13/6g: "And verily thy (people's*) Lord (Allah*) is (also) strict in punishment". See 3/77b above.

042 13/11d: "But when (once) Allah willeth a people's punishment, there can be no turning back - - -". Allah decides, and his decisions are final - nothing can change them.

043 13/18c: "But these who does not respond to Him (Allah*) (are lost*)." See 13/18a above.

044 13/32e: "- - - finally I (Allah*) punished them: then how (terrible) was My requital!" See 3/77b above.

045 15/50a: "- - - My (Allah's*) Penalty" - - - does not exist unless Allah exists - but may well exist even if he in case may be belongs to the dark forces.

046 16/1d: "- - - seek ye (non-Muslims*) not to hasten it (the command of Allah*) - - -". Some opponents asked Muhammad for proofs for his new religion, and one way they used, was to dare him to ask his god to punish them or something similar - something Muhammad did not like, because he was unable to prove anything at all. This simply is fast-talk to gloss over this inability and lack of proofs.

047 17/8e: "- - - (- - - Our (Allah's*) punishment - - -". Not possible unless he exists (but easily possible even if he is part of the dark forces).

048 17/10b: "- - - We (Allah*) have prepared for them (non-Muslims*) a Penalty - - -". If he exists - if not, this just is a bluff from someone.

049 17/54b: “- - - If He (Allah*) please, He granteth you mercy, or if He please, punishment - - -”. No matter what outcome this sentence is sure to be right. Really a good sentence for f.x. Muhammad - always right no matter what happens. But it proves nothing.

050 19/79b: "- - - and We (Allah*) shall add and add to his (non-Muslim's*) punishment". See 3/77b above.

051 20/48b: "Verily it has been revealed to us (Moses and Aaron*) that the Penalty (awaits) those who reject (guidance (= Islam*)) and turn away". In the Bible there is no religious debate here - only the demand to "let my people go".

052 20/129a: “Had it not been for a Word that went forth before from thy (Muslims‘*) Lord (Allah*), (their punishment) must necessarily have come; but there is a Term appointed (for respite)”. Allah has decided the time (according to his Plan), and cannot change it - may be to give the culprits a chance to become Muslims, but other places the Quran tells Allah makes it hard or impossible for some non-Muslims to find the way to Allah. Predestination.

053 21/12b: "- - - when they (non-Muslims*) felt Our (Allah's*) punishment (coming) - - -". There also (see 21/9b) never was one single proved case of Allah punishing anybody. Lots and lots of claims, but never one single proved case.

054 21/12c: "- - - Our (Allah's*) punishment - - -". Not possible unless he exists. (But beware that if he exists and belongs to the dark forces, it is possible. (He does not belong to the heaven if he is behind the Quran, as too much is wrong in that book)).

055 21/29d: "- - - thus do We (Allah*) reward those who do wrong". Allah only can do anything if he exists. And in this case he in addition can act only against the ones who do wrong, according to Muhammad's words - - - and f.x. Yahweh seldom does anything wrong according to both the Quran (who wrongly mixes him up with Allah) and the Bible.

Besides it is not possible for Allah neither to reward nor to punish anyone, unless this means changes to his Predestined Plan. But this Plan nothing and nobody can change, according to the Quran.

056 22/48c: "In the end I (Allah*) punished them (non-Muslims*)". A bit similar to 3/77b above.

057 23/64b: "Until We (Allah*) seize in Punishment - - -". Contradicted by the Bible, which says it is Yahweh who rules at the Day of Doom, not Allah. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just lose claims and as lose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

058 23/64c: "Until We (Allah*) seize in Punishment those of them (bad people*) who received the good things of this world - - -". This is a subject Muhammad often returned to: The reason why what he claimed were bad people, could have a good life whereas good Muslims often had a miserable one, was that the wise Allah in his deep wisdom and for reasons mere humans could not understand, had decided it so. But be soothed - he will punish them in the next life if not before, and then you will be the better off. "Schadenfreude" helps quite a lot - good psychology.

059 24/39d: "- - - he (a non-Muslim*) finds Allah (ever) with him (intending punishment*) - - -". This only may - may - be true if Allah exists and is something supernatural - white or dark.

060 24/63h: "- - - grievous Penalty - - -". See 3/77b above.

061 25/37d: "- - - We (Allah') have prepared for (all) wrongdoers a grievous Penalty". Who wants to befriend such people? (It is easy to forget that it only is true if Allah exists and is a major god - and if the Quran in addition has described him correctly.)

062 26/213b: "So call on no other deity with Allah, or thou wilt be among those under the Penalty." Sure - if the Quran is correct. Also see 3/77b above.

063 28/61d: "- - - one to whom We (Allah*) have given the good things of this life, but who, on the Day of Judgment, is to be brought up (for punishment) - - -". Muhammad's standard explanations for why some non-Muslims had a good life, whereas some Muslims had a miserable one: Allah’s unfathomable decision. But sooth yourself: They will be punished in the end, and Muslims come out on top. (This is a strange fact: In all ideologies the leaders tell that the ones who obeys them and follow the ideology, are the ones who will in some way or other come out on top).

064 28/80d: "The reward of Allah (in the Hereafter) is best - - -". If Allah exists, and if the Quran tells the full truth and only the truth at this point.

065 29/21a: "He (Allah*) punishes whom He pleases - - -(remember here that according to Hadiths, he f.x. decides who is to end in Hell, 5 months before they are even born)". Contrasting NT where Yahweh punishes only the ones who deserves it - even up to the last moment salvation is possible.

066 30/47g: "- - - We (Allah*) meted out Retribution - - -". See 3/77b above.

067 31/24a: "We (Allah*) grant them (well off non-Muslims*) their pleasure for a while: in the end shall we drive them to their chastisement unrelenting." There is a saying: "Good luck is good, but others' bad luck is not too bad either" - especially when you are envious. Muhammad was a good knower of humans and utilized this psychological effect frequently. This also was Muhammad's standard explanation for why some "bad" persons had a good life, whereas good Muslims sometimes had a bad one - Allah's unfathomable wisdom.

068 33/24c: “- - - Allah may reward the men of Truth (Muslims*) - - - and punish the Hypocrites if that be His Will - - -”. A sure way to always have an explanation: "If that be Allah’s will". And the same can explain any injustice Allah or Muhammad would not - or could not - rectify.

069 35/45b: "If Allah were to punish - - -". Impossible unless he exists and is something supernatural.

070 37/31c: "- - - the Word of our (bad people*) Lord (Allah*) that we shall indeed (have to) taste (the punishment of our sins)". It is said so in the Quran. But as the Quran is not from a god, then from who are these words in reality? - from Muhammad? - from Iblis/the Devil? - or from someone or something else?

071 37/34b: "Verily that is how We (Allah*) shall deal with Sinners". If Allah is reality, and if there is reality and truth in the Quran. Also see 37/12b above.

072 38/16c: "Hasten to us (some skeptics') our sentence (even before the Day of Account". Some of the skeptics challenged Muhammad to have his god send punishment over them to prove his claims. Muhammad never was able to do so, or in any other way prove anything of any consequence.

##73 40/55j: “- - - Praises thy Lord in the evening and in the morning.” This with prayers at fixed times of the day - actually there are 5 a day - was so essential for Allah, that they became one of the 5 main pillar for his religion. Whereas Yahweh was totally uninterested in that kind of formalism - pray when there was a wish or a need. One more of the 100% proofs for that Yahweh and Allah were not the same god.

As for the value of prayers in Islam, also see 62/9c. And if you combine 62/9c with 67/9c - a strong one - you get something thought-provoking. (And relevant here: Muslims often are taught that a question or problem which really can have only one valid solutions, can have 2 or more true and correct solutions - Islam is forced to teach this, because if not many of the mistakes and contradictions in the Quran become too obvious. But this ONLY is true if parallel true solutions are possible. F.x. in cases where 2 or more possible solutions are mutually excluding each other, maximum 1 of the mutually excluding ones can be true. Islam teaches differently. It should be a bit thought provoking for Muslims, that just this "small" difference in theoretical thinking and teaching, was one of the reasons (there were several of course) for why Europe and the West exploded into the Technical Revolution, while the Muslim area stagnated). Two star examples are: 1): Full predestination is not possible even for an omnipotent god to combine with even the smallest piece of free will for man - the two are mutually excluding. Islam is teaching differently. 2): The same for full and unchangeable predestination long time before, combined with any claimed effect of prayers - the two are mutually excluding each other. Islam is teaching differently.)

Another fact: Today it is easy by means of statical methods to check if prayers have any effect. (Let f.x. 1ooo persons each pray for one among 1ooo unknown persons sick or in other ways in need. compare the result after some time with a similar group of 1ooo who has not been prayed for, and see if there is a difference. If there is a positive difference, this would be a strong indication or perhaps even a proof for something - a proof Islam strongly and dearly needs, as they have not any proof for even a single of its central claims. But it has not even tried to make such a test. Why?)

074 40/84a: "- - - Our (Allah's*) Punishment - - -". See 3/77b above.

075 42/26j: "- - - a terrible Penalty". See 3/77b above.

076 46/21f: "- - - the Penalty of a Mighty Day". See 3/77b above.

077 56/62b: "- - - the first form of creation: why then do ye not celebrate His (Allah's*) praises?" What here indirectly is said, is that Allah created everything, included you. See 6/2b, 11/7a, 21/56c+e and 41/15f above. The reason why we do not celebrate Allah's praises for that, is that it is unlikely in the far extreme that Allah did the creation - yes, even that he exists.

078 58/16d: "- - - a humiliating Penalty". Not possible unless Allah exists and is something supernatural - white or black.

079 58/20a: "Those who resists Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad*) will be among those most humiliated". So whatever you do, do not even think about resisting Muhammad! Allah is dream god for any dictator - is he really real? - or is he made to measure for Muhammad? The fact that the Quran is too full of mistaken facts, etc. to be from a god, and also that the god so often was used as a factor in his private life or to intervene for him in the community, may make one think.

#080 59/4e: "- - - if anyone resists Allah (here on Earth read: Muhammad*), verily, Allah is severe in punishment". A clear message: If you resist, you will be severely punished. And it turned out to be the very truth many times. Islamic history of aggression and war, included the many raids for riches and the slave raids, at times and places was/were horrible.

081 59/7f: "And fear Allah; for Allah is strict in punishment." In this case the meaning seems to be: Be satisfied with what Muhammad gives you, or Allah may punish you.

082 61/10c: "- - - (Allah can*) save you (people/Muslims*) from a grievous Penalty - - -". Only if he exists and is a god.

083 65/8c: "And We (Allah*) imposed on them (some non-Muslims*) an exemplary Punishment". In and around Arabia there were ruins or deserted houses, villages, etc., and also in the local folklore there were tales about disappeared tribes, etc. Muhammad claimed they had all been killed by Allah because of sins against him. Modern science laugh from those claims - there are much more likely reasons in a harsh and warlike area.

084 68/33a: "Such is the Punishment (in this life) - - -". But it is thought-provoking that only Muslims or people living close to Muslims and in Arabia were reported(?) in the Quran to be punished in such ways for such a sin (68/18-28), whereas non-Muslims not. Was Allah not a god for the whole world this early (611-614 AD), and the "Mother Book" not a timeless book covering all the times and all the world yet?

085 68/33b: "- - - but greater is the Punishment in the Hereafter - - -". Hell. But also see 3/77b above.

###Also the big differences between the Bible's and the Quran's hells are more than big and fundamental enough to prove that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - if they had been, also their hells had been more or less identical.

####086 74/11c: (YA5784): "The question of Justice and Punishment to men is for Allah alone. For man at his best (also Muslims*) can see only one side of the truth, and only Allah is All-Knowing". Muslims - f.x. Muhammad and judges or terrorists - should remember this. They also should remember that this is even more true if the claimed Truth in the Quran is not true, or if Allah is a made up god, not to mention if he is something real, but something from dark forces dressed up like a god, like parts of the Quran and parts of its moral code may indicate.

087 76/31e: "- - - for them (non-Muslims*) He (Allah*) has prepared a grievous Penalty". This only is right if Allah exists, and if they in addition have had free will, so that they sinned from choice, not from being forced to by Allah's predestination - but punish he can do it even if he should happen to be from the dark forces, just cheating Muhammad by pretending to be a god.

088 78/40b: "- - - We (Allah*) have warned you of a Penalty near - - -". See 3/77b above.

089 88/23-24: "But if any turn away and reject Allah - Allah will punish him with a mighty Punishment". This early (614 - 618 AD) it was for Allah to punish. But when Muhammad grew enough powerful, he too started to force and punish.

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