Allah in the Quran, Chapter 49


Chapter 49



001 The permission to steal, rob, rape, extort, take slaves, etc. was a weighty incitement for many to become Muslims, and to go on raids, etc.

002 And we may add: Islam and Muslims claim that "Islam is the Religion of Peace". Among others the verses below prove that the claim is wrong: Allah demands war, blood and suppression/apartheid.

003 And can a religion permitting many kinds of dishonesty, name itself "a religion of honesty"? No, we agree - and maybe that is why you seldom meet such a claim from Muslims.

This chapter contains a number of samples.

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004 3/148a: “And Allah gave them (the warriors) a reward in this world (and will consequently give it to you if you fight bravely*) and the excellent reward of the Hereafter”. 80% of the spoils of war - included slaves and women - were for the warriors and their leaders (the remaining 20% were for Allah/Muhammad/the religious leaders - which soon also became political leaders). Women made slaves were fun, because to rape female slaves was your right and no sin. In addition: To do battle for Islam was - and is - a “heavy” application for Paradise, and a sure way to get there no matter what kind of life you have led, if you are killed in battle for Islam (which soon also meant - and means - an easy way for the leaders to recruit warriors). But it is a strange fact that leaders never become suicide bombers. (The Quran tells that suicide is a sin deserving Hell (is this told - or "explained" away to the suicide bombers?) + perhaps the leaders do not like to die yet?)

005 3/152g: "- - - until He (Allah*) brought you in sight (of the booty) which ye covet". In Islam stealing in what they call jihad - holy war - is no sin and part of the payment to the warriors. In NT (and most other normal moral codes) stealing is an absolute "no". Strong contradiction of Islam's moral code on this point.

###006 3/174a: “And they returned (from war) with Grace and Bounty from Allah: no harm ever touched them - - -”. A fairy tale picture of war and easy riches. A good pep talk for recruiting new warriors if the men are uneducated and naïve. Glorifying war and spoils of war attracts new warriors. The larger the “army” the better chance of success and power for leaders.

But never a word about the catastrophes for the victims and for the destroyed lives and cultures, etc. Compassion and empathy nearly do not exist in the Quran - and definitely not concerning non-Muslims.

#####It is worth noticing that Muhammad and his followers behaved like Muslim gangs are doing today (2013 AD) in northeast Africa: Raiding - in this case especially people fleeing north from war and poverty - the weak ones. Muslims stealing what meagre possessions they have, murdering, raping, gang raping, torture, extortion, slave taking, slave selling (yes, it goes on even today). This was the life of the semi-saint Muhammad the last 9-10 years of his life - Muslims were involved in some 82 armed incidences during that time, nearly all of them raids for stealing riches, for rape, extortion, and slaves. Muhammad personally led some 26 of them and personally raped at least two women (Rayhana bint Amr and Safiyya bint Huayay). #####Some morally perfect idol!

#####It also is very telling that as far as we know, Islam is doing little or nothing to stop those gangsters of today - and how can they? Those gangsters are behaving just like Muhammad did, and everything Muhammad did was perfect, "lawful and good".

007 3/174b: "- - - Bounty from Allah - - -". That the raids and wars with its stealing, raping, suppression, extortion and blood shall be in the name of the god, makes the whole "business" - the Quran's rules for waging war - even more disgusting. And are robbed goods, rape and slave taking in accordance with the moral and ethical codes in NT? - the claimed same god? Read the NT and check for yourself.

But notify how often "bounty" is mentioned in connection to propaganda for war in the Quran - the permission to steal from and to enslave the victims was one of the central arguments for alluring Muslim men to go on raids and to war. (And is the "bounty" really from a god when you have to go out and steal and rob and risk your life and health for it - and destroy other people's lives. Words and propaganda are cheap and incitements and temptation sometimes slick - and all such words even may be dishonest and untrue.)

008 4/94e: "- - - with Allah are profits and spoils abundant". Fight wars for Allah and get profits and spoils aplenty! Stealing/robbing, raping, enslaving, was an essential part of raids and wars for many of the warriors - and leaders. Compare this to NT and the New Covenant, and not even weeping can express the abyss between the religions. The same god?

####009 8/1c: “They (the warriors*) ask thee (Muhammad*) concerning (things taken as) spoils of war (riches and slaves and sometimes land*). Say: (Such) spoils are at the disposal of Allah and the Prophet (Muhammad*)”. This is one of the rules Muhammad or the omniscient Allah had to change later (and not much later) - in the end Muhammad only got 20%, except if the victims gave in without a fight (then Muhammad still got 100%). (Islam has another explanation - all belongs to Allah, but 80% may be given to the warriors and to their leaders. But when a "may be" becomes a rule, it is not a "may be" any more). You meet Muslims saying Allah/the Quran never changed anything, but here is one point which was changed shortly afterward. Often Muslims explains changes with that the rules really were not changed, only made stricter or clarified (why should that be necessary for an omniscient god?) Here is an absolute rule which later had to be changed - the warriors demanded their share of the spoils. Besides: How primitive or greedy has a person to be in order to see a good and benevolent god in a god who permits stealing/robbing, rape, enslaving, suppression, murder, etc. in his name? Incompatible with NT.

####But there is another and very - extremely - serious point here: When raids and wars and slave-taking expeditions and whatever are planned and executed just for that purpose: To be able to see this as anything but plain and dishonest thievery or robbing, you have be a very special person or belong to a very special culture.

####It happens that Muslims ask about why on Earth they are disliked just because they are Muslims? #####Parts of the Quran's moral code explain a large percent of that question - it is too far from normal moral codes. (But Muslims are so used to it, that they are unable to see its excesses, dishonesty and inhumanity, and honestly believe it is a perfect and most honorable code.)

####010 8/1d: “(The spoils of war*) “are at the disposal of Allah and the Prophet (Muhammad*) - - -.” All that was stolen and looted and robbed in raids and war included, slaves and prisoners for extorting money (this early – 624 AD – it mainly was raids to steal/rob/extort) belonged to Allah – represented by his envoy on earth: Muhammad. But his officers and warriors were too greedy to accept this – they wanted a share of the riches, too. So a bit later in the surah – a few “revelations” later (?) there came a contra order – and abrogation:

  1. ***8/41: “And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah - - -.” Muhammad had to give the warriors their share – except that he saved everything for himself in the cases where the victims gave in without fighting – then the warriors had done nothing and could not demand a share. Muhammad needed riches. Though it is likely it is true he was not much interested in much luxury, he needed riches for bribes/"gifts" and for waging war to get more power and more riches, included slaves – war cost money even if he paid his warriors with religion and religious promises, then all the same food and equipment cost money – and he needed riches for “gift” to attract more warriors/followers/believers and to keep some of the lukewarm-warm ones - - - and some for social use (help to the poor). Muslims tries to explain away this contradiction and abrogation by saying that it all belongs to Allah/the leader, but 80% is given to the warriors/robbers. But the moment it becomes a right for the robbers in raids and warriors in war, the rank and file’s share no longer belongs to the leader.

But remember that also stealing is dishonesty, no matter if you name it loot, spoils of war, or whatever.

011 8/41a: “And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah (/Muhammad*) - - -.” These 20% - 100% if the victim gave in without a fight - in reality were for Muhammad to use. Did he "demand no payment for what he did" like he claims some places in the Quran?

80% of what was stolen during raids and wars were a strong incitement for going to war for many a warrior - - - and also for becoming (at least officially) a Muslim.

012 8/41b: “And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah (/Muhammad*) - - -.” Part of the background for paragraphs in the sharia law.

013 8/41d: “And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah (/Muhammad*) - - -.” Which means that 80% is for the warriors and leaders in the war – an economical incentive which for many a poor man counted much more than the religion – war and terror = good business. Many became well-to-do, many became rich, and some became very rich – and were dream models for new generations of robber warriors and robber barons. But Muslims and Islam never mentions the cost in destruction and destroyed lives which were the price millions had to pay for this unjust prosperity of the robbers and destroyers. It frequently took (the surviving) locals 100-200 years and more just to regain their standard of life, not to mention freedom. The warriors of the good and benevolent god of “the Religion of Peace” frequently mass murdered and massacred and enslaved “en gross” – and stole everything. Jerusalem f.x. got a hunger catastrophe after being occupied in 638 AD - the Muslims stole everything, included the food.


This is one of the most disgusting and revealing sentences in the Quran.


######014 8/69a: “ "But (now) enjoy what ye took in war, #######lawful and good - - -”. This is one more of the moral and ethical pinnacles in the Quran: Wage war, and then it is “lawful and good” to steal and rob and plunder and extort - and rape the women and girl children and take slaves. It actually is connected to 8/68a above, but like so often in the Quran specific episodes, etc, is given general meaning.

During war/raids and after conquests Muslims can steal ANYTHING they like, included raping women and girl children (history also clearly indicates that homosexuality was part of life for a percentage of Muslims) and - at least according to the Quran - take what slaves they want, and non-Muslim victims can say and do nothing about it. Yes, in principle Muslims can do this against non-Muslims any time they want, as long as they see to it that there are no Muslim witnesses - according to the rules non-Muslims cannot witness against Muslims.

But of course this made it easy and cheap for Muhammad and his successors to get warriors. That such behavior is a catastrophe for any and all victims - and in some cases set back the civilization may be some hundred years like in Persia/Iran (according to science it took Persia 100+ years to return to the level it had before the Arabs attacked) - does not count, as non-Muslim “Untermench” ("sub-humans" in Nazi German) do not count.

This even more so as for fanatics nearly every situation they do not like, can be defined as war against Islam “in the widest meaning of the word” - not to mention that according to Islam’s definition all areas not dominated by Islam are “land of war”. Really a morally and ethical superior religion - compare f.x. to the silly and invalid "Do unto others like you want others do against you", which many religions and culture have as their "constitution". And really a peaceful one.

And honestly the word “good” in ”lawful and good” classifies Muhammad, the Quran and Islam. Laws can be twisted and remade and it is no problem for an absolute dictator to make what laws he wants and thus make things “lawful” – quotation marks used on purpose. But the word “good” is an absolute – flexible “borders”, but fundamentally an absolute. Allah’s/Muhammad’s real rules for behavior against all outsiders is way outside “good”, and the hypocrisy in the using of abrogated verses in the Quran to make outsiders believe something else, makes this aspect of the religion and its hypocrisy even more disgusting.

This quote also tells a lot about the person Muhammad.

########To us this is perhaps the most disgusting and revealing sentence in the entire Quran and the entire Islam - and even more so because it is done in the name of their god.

Also: Combine this quote with Islam's slogan: "Islam is the Religion of Peace" and "Allah is good and benevolent" and weep - or laugh.

What lacks now is that Islam starts claiming that "Islam is the Religion of Honesty - no Lying, no Deceiving, no Stealing". (Remember here that looting and robbing both = stealing.)


015 9/29d: “Fight those who believe not in Allah - - - until they pay jizya (extra tax - sometimes heavy) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” One of the elements in the sharia laws. But also extortion - and this tax is an extortion (and the same was the land tax you had to pay Muhammad or others for the permission to use the land/farm he/they had taken from you) - is dishonesty and stealing.

016 9/42a: “If there had been immediate gain (in sight), and the journey easy, they would (all) without doubt have followed you (Muhammad*) - - -". An indirect, but clear confirming of the fact that many of Muhammad's warriors followed him for the loot, etc. he promised - a fact Muslims deny.

017 34/39d: "- - - nothing do ye (Muslims*) spend in the least (in His (Allah*s) cause but He replaces it". To some degree this little by little was right: It was replaced by means of loot. But if it was Allah who did so or the robbers/warriors, is another Question.

018 47/4f: "- - - (- - - time for) either generosity or ransom - - -". When the battle or raid or war was over, it happened some of the prisoners were set free, either from generosity or other reasons or simply because the prisoners and their families were too poor to pay ransom. But often it was a question of extortion: Pay ransom or else - - -".

What the Quran here does not mention, is that there were two more options which were frequently used: Kill the prisoners - later it happened that this was done by the thousands and tens of thousands and more, and sometimes in inhuman ways like skinning alive, burning alive, burying alive. And enslavement - also here often by the thousands and tens of thousands and more. Captives to a large degree were kept or sold or given away for slavery - included women and girls for work and rape for the rest of their lives "lawful and good" according to the Quran ”The religion of peace" at work. Try to find also something like this in NT and the new covenant! One more of the at least 200% sure proof for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - and for that Jesus and Muhammad not only are in the same line, but does not even belong in the same moral world.

**019 48/15b: “Those who lagged behind (did not take active part in the battle or fight*) (will say), when ye (the “real” warriors*) (are free to) march and take booty (in war) - - -”. The stealing and robbing and taking of slaves and raping of girls and women, are for the active warriors only - a huge incentive for poor, uneducated ruffians. Is it partly the same effect we see in Darfur and saw f.x. in Bangladesh and East Timor? - easy to find warriors, and most inhuman behavior. May such things happen other places if Islam grows strong enough and fanatics - or the "right" kind of mullahs or imams - take over the leadership? There are tendencies in London, and many of the 9/11 terrorists came from Hamburg - not to mention the unrest in many cities in France in 2006, and for that case in some a little liberal countries in (North) Africa where fanatics want to take over power (one exception may - just may - be Turkey, which has been secular since Ataturk in the 1920s. There may be a chance. Strangely enough also Bangladesh and Malaysia have a small chance to become human democracies - and perhaps Jordan and a couple of the emirates benevolent dictatorships. But the rest of all the Muslim world either is in the grip of fanatics or is drifting that way at present - towards what some call Muslim radicalism, others Muslim conservatism - likely the most correct expression - and even others Islamism, but which all just are different names for fanatics). (This was written before the unrest in Muslim countries in 2011).

What had the world looked like today if the Muslim world had not petrified into stony fundamentalism and stagnated? - if the Muslim world who had developed the industrial revolution and superior weapons and ways of fighting instead of the West? You can bet against very heavy odds that the world now had been ruled by imams, and without any realistic chance of ever becoming a free world.

##020 48/15c: (A48/14): “- - - when ye (Muslims*) (are free to) march and take plunder (in war) - - -.” Or: “As soon as you (O Muslims!) are about to set forth on a war that promises booty - - -.” For some strange (?) reasons in none of our different translations are used the literal meaning of the Arab text (translated from Swedish): “- - - leave on a raid to take plunder - - -.” May be sometimes the varieties in the understanding of the Quranic texts are because one does not want what really is said in the book. According to Islamic information or disinformation all Muhammad’s some 80 raids (we have the names of some 60 of the raids) were in self defense, and then it may as well be wise for “the Religion of Peace” to “mend” the text a little and make it more tasteful and "correct"? - instead of translating the Quran correctly and have to admit that Muhammad made "raids to take plunder" - not very holy jihads.

#####"The Religion of Peace"??? #####"The Religion of Honesty"??? - #########remember that stealing and not only lying is dishonesty.

At least: Clearly a god of war.

##021 48/15d: (A48/14): “- - - when ye (Muslims*) (are free to) march and take plunder (in war) - - -.” Or: “As soon as you (O Muslims!) are about to set forth on a war that promises booty - - -.” Try to find things like this in NT! One more at least 100% proof for that Yahweh and Allah were not the same god - and Jesus and Muhammad not in the same line of anything of any consequence.

***022 48/16f: "Then if ye (in this case desert Arabs reluctant to take part in raids*) show obedience, Allah will grant you a goodly reward - - -". Obedience to whom? - here on Earth in reality to Muhammad, and for a reward costing Muhammad exactly nothing but some words free of charge. The dream position for a Hitler, a Stalin, a Mao, a Papa Doc, any dictator wanting absolute and total power and obedience. Religion disused is the ultimate platform of power.

And what goodly reward? The never proved promise about a place in Paradise and permission to steal, rape, extort, and take slaves. The tragedies this meant for others NEVER - then or today - is mentioned. ###Islam is an extremely self centered and selfish religion. This is even more sinister as the religion highly likely is a made up pagan one, as no god would deliver a "holy" book of a quality like the Quran.

023 48/20b: "Allah has promised you (Muslims*) many gains that ye shall acquire (from plunder*) - - -". See 48/19a above.

We may add that Shakir here has: "- - - many acquisitions which you will take" and Dawood: "- - - (Allah*) has promised you rich booty - - -". There is no doubt what kind of gains Allah/Muhammad here promises Muslim warriors.

024 48/20c: "Allah has promised you (Muslims*) many gains that ye shall acquire (from plunder*) - - -". Try to find things like this in NT! One more at least 100% proof for that Yahweh and Allah were not the same god - and Jesus and Muhammad not in the same line of anything of any consequence.

025 48/20f: (A48/23 – in 2008 edition A22): “Allah has promised you many gains that ye shall acquire - - -.” Booty. A good and cheap way to get warriors. But does it here only talk about “gold and slaves and a few rapes” in this life (may be Khaybar in this case), or also riches in the next life like among others Ibn Abbas thought?

The price paid by the victims NEVER interested neither Allah, nor the Muslims, nor Muhammad. What does this tell about them? - and about Islam?

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