Allah in the Quran, Chapter 27



Volume 2




Chapter 27:  Allah a false god?

Chapter 28:  There only is one god - Allah

Chapter 29:  No god equal to Allah

Chapter 30:  No god(s) in addition to Allah

Chapter 31:  The Muslim Covenant with Allah

Chapter 32:  Allah and Islam

Chapter 33:  "Lie against Allah"

Chapter 34:  Some glimpses of the being Allah

Chapter 35:  Allah's claimed "proofs" and "signs"

Chapter 36:  Natural phenomena disused as claimed "signs" or "proofs" for Allah, etc.

Chapter 37:  Scientific nonsense as "proofs" or "information"


Chapter 38:  Some of Allah's rules of war

Chapter 39:  Allah - a god of war

Chapter 40:  Allah - a harsh god

Chapter 41:  Allah - a just god?

Chapter 42:  Allah - a "good and benevolent god"?

Chapter 43:  Is Allah Good and Merciful?

Chapter 44:  Allah's moral code.

Chapter 45:  Warnings from Allah - though for Muslims sometimes nice promises

Chapter 46:  The Wrath of Allah

Chapter 47:  Obey Allah (Muhammad) *

CHAPTER 48:  ##Allah's incitements to and demands for war

chapter 49:  Loot - Allah's reward to warriors.


Chapter 50:  Trust Allah

Chapter 51:  Worship Allah

Chapter 52:  Praise Allah

Chapter 53:  Prayers to Allah

Chapter 54:  Allah's blessing

Chapter 55:  Allah does forgive(?)

Chapter 56:  Allah and taboos

Chapter 57:  Blasphemy towards Allah?

Chapter 58:  Punishment from Allah

Chapter 59:  The best religious deeds


Chapter 60:  The Quran is from Allah ("Allah sent the Quran" (?))

Chapter 61:  Help from Allah

Chapter 62:  Allah's gifts to people (Muslims)

Chapter 63:  Rewards from Allah

Chapter 64:  Guidance is from Allah

Chapter 65:  Allah's promises


Chapter 66:  Why does the omniscient god Allah need witnesses to be able to evaluate people?

Chapter 67:  Why does the omniscient Allah need to test people?

Chapter 68:  Allah and "The Day of Doom"

Chapter 69:  The Straight Road to Paradise

Chapter 70:  Allah's Paradise

Chapter 71:  Allah and Iblis/the Devil

Chapter 72:  Allah and Hell


Chapter 27


- and some effects in case.

001 "No prophet can be false to his task - but a false prophet can".

002 "If the Quran describes Allah correctly, it at the same time proves that he is not a god. If he is fiction, he also is not a god. There only is one possibility for that Allah exists, and that is that he is very wrongly described in the Quran - and also in that case Islam is a made up religion."

003 If the Quran is a made up book - made up by one or more humans, mentally ill or not, or by dark forces - Islam is a made up religion and Allah is a made up god, or at least the description of him and of his religion are made up.

004 The fact that the book is full of wrong facts and other errors (unbelievably some 3ooo or more all included), prove with mathematical strength that the Quran is not from a god. No god would deliver a "holy" book choke full of wrong facts and other mistakes, contradictions, help to Muhammad on levels very prosaic, unclear language, etc., not to mention revere it as the "Mother of the Book" in his heaven. (Islam survives on "explaining away" the errors, etc. It takes some naivety, lack of knowledge and/or wishful thinking to be able to believe many of the "explanations", not to mention to be able to accept that all the errors in reality means something different from what the words say (= corrupting or falsifying the texts), and that all of them in reality mean what the "explanations" say, not what the god says in his book. Not to mention that an omniscient god is so helpless to express himself that he must rely on mere humans to "explain what he really means".

005 And the fact that the Quran is not from any god, strongly indicates that Allah is a made up - false - god, or at least not correctly described. Also the fact that Allah never in history or prehistory has in any way provably manifested himself, strongly indicates the same. (There are many claims about manifestations or other proofs for the existence of Allah, but not one single proved case. Also the Quran claims that Yahweh and Allah are the same god, and thus the proofs(?) for Yahweh at the same time are proofs for Allah, but this is wrong - the teachings, moral codes, etc. of the two are too different by far; they are not the same god.

006 It is 100% sure that the Quran is not from any god, and at least 99% sure that Allah is a made up - false and pagan - god. At least 99% sure. And if he after all exists, it is unlikely in the extreme that a book overflowing of errors has described him correctly.

He in case he exists even may be from the dark forces, like many points in the Quran, in its moral code, etc. may indicate. Also a devil may be a false god.

007 The naked facts:

  1. The first we know about the claimed god Allah, he was a main god named Il further east.
  2. He likely invaded Arabia together with settlers from east. He became the moon god al-Ilah.
  3. Over time he became the main god in Mecca. His name drifted to al-Lah, and later sometimes the name Allah was used.
  4. Some scientists think al-Lah/Allah may have become part of the Ba'al religions, but this is unclear.
  5. From 610 AD on Muhammad took over and dressed up this god. He accepted only the name Allah.
  6. Muhammad claimed Allah was the only god. This never was proved. Actually it never was proved that Allah even was/is a god - yes, not even that he exists.
  7. Muhammad claimed - like normal for him without a proof - that Yahweh and Allah was the same god. But the teaching, moral code, etc. of Yahweh is by far too different from the corresponding ones of Allah for this to be true.
  8. Allah has never in any way manifested himself or in other ways proved neither his power, nor his very existence, nor any connection to Muhammad.

  9. Islam became a strong platform of power for Muhammad.

Below we add some of the points indicating or more or less proving that Allah is a made up god, but if you read the Quran you will find many more points indicating or showing the same. F.x. every point telling that the Quran is not from a god - f.x. all the very many wrong facts and other errors - that Muhammad was no real prophet and/or did not get his "information" from a god, that Islam is a made up religion or not from a god, etc., directly or indirectly but strongly indicate that Allah is a made up - false - god.

######## Another - and serious - point is that to "explain" that the Quran means something different from what it really says, is to corrupt and/or falsify it.

Also: What is sure, is that no god ever made a holy book as full of wrong facts, other errors, contradictions, unclear language, etc. like the Quran. #### Besides: Which one of the 20-30 known versions accepted by Islam of the Quran (see 15/9c) - if any (and there were even more versions through the times) - is in case the correct one?

Finally: Always when you read the Quran, Hadiths, and other Islamic books, you should remember that Muhammad accepted the use of, and himself used, dishonesty in many forms in words and deeds. Even if the names are younger, it was he who institutionalized dishonesty like al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie), Kitman (the lawful half-truth), Hilah (the lawful pretending/circumventing), the use of deceit ("war is deceit" - and "everything" is war), betrayal (f.x. the peace delegation from Khaybar), and even the disuse of oaths (2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2 - and the star case 3/54 (if Allah could cheat, cheating is ok)), which also includes the disuse of words and promises, as they are weaker than oaths = when oaths can be disused, so can words and promises. On top of this it is very clear from the Quran and all other central Islamic books, that Muhammad also liked respect and power and women. Combine these lusts with his acceptance of and personal use of dishonesty - even the gravest kinds: How reliable is that kind of men normally? - and how true and reliable are their never proved claims and tales?

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

008 2/9c: "- - - and (non-Muslims*) realize it (see 2/9b just above*) not!" If the Quran is a made up book - and at least with all those mistakes it is not from any god - there is a good reason for not realizing they are wrong, as they in case they do "realize" such things, are those who blindly believe in that book. - - - And in a made up god.

009 2/15b: "- - - they (non-Muslims/hypocrites*) will wander like blind ones - - -". Yes, if Islam is a real religion - but who wander blindly if the Quran and Islam and Allah are made up? - and where will all Muslims then end up if there is a next life? After all the Quran with all its errors, etc. is not from any god.

010 2/89i: "- - - but the curse of Allah is on those without Faith". What then with all the Muslims if the Quran is a made up book, and Islam thus no real religion/faith? - and it is not from any god with all those mistakes, contradictions, etc. In that case they have no real faith, only superstition. But if Allah does not exist, he cannot punish anyone. On the other hand: If there then exists a real god and a real Paradise somewhere, Muslims do not belong there either.

*011 2/99da: “We have sent down to thee (people*) manifest Signs (ayat); and none reject them but those who are perverse - - -“. Wrong. To question “signs” that are not proved coming from Allah, and thus logically invalid as signs, not to mention as proofs, is not a sign of being perverse – on the contrary; blindly to believe in it without even asking questions is a strong indication of being naive or even stupid, especially when one knows how morally degenerated the only source for the Quran – Muhammad – was. - and when one knows the terrible price for believing in a perhaps made up religion and god, if there is a next life and a Paradise belonging to another, real god. Also see 2/99d just above.

012 2/161e: "- - - and (the curse) of all mankind". Wrong: At most the curse of all Muslims - and if Islam is a made up religion with a made up god, such a curse is invalid.

013 2/165c: "- - - (other gods*) as equal (with Allah) - - -".

  1. All pagan gods are more or less equal to Allah if Allah just is a dressed up pagan god - remember here that Allah = the former Arab pagan god al-Lah, which Muhammad dressed up. Muhammad claimed Allah was a real god - but Muhammad claimed very much, and he was a man believing in the use of lies if that gave better results (al-Taqiyya - the lawful lie, Kitman - the lawful half-truth, Hilah - the lawful circumventing/pretending), in deceit, and even in the breaking of words/promises/oaths if that paid better. How much is really true in what he told and preached? ### Muhammad also did not offer one single real proof for his claimed god.
  2. All made up gods are more or less equal to Allah if Allah is a made up god. And remember here that the Quran at least is not from any god, and thus simply is made up - by dark forces or by man are the only alternatives as no god would be involved in a book of a quality like the Quran, with all its errors, etc.
  3. All real gods are better than Allah if Allah is a made up god or a dressed up pagan god. There is little doubt that most gods are made up, but there still remains the possibility of f.x. Yahweh - the old, originally Jewish, god even the Quran admits existed (though it tries to high-jack him by wrongly claiming - without the slightest proof - that Yahweh just is another name for Allah, in spite of that the two and also their teachings, moral codes, etc., very obviously are too different for such a claim to be true).
  4. Only if Allah really is a real god, one may ask which god is the most powerful and wise. Allah here has a problem: He never was able to prove even that he existed. There only are claims and words for his power and wisdom - as opposed to f.x. Yahweh who proved himself many times if the old books, included the Quran, tell the truth. Because of lack of proofs, Allah here at best can be reckoned to be a pretending top god. But as Yahweh exists also according to the Quran, Allah cannot really pretend to be the only god - Yahweh perhaps may if Allah is not real, but not Allah as the existence of Yahweh is accepted (though tried to camouflage). Also see 2/255a and 25/18a below.
  5. Allah also in case is no good god. There are lots of rosy and glorious words about Allah in the Quran, but so it was about King Chaka among the Zulus, about Djingis Khan in Mongolia, Tamerlane/Timur Lenk among the Turks, about Hitler in Germany, Stalin in the Soviet Union, Mao in China - and Muhammad in Arabia. The reality is that facts and demands and deeds often tell quite another story than glorious propaganda and blindness, and whenever there is discrepancy - to say the least of it in this case - between demands, facts, deeds, and introduced rules on one side, and big and shining words on the other, we believe in the facts, demands, deeds and rules. (Scratch out the glorifying words in the Quran, and see what stories the book really tells about Allah and about Muhammad).
  6. Conclusion: As Yahweh is accepted, Allah - if he exists - cannot be the only god. And he only is the main god if he dominates Yahweh - and all other gods if any more exist. It is little likely that he is the dominating god, however, as he has been unable to prove even his existence. Whereas f.x. Yahweh as said has proved himself many times if the old books, included the Quran, tell the truth.

014 2/255e: "Who is there can intercede in His (Allah's*) presence except as He permiteth?" Perhaps one or more - especially if Allah is a made up god - - - and he only exists in a book so full of mistakes, etc. that it is from no god, told by an unreliable man wanting power, riches - at least for bribes - and women, and using his religion for his platform of power, like so many a self proclaimed prophet through the times.

015 3/81f: "- - - then comes to you a Messenger (Muhammad*) - - -". A "foretelling" about Muhammad made by Muhammad. (A real foretelling had been a strong indication of something. But also a claimed "foretelling" has effect on his followers if the followers believe in it.) A curiosum: The only place you find foretelling about Muhammad in the Bible, is in the Quran and in other Islamic literature - it does not exist in the Bible in spite of Muhammad's, the Quran's, Islam's, and Muslims' claims. Islam has a few quotes they have taken out of context. Read them in full context, and it is ever so clear that except for in cases of wishful thinking, those claims at best are mistakes, at worst - or perhaps most likely - are al-Taqiyyas (lawful lies) used because Islam HAS to find Muhammad there, if not the Quran is wrong and Allah a made up god - - - and Islam a made up religion.

016 3/87b: "- - - on them (see 3/86b-c above*) (rests) the curse of Allah, of His angels, and of all mankind". We cannot tell about the effect on Allah and his claimed angels - except that it is none if Allah is a made up, pagan god. But even though this verse primarily talks about people leaving Islam, it may sometimes have weighed heavily for Muslims starting horrors also against other non-Muslims. (Muslims often complain about the crusaders, but holy Heaven how much worse and on how much greater scale they behaved themselves - f.x. in Armenia, Africa, Sind (now approximately Pakistan) and India.)

Muslims also like to claim that nobody leaves Islam (it many places carry strict punishment or death to do so). This is one of the many proofs for that this neither is nor was true. Not to mention that the majority of mankind agree with the ones leaving a war, suppressing, hate, and blood religion based only on a book full of errors and worse, and dictated by a man who provably (from the Quran) believed in the use of dishonesty, deceit, broken words, etc., and with much to gain by making people believe in his new religion and platform of power, and a man who provably (from the Quran) liked respect, power, riches for bribes - and women. A most saintly and reliable (re?)teller of the book.

There also is the fact that 3 out of every four adults who today become Muslims, leave the religion again within 3 years. There must be a reason for this - something they learn when they are inside the religion.

017 3/96d: "(The mosque Kabah is) full of blessing and guidance for all kinds of beings - - -". Only if it really is sanctified by a god and not just "represents" a made up one.

018 3/122f: "- - - in Allah should the Faithful (ever) put their trust". A doubtful advice if the Quran - and thus Allah - is made up (and at least it is from no god - far too many errors, etc.).

019 3/146d: “And Allah loves those who are firm and steadfast - - -". Only if he really exists. Made up gods love nobody.

##020 3/157c: “And if ye are slain, or die, in the way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all they could amass”. This only may - may - be true if Allah exist and is a god, and if the non-Muslims on top of this believe in a non-existing god - if their god (f.x. Yahweh) exists, he may be able to outdo Allah. (Especially if Allah in reality is a dressed-up and made up pagan god only - and he was a pagan Arab god before Muhammad took him over, dressed him up, and renamed him slightly).

Another point is that to forgive - or for that case to punish or reward or fulfill prayers - means for Allah to change his Plan considering the sinner/person, something which according to the Quran nobody and nothing can make him do. See 2/187d above.

021 3/159f: "- - - put thy (Muslim's*) trust in Allah". Be careful to do that until it is proved that Allah is not just the dressed up pagan and made up god al-Lah - nothing else was ever proved.

022 3/180a: "- - - those who covetously withhold of the gifts which Allah hath given them - - -". Jews and Christians have got the scriptures from the god, but are bad people and have falsified or withheld parts of it, so that it no longer corresponds to Islam and Muhammad and his Quran - all this according to the Quran, Muhammad, and Islam. Well, science has long since proved this claim wrong: There are no falsifications in the Bible - some mistakes, but no falsifications. Islam has never proved ANY of its claims about falsifications in the Bible at all - not one! Actually they have proved the claim wrong by being unable to find even one proved falsification - guess if they had told about it if they had found one! It all is just a number of not documented claims and all in spite of what we really know about the facts. Actually the very best proof for that nothing is falsified, is just Islam's inability to find even one single proved falsification - like always in such cases Muslims make lots of claims, but there is not one proved case - - - and loose claims are cheap.

Also science has proved that the texts in the Bible are not falsified - they are just the same as in the old times.

###Another, and in this case perhaps more likely, way of understanding this sentence is that Muhammad here like some other places in the Quran, means the non-Muslims were misers. An ironic meaning if it is true what is said about Muslims (not) helping others than Muslims. But Muhammad may have been right that non-Muslims gave little to him - quite natural if they thought his main purpose was to forward what they thought was a false religion and a false god, and perhaps his own power.

023 3/182e: "- - - Allah never harms those who serve Him". He can harm no-one unless he exists. On the other hand: If he does not exist and he just is the dressed up false pagan god al-Lah, the belief in him under the name Allah has done and continues to do his believers immeasurable harm - and especially so if there somewhere exists a god/gods Muslims are prohibited - by in this case old superstition - from looking for. (If Allah does not exist, or even if he exists, but is falsely described in the Quran, Islam just is strong superstition - though Muhammad gained much respect and power, some riches, and a lot of sex via that superstition.)

024 4/50c: "But that (to lie about Allah - f.x. by revering Yahweh*) by itself is a manifest sin!". Wrong if Yahweh really exists - and even more so if Allah in addition is a made up, originally pagan god, and thus only a pagan mental idol.

025 4/51d: "- - - and say to the Unbelievers that they are better guided in the (right) way than the believers". This sentence is a bit unruly. What is meant is that the People of the Book (Jews and Christians mainly) tell other Unbelievers that they - the People of the Book - are better informed than the believers in Islam about what is the right religion. Especially if Allah is a made up god, they may be right - not to mention if Yahweh in addition is an existing one. - - - and not to mention if Allah in reality is something from the dark forces.

026 4/113c: "But (in fact) they (non-Muslims*) will only lead their own soul astray - - -:" Because of all the wrongs in the Quran, everything there is doubtful if it is not proved, included this - at least it is no proved fact. And if they believed in Yahweh or some other perhaps existing god, there is a chance that they were not led astray, especially if Allah is a made up one, which is highly likely as the Quran with all its mistakes is from no god. Besides: What is really the definition of "the soul" in the Quran?

027 4/116c: "- - - one who joins gods with Allah, hath strayed far, far away (from the Right)". Only if Allah really exists and is correctly described in the Quran. Not so if another god they believe in - f.x. Yahweh - really exists, and especially if Allah on top of all is a made up god - quite likely as the Quran is not from any god. Also see 2/165c and 2/255a above and 6/106b and 25/18a below.

028 4/117: (A138 – in the 2008 edition A140): “(The Pagans) leaving Him (Allah’), call but upon female deities - - -.” This may be correct, as Arab “inath” may mean “a female being”. But is also may mean “inanimate things” (Lance I, 112) or “lifeless symbols”. May be the real meaning is something like “- - - call but on your lifeless (wooden - or mental?) idols - - -.”? Not a language “clear and easy to understand.”

But remember that if Allah is a made up god, he simply is a mental idol.

029 4/122i: "- - - whose words can be truer than Allah's?". Very many, if the Quran is the kind of "truths" Allah tells, not to mention if Allah is something made up or perhaps even from the dark forces. We may also mention Yahweh. Also see 57/8a below.

030 5/5m: "If anyone rejects Faith - - - in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost". Strongly contradicted by the Bible as far as Jews and Christians go. Not to mention that few if any Muslims living according to the militant lines of Islam, will qualify to Yahweh's paradise.(May be no Muslims at all, as they believe in another god - likely a made up pagan one just dressed up a little).

031 5/11d: "And on Allah let the Believers put (all) their trust". A bit risky if Allah is a made up god - and remember here that a book of a quality like the Quran, is not from a god. It is slander, insult and heresy to blame a god - not to mention an omniscient one - for such work.

032 5/64j: "And Allah loveth not those who do mischief". Whom Allah dislikes naturally is for "us" to detest. On the other hand: Muslims did and do a lot of mischief according to all normal moral rules - what about their relationship to a possible god? - this question is even more urgent if Allah is a made up god, not to mention if he in reality is from the dark forces, and if there exists another, benevolent god somewhere, not liking lies (al-Taqiyya, etc.), dishonesty, stealing, rape, mistreatment of innocents, torture or murder.

033 5/74a: "Why turn they (Christians*) not to Allah - - -?" For the very simple reasons:<(p>

  1. They believed - and believe - in another religion and saw/see that Islam was/is so far away from that religion, that it could not be the same one.
  2. They saw/see that the teachings were so very different, that it impossibly could be the same god, and preferred their own Yahweh, and believe(d) Allah was something made up.
  3. They saw/see that Muhammad was teaching a very different religion - he impossible could be a prophet from Yahweh.
  4. They saw/see that f.x. according to 5.Mos. 18/21 he could be no prophet at all - he did not even make wrong prophesies, he made no real prophesies at all. He consequently - and also because his teachings were wrong compared to the provably not falsified Bible - was a false prophet.
  5. Muslims like to claim the reason why Jews and Christians did not accept Muhammad, was that Muhammad was no Jew, but that only is a smokescreen to hide and explain away the real reason: Allah could and cannot be the same god as Yahweh - too much and too fundamental parts of the teachings are too deeply different; Muhammad did not represent Yahweh.

034 5/81b: "If they (Jews, Christians*) had believed in Allah - - -". It is difficult to believe in a religion and a god when you see that so much is wrong, that you honestly believe both the religion and the god are made up ones, not to mention when the religion itself proves that the teaching is seriously wrong. That things are seriously wrong with the religion of Muhammad is not even belief, but a proved fact backed by many proofs.

035 5/86a: "But those who reject Faith and belie our Signs - they shall be companions of Hell-fire.

  1. As for Jews and Christians, the Bible tells another story.
  2. If so happen that Yahweh is a true god and Allah not, Few if any Muslims will end in Yahweh's Paradise, partly because parts of the Quran's moral code, etc. are so perverted (compare to the "constitution" of true moral: "Do unto others like you want others do unto you"), that persons living according to those rules are not acceptable for Yahweh, and partly because they do not seek him, but another, quite likely made up, god.

Another point is that the claim is wrong: As there are no signs provably from Allah, to doubt the existence of such ones is not to belie them.

036 6/19f: "Can ye possibly bear witness that besides Allah there is another God?". The expression "besides Allah" demands that Allah really exists. This is nowhere proved - there only are Muhammad's not too reliable words and claims for this. The expression is invalid unless it is proved that Allah exists.

037 6/19g: "Can ye possibly bear witness that besides Allah there is another God?". This is typical for Muhammad's technique of debating - he claims without even trying to prove it that Allah exists, but just states it as a "fact", and then demands proofs from everyone else for everything. "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence" - Islam will have to bring proofs to be believe by rational brains, especially as the one making the claim was such an unreliable and immoral man. (Read the Quran - skip the cheap, glorious words and read the reality; what he demanded and did, his view on the use of dishonesty and what moral rules he introduced - before you protest.)

What here backfires for Muhammad, is that the fact he lays much weight on proofs and demands proof from every opponent, and this proves that he held proofs for essential and of high value. But all the same neither he nor Allah ever was able to give a valid proof for one single of his central religious claims. "A proof is one or more proved facts which can give only one conclusion". Not one of the Quran's central claims or "proofs" satisfies this minimum rule. And we repeat: "A claim without a proof may be dismissed without a proof" - all too often unproved claims are made up claims. And as mentioned: Not one central claim about Allah was ever proved.

038 6/26: "- - - they (disbelievers*) only destroy their own souls (by not believing in Allah*) - - -". This only is true if the Quran tells the full truth and only the truth about everything. If f.x. Allah is a made up god, and the disbelievers also believe in other gods which do not exist, it does not matter if also Allah exists or not, or is not the god described in the Quran. And if they on the other hand happen to believe in a god who exists, the Quran's claim here is very wrong.

##039 6/41a: “Nay - On Him (Allah*) would ye (people*) call (if you were in distress*) - - -". Definitely not, as most likely he is a made up god - the Quran and its many errors prove that the chances for that he exists are practically nil - and if he exists the question is if he is a god (not f.x. a dressed up Iblis/the Devil or something - the moral code, etc. in the Quran does not make such an explanation impossible to say the least of it).

040 6/41d: "- - - (the false gods) which ye (non-Muslims*) join with Him (Allah*)!" See 25/18a below.

041 6/71b: "Shall we indeed call on others besides Allah - - -". If Allah is a made up god, one might instead try to call on others instead of Allah. Based on a book full of mistakes, there is not much of a chance that the god Allah exists, this even more so as he never has proved or manifested himself. Never (guess if Islam had screamed about it if our information here had been wrong!)

042 6/82b: "It is those who believe (in the Quran*) - - - that are (truly) in security - - -". Are they? Relying on a book full of mistakes, dictated by a man relying at least partly on untruth and dishonesty, and a man wanting riches for bribes, wanting power, and wanting women - - - and not being too mindful about how he got hold on any of those three. If Allah does not exist or if he exists but is not correctly described in the Quran, the one thing they may be secure about is that they have no security. Yes worse: If Allah is made up, at least the ones of them living according to the harsher parts of the Quran can be pretty sure not to end in a paradise - yes, this may be the case for all Muslims, if they believe in a non-existing god, but if there somewhere exists a real one. (And at least the Quran with all its mistakes, etc. is from no god.)

043 6/103a: "He (Allah*) is above all comprehension - - -". Not if he is a made up god.

483 6/107a: “If it had not been Allah’s Plan, they (non-Muslims*) would not have taken false gods - - -” There is a certain class of people who find out where people wants to go, then run in front of them, telling everyone that they are leading the people. You often find them in politics and in organizations. They make us think of this verse. If only Allah willed - - -! In addition: HOW - H O W!! - can an omniscient and omnipotent god presumed to be a good and benevolent god, damn humans to Hell for taking other gods, when they did so because of his own plans???! This also is incompatible to the Bible.

044 7/63c: "- - - from your (Noah's people*) Lord (Allah*) - - -". The Quran claims that there always and in all places has been preaching about the one god, Allah (but that falsification of the messages has led to belief in all the other false gods). Neither science nor Islam has found anything confirming any of these two claims. And the fact that the Quran is full of errors, etc. in addition indicates that Allah is one of the false gods.

045 7/89g: "In Allah is our (Muslims*) trust". Rather risky as most likely he is a nonexistent, made up god - at least there is no god behind the only claims for his existence, the Quran (too much is wrong in that book for any god to have been involved in it).

046 7/102a: “Most of them (people*) We (Allah*) found not men (true) to their covenant - - -“. “The Message of the Quran” (A7/81 - A7/83 in 2008 English edition) tells (in the Swedish edition) that the exact word-for-word translation is: “We found by them nothing that tied them to what is truth and right”. Not a word about a covenant.

And that book continues by telling that this may include man’s capability to instinctively to see the difference between right and wrong.

It is a fact that science never has found even traces from such a capability - a longing for it in a minor part of humanity (5-10%?), but no capability to see or sense instinctively or in other ways - and these facts are easy to find in scientific material. It would be easy for him to check on his claim if he did not already know it was wrong. Either plain dishonesty or dishonest methods of work. There are a little - or much - too much of things like this in Islamic religious litterateur.

Now the fact that some of the most fundamental moral questions get the same answer in many societies indicates that something deep inside man tells some common moral truths: You shall not steal, you shall not be a nuisance – or worse – to others, you shall not rape, you shall not kill, you shall not lie, etc. But Islam and the Quran is the best proof for that these inner messages are easy to override for a charismatic leader and for a society, and make immoral behavior praiseworthy and a moral code: To steal/rob, rape, enslave, murder, and more – it all is “good and lawful” if you just observe the right formalities in Islam. Not to mention the rules for lawful lying - al-Taqiyya, Kitman, Hilah, deceit, betrayal, disuse of oaths, etc. To what claimed covenant are they true?

To be scientific: It is likely man has a conscience. But this conscience has to be trained by the community to learn what is right and what is wrong. To claim that this knowledge is instinctive, is nonsense according to science.

Besides: Was there really a clear covenant between Allah and the Muslims, or have Muhammad and his followers just made promises and believe it is a covenant? - and if there is a covenant: What is it worth if Allah is a made up god? - - - or from the dark forces??

047 7/186d: "To such (persons*) Allah rejects from His guidance, there can be no guide - - -". Wrong if other gods - f.x. Yahweh - exist - - - and especially wrong if Allah in addition is a made up god (the facts concerning the Quran do not bode well here).

048 7/173: "Our fathers before us may have taken false gods, but we are (their) descendants after them: wilt Thou (Allah*) then destroy us because of the deeds of men who were futile?" As the Quran with all its mistakes, contradictions, etc. is not from a god, this may be relevant for the Muslims - f.x. on the possible Day of Doom. The Quran and all its errors prove that Allah likely is one of the false gods.

049 7/206: "- - - bow down before Him (Allah*)". An undocumented god? - or a superstition? - or a dressed up pagan god? - or simply a dreamed up false god, a made up mental idol?

There never and nowhere was a proof neither for Allah's existence, nor for the claim that he is a god, nor for his claimed power. And nor for Muhammad's claimed connection to a god.

050 8/32c: “- - - they said: ’O, Allah if this is indeed the Truth from Thee, rain down on us a shower of stones from the sky or send us a grievous Penalty”. No doubt that proofs really were wanted and needed and would have had effect - but never an answer. And honestly - if Allah is a fiction from a made up book, he could not do or prove anything. This may be the simple reason.

051 8/35d: "Taste ye (the pagans of Mecca before Muhammad took over*) the Penalty because ye blasphemed". If Allah is a made up god, blasphemy was/is impossible - there is no way of blaspheming a non-existent god. There are so many errors in the Quran that those alone prove the book is not from any god. Thus it is extremely unlikely that Allah exists, and even more so that he in case is correctly described in the Quran. = no blasphemy. See 3/77b above.

052 8/55a: "For the worst beasts in the sight of Allah are those who reject Him - - -". Quite likely - - - if the Quran is not a made up book and Allah a fiction. At least that book is not from a god - too much is wrong.

053 8/56: "They are those with whom thou (Muhammad? Muslims?) make a covenant, but they break their covenant every time, and they have not the fear (of Allah)." Muslim hypocrites? Jews? Christians? Pagans? Jews, Christians and for that case Pagans did not - and do not - have any fear of Allah, as they did - and do - believe that the Quran is a made up book and Allah a made up god. There are good reasons for such beliefs.

###054 9/33ja: "- - - to proclaim it (Islam*) over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest it - - -". What other people want, does not matter much to Muslims and Islam. This even though if the Quran is a made up book, Islam itself is a pagan religion, and Allah a made up, pagan Arab god - and especially so if the book is from or inspired by the dark forces, like large parts of both the book and its moral code may indicate.

055 9/126c: "Yet they (non-Muslims*) turn not in repentance, and they take no heed". It is difficult to do this concerning a religion or a god you believe or know are false ones. We may add that Islam is one of the religions where one may know and not only believe that something is seriously wrong. This because it is claimed to come from a god, and no god makes that amount of mistakes, contradiction, etc. which it is easy to find in the Quran - the only ones not seeing them, are the ones who refuse to see what is in front of their eyes because they prefer to believe what they believe.

056 9/129d: "- - - He (Allah*) the Lord of the Throne (of Glory) Supreme!" Yes - if the Quran is not a made up book, and if it speaks the truth. And if Allah exists and is a god - nothing of which is proved.

057 10/28c: "- - - their 'partners' (false gods of non-Muslims*) shall say - - -". According to the Quran the false gods - included idols made from wood, stone, etc. - will get life on the Day of Doom and answer questions from Allah. No comments. But one remark: There is not the slightest proof anywhere for the existence of Allah.

This quote - like so much - is not from the Bible. Actually there is nothing similar in the Bible - one more indication for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

058 10/30e: "- - - their (non-Muslims'*) invented falsehoods (false gods*) will leave them in the lurch". But as the Quran is not from a god - far too much is wrong - where does this fact leave the Muslims? The chance for that Allah just is an invented falsehood is enormous.

#059 10/30f: "- - - their (non-Muslims'*) invented falsehoods (false gods*) will leave them in the lurch". This only is "invented falsehood" if it really is invented. There f.x. is a reasonable chance that Yahweh exists, and Jesus is a historical fact (he f.x. is mentioned by the renown Jewish writer of contemporary history shortly after, Josephus Flavius, and by 2 others a bit later). (A small curiosity here: There exists no real proof for that Muhammad really has lived. A few scientists honestly believe he is an invention.)

Worse: There also exists no proof for the existence of Allah, only the word of a man who believed in the use of dishonesty as a working tool, and with much power, etc., to gain from making people believe in his new religion. And as the Quran is so full of errors that they prove the book is not from any god, these 3 facts make it extremely likely that Allah is a made up - false - god.

060 10/34b: "Say (Muhammad*): 'Of your (non-Muslims'*) "partners" (gods*), can any originate creation and repeat it?' Say:’ It is Allah Who originates creation and repeats it - - -." This is a kind of debate you meet all too often from Islam and Muslims: You have to prove everything, but for them loose and never proved claims are enough. Demand proofs from Muslims when they just claim or states out of the air. Also see 7/38e and 10/31b above.

Besides: Also Allah never proved anything, included not that he created anything. This is one more indication for that also Allah is a false god.

061 10/35f: "Is then He (Allah*) who (claims he*) gives guidance to (the claimed*) Truth more worthy to be followed, or he (other gods*) who finds not guidance (himself) unless he is guided?" The answer will depend entirely on whether Allah is a made up bluff or not. In addition there is the question of f.x. Yahweh, who has proved his existence if the old books tell the truth. There also may be other religions whose followers will vouch as strongly for their gods, as Muslims do for Allah - perhaps with as much reason. Exactly nothing is ever proved about Allah, and not once in 1400+ years has there been an action of any kind provably from him.


062 11/14a: “If then they (your false gods) answer not your (call), know ye that this Revelation (the Quran*) is sent down (replete) with the knowledge of Allah, - - -”. This is logically 100% wrong, as whether false gods or other gods answer or not, proves nothing about Allah. To use plain words: It is logical nonsense. The only thing which may prove Allah, are unmistakable answers or deeds from him. Would a god try to cheat his - mostly illiterate and uneducated - audience in cheap and primitive ways like this? In case; why did he need to cheat them? Is he a falsification - or a pretender from the darkness? Who really made the Quran?

063 11/14b: "- - - (your false gods) answer not your (call) - - -". What the Quran and Islam and Muslims NEVER mention is that also Allah NEVER once through history unmistakably has answered anyone - just like any made up and false god. The only words there ever were (?) are the words from Muhammad. And anyone who has read the Quran, the Hadiths, and Islamic history, with one's brain engaged, knows what kind of man he in reality was - it is not hidden in those books (though glossed over with glorious words - if you skip them, you see the reality about Muhammad). Islam only has made Muhammad's moral - or lack of moral - their moral code, and therefore are unable to see how horrible parts of it are. Most Muslims even honestly believe it when they claim Islam is a very moral and ethical religion, this goes even for - to phrase it a bit strongly - the only part of Islam's moral which is strong, its sexual moral for free Muslim women. Oh, well, there are ok rules for taking care of boy orphans, and semi-good ones for helping the poor and for taking care of girl orphans + do not cheat or kill Muslims without a good reason. But just look at some of the other moral rules!

064 11/18a: "Who doth more wrong than those who invent a lie against Allah?" But what if the Quran is made up - is it a lie against Allah? - and is it still a lie against Allah if he in reality is no god, but only a pagan superstition taken over by Muhammad (Muhammad took over the main pagan god al-Lah/Allah, called him only Allah, said he was real, but that all other gods were made up, except Yahweh, whom he claimed - clearly wrong and like always without proofs - was just another name for Allah).

065 11/110d: "- - - had it not been that a Word had gone forth before from thy Lord (Allah*) - - -" These words means the revelations in the Bible. They are to be respected - but NB: The not falsified Bible, as the Quran and Islam claim - without any documentation and today even in spite of strong proofs for that the claim is wrong - that the Bible was and is falsified. They claim they talk about a claimed original Bible from before it was falsified, and when it was similar - not necessary identical, even though they claim both were copies of the claimed "mother book" in Heaven, but at least similar. Islam has to stick to these claims in spite of all proofs - and partly by throwing dirt on all science, Jews and Christians to make the claims less unbelievable - because if the Bible is not falsified, it is very obvious to everybody that Islam is a made up religion. It is easier and better to just go on believing what your parents believed and taught you, than to have to face the question if the beliefs you have based your life on, are fictions - blind belief is the best, even though the Quran tells the blind man has low value, and even if the price for being wrong is terrible in the possible next life. Yes, if there somewhere is a real god, a real paradise, and a real hell, and you have believed in a false religion and a false god (which is a possibility for Islam and Allah, as it is very clear that the Quran with all its mistakes, etc., etc. is not from a god) - well, what then?

066 12/57a: "But verily the reward of the Hereafter is the best - - -". Well, if:

  1. There really is a hereafter.
  2. The hereafter is correctly described.
  3. You believe in an existing god - and not one made up.

And no matter if there is a next life or not, it was an efficient way for Muhammad - and for many another self proclaimed prophet - to build a platform of power, and a cheap way to pay his warriors.

067 12/67e: "- - - in Him (here intended to be Allah*) I (Jacob*) put my trust - - -". Risky if Allah does not exist, or if he belongs to the dark forces and just have cheated people into a false religion.

068 13/13b: "Yet these (are the men) who (dare to) dispute about Allah - - -". It takes very little guts to dispute and doubt a claimed god you very honestly believe is a made up one, especially as the doubt and dispute are based on the proved facts that for one thing the only basis for the belief in him is a book of a sorrowful quality so full of mistakes, etc. that no god ever was involved in it, and for the other the man behind that book is described even in his own "holy" book as a morally no-good character liking power and riches for more power and women - like so many such men through history. Psychologically the belief in Muhammad is worth a study in human ability for being duped by good words, superstition, feelings, fear, and wish for something strong to lean to, and for study of superstition's dominance over knowledge, logic and brain. Allah like described in the Quran clearly is a dressed up, non-existing pagan god (al-Lah).

069 13/16e: "- - - such (false gods*) as have no power either for good or for harm to themselves". See 13/14c and 13/14d above. The troubling question is: Is Allah among these? - he only - only - comes from a book with lots of mistakes, told by a man with very doubtful moral, but with strong lust for power, riches for bribes, and for women. (Drop the big, glorifying words and read the rest of the Quran, and you find the real Muhammad behind the glittering propaganda - demands, introduced moral code, and deeds are far more reliable that saintly verbal portraits "painted" by a dictator himself.

070 13/28b: “- - - for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction”. This only is true for (some) Muslims, and in difficult times also some others seeking comfort in religion. Science tells that a minor fraction of the people (may be 5 - 10%) has an internal drive for a god - for something strong to lean to - and some more resort to such thinking when life is difficult. (In 2006 or 2007 they even found which gene in our DNA which produces this drive. One theory is that religion is favored by evolution because it makes the group closer knit and then the chances for survival bigger). These people find satisfaction in their religion - no matter which religion - if they do believe in it. And if they happen to be Muslims, they then find satisfaction in Allah. But NB: The satisfaction does not derive from the god they believe in – he/she may well be a fiction, like Allah seems to be (strongly indicated by all the mistakes in the Quran) – but from their own belief, as it is strong enough to make them feel sure it is right, and then feel secure in that security (false or not does not matter, as long as they themselves believe their belief is right). There is a possibility that this feeling of security, and hence safety and reduced nervousness, is another Darwinian reason for this inherited trait – it may in some way give an edge in the fight for survival.

The question these ideas of course produce is: Is there a god somewhere or are they all made up from our needs for something supernatural? What is sure here, is f.x. that all the errors, contradictions, etc. in the Quran, give many and strong at least circumstantial and empirical proofs for that the book is from no god, and thus that it is highly likely that Allah is a made up god - this even more so as he originally was a pagan god - al-Lah - whom Muhammad took over and dressed up. And if he all the same exists, it is highly unlikely he is correctly described in a book full of wrong facts and other errors.

We should try to find out, because if it all stems from inside us, we should try to do something with the inhuman and immoral religions, to which Islam belongs - remember the basis for all inter-human real moral; "Do onto others what you want others do onto you". Few religions are further away from this than Islam.

071 13/33c: "Is then He (Allah*) - - - (like all the others) - - -". Difficult to say, because of no reliable information. But if he does not exist, he is like all other non-existing, made up gods. He is no real god if he is behind the Quran - too much is wrong there. If he exists and belongs to the dark forces, he may be like others from those forces.

072 14/1g: "- - - by the leave of their (Muslims'*) Lord (Allah*) - - -". We quote YA1870: "It is insisted that every Prophet speaks not from himself but from Allah". Except for that the Bible tells it was Yahweh, this may be correct - but only for real prophets. For false prophets this possible rule is not valid. Muhammad was no real prophet - he had not the gift of being able to make prophesies, not to mention the fact that there was no god behind his claimed holy book and all its mistakes. He and his claimed god both might have been false ones. All the errors, etc. in the Quran indicate this - in addition to his inability to "see the unseen".

##073 14/12a: “No reason have we (Muslims*) why we should not put our trust in Allah”. Wrong. All the mistakes, etc. in the Quran prove 100% that it is not from a god. And all the mistaken facts which are in accordance with wrong science in the Middle East at the time of Muhammad, strongly indicate that it is made by one or more humans in Arabia at the time of Muhammad. In both cases the religion is a made up one, and Allah may not even exist. In addition one has the fact that Muhammad simply lied when it fitted him and did not even respect his own oaths. There is every reason for not putting any trust in Allah. Similar claim in 5/84.

074 14/22b: "- - - reproach your (sinners'*) own souls (for sinning*)". Why? Why, when the Quran so clearly and so often states that Allah decides everything and has 100% predestination? It was Allah who decided and predestined that you should sin - how can he then punish you for it when he forced you to do it? As for "free will for man" which the Quran and Muslims blame, that is not even theoretically possible if there is full predestination by Allah - even Islam has given in explaining how that can be possible. (But Islam cannot drop the claimed free will - for one thing there then will be more mistakes in the Quran, and the religion and the god false ones, and for another Allah then will be a morally very bad god, punishing man for sins he himself has forced them to do. Therefore they say: "Even if it is impossible, it all the same must be true, because Allah says so in the Quran" (A6/141) - likely the lamest of all "explanations" you meet from Islam. In the immaterial sphere of existence there are things impossible even for omnipotent gods.) Also see 3/154e, 6/149a, and 7/34a above and not least 16/35e below.

075 14/30aa: "And they (non-Muslims*) set up (idols) equal to Allah - - -". They were equal to Allah if Allah just is another made up pagan god - and the fact that for one thing the Quran is of a quality where no god ever was involved, for another that neither Muhammad nor Allah ever were able to prove even a comma of the quranic texts or the very existence of Allah or Muhammad's connection to him, and for a third Allah originally was a pagan god Muhammad dressed up and claimed - never proved, only claimed - was not a pagan god. Equal? Unequal?

###076 15/90: "- - - those who divided (scriptures into arbitrary parts)". = those who falsified the Bible. Here we are back to one of Islam's central, but never proved claims: That the Bible is falsified. The claim is long since proved wrong by science - and an even better proof for this is from Islam: If they during the 1400 hundred years had found even a microscopic real proof, you had found it in all media and in all relevant university textbooks. You only find claims, a lot of speculations and some al-Taqiyyas. But as Islam cannot survive without the claim that the Bible is falsified (it will in case mean that Muhammad was/is wrong and the Bible right - and thus that the Quran is wrong and Islam a made up pagan religion - and Allah a made up, false god), Muslims cannot afford to let go of the claim. Better with blind belief, than to have to face the possibility that the religion you have based your life on, may be made up and wrong - no matter what price a false religion and a false god might cost you, if there is a next life.

077 15/94b: “- - - turn away from those (non-Muslims*) who join false gods with Allah.” See 2/165c above and 25/18a below.

078 16/1g: "- - - far is He (Allah*) above having the partners (likely the other gods of the pagan Arabs, but non-Arab gods and Jesus may be included*) they (the pagan Arabs and perhaps the Christians*) ascribe unto Him (Allah*)!" Is Allah far above anything at all if the Quran is a made up book - and Allah perhaps a made up god?

According to the Bible he at least is not above Yahweh.

079 16/21a: "They (the images of false gods*) are things) dead, lifeless - - -". If Allah is a made up god, he will not even be a dead and lifeless idol - he will only a phantom picture made in a scheming and/or perhaps sick (TLE - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy) brain. Or perhaps made up by the dark forces.

080 16/27c: "- - - My (Allah's*) 'partners' (false gods) - - -". See 2/255a and 6/106b above and 25/18a below.

081 16/35a: "The worshippers of false gods - - -". An interesting point here is that Muhammad reckoned Christians to believe Jesus was/is such a false god - Muhammad never understood the Gospels and the rest of NT on points like this. The Bible do not say Jesus is a god, only that he is divine - a prince is not a king, even if he belongs to the royal family (and in this case he also never will become a king, as the king and only god - Yahweh - is eternal). Muhammad also never understood the Trinity dogma, and believed it consisted of Yahweh, Jesus, and Mary instead of of Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (though he may be right that the Trinity dogma is not correct - the three may perhaps not be one - that dogma is manmade and may be wrong, as this is not said in the Bible. It is a Christian dogma from the 4. century, and it got its present form from the so-called Cappadocian Fathers (Gregory of Nyassa (332-395), Basil the Great (320-79), and Gregory of Nazeanzus (329-389)). The nearest you come in the Bible, is that Jesus said that he and his father, Yahweh, were one.)). And to finish the Trinity: The Holy Spirit is a kind of messenger or ambassador for Yahweh - one hardly with any will of its own. And just to mention it: Many Muslims claim the Holy Spirit just is another name for the archangel Gabriel. No-one who really knows the Bible would ever get that idea - the claim was not even worth a comment if it was not because many Muslims do not know any better and believe in it. It also is not said in the Quran.

Another fact is that all Muslims likely are worshippers of a false god: For one thing Allah never was able to prove even his existence. For another all the errors and even dishonesty in the Quran prove that the book is not from any god. For a third, Allah was just a pagan Arab god Muhammad took over, dressed him up, and tried to make him like the old Jewish god Yahweh. For a fourth Muhammad was a man who believed in the use of dishonesty as a working tool, and a man who had much power, etc. to gain from making people believe in his new religion (nothing like Islam is known any place or time before 610 AD, when Muhammad started his mission). These facts and more each are strong indications for that Allah is a made up - false - god. So strong that they together are approaching a proof of mathematical strength for this, or at the very least for that he is not reliably described in the Quran.

082 16/56d: "- - - your (non-Muslims*) false inventions (other gods than Allah*)". But are all of the gods false inventions? There f.x. is the problem of the old Jewish and Christian god Yahweh, who according to the Bible far from is a made up god, and accepted by the Quran, even though that book wrongly mixes him up with Allah - though he was very different from Allah. NB: Also the Quran tells that the old Jewish and Christian god exists, though they like said mix up his name with their own god Allah.

And there is the contra question: Does Allah belong to the false gods? He after all is the dressed up pagan Arab god al-Lah, and his claimed holy book is so full of wrong facts and other errors, etc. that it 100% sure is not from any real god.

083 16/73a: "- - - such (other gods*) as have no power - - -". This may be true for many "gods". But for all? The Quran proves very eloquently that Allah is not the same god as Yahweh, and f.x. Yahweh may have power. As for made up ones - it has never and nowhere been proved that Allah does not belong to them.

084 16/74a: "- - - similitudes for Allah - - -". If Allah is a made up god: Similitudes to nothing are nothing. But also see 25/18a below.

085 16/75c: "But most of them (people, non-Muslims*) understand not (that it is better to be well off under Allah, than slave under other gods*)". But Islam makes no secret of that all Muslims are slaves under Allah - whereas f.x. Yahweh does not demand that you are his slave. But Muslims are so used to this slavery that they do not think it over. And what is really their status if Allah is a made up god and they are slaves under the leaders' and the mullahs' imagined "fata morgana"? Also see 16/74c above.

086 16/87b: "- - - all their (non-Muslims'*) inventions (false gods*) shall leave them in the lurch". But where will the Muslims be left with a book and thus a religion not from any god? - (too much is wrong in the book to be from a god). Is it thus proved that Allah is a false god? At least it is a strong circumstantial proof.

087 16/116c: "For those who ascribe false things to Allah will never prosper". If the Quran is a made up book, the only one ascribing false things to Allah, was Muhammad - - - included the (wrong?) claims that Allah is not a made up - false and pagan - god?

088 17/1b: "- - - His (Allah*) Servant - - -". Muhammad. But whose servant was Muhammad if the Quran and very likely Allah are made up ones?

089 17/57a: "Those (false gods, saints or similar*) whom they (non-Muslims) call upon do desire (for themselves) means of access to their Lord (Allah*) - - -". As for saints this may or may not be true. But for made up gods it is wrong - made up gods in reality do not exist, and thus has no wishes at all (the Quran claims that pictures of them in wood, metal or something are given life at the Day of Doom - it is free for anybody to believe it). This also goes for Allah if he is a made up god.

All the errors in the Quran prove that the book is not from any god. This also indirectly, but very clearly proves that if Allah exists, he is not correctly described among all those errors. Thus Allah like described in the Quran is a false and made up god. The literally thousands of errors does not, however, prove that there does not exist a supernatural being named or misnamed Allah - they only prove that the Quran is not from any god, and that thus Allah either is something made up, or is wrongly described among all the errors in the book - only a god can really describe a god, and only a god can fully describe a number of the things/points the Quran claims to describe, and as the Quran is not from any god, those descriptions are not descriptions, but guesswork or made up tales. But if the something the Quran claims to tell about, but likely not correctly among all the wrong facts, etc., and which it names Allah, really exists, what is he/it in reality? We have to hope he/it is not something from the dark forces.

090 17/57b: "Those whom they (non-Muslims) call upon do desire (for themselves) means of access to their Lord (Allah*) - - -". This may only be correct if Allah exists and the Quran is correct and from Allah, and if they then do not pray to a real god. Especially if Allah or the Quran or both are made up, this is worth to beware of - praying to a made up god has no effect.

Not to mention what the effect is if Allah is from the dark forces.

091 18/6a: "You (persons*) wouldst only, perchance, fret thyself to death, following after them (non-Muslims*), in grief, if they believe not in this Message (the Quran*)". Not if they happened to believe in a real god, and especially not if on top of this the Quran and Allah are made up - not to mention if Allah is from the dark forces.

092 18/20: "- - - force you (claimed Muslims*) to return to their (Pagan*) cult - - -". But this should not be too terrible? - a Muslim forced to do such a thing, is not sinning. Besides: If Allah is made up god - and he only exists in a book where no god was involved - they just were going from one pagan god to another.

093 18/27g: "- - - and none wilt thou find as a refuge other than Him (Allah*)". This will depend entirely on how truthful the Quran is. If it is telling the full truth and only the truth, and if Allah really exists, this may be correct. If not, there either is no god anywhere - everything is made up. Or there is/are one or more gods somewhere - and we f.x. here are back to the fact that Muhammad accepted the existence of Yahweh - though he tried to make one god out his own Allah and the Jewish and Christian Yahweh. The situation grows extra interesting if Allah does not exist - which seems very likely, as there never was any proof for him, as he suddenly appeared 1400 years ago (well, he existed as a Pagan god for a long time before that) - a god ought to have a longer life - and as there also never was any kind of manifestation of him or any other kinds of proofs, only words and claims and on top of all those loose claims and words without exception came from a man believing in the use of lies (al-Taqiyya, Kitman, Hilah), deceit, and broken promises included broken oaths, deceptions ("war is deceit"), and a man who used his religion (like many false prophets) to gain power and women. Not to mention that all the mistakes, etc. in the book tell a lot.

094 18/52c: "- - - they (false gods*) will not listen to them (people*) - - -". The question is if Allah belongs to those "gods" - he has not unmistakably given one single answer since he was introduced to mankind 1400 years ago, and neither before (if he had, be sure Islam had told you and everybody else about it!)

095 19/36c: "- - - a Way that is straight". But leading where? To Paradise if Allah exists and is correctly described in the Quran - but remember here that the Quran with all its mistakes, etc. is not from any god - no omniscient god makes mistakes. To nowhere if Allah is something made up by humans. To Hell if Allah is made up and there somewhere is a benevolent real god Muslims have been prohibited from looking for. Not to mention where it leads if Allah belongs to the dark forces and just has cheated Muhammad - too many facts for comfort may fit that theory.

096 19/38e: "But the unjust (= non-Muslims*) today are in error manifest!" If Allah and Islam are made up, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral and ethical codes plus the immoral and/or unjust parts of the sharia laws make Muslims belong to this group - the Muslims. If Allah does not exist, and the Quran is made up - and it at least is from no god - Islam and the Muslims at many points were and are very unjust.

097 19/82: "Instead they (the false gods*) shall reject their (non-Muslims*) worship, and become adversaries against them". At the Day of Doom the false gods gets life and accuses their "followers" according to Islam. But what about Allah if he just is a made up mental idol?

098 20/16c: “- - - let not such as believe not therein (in the Quran*) but follow their own lusts, divert thee (Muslim*) therefrom, lest thou perish.” You in case only perish if the Quran is correct in all and everything. That is to say: Even if the Quran is wrong, you may perish if the other god(s) you happen to believe in, does/do not exist. This in case also include the Muslims if Allah is a made up god - or incorrectly described.

099 21/23b: "- - - but they (other gods*) will be questioned (for theirs (their actions*))". Irrelevant and without logic as far as made up gods concern: If they did not exist, they made no acts they can be questioned about. (The Quran indicates they will be created on the Day of Doom and asked about their believers' actions - believe it if you want (but why should an omniscient god need to do that) - but that is something else. It also is irrelevant and without logic if Allah does not exist - if he does not exist, he cannot question anyone, like indicated here. Then remains the alternative: Allah exists and so do other gods - f.x. Yahweh. Yahweh here is extra interesting because the Quran admits this old originally Jewish god exists, though they try to kidnap him in spite of a very different teaching, to give Allah a past - a claimed eternal god who suddenly appeared 1400 years or something ago sounds little believable, so give him a past.

100 21/29a: "If any of them (other gods*) should say, 'I am a god besides Him (Allah*) - - -". If Allah is a made up god, this is fiction. If he does exist in spite of not being involved in making the Quran, the situation becomes interesting if he says this to f.x. Yahweh, whom the Quran admits exist (but wrongly claims is the same god as Allah). Not to mention how interesting this becomes, if it is said and Allah belongs to the dark forces.

101 21/40a: "- - - no power will they (non-Muslims*) they have to avert it (ending in Hell*)". May be not they themselves. But if they are believers in an existing god - say Yahweh, if he exists - Yahweh's religion and moral codes, etc. at some (many) points are very different from Allah's. So may be if they do not qualify for paradise in Muhammad's war religion, maybe they do so in Jesus' religion of love. This even more so if Islam is a made up religion and there is no Allah wanting to send them to Hell.

102 21/99: "If these (false gods*) had been gods, they would not have got there (in Hell*)".

  1. Is it fair by Allah to condemn them to Hell when they absolutely are not guilty of the situation themselves and were unable to avoid it?
  2. As essential: They will not end there, unless the Quran is from a god and in addition tells the truth on this point - and there are so many points in the Quran which are not true. Or unless there exists a god somewhere as unfair as Allah sometimes is - - - and what then with all Muslims in case? - especially if Allah on top of all is a made up god.

103 21/106b: "Verily in this (Quran) is a Message for people who would (truly) worship Allah". That may well be, but if the Quran is a made up book - by men or dark forces as no god is involved in a book with so much wrong - also the message is a made up one, and then the god likely is a made up one. (May be we should hope he is made up, as he at points is very immoral, unfair, bloody and harsh. As we have said before: When a man or a god says something, but demands and does something very differently, we any day believe in his demands and his deeds, not his words - words are too cheap.

104 22/24d: "- - - the Path (to the Islamic paradise*) - - -". This path only exists if Allah is not a made up god and the Quran in addition tells only and the full truth at least on this point. Well, it may lead somewhere all the same if Allah is part of the dark forces - but to where?

105 22/34e: "- - - submit then your (Muslim's*) will to Him (Allah*) (in Islam) - - -". A bit risky without first checking if Allah exists and is a god, and if Islam is reality or made up - too many facts are wrong for the ones not blinded by belief.

**106 22/62a: “- - - Allah - He is reality - - -”. Well, that is one of the big points which neither the Quran nor Hadith nor Islam’s learned men have been able to give the slightest proof for. Even some Muslim intellectuals admit so. This in spite of all the “signs” and “proofs” that say so in the Quran - they have one thing in common: NOT ONE OF THEM GIVES ONE SINGLE VALID PROOF OF ALLAH - they all are claims or statements built on air or on not proved “facts” or other claims or statements that are not proved. A fact that “smells”. Gabriel may simply be a result of a sick brain (modern medical science suspects Muhammad had TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy) - which can give such religious "experiences" like it is said Muhammad had) or something made up in the imagination of a Muhammad pretending Allah to be an avatar of - or identical to - Yahweh. The last is not possible, though, as the essences of the two teachings are too different, but Muhammad did pretend so. And: Cheating is the hallmark of cheaters.

#####Unless Islam can show real proofs for the existence of Allah, there are so many circumstantial and empirical proofs for that Allah is a made up god, that they put together is a proof of mathematical strength for that Allah does not exist, and just is a mental, pagan idol. Not to mention that they together proves by mathematical strength that the Quran is from no omniscient god.

107 22/74a: "No just estimate have they (non-Muslims*) made of Allah - - -". If Allah sent down the Quran, many non-Muslims have made a just estimate of him. And if he does not exist, but is a made up god, also many or most non-Muslims have made just estimates. Not to mention if he exists, but is from the dark forces.

###108 24/15c: "- - - it (this refers to the hours his child wife Aisha spent alone in the desert with a young man, and the - probably wrong - slander this caused*) was most serious in the sight of Allah". Slander may be a serious, but not a most serious sin - that word you have to reserve for robbery, rape, dishonesty, slave taking, torture, terrorism, murder, mass murder, etc. - and if you are religious; for the gravest sins against the god(s) like f.x. making up competing gods and/or disusing a god/gods for personal gains like riches for keeping or for use (f.x. for bribes), respect and power.

If on the other hand Allah was a made up platform of power for Muhammad and his co-workers, well, then it might have been most serious for him (Muhammad) as it touched Muhammad, at least if there exists a real god somewhere. F.x. if Muhammad started off originally wanted to serve the old Jewish and Christian god he had heard about, but somewhere stumbled out from "the narrow road" of Yahweh and on to "the straight and easy road". #####(This is one of the possible explanations, especially as science tends to think that Muhammad believed in something when he started his mission, but over time became more "relaxed" and scheming and like so many a leader was morally destroyed by his success and power.

###109 24/55b: "Allah has promised - - - that He will, of a surety, grant them (the Muslims*) in the land, inheritance (of power) - - -". This is a serious reminder to all non-Muslims - not the message itself, because if Allah and/or the Quran are made up and fiction, the message itself is void of any value. But the belief of the Muslims - this is what the believers among them believe they are promised; the power in the land, all land. Not only the power, but the power as an inheritance - forever. This is what they believe they are promised, and therefore this is what they are looking forward to and work for - some of them "in every strategy (of war)" (9/5).

110 25/3a: Made up gods are no good. But a reminder: Allah has never been proved to be any better or even to exist. Muhammad never had anything but undocumented claims to give to people. And Muhammad was a very dubious character according to claimed facts and real facts in central Islamic literature - far from the semi-saint Muslims like to claim.

111 25/3d: "- - - gods that can create nothing, but are themselves created; that have no control of hurt or good to themselves - - -". But the irony here is that the Quran here blames other gods for defects it is likely also Allah has - if he exists - as there is not one single known proved incident during all the time Homo Sapiens has existed on Earth, where Allah has done anything of this. A very good proof for this is Islam's silence about such proved cases. Claims yes, proved cases no.

112 25/18e: "- - - they (non-Muslims*) were a people (worthless and) lost". One of Muhammad's many repulsive descriptions of non-Muslims. But there is another aspect of this claim: What about Muslims if Allah is a made up god? - and even more so if there somewhere exists a real god they have been prohibited to look for (such prohibition is a fact in the Quran - logical if Allah f.x. is part of the dark forces. Or if Muhammad aimed for power here on Earth.)

113 25/19a: "(Allah will say): 'Now they (the false gods*) have proved you (non-Muslims*) liars..." A not documented claim in a hypothetical speech in a book dictated by a morally very doubtful person liking power and riches - at least for bribes - and women. And claimed to be said by a claimed god which the realities in the Quran more or less prove is a made up and false god. You are free to believe what you want.

114 25/42b: "He (Muhammad*) indeed would well-nigh have misled us from our (non-Muslims*) gods - - -". If Yahweh exists, at least the Jews and the few Christians spoke the truth - and even more so if Allah and his(?) Quran in addition are made up.

#115 25/42d: "- - - who is most mislead in the Path!" As the Quran with all its errors is from no god, this is a very open question. But there is a chance that "the narrow road" of Jesus is real. And if all religions are made up - which is not unlikely as no gods show their existence - the war and suppression religion Islam is one of the most inhuman ones, whereas Christianity like it is described in NT (do not protest until you have read the NT) and Buddhism likely are the most human ones, at least of the big religions, and thus alternatives for the ones needing or unable to give in the "higher spheres". Islam is the only of the big religions which itself (in the Quran) really proves things are seriously wrong with the religion, as all the mistakes in a book pretended made/sent down by a god, proves it is from no god.

116 25/55a: "Yet do they (non-Muslims*) worship, besides Allah, things that can neither profit them nor harm them - - -". The trouble is that also Allah has not one single time clearly and unmistakably shown that he can do any better. Not one single time. There only are Muhammad's claims for the power of Allah - and neither Muhammad (al-Taqiyya, Kitman, Hilah, "War is deceit", broken words/promises/oats) nor the Quran is much reliable.

Another point is that non-Muslims do not worship another god/other gods besides Allah, but instead of Allah - non-Muslims simply do not believe Allah at all is a god.

##117 25/55d: "- - - the Misbeliever - - -". Who is a misbeliever and who not, will depend on who believe in a real god and who in one or more made up one(s). Islam is in a weak position here, as it is proved beyond both reasonable and unreasonable doubts (but not beyond religious blindness, brainwashing, and wishful thinking - that is impossible) that its claimed holy book has no connection to a god - no god makes that many mistakes, contradictions, etc.

118 26/72-73: "Do they (false gods*) listen to you (Terah in the Bible, Azad in the Quran - father of Abram/Abraham*) when ye call (on them), Or do you good or harm?" But if you ask the same question about Allah, he has not done one single of those things in a provable way during his entire claimed existence - not once - just listen to Islam's silence about this. Besides it is not said in the Bible that Abraham's people were polytheists.

119 27/59e: "(Who) is better? - Allah or the false gods they (non-Muslims*) associate (with Him)?" False gods have no power and no value and nothing to offer for a perhaps next life - on the contrary, as they waylay and misdirect you in your search for a possible next life - even blocks the road for you if it denies you to search other than wrong roads. The disturbing fact here is that also Allah never has proved his power or even his existence and thus may be a made up and false god - and Muhammad never was able to prove his connection to a god and thus may be a false prophet, this even more so as he clearly liked riches for bribes, and power and women, believed in using lies (al-Taqiyya, Kitman) and even broken oaths if that gave better results (plainly said even in the Quran), and had a very doubtful moral (stealing/robbing, raping, suppressing, murdering, deceiving ("war is deceit" - and every place outside Islam is "the land of war"), lying even in the Quran, just to mention a few facts - all this from central Islamic religious literature and history). If the Quran is a made up book and Allah thus a made up god, Allah is as false god as all the other false gods. What is sure, is that the Quran is not from a god - no god makes that many mistakes, contradictions, unclear language, cases of invalid logic, etc.

120 27/60e: "(Can there be another) god besides Allah?"

  1. First: We cannot know if "besides Allah" has a meaning, as we cannot know if Allah exists - if he does not exist, there cannot be any besides him. One can believe it ever so strong, but as long as he does not prove himself, it only is belief, not real knowledge. Beliefs - even strong beliefs - have proved wrong before, just think about all strong believers in false gods.
  2. Secondly: There is no natural law preventing more than one god. And there is the question: Another god not beside Allah, but instead of him. In this case Islam f.x. has the problem with Yahweh - a god who clearly has proved himself if either the Bible or the Quran is correct on these points, and who clearly is not the same god as Allah in spite of Islam's never documented claims about this - too much, too many, and too deep differences between the teachings. If there is just one god at least one of these two does not exist. Which one in case is the more likely one? Also see 25/18a above.
  3. Thirdly: There may be another god INSTEAD of Allah - f.x. Yahweh.

121 27/66a: "Still less can their (false gods*) knowledge comprehend the Hereafter - - -". But is Allah any better? He has not proved his power. He definitely has not proved his knowledge if he is behind the Quran. He has not even proved he is not a false god - or his very existence. And all which is said and claimed about him, rests only - only - on the words of a man who even the Quran and other central Islamic books show has a doubtful moral and doubtful reliability (note that we say "show" not "say" - acts and demands are much more reliable than glorious words and claims). There even is a rumor that Allah is from the dark forces, and a number of points in the Quran and f.x. in its moral code may indicate that this is a possibility.

Another point is that according to the Bible the only really omniscient god is Yahweh.

122 28/62b: "Where are My (Allah's*) 'partners'?" It may well be correct that they do not exist. But does a claimed god who in 1400 - and actually thousands according to the Quran - years never has given a clear proof for his existence, really exist? Or is he, too, a made up god?

123 28/68e: "And far is He (Allah*) above the partners they ascribe (to Him)". If he is a real god and there are no other gods: Yes. If he is made up: No.

124 28/70c: "There is no god but He (Allah)". If f.x. Yahweh exists, this claim is not true. And we remind you that even the Quran admits (if it is not wrong here, too) that this old Jewish and Christian god exists (but Muhammad wrongly mixes him up with Allah). AND NOT TO FORGET: ALLAH IS NOT EVEN A GOD IF HE DOES NOT EXIST OR IS AN IMPOSTOR; F.X. IBLIS - THE DEVIL).

If f.x. Allah just is the old pagan and made up god al-Lah/al-Ilah (the moon god of at least south Arabia - it is no co-incidence that the crescent moon is the symbol for Allah and for Islam) or al-Ilah or Il shined up, not to mention if he is something shined up/dressed up from the dark forces (Muhammad would have no chance to see the difference), like parts of the Quran's and Islam's moral and also judicial code may indicate - and which is one of only 2-3 possible explanations for who made the Quran, as no god would deliver a book of that quality - what is then the situation? (And what is then the future for Muslims if there is a second life?)


We may add that originally Hubal was the moon god in Arabia, and some sources say the Kabah originally was his temple and dedicated to him. But when Muhammad was born, al-Lah - sometimes named Allah - may have taken over as Arabia's main god. It is a bit ironic that a building dedicated to an old moon god (be it Hubal or al-Lah/Allah - because also Allah had been a moon god and the crescent moon still is his symbol) was and is the most holy place on Earth for a claimed only and claimed omnipotent god - and as ironic is the fact that if Muhammad had been born earlier, Islam's god might have been named Hubal, not Allah (Muhammad simply took over the claimed mightiest of the pagan Arab gods, and earlier Hubal was reckoned to be the most powerful one - and the moon god like al-Lah had been and perhaps still was).

########We have not mentioned much about al-Lah/Allah's position in the Kabah before Muhammad. The reason is that it is quite unclear. There are the two gods mentioned as the main god for the Quraysh tribe = the main god in the Kabah: Hubal, the moon god, and al-Lah/Allah - also a moon god, at least in southern parts of Arabia. There are clear indications, but no proofs, for that these two really and simply were two names for the same god - perhaps with Hubal as his "personal" name and al-Lah/Allah his title (al-Lah/Allah means "the god", or in this case "the main god").

There also are indications for that there were connections between Hubal and the Ba'al known from f.x. the Bible - same god and similar name, but in another variety of religion. If this is true, the Quran and Islam are way beyond the Milky Way when they forward claims like Zachariya prayed to Allah/Hubal/Ba'al, or that Jesus preached about Allah/Hubal/Ba'al, as in those times such connections would be known, even if they are forgotten today, and Ba'al represented the Devil to the Jews of those times.


125 28/74d: "- - - (Allah's*) 'partners' - - -". For believers in other religions, Allah is a false and made up god (likely correct, as all the errors in the Quran prove the book is not from any god), and their god(s) is/are not partner(s) of Allah. But by his choice of words, Muhammad makes it look like Allah is the general god according to all humans, but that they have additional gods. Wrong. And dishonesty - at least outside the old Arabia (well, also inside Arabia, because the old al-Lah/Allah was a lot different from Muhammad's Allah). Also see 25/18a above.

126 28/75g: "- - - and the (lies) which they invented will leave them in the lurch". This will be the case also for Muslims if Allah is a made up god - and the fact that no god would ever be involved in a book with so many errors, etc. like the Quran, may indicate something ominous.

Besides: According to the Bible and to Jesus - a very reliable person according to the Quran - Yahweh is neither invented nor a lie. The fact is that also the Quran admits that Yahweh - the old Jewish and Christian god - existed, even though it wrongly mixes him up with Allah.

127 29/8f: "- - - anything of which ye have no knowledge - - -". In this case = false gods. (Another question is if Allah in reality belongs to them, as there never was a proof for his existence - and all the errors, etc. in the Quran prove his lack of knowledge.)

128 29/13a: "They (non-Muslims*) will bear their own burdens (of sins*), and (other) burdens along with their own, and on the Day of Judgment they will be called to account for their falsehoods". In the Quran sinners on some occasions have to carry also the burden of sins of the one you have sinned against. F.x. if you kill someone "unjustly", the victim loses the chance of being forgiven by Allah later in life, and then he/she is forgiven and you have to take over his/her burden of sins.

If this principle really is valid in a possible next life, it will have serious effect for many a Muslim if Allah is a made up god and/or the Quran has not told only and the full truth in everything. In that case all the millions of killings and murders and assassinations done by Muslims throughout times are "unjust killings" - and the killers only can hope for that there is no next life and no god judging their deeds.

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

129 29/30c: "- - - do mischief - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses words like this it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code. When f.x. Muslims went raiding for wealth and captives and power, it was not mischief, but heroism. And terrorists today are not making mischief - they are heroes - - - for a book not from a god - and a god most likely made up.

130 29/42b: "- - - whatever (false gods*) they call upon besides Him (Allah*) - - -". See 25/18a above.

131 29/56d: "- - - serve ye (people*) Me (Allah*) - (and Me alone)!" Rather risky as long as the entire religion rests just on a book full of errors, contradictions, a few lies, etc. from a man even central Islamic literature admits used lies, cheating, broken oaths, etc. If no god exists, it does not matter. But if there some place exists a real god, but Allah is a made up one, it is a pity. Not to mention if the other and real god is a good and benevolent one not liking injustice and terror, whereas also Allah exists, but belongs to the dark forces. It will in case not be a good experience for Allah's believers.

132 29/68a: "And who does more wrong than he who invents a lie against Allah?" If Muhammad or someone has made up the Quran, that means they have invented Allah as a single god and the only god of the world. But has/have he/they in case sinned against Allah if he does not exist? Advanced philosophy? And what if it is the dark forces that made the Quran? (parts of the contents and of f.x. the moral code may indicate that this rumor may be the right one)

133 30/35a: "Or have We (Allah*) sent down authority to them (non-Muslims*) which points out to them the things (false gods*) to which they pay part-worship". But the very fundamental question is: Does Allah exist, and in case he does: Does he really have the power to send authority of any kind? This simply is one more of the classical Islamic way of debating: "What we say is the truth and does not need verification - so we can make claims on basis of that". But the claims are 100% invalid, as long as the underlying claimed facts are not proved.

###Also note Muhammad's technique: He pretends Allah is a fact, so that no proofs are necessary. You meet this and similar techniques legion places in the Quran.

If the Quran is a made up book, or if Allah for other reasons is wrongly described in that book, Allah either is a false god, or a god different from what Muhammad claimed. In both cases Islam is a false religion.

134 30/35b: "- - - pay part-worship - - -". Wrong. Non-Muslims simply believe Allah is a made up or false god and worship their own god(s). There is no question of part-worship - a phenomenon Muhammad may have launched because of the special situation with the god al-Lah (renamed by Muhammad to Allah) in Arabia, or in order to magnify his own god by claiming all other worshipping only was part-worshipping to gods beside Allah - i.e. claiming Allah after all was the main god for everyone, which was and is untrue. Also see 25/18 a above.

##135 31/12e: "Any who is (so) grateful (towards Allah*) does so to the profits of his own soul - - -". What kind of profit? If the Quran is a made up book - and with all its errors, etc. it at least is from no god - also Islam is a made up religion representing the dressed up pagan god al-Lah. Not much profit neither for body or soul - except for the priests and other religious leaders, included Muhammad.

136 31/13e: "- - - false worship is indeed the highest wrongdoing". Does this also go for Muslims if the Quran is a made up book and Allah a false god?

137 31/18c: "- - - Allah loveth not any arrogant boaster". Is Muhammad an arrogant boaster when he is telling about all Allah has done and all he can do, if the tales are not true? - and they are not if Allah does not exist or if they for other reasons are made up, by dark forces or man (they are not from any god, as no god would be involved in a book as full of mistakes, contradictions, etc. as the Quran).

138 33/36b: "It is not fitting for a Believer (Muslim*) - - - when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger, to have any option about their decision - - -". (YA3721): "We (Muslims*) must not put our own wisdom in competition with Allah's wisdom." If a Muslim knows something is wrong in the Quran, he shall all the same believe what the Quran says(!!). No comment - and not one single one necessary!!

Not less serious: At the time of Muhammad obedience to Allah = obedience to Muhammad. Total obedience is nice for any dictator. This even more so if the Quran and/or Allah are made up - and at least the Quran and all its errors, etc. is not from any god. No further comment necessary on these facts, too.

139 33/71b: "- - - forgive - - -". Allah can forgive nobody if he just is a made up god or a dressed up pagan god (al-Lah) - not to mention if he belongs to the dark forces.

Another point is that to forgive - or for that case to punish or reward or fulfill prayers - means for Allah to change his Plan considering the sinner/person, something which according to the Quran is something nobody and nothing can make him do. See 2/187d above.

140 34/22b: "Call upon any other (gods) whom ye (people*) fancy, besides Allah; they have no power". Perhaps correct - but also Allah has never, not one single time, clearly shown any power. Is he any better?


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#####141 34/50c: “If I (Muhammad*) am astray, I only stray to the loss of my own soul - - -“. This is utmost and extremely wrong – if Muhammad was astray (and too much point in that direction) it is to the loss of each and every Muslim’s soul. Because then Islam is a false religion and Allah a false god - non-existing or at least different from what is told by all the errors in the Quran. Also see 34/50a just above.

In a way more serious: It is so obvious that the quote above is wrong, that there is no chance an intelligent man like Muhammad did not know it. One more lie from him. And really a serious one - really serious.


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142 36/24a: “(If I took another god*) I would indeed - - - be in manifest Error.” Not if that god exists – and especially not if Allah on top of that is a made up god (he after all was taken over from the pagan Arab gods by Muhammad who just renamed him from al-Lah/Allah to only Allah, and even took over most of the pagan Arab religious rituals, too. And not least: Neither Allah nor Muhammad was ever able to produce the feeblest proof for Allah's existence or power.) Lots of claims, but not one proved case.

There also is a likeliness - but not a clear case - for that also Hubal was a name for al-Lah/Allah, and a possibility for that the name Hubal was connected to the name/title Ba'al (= lord, master, owner) - the more or less representative of the Devil, according to several prophets in the Bible. The name Ba'al or similar was used for some gods in a wide region in the Middle East.

143 37/86: "Is it a Falsehood - gods other than Allah - - -". As no god really is proved, it is a possibility for that all gods are false - though there may be something about Yahweh, as if the old books - included the Quran - tell the truth on this point, both he and Jesus proved something. But the relevant fact here is that as the Quran with all its mistakes, etc. is not from any god, it is highly likely that also Allah is falsehood. The mathematical chance for that he is a reality, will have to be written with very small numbers and far behind the comma or point. (It is likely Abraham's people had more gods, but no religious quarrel is mentioned in the Bible.)

#########144 39/32c: "- - - utters a lie concerning Allah - - -". There is no bigger lie against Allah than the Quran, this whether he exists or not. Why we can say this so 100% sure and definitely, is that the book is so full of mistakes, contradictions, etc. that no god has been involved in it, not to mention a claimed omniscient god. It is not possible to say who made it, though there are good reasons for to suspect Muhammad, partly because one recognize the methods used by false prophets, partly because many of the mistakes are things one believed was correct science at his time in that area, partly because it is clear from f.x. Arabisms that it was made in or near Arabia, partly because of all the times Allah helped him with family and other personal problems, partly because he was the main benefactor, partly because it was his platform of power, and not least because the religion changed when Muhammad needed or wanted changes.

If he was mentally ill like modern medical science suspects, he can, however, partly have believed in his tales and preaching himself, at least in the beginning. But he was too intelligent and knew too much about people not to know that he was lying some times, even in surahs and verses in the Quran. Some things there are not possible for an intelligent person knowing people to believe.

But if one believes in supernatural beings, there also is the possibility that the Quran is from the dark forces. If f.x. the Devil dressed up like the angel Gabriel, no human - included Muhammad - would have a chance to know the difference. The partly immoral moral code, the partly unethical ethical code, the partly unjust judicial code, the permission of lying, deceiving, stealing/robbing, raping, suppressing, enslaving, murdering, etc., etc., may point in this direction.

As the Quran is not from any god, it is extremely likely that Allah just is a made up, false god - the old pagan Arab god al-Lah dressed up. And if he after all exists, it is as extremely unlikely he is correctly described among all the wrong facts and errors in the Quran.

Also see 34/8b above.

145 39/57a: "- - - if only Allah had guided me (a non-Muslim) - - -". Part of a pep-talk, but Allah cannot guide anyone unless he exists and in addition is a god. There has been not one proved case of guidance from Allah in 1400 years and more - a lot of claims, but not one proved case (the best proof for this is Islam's silence on this point).

Well, Allah can guide also if he is from the dark forces, and some of the many horror stories performed by Islam and by Muslims through history, may indicate something. Muslims who disagree here, should remember that they at times and not infrequently behaved much worse than the Crusaders and the Mongols, only that Islam names their own atrocities heroism and boasts from it.

146 39/71a: "The Unbelievers will be led to Hell - - -". If there really exists a god and a next life, this may be true. But as the Quran with all its errors is from no god, the 64ooo dollar question is: The believers of what religion will end in Paradise? - and the rest will may be not end there. If the Quran is a made up book, Islam is a made up religion with a highly likely made up god , and the Muslims will be among "the rest". Sorry, but this is an undisputable fact.

147 40/6e: "- - - truly they (non-Muslims*) are the companions of the Fire!". Not if they believe in a real god - f.x. Yahweh if he is real like both the Bible and the Quran claims (though the Quran wrongly mix him up with Allah*). And especially not so if Allah is a made up god, like all the mistakes in the Quran indicate - no god ever was behind something so full of errors, etc.

148 40/20g: "- - - (other gods*) will not (be in a position) to judge at all". The same goes for Allah if he is a made up god - and we remind you that the Quran with all its mistakes is not from any god. Besides: If f.x. Yahweh exists, the quote is wrong.

149 41/37a: “Among His (Allah’s*) Signs are the Night and the Day - - -”. The night and the day are made by the sun and the revolving of the Earth - physical facts at work. If Islam claims the sun and the Earth and the physical laws are made by Allah, they will have to prove it - it is nowhere proved neither in the Quran nor in the Hadiths - cheap words and invalid signs anyone can use, f.x. any priest in any religion: Ba'al made the sun and makes it rise in the east. Allah can neither unmake it nor make it rise in the west - then Ba'al is a real god and Allah a false one. It only is cheap words which prove not a thing, except that resorting to such fake arguments are among the hallmarks of cheats, swindlers, and deceivers, which may prove or indicate something or other about the one(s) using such arguments.

150 41/48: "The (deities) they (non-Muslims*) used to invoke aforetime will leave them in the lurch - - -". There remain two disturbing questions:

  1. Is Allah any better - especially if he does not exist? - after all the Quran with all its mistakes is not from any god, and then Islam may be a false religion - - - with a false god.
  2. Will f.x. Yahweh - whom the Quran admits exists, even though it wrongly mixes him up with Allah - really leave his followers in the lurch? That in case is not in accordance with Jesus' words, and even the Quran says Jesus was reliable.

151 43/81b: “If (Allah) Most Gracious had a son, I (Muhammad*) would be the first to worship”. Some proof!! But for that: There still is Jesus calling Yahweh father. And any neutral professor of history would say that according to all normal rules, the Bible here should be more reliable than the Quran as a source of correct history: Very much closer in time to Jesus, thousands of witnesses, many narrators, versus one single narrator without good sources and 600 years later - and even a man of dubious character and with strong motifs for to reduce Jesus; to become the greatest prophet himself - and a man clearly lusting for power (just read the Quran and the Hadiths - it is easy to see f.x. his gluing himself to the god and platform of power). A man who definitely had not been accepted as a reliable witness in any country with a reliable judicial system. (The real and historical Muhammad was something quite different from the glossy semi-saint Islam and Muslims claims – a claim made necessary because all Islam only is built on this man’s words - if he lies, the religion is a false one - - - and Allah likely a false god). Also: Science has showed that the never documented Islamic claim about falsification of the Bible is wrong. (And also Islam has proved the Bible is not falsified - by strong empirical proofs.)

152 42/8h: "- - - the wrongdoers will have no protector or helper". This may be wrong if there exist other gods - f.x. Yahweh, whom also the Quran admits exists, even though it wrongly mixes him up with Allah. This even more so if the Quran is a made up book and Islam thus a made up religion - and Allah a made up god.

153 43/87b: "- - - how then are they (non-Muslims*) deluded away (from the Truth)?" But as the Quran with all its mistakes, etc. is not from a god, Islam may be a false religion - - - and Allah likely a false god (the old Arab pagan god al-Lah dressed up a little?). Who are in this case worst deluded?

154 45/21g: "- - - (do the bad non-Muslims believe*) that equal will be their (and Muslims*) life and their death? Ill judgment that they make." Clear words for your money - they even may be true if Allah exists, is a major god and is correctly described in the Quran - among all the mistakes there. Not to mention how correct it is - but the other way around - if Allah is a made up god, which is highly likely as the Quran is not from a god. And even more so if there on top of all somewhere exists a real god, f.x. Yahweh, the non-Muslim believes in.

155 46/5a: "And who is more astray than one who invokes besides Allah such as will not answer him (also Allah has never clearly answered anybody - if Islam could prove such an unmistakable answer, you bet they had told about it!*) to the Day of Judgment, and who (in fact) are unconscious to their call (on them)- - -". If the Quran is without mistakes and tells only and the full truth, all non-Muslims are astray. If there are mistakes in the Quran, then all Muslims are astray - because then the book is not from a god, and Islam is a false religion and Allah most likely a made up god - (and most likely also a lot of non-Muslims are astray, as hardly all gods are real).

156 46/5C: "- - - and who (other gods than Allah*) (in fact) are unconscious to their (non-Muslims'*) call (to them) - - -". The irony in this sentence is that also Allah never has in a provable way responded to calls - never. Many claims, but never a proved case. (Guess if Islam had reported on it if there had been one!)

And if Allah is a made up god, also Islam is a made up religion. And the other way around.

####157 46/19a: "And to all (humans*) are (assigned) degrees according to the deeds which they (have done) - - -". In the Quran the balance between the good and bad deeds you have done on Earth, are more central for whether you are to end in Hell or Heaven than in especially NT, where the goodness of and forgiveness from the god is more central concerning this, than in the Quran (though this counts in the Quran, too). The stressing on your deeds, is a good "carrot and whip" for leaders on Earth: "Be obedient and act according to the Quran, and you will end in Heaven - if not you go to Hell! And if you are extra willing and obedient, you will end in a better part of Paradise, whereas if you refuse to obey me and Allah, you will end in the hottest part of Hell!" This especially was a cheap means for Muhammad to use if the religion was a made up one - and as mentioned: At least the Quran with all its errors, etc. has no connections to a god.

To complete the picture: The Quran's paradise is not too difficult to enter, because according to the Quran, good deeds counted more than bad ones - up to 10 times more. Especially if the religion is a false one and Allah a made up god - which all real facts indicate, on top of that they prove the Quran is not from a god - this may merit this comment: Populism is nothing new among politicians.

One more difference to especially NT - and one more indication for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

158 46/32e: "- - - such (non-Muslim*) men (Islam is a men's religion*) (wander) in manifest error". Not if the god they believe in - f.x. Yahweh - exists, and especially not if Allah on top of that is a made up god (very likely, as the Quran is a made up book, or at least not from any god with all its errors).

###159 48/6b: "- - - He (Allah*) may punish (non-Muslims*) - - - who imagine an evil opinion about Allah". Whether the opinion is true or not, is not a question - if they even imagine a bad opinion about Allah, that is punishable. A fact to be remembered: If you think or express something negative about Allah, you can be punished. Also if you are not a Muslim yourself.

In practical life Muslims often are not too quick to punish for not being strong enough in the belief in Allah - though there are wide areas where you should be careful. But be more careful with saying negative things about Muhammad, even very true things. The reason is that all Islam is built only on the words of Muhammad, and the historical, real Muhammad was very far from the glorious semi-saint Islam wants him to look like. If something is wrong with Muhammad or his Quran - and a lot is - all Islam is wrong. Therefore no negative information can be accepted - true or not true. If Muhammad is showed in his real being, the Quran, and thus Islam is proved invalid and wrong (the same if there are proved mistakes in the Quran - which there are plenty of, but which Muslims refuse to see). And it is better to believe strongly in the religion your fathers and surroundings claim is the correct one, than to face the fact that your life may be built on a false religion, and a made up and false pagan god. This no matter what price you may have to pay if there is a next life and a real god, but different from your and your fathers' fiction.

160 50/1c: “- - - by the Glorious Quran - - -”. A book with that many mistakes, contradictions, cases of invalid logic and unclear language, etc., and with so many hallmarks of cheating and deceiving (loose statements, invalid “signs” and “proofs”) is not glorious. By the way the expression is an oath - swearing by the Quran. Sentences in the Quran starting with "by" normally are oaths. Hope the rest is true - if not it is a false oath. Though in Islam in some cases false oaths are permitted - or can be forgiven if paid expiation for. Similar claims in 50/1 – 85/21

And if it is a false religion with a false god, and there somewhere exists a real, true god with a true religion, to which Islam blocks the road for its believers - - - what then for all the Muslims?

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

161 54/53a: "Every matter, small and great, is on record". It is a sobering sentence for the believers - "beware that angels note down everything you say and do" - but why so if Allah is omniscient and also predestines everything? It is another case if Islam is a made up religion and Allah a made up god - in that case it just is a sentence very sobering for the believers and thus efficient for Muhammad’s - and his successors' - control of the Muslims.

162 56/92a: “- - - those who treat (Truth (the Quran*)) as Falsehood - - -”. There really is a question: What is true and what is false in the Quran - see 13/1g, 40/75 and 41/12 and others. That the Quran is the truth, is just a claim, not a proved fact. (Actually it is proved that at least large parts of it are untrue. Which strongly indicates f.x. that Allah is a made up god - a dressed up old Arab pagan god named al-Lah likely.)

163 57/13h: "- - - without it (outside Islam/the gate of Paradise*), all alongside, will be (Wrath and) Punishment!" Contradicted by the Bible, according to which Islam is a false and made up religion with a false and made up god, and thus not leading to Paradise, as it addresses another god than Yahweh, and thus a made up god according to that book, and as believers in Allah do not believe in and live according to Yahweh's religion. All the mistakes and inhumanities in the Quran may indicate this is correct. Also see 13/1g and 67/9c - 2 strong ones. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

###164 57/13i: "- - - (Wrath and) Punishment - - -". In most religions this is the deal of the non-believers. But this also may be the fate of the believers, if they believe in a made up/false religion and a false god, if there is a next life and a god at "the other side". And as for Islam so much is wrong in their claimed "holy" book - the Quran - that it obviously is a made up book. No omniscient god had f.x. used so many wrong facts and contradictions. It also is based on the tales of an in reality morally very dubious person (easy to see even in the Quran, if you omit the cheap glorifications) with a lot to gain from his teachings - respect, power, riches for more power - and women. And his god is taken over from a pagan religion and has never manifested itself at all, except in the "high-jacked" parts of the existence of another (claimed or real) god, Yahweh. It is unlikely in the extreme that Allah exists and is a real god. But all the same: Like in so many religions, there are many strong believers. ####The human brain is a strange thing when it is manipulated strongly enough and one-sided enough.

165 57/18f: "- - - a liberal reward" . = Paradise. Give money and or your life for Muhammad (and Allah if he exists) now, and get a reward in the next life. A cheap price for Muhammad - especially if the Quran is a made up book and Allah a made up god, which are real possibilities as the Quran with all its wrongs is not from any god.

166 59/23l: "- - - (Allah is*) the Supreme - - -". Contradicted by the Bible, which says Yahweh is the supreme one, not Allah. In the Bible Allah is so insignificant that he is not even mentioned - and the same goes for his preachers and followers and his very religion accepting and even sometimes promoting dishonesty in words and deeds, apartheid, hate, and war. That is to say he may have been lumped together with others under the name "false gods", and his preachers under "false prophets". But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

167 63/2c: "- - - thus they obstruct (men) from the Path of Allah: truly evil are their deeds". But if Allah is a made up god - a real possibility as the Quran is not from any god (to claim a god has made a book with so much wrong facts, etc., is heresy, slander, and an insult to that god) - who are then the bad ones? - especially if there somewhere exists a real god all Muslims are prohibited from looking for?

168 64/13a: "There is no god but He (Allah*) - - -". Even if we omit all other claimed gods, we are back to the problem with Yahweh, as it is clear the Islamic claim that the two are the same god, is wrong. A disturbing fact here: Allah has never proved neither his power, nor his existence anywhere. But if either the Quran or the Bible tells the truth, Yahweh has proved both several times. Thought provoking? Yes, especially if Allah is a made up god. Also see 2/255a and 25/18a above.

######169 67/9c: "(Non-Muslims said*): '- - - ye (Muslims*) are in nothing but an egregious delusion". As for the Quran, all the mistaken facts and other errors, the contradictions, the low quality of the book as literature, the unclear language, etc. prove with mathematical certainty that the book is not from any god. As for Allah he of course could have existed in spite of the fact that the Quran is a made up book - made up by dark forces or by humans or a sick brain (the only 3 alternatives). But when you add Allah's background - he originally was the pagan god Il, later al-Ilah, and then al-Lah/Allah (and perhaps Hubal) which Muhammad simply dressed up, and without the slightest proof claimed was a real god and the only god. Then you add Muhammad himself - a man who wanted respect and power, not to mention riches for more power - and women - and a man who did not hide that he believed in the use of dishonesty and deceit to reach a goal (he lied even in the Quran - f.x. the "explanation" that nobody would believe anyhow, even if Allah proved himself by making some miracles; Muhammad was too intelligent and knew too much about people, to believe in that claim himself. And there were al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie) and Kitman (the lawful half-truth), etc., even though they were not formalized until later. And not to forget deceit (and f.x. 2/26h, 2/224e-f, 2/225a, 4/142a, 8/30, 10/21b, 13/42, 27/50, and 86/16), "War is deceit - war is betrayal" (in Hadiths), and "break your word/promise/oat if that gives a better result" - pay expiation later if necessary - 2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2 - and the star case 3/54 (if Allah could cheat, cheating is ok - - - but how much is then cheating in the Quran?).

Add this and add to Muhammad's unreliability and low morality (easy to see in the Quran if you skip the glorification, and read the reality), the fact that neither Muhammad, nor Allah ever was able to prove anything at all of any essence concerning Islam or Allah, add the fact that Allah has not manifested himself one single time neither during the life of Muhammad, nor before, nor afterwards, not manifested or proved himself in any way - numbers of claims, but not one single proved case. Add the fact that both science and even more so Islam (they have searched harder) have delivered so strong circumstantial and empirical proofs for that the Bible is not falsified, that put together it really is a mathematical proof (45ooo old manuscripts or fragments : 0 proved falsification = in reality it is a mathematical proof) - and that thus Allah's claimed history disappears, as he is not the same god as Yahweh (the teachings and everything are fundamentally and morally too different) - yes, not only disappears, but are proved to be made up (by dark forces or human(s)) and wrong.

Add all this, and you end up with a probability for his existence far below one to a million. The circumstantial and empirical proofs for that he does not exist, together are so strong that it practically is a mathematical certainty.

Then finally add the Muhammad's and Islam's partly immoral moral code, their partly unethical ethical code, their very immoral code of war and terror, their code for dishonesty, deceit, betrayal, etc., their partly unjust judicial code, their political code (apartheid/fascism/Nazism), and the Quran's cultural code (f.x. knowledge = knowledge related to Islam only), you end up with such strong circumstantial and empirical proofs for that if Allah after all exists, he is no good and/or benevolent god, that also these in practice so strong that they are to be classified together with mathematical proofs in strength and reliability.

And to what paradise does a religion built on a made up book - in worst case made up by dark forces - and worshipping a god which does not exist, or at best is the pagan, dressed up and malevolent god al-Lah -lead?

170 67/21a: "- - - who is there that can provide you with Sustenance if He (Allah*) were to withhold His provision?" Here first there is a fundamental question the Quran - like so often - skips: Is it really a god/gods who provide sustenance, etc. for you, or is it nature - perhaps combined with your own toil?

If it is the latter, the question has no meaning. If it is the former, the answer will depend strongly on which god(s) exist(s), and not less on which do not exist - as the fact that the Quran is not from any god, strongly indicates that Allah is a made up god, and consequently a not existing one. Also see 67/9c above.

171 70/41-42: "- - - We (Allah*) can certainly substitute for them (non-Muslims*) better (men) than they (are*) - - -". Only possible - possible - if Allah exists and is something supernatural. And if there is not another god who may think at least some of them are good persons and take care of them - as far as the Quran is from normal moral standards, this may well happen - if f.x. Yahweh exists. Not to mention if Yahweh exists, but Allah is made up.

172 *71/6: “- - - (the non-Muslim’s*) flight (from the Right (Islam*)).” Can a religion building on (a book similar to) the Quran with all its mistakes, contradictions, etc., be the right one? See 13/1g and 40/75. There is good reason for doubt. And if Islam is a made up religion like so many others - what then with all Muslims if there exists another religion which is right and there is a next world? - - - and they are blocked from looking for it.

If not Islam proves differently, all the errors, etc. in the Quran prove that Islam is not a right religion - too much is wrong. The errors, etc. also prove that if Allah is correctly described in the Quran, he is no god. The only real possibility for that Allah exists, is if he is very wrongly described in the Quran - but also in that case, much is very wrong in Islam. A strongly falsified or made up religion also in that case.

173 71/23b: "Wadd - - - Suwa' - - - Yaghuth - - - Ya'uq - - - Nasr - - -". 5 gods which were cherished in Arabia at the time of Muhammad. But Muhammad claimed these gods were cherished by Noah's people somewhere in southern Mesopotamia (now southern Iraq) 2500 years earlier. What were the chances those people had the same gods as in Arabia some 100 generations later? Muslims of course say these gods were imported from Mesopotamia and were age-old - but there exist no documentation for this at all; just one more of Islam's many not proved claims. Worse: Science believes they were imported from Syria, so they in case must have made a long detour + that in the old times when there were no books to make ideas permanent, gods slowly changed over the generations - they were not the same through 2500 years. (Just compare to all the chances the god Il went through: First he was the main god Il somewhere in the east (perhaps in south Mesopotamia where one also believes Noah lived - if he is not fiction). Then in Arabia he slowly became the moon god al-Ilah, at least in the southern part. Then he developed into the main god of Arabia, al-Lah and got lots of daughters - angels and goddesses. Then his name drifted towards Allah, but still a pagan main god. And finally Muhammad dressed him up to become the monotheistic god Allah. (But unless everything in the Quran is true, included the never proved claim that the book is from a god, Allah still is a pagan, made up god.)

Wrong unless Islam proves - proves, not claims - differently.

174 72/13c: "- - - any who believes in his Lord (Allah*) has no fear - - -". This may be correct - like in most other religions. But if the god or gods are made up, they all the same may have a reason to have fear. And as the Quran is not from a god, Muslims have such a reason for fear - it is highly likely Allah is a made up god like the Quran is (as it is from no god and no god behind it, it is made up in religious meaning).

175 72/20b: "- - - join not with Him (Allah*) any (false god)". If Allah do not exist, it is not possible to join anything with him. But for that see 2/255a, 6/106b, and 25/18/a above.

And a god who does not exist, of course is a false one.

####176 74/11c: (YA5784): "The question of Justice and Punishment to men is for Allah alone. For man at his best (also Muslims*) can see only one side of the truth, and only Allah is All-Knowing". Muslims - f.x. Muhammad and judges or terrorists - should remember this. They also should remember that this is even more true if the claimed Truth in the Quran is not true or if Allah is a made up god, not to mention if he is something real, but something from dark forces dressed up like a god, like parts of the Quran and parts of its moral code may indicate.

This point should have had impact on the moral code in Islam, but is overlooked by all militant Muslims.

177 77/29: "- - - what ye (non-Muslims*) used to reject as false - - -". From the very beginning there have been many who saw that something was very wrong with Muhammad's god and new religion. (Though here is meant Hell).

178 77/35-38b: “That (the Day of Doom*) will be a Day when they (the sinners*) shall not be able to speak. Nor will it be open to them to put forth pleas. Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth! That will be a Day of Sorting out! We (Allah*) shall gather you together and those before (you)!” But we are back to the fact that as there are so huge differences between the moral code of Islam and the "gold standard"; "do against others like you want others do against you", and as Yahweh - and Jesus - goes by that standard at least in NT and the New Covenant (f.x. Luke 22/20), a lot of people will qualify for Yahweh's Paradise, even if they qualify for Allah's Hell - and the other way around (a sobering fact if Allah is a made up god).

179 83/15b: "- - - from (the Light of) their (here non-Muslims*) Lord (Allah*), that Day, will they be veiled." One thing is that Allah is not the lord of non-Muslims, at least not if they believe in another and existing god (f.x. Yahweh, who exists if the Bible and/or the Quran speaks the truth - though the Quran wrongly mixes him up with Allah), and even more so if Allah is a made up god, or from some dark forces just pretending to be a god. But the main thing just here, is that here is indicated the Quran; and a book full of mistakes, etc., and not from a god, does not mean much light.

180 89/4: (A89/3): “And by (indicating an oath - see 89/1-4 above*) the Night when it passeth away...” Is this talk about the literal night or the enlightenment from spiritual “darkness”? Islam does not know – but prefer the last interpretation as an educated guess. But does all this guesswork indicate a clear and distinct language in the Quran? There is only one possible answer: No. What is worse: All Muslim scholars have to know this, as it is very easy to see for any intelligent person with some knowledge about the Quran, that many, many points are unclear (and absolutely all Muslim scholars know that the real meaning of many, many points in the book are debated). But all the same they tell their “flocks” and the world that the language in the Quran is clear, exact, easy to understand and impossible to misunderstand. Honesty in religion? – and what if all these irregularities add up to that Islam is a made up religion, and Allah a made up god (all the mistakes, etc. makes it 100% clear that it at least is not made by any omniscient god) and all the Muslims have been cheated or threatened and thus prevented from looking for if there exist a real religion and one or more real god(s)? The misled followers in case are in for a rude waking up in the possible next life. And the misleaders? Well, at least many of them have had a good life here on Earth.


It also is pretty thought provoking that f.x. all the errors, contradictions, wrong facts, etc., only and alone, in the Quran, prove 100% that there is no god behind that book. And that f.x. the fact that Jesus accepted OT as correct, proves to both Christians and Muslims that the OT was not falsified at that time - and that the Qumran scrolls prove that even OT was not falsified any time later, too.

It further is an insult to that possible god to "explain" that his texts means something different from what they really says = you are more clever than him at explaining what the god "really" meant, than the god is himself, even when he tries to explain things "clearly and easy to understand", and says his words are to be understood literally and without hidden meanings. Also only "the sick of heart" look for hidden meanings behind his words, according to the Quran - the very claimed hidden meanings the wise Muslims claim are what Allah really meant, but was unable to express clearly himself, so that they have to help the bumbling god and tell what he "really" tried to say. This in spite of that the Quran clearly states that meanings hidden behind Allah's clear and easy to understand words, only are possible for Allah to understand, and like said above are "only for the sick of heart" to look for.

May be as bad: To claim that the Quran means something different from what the texts clearly say, is to falsify the quranic texts.

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