1000+ Comments on the Quran: Surah 59 -- AL-HASHR (The Mustering or The Gathering)

Revelation: Medina, 624 - 625 AD

(See general comments on Surahs here: Introduction)


The quotes and comments

001 "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful". Please read the surahs from Medina, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral code, the unjust/immoral parts of sharia, and the Quran's rules for lying, thieving/looting, enslaving, raids and wars, plus the rules for treatment of girls and women - free and captured - and see if you agree. Always when there is a distance between words and corresponding demands and deeds, we personally believe in the demands and deeds. Glorious words are cheap, demands and deeds are reliable. Glorifying words and claims are too cheap for anyone to use and disuse - when you read, judge from realities, not from propaganda.

002 59/1a: “- - - heavens - - -.” Plural and wrong. See 2/2a.

003 59/1b: "- - - the Praises and Glory of Allah - - -". Read 1/1a above and see if you agree - if he exists and if he in case is a major god, nothing of which is proved.

004 59/1c: “- - - He (Allah*) is exalted in Might - - -.” Is he? There nowhere – absolutely nowhere - is any proof for his might or power. There are lots and lots and lots of big words and boasting, but not one single valid proof – not one. And PS: Who in the normal world are the ones that have to rely on big words and boasting? – the ones who lack true facts.

005 59/1d: “- - - (Allah is*) the Wise.” Not if he is behind the Quran.

006 59/2a: “It is He (Allah*) Who got out the Unbelievers (the Jewish tribe Banu al-Nadir*) amongst the People of the Book from their homes at the first gathering (of the forces).” This was an expulsion of non-Arabs (Jews) from Medina, after Muhammad found an excuse to act against them – Muhammad actually wanted to kill them, but one of the Arab tribes who had a covenant with some of them, made that impossible for him the first time – he still was not strong enough military. This happened shortly after the battle of Badr in 624 AD. It was one of Muhammad’s first step towards becoming economically really self-sufficient as he “took over” all their land, etc., and an essential step towards absolute power in Medina. Here it is treated as a laudable, glorious act. "It is the winner who writes the history - and he sometimes color it".

007 59/2b: “- - - the Unbelievers (the expulled Jews*) amongst the People of the Book - - -". A historical anomaly.

008 59/2c: "- - - Unbelievers - - -". One of Muhammad's many negative names for non-Muslims - in this case a Jewish tribe.

009 59/2d: "- - - they (the expulled Jews*) destroyed their dwellings with their own hands - - -". They had to leave Medina, but Muhammad was forced to let them take with them everything they could bring on their camels. They naturally packed everything they had, but they also took the sills over doors and windows. These were from wooden planks, and wooden planks were valuable in the desert, and also there most likely was a lot of natural spite - but the result was that parts of the houses fell down. We may add that many from Banu al-Nadir settled around Khaybar, where Muhammad found them when he attacked Khaybar some 3 years later.

010 59/2e: "- - - the Believers - - -". Muslims.

011 59/3a: "And had it not been that Allah had decreed banishment for them (the Jewish tribe Bani Qaynuka - Bani means tribe*) for them - - -". There exists a Scandinavian word "poelsevev" - literally meaning a weaving made from sausages - which means utter nonsense with a large dash of stupidity included. This tale is "poelsevev" - Muhammad simply was forced to let them go because a strong Arab tribe demanded it, even though he wanted to murder the men and enslave the women and children like he f.x. later did with bani Qurayza, when he was military stronger.

PS: Which god would use "poelsevev"?

012 59/3b: "- - - in the Hereafter they (the Jews from the tribe Banu al-Nadir) shall (certainly) have the Punishment of the Fire". See 3/77b above.

013 59/3c: "- - - (certainly) - - -". See 2/2b above.

014 59/3d: "- - - the Fire". Hell.

###015 59/4a: "That (see 59/2a, 59/2d, 59/3a above) is because they resisted Allah and his Messenger (Muhammad) - - -". This is very interesting information, because practically all Muhammad's armed conflicts were because of aggression from the Muslims - even Badr, Uhud, and The Trench were defence battles in a war of aggression started and kept alive by Muhammad and his raids against caravans, etc. Also in this case it seems that Banu al-Nadir had not helped an enemy, but they had not helped Muhammad, and they were negative to him and Muhammad found an excuse to attack (NB: Most Muslims honestly believe Banu al-Nadir helped some enemy, because that is what they are told). Thus what Muhammad really is saying here, is that it is prohibited to defend yourself from his/Islam's aggression and raids for money and slaves, or other aggression.

######Beware of a crucial word her: "resisted". Not "attacked", but "resisted".

016 59/4b: "- - - Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad*) - - -". Muhammad's standard mantra for imprinting on his followers his position of power. A claim does not become truer by being repeated often, but many repetitions may make people start believing this claim anyhow. Remember Goebbels: "If a lie is repeated often enough, people start believing it".

017 59/4c: "- - - Messenger (Muhammad*)- - -". See 63/5a above.

018 59/4d: "- - - Messenger (Muhammad*)- - -". A historical anomaly.

#019 59/4e: "- - - if anyone resists Allah (here on Earth read: Muhammad*), verily, Allah is severe in punishment". A clear message: If you resist, you will be severely punished. And it turned out to be the very truth many times. Islamic history of aggression and war, included raids and slave raids at times and places was horrible.

020 59/4f: "- - - they (Bani al-Nadir*) resisted - - -". See 58/1b above.

021 59/4g: "- - - verily - - -". See f.x. 2/2b above.

022 59/4h: "- - - Allah is severe in Punishment". See 3/77b above. And one question: Allah or Muhammad?

023 59/5a: “Whether ye cut down (O ye Muslims!) the tender palm-trees - - -.” To cut down palm-trees – the very basis for life in the desert – was reckoned to be such a “low” deed, that it was almost unheard of. But Muhammad did so – in an act of sheer terrorism and psychological warfare. But the deed was deemed so rotten, that Muhammad afterwards had to have Allah's help sorting it out ("it was by leave of Allah") - it is typical for the Quran that when Muhammad was in a fix, he never got a warning from the claimed clairvoyant/omniscient Allah so as to avoid the problem, only help to tidy up afterwards. Was not Allah really clairvoyant? (Muslims today tries to explain away this terrorist act or worse, by telling that he made an open place for a battlefield. This “explanation” is just so much rubbish. For one thing: If there is one thing there is enough of in an arid land, it is open space – it was just to agree on where to meet. For another: Who have in all the history of war ever heard of primitive warriors felling the forest to make opening for a fight? For a third: Anyone – absolutely anyone, included any Muslim – who has ever seen a plantation of date palms, knows very well that there is plenty of space for fighting between the trees. But the main fact: Who the hec would believe that a weak force – the Banu al-Nadir – would come out from behind reasonably secure walls to fight an open battle against a much stronger enemy? – and on top of all leave their families undefended? No sane man knowing two millimeters about warfare would believe this – and Muhammad already knew a lot about warfare. You have to be very naïve to believe this “explanation”. Muslim terrorism simply is nothing new).

024 59/5b: "- - - rebellious transgressors". One of Muhammad's many negative names for non-Muslims - names which induced distaste or hate or anything like that. Anyone claiming that non-Muslims slander Muslims and Islam, should take a look at the slander and the apartheid and hate mongering used by Muhammad (and his successors as it became part of the religion).

025 59/5c: "- - - transgressors - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses this and related words, it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code, and when it is used in religious connection, it means everybody not living according to the Quran, or at least everybody resisting it.

##026 59/6a: “What Allah has bestowed on His Messenger (Muhammad*) (and taken away) from them (Banu al-Nadir*) – for this ye (the Muslim warriors*) made no expedition with either cavalry or camelery - - -.” Which was very nice for Muhammad, because when there was no fight and the enemy just gave in, all the spoils of war was called “fay” and was for Allah/Muhammad alone. Muhammad in a short time got a good economy. We may add that you often find Islam boasting about rich plunder. But you will never - never - find Islam reflecting over what terror, what destruction, what catastrophe - and what setbacks to the culture - the Muslim attacks and destruction and murdering meant to others. Empathy with others, not to mention with non-Muslims, at least was outside Islam's capability - and still is at least within some parts of Islam.

#####It must be added that to be thieves, robbers, enslavers and murderers - and rapists - in the name of a god, makes both the religion and the god extra distasteful - and it makes the claim that Allah is a good and benevolent god an unintended, black joke. Compare Islam to the gold standard; "do against others like you want others do against you" and shudder in distaste.

027 59/6b: "- - - Allah gives power to His Messengers over any He pleases". But strangely enough normally not without fighting and normally not unless the Muslims turned out to be the strongest. Strange for a claimed omnipotent god. Napoleon said: "God is with the strongest armies". It may seem that Allah needed strong armies to win.

028 59/6c: "- - - His (Allah's*) Messengers (included Muhammad*) - - -". A variant of Muhammad's mantra for gluing himself to the platform of power, the religion.

029 59/6d: "- - - Messenger (Muhammad*)- - -". See 63/5a above.

030 59/6e: "- - - Messenger (Muhammad*)- - -". A historical anomaly.

031 59/6f: "- - - Allah has power over all things". Often claimed, never - not once - proved. And in this case the real truth likely is closer to Napoleon: "The god is with the strongest armies".

032 59/7a: “What Allah has bestowed on His Messenger (Muhammad*) (and taken away from) the people of the townships (= robbed from vanquished people*) belongs to Allah – to his Messenger and to kindred and orphans, the needy and the wayfarer” – and what is not mentioned here: For Muhammad himself and his big family (though it is likely to be true that he did not live in luxury), for payment to the ones who distributed the riches, for “gifts” to make undecided persons becoming or staying Muslims, for in other ways promoting the religion, and not least to financing more wars. Also the fixed “poor tax” all Muslims that are not too poor have to pay, also are for all these purposes, and as often a lot did go to fighting and other things, it is a question if the name “poor tax” is quite correct. Also see 59/6a above.

033 59/7b: "- - - on His (Allah's*) Messenger (Muhammad*) - - -". A variant of Muhammad's mantra for gluing himself to the platform of power, the religion.

034 59/7c: "- - - Messenger (Muhammad*)- - -". See 63/5a above.

035 59/7d: "- - - Messenger (Muhammad*)- - -". A historical anomaly.

036 59/7e: "So take what the Messenger assigns you, and deny yourself what he withholds from you". This seems to be am answer to the many who - at least sometimes justly - thought they did not get their fair share of what they had stolen - Muhammad rather wanted to use it for "gifts" to make unsure followers stay and to attract new ones.

037 59/7f: "And fear Allah; for Allah is strict in punishment." In this case the meaning seems to be: Be satisfied with what Muhammad gives you, or Allah may punish you.

038 59/7g: "And fear Allah; for Allah is strict in punishment." We once more meet the fact: Only if he exists and is something supernatural.

039 59/8a: "- - - Muhajirs - - -". Muslims who fled from Mecca before Muhammad conquered that town - many of whom fled around 622 AD.

040 59/8b: "- - - Muhajirs - - -".

041 59/8c: "- - - Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad*) - - -". Muhammad's standard mantra for gluing himself to his god and his platform of power.

042 59/8d: "- - - Messenger (Muhammad*)- - -". See 63/5a above.

043 59/8e: "- - - Messenger (Muhammad*)- - -". A historical anomaly.

044 59/8f: "- - - indeed - - -". See 2/2b above.

045 59/9a: Muhammad and his people got much help from the locals in Medina the first time after they arrived. Muhammad called these helpers in Medina "ansar".

046 59/9b: "- - - (they*) adopted Faith - - -". Became Muslims.

047 59/9c: "- - - Faith - - -". Islam - only Islam is faith in the Quran.

048 59/10: "Thou (Allah*) art indeed Full of Kindness, Most Merciful". See 1/1a above.

049 59/11a: "The People of the Book - - -." Jews, Christians and Sabeans.

050 59/11b: "The People of the Book - - -." A historical anomaly.

051 59/11c: "- - - the Book - - -". In this case and always in the expression in 59/11a just above = the Bible and/or the Torah and the other Jewish central religious scriptures (for the sake of convenience we normally in this book only use the name the Bible or OT and NT for all this, if there is no special reason for specifying).

052 59/11d: "- - - they (the hypocrites in Medina*) are indeed liars". According to Muslim sources, the first Jews had from the old a truce with one or more Arab tribes (there had been a kind of civil war more or less in Medina, and there were truces between different tribes). These Arabs did not help them when they were attacked, but they prevented that they were murdered.

053 59/12: "If they (non-Muslims*) are expelled, never will they (other non-Muslims*) go out with them; and if they are attacked (in fight), they will never help them; and if they do help them, they will turn their backs; so they will receive no help". See 59/11d just above. The tribe Bani (Bani = tribe) Qainuqa were expelled from Medina in 624. They had been part of the loosing fraction in a kind of protracted civil war in Medina shortly before Muhammad arrived, and it was not too difficult for Muhammad to have them evicted. Then his next victim proved to be Banu al-Nadir.

054 59/13a: “Of a truth ye (Muslim warriors*) are stronger (than they (the “infidel” Jews in this case*)) because of the terror in their hearts, (sent) by Allah.” It is good psychology that your warriors believe the enemy is weak and also that the enemy is frightened. This claim that non-Muslims have a terror or an illness “in their hearts” often is repeated by Muhammad – partly as pep-talk to his warriors, and partly to stigmatize non-Muslims as low quality in the eyes of all his followers.

055 59/13b: "- - - truth - - -". See f.x. 2/2a, 13/1g, and 40/75 above.

056 59/13c: "- - - (sent) by Allah". There was never a proved case of anything sent by Allah - never.

057 59/13d: "- - - they (the Jews in Medina*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

058 59/13e: "- - - devoid of understanding". Who has the least understanding: The one unable to understand that something is seriously wrong with the Quran, or the one able to understand it?

059 59/13-16: Pep-talk. But the Quran is right about one thing: Promises about help were given (at least according to Islamic sources), but not kept.

060 59/14a: "- - - from behind walls - - -". In these warlike areas the inhabitants lived in fortified villages or towns - and of course fought from behind those wall if possible when attacked.The Jewish tribe Bani al-Nadir was attacked shortly after the military fiasco named the Battle of Uhud in March 625 AD (Muhammad lost that battle, but at a price for Mecca which made them wait too long to follow up the victory). Muslims like to tell a couple of anecdotes and give them as together with claims about Banu al-Nadir helping the enemy, as the reason for the attac. Historical science disagree and says that those anecdotes just are anecdotes, and that for one thing Muhammad needed a victory after Uhud, and for another thing it was a traditional play for power. The Banu al-Nadir nearly to a man disbelieved Muhammad. To evict them or kill them, meant that Medina would be veakened military - they counted 700 warriors. But at the same time it meant that Muhammad got rid of 700 opponents - and to many a politician personal power counts more than the nation - here the town and its surronding area (and in this case it payed off). The Banu al-Nadir had to give in after some 2 weeks in their fortified quarters. Muhammad wanted to kill the men and enslave the women and children (like he later did with the last of the strong jewish tribe of Qurayza in Medina), but an old Arab allay of the Banu al-Nadir, Abdullah ibn Ubay of the Khakray tribe intervened, and Muhammad was yet not strong enough to risk a showdown with him and his tribe, and the Banu al-Nadir were permitted to flee from town. Unluckily for many of them a large part of the tribe settled near Khaybar, where Muhammad found them when he attacked Khaybar.

061 59/14b: "- - - they (non-Muslims*) are a people devoid of wisdom". See 59/13e above.

062 59/15a: "- - - those (Banu Quinuqa*) who lately preceded them (Banu al-Nadir*) - - -". This refers to the Jewish tribe Banu Qainuqa (Banu = tribe), which some time before (624 AD) was banished from Medina (most of them ended in Syria, where they over some generations were assimilated by the locals) - Banu Nadir did not understand that that eviction just was first chapter, as Muhammad wanted to get rid of the Jews because they did not believe in him and had a strongly negative influence on the propagating of his religion.

063 59/15b: "- - - a grievous Penalty - - -". See 3/7b above.

064 59/16a: "- - - Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!" Similar often claimed in the Quran, but never proved - and contradicted by the Bible which says Yahweh is the lord of the world (you do not meet the 7 worlds in the Bible), not Allah. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

065 59/16b: “- - - the Worlds!” Muhammad believed there were 7 (flat) Earths. Wrong. See 65/12.

066 59/17a: "The end of both (non-Muslims*) will be that they will go into the Fire - - -". This is another not documented claim in the Quran. But there is an open question: The Bible claims and the Quran admits that the old Jewish and Christian god Yahweh exists (though the Quran wrongly mixes him up with Allah) - and if any or both of those two books tell the truth Yahweh even has proved both his existence and his power. Whereas exactly nothing is proved about Allah - not even his existence - everything just is an unproved claim from a man believing in dishonest methods and with much to gain if people believed in his tales. Who are most likely to end in the fire for believing in a not existing deity - Jews or Muslims?

And there also is the fact that there are such wide gaps between the Quran's moral code of war, and normal moral codes, that even if one is doomed to Hell by Allah, Yahweh may strongly disagree and judge you are a good persons worthy of Paradise. (Compare "do against others like you want others do against yourself" to the two's moral codes, and judge for yourself.)

067 59/17b: "- - - the Fire - - -". Hell.

068 59/17c: "- - - dwelling therein (Hell*) forever", This may be wrong as f.x. 6/128c and 11/107b and at least 4 other verses may indicate that Hell is not quite forever (and 11/108c may indicate the same for Paradise). Islam has no good explanations for this - just some claims and presumptions, especially when it comes to the fate of the paradise and it inhabitants.

069 59/17d: "Such (Hell*) is the reward for the wrongdoers". Only if the Quran tells the full truth and only the truth. Also see 59/17a above.

070 59/17e: "- - - the wrongdoers". One of Muhammad’s many negative names for non-Muslims. See f. eke. 59/5b above.

071 59/17f: "- - - wrongdoers". Beware that when the Quran uses words like this, it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code.

072 59/18a: "- - - ye who believe!" Muslims.

073 59/18b: "Fear Allah - - -". There is no reason for that unless he exists and unless he in addition is a god. (Well, there may be reason to fear him also if he belongs to the dark forces.)

074 59/18c: "- - - what (provision) he (any person*) has sent forth for the morrow". This - provisions/deeds sent fort - is an expression the Quran uses for the good and bad deeds you have done in this life, and which Allah will use at the Day of Doom to judge whether you belong in Hell or Heaven, and to how good or bad part of Hell or Heaven you deserve. (There are at least 4 different gardens in Heaven according to the Quran, and may be 6 or more according to Hadiths - one better than the other - plus there are the higher heavens. In Hell there are 7 parts, one worse than the other.)

075 59/18d: "Yea, fear Allah: for Allah is well acquainted with (all) that ye (people/Muslims*) do". Yes, be good and obedient Muslims, including going to war, etc. But also see 2/233h and 59/18b above.

076 59/19a: "- - - those who forgot Allah - - -". One of Muhammad's many negative names for non-Muslims.

077 59/19b: "- - - He (Allah) made them (non-Muslims*) forget their own souls!" This is wrong unless Allah exists and in addition is a god.

078 59/19c: "- - - the rebellious transgressors - - -". One more case of Muhammad's many distaste - or stronger - inducing names for non-Muslims.

079 59/19d: "- - - transgressors - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses this and related words, it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code, and when it is used in religious connections it means everyone who does not accept Islam, or at least everyone who opposes Islam,

080 59/20a: “Not equal are the Companions of the Fire and the Companions of the Garden : it is the Companions of the Garden that will achieve Felicity.” There is no doubt: In the eyes of Allah the Muslims are best. And in the eyes of Muhammad they surely were best - - - because they gave him power and warriors? But at least the eyes of Allah will depend on if he exists or not.

081 59/20b: "- - - the Companions of the Fire - - -". Those bound for Hell - the non-Muslims.

082 59/20c: "- - - the Companions of the Garden - - -". Those bound for Allah - the Muslims.

083 59/20d: "- - - the Garden - - -". The Quran's and Islam's Paradise - see 10/9f above.

084 59/20e: "- - - It is the Companions of the Garden that will achieve Felicity". This may only be true if the Quran tells the full truth and only the truth. And if Allah exists and is a god.

085 59/21a: “Had We (Allah*) sent down this Quran on a mountain - - -”. Was it really an omniscient god that sent it down? Definitely not - too much is wrong in that book.

086 59/21b: “Had We (Allah*) sent down this Quran on a mountain - - -“ (= to the mountain). But the Arab text permits you to understand differently one of the words – and get another meaning: “Had We sent down this Quran from on high upon a mountain - - -.” Here it means sent to someone – man? – from a place high on a mountain. Just make a choice.

087 59/21c: “Had We (Allah*) sent down this Quran on a mountain, verily, thou (Muslims*) wouldst have seen it humble itself and cleave itself asunder for fear of Allah”. Rocks do not only understand what is happening, but also have enough brain to be afraid. Animism - something you normally find in primitive pagan religions and in fairy tales - a fact we just "propound to men, that they may reflect".

088 59/21d: "- - - verily - - -". See f.x. 2/2b above.

089 59/22a: "Allah is He, then Whom there is no other god - - -". There at least is the problem with Yahweh. Both the Quran and the Bible claim that the old god of the Jews both exists and has proved his existence - and it is clear that the Muslim never documented explanation (Allah = Yahweh) is wrong (too fundamentally different teachings). And there is the problem with Allah - he has never proved anything, not even his existence (there only are words from a dubious man and self proclaimed "messenger").

090 59/22b: “Allah - - - knows (all things) - - -”. See 2/233h, 13/1g, 40/75 - and others.

091 59/22c: "- - - He (Allah*), Most Gracious, most Merciful". See 1/1a above.

092 59/23a: "Allah is He, then Whom there is no other god - - -". There at least is the problem with Yahweh - Both the Quran and the Bible claim that the old god of the Jews both exists and has proved his existence - and it is clear that the Muslim never documented explanation (Allah = Yahweh) is wrong (too fundamentally different teachings). And there is the problem with Allah - he has never proved anything, not even his existence (there only are words from a dubious man and self proclaimed "messenger").

###093 59/23b: "Allah is He, then Whom there is no other god - - -". This is one of the many places contradicted by the Bible. There are many more such cases than we have pointed to, not to mention that many more tales are different - pretending to be biblical, but are not from the Bible or are told differently from the Bible - without we have commented on it. Just read the Quran yourself and you will see more such cases. And remember: Both science and even stronger so Islam have proved the Bible is not falsified - none of them has found one single proved sample of falsification or been able to explain how identical falsifications in so many manuscripts (some 44ooo relevant manuscripts and fragments are known - and there naturally were many more around 610 AD) would be possible. Not to mention that Muslims are unable to explain how falsification of the oldest papers would be possible to do in ways not possible for modern science to detect.

These are facts we just "propound to men, that they may reflect".

094 59/23c: (YA5402): Here we just want to quote “The Meaning of the Holy Quran”: “How can a translator reproduce the sublimity and the comprehensiveness of the magnificent Arabic words, which means so much in a single symbol?” But this is just another and glorified way of saying: “How can one translate from a language where the words are so little precise and so vague in meaning, that it is difficult to know what is really meant”.

095 59/23d: "- - - (Allah is*) the Sovereign - - -". Contradicted by the Bible, which says Yahweh is the sovereign one, not Allah. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

096 59/23e: "- - - (Allah is*) the Holy One - - -". This is claimed all over the Quran, but never proved one single time - not even his very existence is proved.

097 59/23f: "- - - (Allah is*) the Source of Peace (and Perfection) - - -". Just read the some 22 - 24 surahs from Medina, and you see the unintended black joke hidden in this claim - and the in double meaning literally bloody irony in this al-Taqiyya (lawful lie - a specialty you only find in Islam of the big religions).

098 59/23g: "- - - (Allah is*) the Guardian of Faith - - -". Allah can be the guardian of nothing unless he exists and is something supernatural - white or dark.

099 59/23h: "- - - Faith - - -". Islam - only believing in a book full of mistakes, contradictions, etc., dictated by a man of dubious moral and believing in the use of dishonesty - even in the breaking of oaths - but liking power, riches for more power, and women, only blindly believing in this is faith according to the Quran and to Islam.

100 59/23i: "- - - (Allah is*) the Preserver of Safety - - -". There never was a god of war who was the preserver of safety - war always means risk and danger and being unsafe - - - and death to many.

101 59/23j: "- - - (Allah is*) the Exalted in Might - - -". Often claimed, NEVER proved. Not even his very existence is proved.

102 59/23k: "- - - (Allah is*) the Irresistible - - -". There are many who have been able to resist him - by not becoming Muslims or by leaving Islam. But the real reason for being able to do so may be that he do not exist?

103 59/23l: "- - - (Allah is*) the Supreme - - -". Contradicted by the Bible, which says Yahweh is the supreme one, not Allah. In the Bible Allah is so insignificant that he is not even mentioned - and the same goes for his preachers and followers and his very religion of dishonesty, apartheid, hate, and war. That is to say he may have been lumped together with others under the name "false gods", and his preachers under "false prophets". But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

104 59/23m: "Glory to Allah!" Please read 1/1a above and see if you think he deserves it - if he exists.

105 59/23n: "(High is He (Allah*)) above the partners they attribute to him". Wrong. Non-Muslims do not attribute partners to Allah. They believe in other gods INSTEAD of Allah, and do not at all believe that Allah is a real god (if they had done, they had become Muslims at once). Also see 25/18a above.

106 59/23-24: Many and panegyric words about Allah. If they are true, they are true. If they are not true, they do not become truer from using many of them. And it does not help that the Quran is not from a god - it both is heresy and slander and an insult to a god to claim he has made a book where so much is wrong. Islam has serious hallmarks for being a made up religion.

107 59/24a: "He is Allah, the Creator - - -". See 11/7a, 21/56c and 41/15f above.

#108 59/24b: "To Him (Allah*) belong the Most beautiful Names - - -". Islam claims that Allah has 99 different names (most of them are descriptions in superlative simply). It is then rather ironic that Muslims claim that as the Holy Spirit one central place in the Bible is not named "the Holy Spirit", but "the Spirit of Truth", it just there must be talking about another spirit, as it uses another name - it must be talking about Muhammad and not the Spirit! According to the same logic there than must be 99 gods instead of one Allah. And half a dozen Muhammads, as he had at least half a dozen names. Actually this claim is doubly ironic, as a man believing in lies and broken oaths, etc., like Muhammad, just is no "spirit of truth".

Just for the record: the Bible uses at least 5 or 6 different names for "the Holy Spirit".

109 59/24b: "- - - whatever is in the heavens (plural and wrong*) and on earth, doth declare His (Allah's*) Praise and Glory - - -". "Whatever" not "whoever" - once more animism or at least anthropomorphism - hallmarks for primitive pagan religions and for fairy tales.

110 59/24c: “- - - heavens - - -.” Plural and wrong. See 2/22.

111 59/24d: "- - - He (Allah*) is the Exalted in Might - - -". - which he in case never has proved. Only words.

112 59/24e: “(Allah* is) the Wise - -”. Not if he made the Quran with all its mistaken facts and other errors, contradictions, etc., etc.

Surah 59: Sub-total: 112 + 18.484 = 18.596 comments.



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