1000+ Comments on the Quran: Surah 36 -- YA SIN

Revelation: Mecca, 614-615 AD

(See general comments on Surahs here: Introduction)

(Note: Two Arabic letters to name this Surah)


The quotes and comments

001 "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful". Please read the surahs from Medina, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral code, the unjust/immoral parts of sharia, and the Quran's rules for lying, thieving/looting, enslaving, raids and wars, plus the rules for treatment of girls and women - free and captured - and see if you agree. Always when there is a distance between words and corresponding demands and deeds, we personally believe in the demands and deeds. Glorious words are cheap, demands and deeds are reliable. Glorifying words and claims are too cheap for anyone to use and disuse - when you read, judge from realities, not from propaganda.

002 36/1: (YA3943): “Ya Sin”. Many of the surahs start with some letters where it is impossible to see any meaning. They sometimes are called the “abbreviated letters” and have been an enigma for Islam and Muslims for some 1400 years. In the chapter about not clear language in the Quran – in spite of Islam’s using the claimed clear language in the book as an indication for that the Quran is made by Allah – we have mostly chosen not to quote these, but in this surah it is just possible that the letters can have a meaning- - - a real meaning or dreamt up meaning? – nobody knows. In this case it is possible the letters mean “O man!” – if it is not just a coincidence. And Islam claims it in case is directed not to men general, but to the special man: Muhammad.

But once more: Nobody knows.

003 36/2a: “By the Quran - - -". Here Muhammad - or Allah(?) - is swearing by the Quran. Sentences in the Quran starting with "by" in the Quran normally are oaths. One of the proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god. Allah often swears in the Quran, and it is permitted - yes, laudable in some cases - to break an oath. According to Yahweh you shall not swear at all (Matt. 34-37), and if you do it all the same, you are to value it.

Another central question. Two very different answers. = Two very different gods.

004 36/2b: “By the Quran, full of Wisdom - - -”. With all its mistaken facts and other mistakes, contradictions, cases of invalid logic and unclear language, it is difficult to know what is wisdom and what is the opposite - or bluffs.

005 36/3a: “Thou (Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

006 36/3b: “Thou (Muhammad*) art indeed one of the messengers - - -.” Only 2 things are sure:

This is never proved or in any other way documented – and with all the other mistakes in the Quran, such a proof is strictly necessary.

If Muhammad was a messenger, then for whom or what? The only two things that the Quran makes very clear, are that it was not for an omniscient god (too many mistakes, etc.) and not for a good god (too much stealing/robbing, dishonesty, suppressing, rape, inhumanity, terror, blood and war, etc.). Similar claims in 4/179 - 5/19 – 48/29.

007 36/3c: “Thou (Muhammad*) art indeed one of the messengers - - -.” See 63/5a above.

008 36/3d: "- - - one of the messengers - - -". Muhammad claimed to be in the same line of prophets ("messenger" is not used as a title in the Bible) as the biblical ones. To be in that line, his teachings had to be similar to theirs, and also the facts and prophesies had to be an integrated part of the ones from the prophets in that line. Nothing of this is the case. In spite of strong - and as normal from Muhammad and Islam not proved - claims Muhammad is not in that line of prophets. His deeds, demands, introduced rules, code of moral, etc. all clearly places him far outside that line - and places both him and his religion in the line of religions of war, together with religions like the one of the Vikings, the Mayas, the one of Djingis Khan, etc.

009 36/4: "On a Straight Way". "The Straight Way" is the Quran's symbolic name for the road to Paradise. In the Bible you find 2 such symbolic names: "The Narrow Road" - the difficult road leading to Paradise - and "The Wide Road" - the easy road leading to Hell. Is there any symbolism in the fact that "The Straight Way" of the harsh war religion Islam gives associations to "The Wide Road" more than to "The Narrow Road" of the NT?

*010 36/5a: “It (the Quran*) is a Revelation - - -“. Well, is it? - and in case from whom? – not from an omniscient and/or good god (see 36/3a above and 36/5b just below). Perhaps from himself or some other humans? (cfr. how well the religion fitted as a platform of power for him and for helping him also in his private troubles - in what pretends to be a copy of "the Mother Book", revered by Allah, and also look at all the mistakes which were in accordance with wrong science in the region at the time of Muhammad) – or by some dark forces? (cfr. the inhumanity, dishonesty, hate, blood, war, etc. – it fits f. x. a devil very well – and it makes it nearly impossible for Muslims to search for a true religion if such one exists, if Islam is wrong - - - also this is nice for a devil and his wish to populate or overcrowd a possible hell). >Also see 36/5b just below.

011 36/5b: “It (the Quran*) is a revelation - - -". Is the Quran really a revelation? - and in case from whom or what, as no god ever was involved in a book of that quality? There are these alternatives: Dark forces - Muhammad would not have a chance to see the difference between the angel Gabriel and a dressed up Iblis/Devil. A sick brain - modern medical science strongly suspects that Muhammad had TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy), an illness which can give just the symptoms and religious illusions Muhammad is said to have experienced. Or a cold brain - f.x. Muhammad's. Also see 36/5a just above.

0012 36/5c: “It (the Quran*) is a revelation sent down by (Him (Allah*))”. Once more: Can it really be sent down by an omniscient god, with all those mistakes and invalid “signs” and “proofs”, etc.? Never.

013 36/5d: "(Allah is*) the Exalted in Might". Perhaps, but he has never - not one single time throughout history or prehistory - unmistakably shown his claimed might or power. Yahweh has if either the Bible or the Quran speaks the truth (though the Quran mixes Yahweh with Allah, claiming it is the same god, even though the teachings are far too different for that). But Allah never.

014 36/5e: "(Allah is*) Most Merciful". Please read the surahs from Medina, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral code, and the unjust parts of the sharia laws and see if you afterwards agree.

015 36/6a: “- - - thou (Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

016 36/6b: “- - - thou (Muhammad*) mayst admonish a people - - -". Admonish by means of a book overflowing with mistaken facts and other errors, a partly immoral moral code, etc.?

017 36/6c: “- - - thou (Muhammad*) mayst admonish a people, whose fathers had received no admonition - - -.” = had had no warners/messengers before. But:

2/125-129: These verses reminds Muslims about that according to the Quran both Abraham and Ishmael lived and worked in Mecca – and both were prophets and messengers, still according to the Quran. But according to science: If Abraham has ever lived, he lived some 2000 – 1800 BC – which means centuries before Moses and millennia before Muhammad.

10/47: “To every people (was sent) a messenger - - -.” Homo Sapiens – also called Modern Man – developed most likely in East Africa some 160ooo – 200ooo years ago, and crossed – and occupied – the land bridge between Africa and Asia (= the Middle East) not later than 100ooo years ago (though a few say min. 70ooo years). If every people had got Messengers, how come that Sinai/Arabia/etc. had not got one for nearly 100ooo years – not until Moses some 3300 years ago? And Hud and one or two others before him. But NB: Both Moses with his 40 years in Midian, Hud Shu'ayb and Salih mentioned in the Quran, in case were before Muhammad in Arabia.

16/36: “For We (Allah*) assuredly sent amongst every People a Messenger.” See 10/47 above.

35/24: “- - - and there never was a people, without a warner having lived among them (in the past).” A very clear contradiction.

The claimed prophets Hud, Shu'ayb and Salih if they are not fiction, lived some generations after Noah – and long before Moses.

(Min. 6 contradictions.)

018 36/6d: “- - - (- - -Signs of Allah) - - -.” Invalid as proof for Allah or anything. See 2/39b above.

019 36/7a: "The Word (from the Quran*) is proved true against the greater part of them (non-Muslim Arabs in this case*) - - -". The Quran has so many mistakes, that it at best is partly true.

#####020 36/7b: "- - - proved - - -". Whenever you meet words like "proof", "proved". etc in the Quran, in Islam, or from Muslims, you had better be careful, as they are very free with using such words (also beware that the word "Sign" in Quran-speak indicates a proof for Allah or Islam or Muhammad). A proof is "one or more proved facts which can give only one solution/answer". Muhammad, the Quran, Muslims, and Islam all have a strong tendency to use a not proved claim or something, skip proving Allah has anything to do with it, and then tell that this and this are proofs for Allah or Muhammad or Islam. NEVER accept or believe in such claims until you have checked that they really have proved that Allah is behind the phenomenon they say proves something. If not the proof is totally without value - even worse: They may simply be trying to chat you by using an al/Taqiyya (a lawful lie) or a Kitman (lawful half-truth) - forms of permitted dishonesty you only find in Islam of the big religion (But do not accuse a Muslim too quickly of dishonesty in such cases - many are so used to misuse of words like "proof" that they think they are honest when they call a loose claim a proof, especially if they themselves find the claim logical).

021 36/7c: "- - - they (opponents of Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

022 36/8a: "(Allah has) their (non-believers*) heads forced up (and they cannot see (the road to Paradise))". One more case of serious difference between the Quran and NT with its new covenant: Yahweh would never, never, make the slightest hindrance for anyone at all, on the way to Paradise according to NT - at least not without a good reason, and here the reason just is that they are not Muslims, and here are robbed the possibility to become such. Yahweh and Allah so definitely are not the same go

023 36/8b: "- - - their (opponents of Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

024 36/9a: "We (Allah*) have put a bar in front of them (non-believers*) and a bar behind them; and further, We have covered them up, so that they cannot see (the road to Paradise*)". Here the difference between NT and the Quran is even easier to see than in 36/8 just above. No chance that Yahweh and Allah is the same god no matter how dearly Muhammad liked the idea - the fundamental ideas and ideal behind the teachings are too different. Muhammad was wrong there, too. And we do not bother to remind you that the standard, but never documented, Islamic claim that the Bible is falsified, also is not correct, even though this claim was the only way out for Muhammad to explain away the differences between what he claimed the Bible said and what it really said. Science has too thoroughly proved that claim wrong, and Islam has done the same even more thoroughly by combing the old manuscripts without finding a single relevant falsification.

025 36/9b: "- - - them (opponents of Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

026 36/10a: “The same is it to them whether thou (Muhammad*) admonish them or not admonish them: they (non-Muslims*) will not believe.” So why bother with f. x. real proofs?

027 36/10b: "- - - they (opponents of Muhammad*) - - -".A historical anomaly.

028 36/10c: "- - - they (skeptics*) will not believe". At least for a large number of them because they already then saw that things were very wrong in Muhammad's new religion.

029 36/11a: "- - - thou (Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

030 36/11b: "- - - such a one who follows the Message - - -". Muslim.

031 36/11c: "- - - the Message - - -". The Quran - or this early (614-15 AD) rather Muhammad's preaching, as the Quran hardly existed yet - only some of the surahs.

032 36/11d: "- - - the (Lord (Allah*)) Most Gracious - - -". See 1/1a above, and see if you agree.

033 36/11e: "- - - good tidings - - -". The Quran has good news only if it is true and only if it really is from a god (which it is not, as no god makes that many mistakes, etc.)

034 36/11f: "- - - Forgiveness - - -". Only two can forgive; the victim and a god. Was Allah a real god - if he existed?

035 36/11g: "- - - a Reward most generous". Paradise. Also see 10/9f above.

036 36/12a: "Verily - - -". In a book with so much wrong one cannot rely on the word "verily" unless there are additional proofs.

037 36/12b: "Verily We (Allah*) shall give life to the dead - - -". See 7/158i above.

038 36/12c: "- - - We (Allah*) record - - -". Why did an omniscient god need to keep a record (other places in the Quran even tells it is written in a book - like mentioned in the end of the verse)?

039 36/12d: "- - - that which they (people*) send before and that which they leave behind - - -". The good and bad deeds done in this life, from which Allah is going to judge whether to send you to Hell or Paradise - - - but this is contradicted by clear Hadiths telling that Allah decided on whether you are to end in Hell or Paradise when you were a 4 months old fetus = 5 months before you were born. (Sometimes Muhammad needed predestination to tell his warriors that war was not dangerous - you would not die until your time was up anyhow. But some places he needed free will for man, to give Allah a moral reason for why to punish you for real or claimed sins. He never was able to combine these two claims, and there are a number of mix-ups in the Quran. Also Islam of today is unable to combine the two claims, but quite lamely claims that both claims must be true, because Allah(?) says so in the Quran.)

040 36/12e: “- - - of all things we have taken account (in the Quran*) - - -”. Not all things by far are taken account of in the Quran. Look f.x. at all the extra paragraphs which are necessary in Muslim laws. But see the end of 36/12b just below.

041 36/12f: “- - - in a clear Book (the Quran*) (of evidence) - - -”. A book with that many mistakes and invalid “signs” and “proofs“, etc., gives little clear evidence. Besides: To falsify what you write is just as easy as to falsify what you speak. Now it here is possible it is referred not to the Quran, but to the claimed book where all your good and bad deeds are written. But why does an omniscient god in case need such a book

042 36/13: "- - - the Companions of the City - - -". No indication is given for which city. Many Muslims think it is meant Antioch, but there is no real indication for this. We also point to that it is said in the Quran that this is a parable - one of the not too many places where such a thing is said in the Quran (in spite of Muslims' frequent claims about parables, etc. to explain away mistakes). And that is likely to be the truth here: A story made up to highlight a point or a meaning - a parable simply).

043 36/13-27: A story with similar problems of disbelief which met Muhammad - good for his followers in ca. 614-615 to hear that this was the normal for prophets, and to hear the happy ending. There are numbers of such stories in the Quran. Good psychology towards his followers, especially from verse 20 and on. And just for the record: There is no such story in the Bible.

044 36/14a: The 2 + later 1 messengers: Muslims like to see these as Moses and Jesus followed - and strengthened - by Muhammad. But there is no indication for that this is the meaning (also here remember that there were more prophets in Israel than Moses and Jesus - a god did not need to choose just these two. In reality it also had been impossible, as there were some 1300 years between those two - if also Moses was a real person).

045 36/14b: "Truly - - -". See 2/2b above.

046 36/15a: "- - - (Allah*) Most Gracious - - -". See 1/1a above, and see if you agree.

047 36/15b: "- - - (Allah*) Most Gracious - - -". Non-Muslims would not say this.

048 36/15c: This verse and up to 36/19 is a mirror of what Muhammad experienced at this time (614-15 AD - not long after he had started his preaching in earnest). In the Quran you find many stories which are such parallels - they told his followers that his situation was normal for claimed prophets, and this indicated that he was a real prophet.

049 36/16: "Our Lord (Allah*) doth know that we (3 claimed prophets*) have been sent on a mission to you (a city*)". Allah may know this if he exists and if he in case is a god.

050 36/17a: “And our (Muhammad’s*) duty to proclaim the clear message.” Once more something from Mecca (ca. 615 – 616 AD), that was “killed” by “The verse of the Sword (9/5) and a number of others when later Muhammad also became – or decided that he also was – an enforcer. This verse is contradicted and often “killed” by at least these verses: 2/191, 2/193, 3/28, 3/85, 3/148, 4/81, 4/90, 5/33, 5/72, 5/73, 8/12, 8/38-39 (the warning), 8/39, 8/60, 9/3, 9/5, 9/14, 9/23, 9/29, 9/33, 9/73, 9/123, 25/36, 25/52, 33/61, 33/73, 35/36, 47/4, 66/9. This includes many advising or permitting political, social, economical, etc. compulsion (with the sword in the background if you protest) – we mention a few here: 3/28, 3/85, 3/148, 4/81, 5/72, 5/73, 9/23, 14/7, 15/3, 33/73, 35/36. They are all quoted under 2/256. (At least 29 contradictions).

051 36/17b: “And our (Muhammad’s*) duty to proclaim the clear message.” Once more something from Mecca (ca. 615 – 616 AD), that was “killed” by “The verse of the Sword (9/5) and a number of others when later Muhammad also became – or decided that he also was – an enforcer. This verse is abrogated – made invalid - by at least these verses: 2/191, 2/193, 3/38, 3/85, 3/148, 4/90, 5/33, 5/72, 8/12, 8/38, 8/38-39 (the warning), 8/39, 8/60, 9/3, 9/5, 9/14, 9/23, 9/29, 9/33, 9/73, 9/123, 25/36, 25/52, 33/61, 33/73, 35/36, 47/4, 66/9. This includes many bloody threats, but also verses advising or permitting political, social, economical, etc. compulsion (with the sword in the background if you protest) – we mention a few here: 3/28, 3/85, 3/148, 4/81, 5/72, 5/73, 9/23, 14/7, 15/3, 33/73, 35/36. They are all quoted under 2/256. (At least 28 abrogations).

052 36/17c: “- - - the clear Message (the Quran*).” A book that full of mistakes, contradictions (f. x. man has free will vs./ Allah decides everything – even Islam is unable to explain that, “but it has to be true, because it is said by Allah (in the Quran*)”(!!!)) according to “The Message of the Quran” (A6/141) - invalid arguments and ditto logic, give no clear message.

053 36/18a: "- - - grievous penalty - - -". See 3/77b above.

054 36/18b: "- - - indeed - - -". See 2/2b above.

##055 36/19: "- - - ye (the claimed messengers for Allah*) are a people transgressing all bounds!. If you look at all the immoral, injustice, and inhumanity in Muslim political, military, and f.x. slave history, may be the ones who said this were right.

056 36/20a: "- - - from the farthest part of the City - - -". Is it a co-incidence that the one who came running to the pharaoh with the same message, came from the same place?

057 36/20b: "Obey the messengers - - -". Not obey the god, but obey the messengers - just Muhammad's message here on Earth, as to obey Allah on Earth in reality meant to obey Muhammad.

058 36/21a: "Obey those who ask no reward of you (for themselves) - - -". This is reflecting Muhammad's often repeated, but very wrong claim that he demanded nothing from his followers. He demanded much - extremely much - included their lives, total power, huge fortunes to use as gifts/bribes to attract and keep followers, respect, lots of women, etc. Persons like Jesus and Buddha really claimed nothing for themselves, and there is an irony in that if Muslims are to follow verses like this in the Quran, they cannot follow Muhammad but have to follow f. x. one of the two mentioned.

059 36/21b: "- - - those who have themselves received guidance - - -". A new mirror of Muhammad’s situation. But the $64ooo question is: Did Muhammad really receive guidance?. The point easy to answer, is that he in case did not receive it from any god - all the errors, etc. in the Quran prove that. The difficult point is: If he all the same received guidance, them from whom or what? - dark forces? - a sick brain? - a cold, scheming brain?

060 36/21c: "- - - Guidance". Here is indicated from something like the Quran - which in reality means no reliable guidance at best (too many errors, etc.).

061 36/21d: (YA3967): "Prophets do not seek their own advantage". If you read the Bible, you will find that this mostly is correct. Which is another indication/proof for that Muhammad was no prophet - he wanted and got power (in addition to riches for bribes for more power and women - he was well off when he died (in spite of Muslims' claims about his poverty)).

062 36/22a: "- - - serve Him (Allah*) Who created me - - -". Wrong - man was not created, but developed from earlier primates. Besides: See 6/2b, 11/7a and 21/56c above.

063 36/22b: "- - - to Whom (Allah*) ye (people*) shall be brought back (at the Day of Doom*)". Often claimed, never documented - and only true if Allah exists, if he is a major god, and if he is correctly described in the Quran, a book full of mistakes, etc. and thus not from any god.

064 36/22c: "- - - to Whom (Allah*) ye (people*) shall be brought back (at the Day of Doom*)". Contradicted by the Bible, which says that Yahweh rules that day, not Allah. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

065 36/23a "- - - (other) gods beside Him (Allah*) - - -". See 6/106b and 25/18a above.

066 36/23b: "- - - (Allah) most Gracious - - -". See 1/1a above.

067 36/23c: "- - - of no use whatever will be their (other gods*) intercession for me (a person*), nor can they deliver me". But there never was a proved case which showed that Allah can do this, too. If such a proved case had existed, you bet Islam had told about it - Islam and each and every of its Muslims.

068 36/23d: "- - - of no use whatever will be their (other gods*) intercession for me (a person*), nor can they deliver me". What about Yahweh in case? - he may help at least his followers (and there is a small chance for that Yahweh exists, versus none for Allah - at least as a god (the Quran with all its errors proves things are very wrong concerning the claims about Allah)).

069 36/24a: “(If I took another god*) I would indeed - - - be in manifest Error.” Not if that god exists – and especially not if Allah on top of that is a made up god (he after all was taken over from the pagan Arab gods by Muhammad who just renamed him from al-Lah to Allah, and even took over most of the pagan Arab religious rituals, too. And not least: Neither Allah nor Muhammad was ever able to produce the feeblest proof for Allah's existence or power.) Lots of claims, but not one proved case.

070 36/24b: "- - - indeed - - -". See 2/2b above.

071 36/24c: "- - - in manifest Error". Not unless you really was in error, which all the mistakes in the Quran, plus the impossibility that the Quran with all its mistakes, etc. is a book from a god, makes highly unlikely.

072 36/24d: "- - - manifest - - -". See 2/2b above.

073 36/24e: "- - - Error - - -". This is one of the words the Quran frequently use about opponents or opposing meanings - or facts - without proving it.

074 36/25: "- - - the Lord (Allah*) of you all - - -". Often claimed, never proved.

075 36/26a: "- - - the Garden". Paradise. See 10/9f above.

076 36/26b: "Would that my People knew (what I know)". Or maybe not: There is a difference between people knowing the reality and people knowing the contents of a book full of mistakes, etc. and all the same wrongly believing it is from a god.

077 36/27a: "For that my (a man*) Lord (Allah*) has granted me forgiveness and has enrolled me among these held in honor!" This only is possible if Allah exists, is a major god and is correctly described in the Quran - a book so full of errors that no god has ever been involved in it.

078 36/27b: "- - - forgiveness - - -". Thos only two can give; the victim or a god. Is Allah a god? - see f.x. 36/27a just above.

079 36/27c: "- - - those held in honor - - -". The ones bound for the Quran's Paradise. Also see 10/9f above.

080 36/28a: (A17 – comment omitted in English 2008 edition): “And We (Allah*) sent not down against his People, after him (a man who came running in 36/20*) - - -.” The literal meaning of the Arab “hi i min ba’dihi” is “after him” (like said here) or after “this”. But does it refer to “after what he did in this situation” or – as it is told he went to heaven in 36/26 (2 verses earlier) – does it refer to “after his death”. Islam does not know and in 2008 the “revised” “The Message of the Quran” does not even want to inform its readers about the uncertainty any more.

081 36/28b: "- - - hosts from heaven - - -". Muhammad claimed Allah sometimes sent down angels from Heaven to help in battles or to avenge or punish - in this case the verse indicates that Allah thought this was not necessary, but used another punishment instead (see 36/29 just below). (But why can such things at all be necessary if Allah predestines everything?)

082 36/28c: "(The punishment*) was no more than a single mighty Blast - - -". But how to justify punishment if Allah predestines everything - and on top does so according to his own Plan which nothing and nobody can change like the Quran states unequivocally several places? (Islam is unable to explain this - they only say that predestination and free will for man (and thus responsibility) both must be true, because it is said so in the Quran. Blind belief gone amuck.

083 36/30a: "- - - (My (Allah's*) servants - - -". This is an expression which in the Quran may mean all people, Muslims, or his claimed prophets/messengers - like Muslims like to claim the language in the Quran is most clear and not to be misunderstood. In this case it seems to mean all people (or parts of all people).

084 36/30b: "There comes not a messenger to (Allah's servants*)but they mock them". Not correct as there are prophets in the Bible who were not mocked - especially as widely as the Quran uses the words prophets and messengers. And the Quran recons the Jews to be servants of the god, albeit mostly failed ones. (The main thing with all these claims that all prophets were mocked, was to show his followers that this was a normal situation.)

085 36/31a: "See they (people*) not how many generations before them We (Allah*) destroyed?"

Muhammad told his followers that Allah frequently had destroyed peoples of the old. F. ex. the ones who had lived in the old ruins or empty houses in and around Arabia - included homes cut into rocks so long ago that no-one knew who really had made them. And the same about disappeared tribes from old Arab folklore.

The Quran claims Allah is a good and benevolent god, but he is quite good at killing people - much bloodier by far than Yahweh in OT (before the new covenant in NT). 

086 36/31b: (YA3976): “Not to them will they return - - -.” What does this mean? Nobody knows, but many are guessing. Who are “them”? And who are “they”? 1400 years of guessing among Muslim scholars have brought no answer. Does this indicates that the Quran is blessed with a divinely language, divinely clear and divinely easy to understand?

087 36/32a: "But each one of them all (humans*) - will be brought before Us (Allah*) (for Judgment (on the Day of Doom*))". Often claimed, never documented - and a claim most religions make on behalf of their religion, Islam like most others. Words are that cheap as long as no proofs are needed.

088 36/32b: "But each one of them all (humans*) - will be brought before Us (Allah*) (for Judgment (on the Day of Doom*))". Contradicted by the Bible, which says they will be brought to Yahweh that day, not to Allah. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

089 36/33a: “A Sign - - -.” Invalid as proof for Allah or anything. See 2/39b above.

090 36/33b: “A sign for them is the earth that is dead: We (Allah*) do give it life - - - “. From other parts of the Quran, we know it here means “by adding rain”. But a land which comes to life just by adding rain, is not dead - it is alive with seeds and perhaps roots.

091 36/33c: "- - - We (Allah*)do give it life - - -". This is a claim you frequently meet in the Quran: Allah gives life. In just this and similar cases where there is life already, but only need water to sprout, it may look - look - like being true. But for real creation of life or real resurrection there never was a valid proof for that Allah had or has such power (as opposed to Yahweh who has proved both if the old books tell the truth).

092 36/33-35: Muhammad claims nearly all and everything of natural phenomena as indications for Allah and/or glorification, without eave one single time trying to prove that it really is Allah who is behind it. It all is just unproven words and claims - just like so many other religions. Invalid as indication, not to mention as proofs, as long as it is not first proved that it is Allah's work. Also see 11/7a above. 

093 36/34: "And We (Allah*) produce therein orchards with date-palms and vines, and We causes springs to gush forth therein - - -". See 11/7a above.

094 36/35: "- - - it was not their (the workers'*) hands that made this (the farm and its products*) - - -". Oh? See 11/7a above.

095 36/36a: “Glory to Allah - - -". See 1/1a above and see if you think he deserves it.

096 36/36b: “Glory to Allah, Who created - - -". Often claimed in the Quran, never proved anywhere.

097 36/36c: “Glory to Allah, Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces - - -". See f.x. 11/7a and 21/56c above.

098 36/36d: “- - - Allah, Who created in pairs all things that the earth produces - - -”. Wrong. Only multi-cellular plants and animals are in pairs - and far from all of those, too. No uni-cellular life exists in pairs - and they are far more abundant both in numbers and species. Besides there is quite a number of multi-cellular beings that propagates asexually and thus do not exist in pairs – up to and included sponges, etc., some fish and some reptiles. Not to mention among plants and trees. Contradicted by biological and zoological - and botanical - facts.

099 36/37a: “- - - Sign - - -.” Invalid as proof for Allah. See 2/39b above.

100 36/37b: "We (Allah*) withdrew therefrom (from the night*) the Day - - -". See f.x. 11/7a above.

101 36/37c: "We (Allah*) withdrew therefrom (from the night*) the Day - - -". Wrong. The day is not withdrawn from the night. It is the night which is a small exception from the eternal day around the sun. Any god had known this, but Muhammad not. Then who made the Quran?

102 36/38a: “And the sun runs his course for a period determined to him - - -”. The sun runs no course as related to the Earth, though that was the accepted astronomy of that time. It is the Earth which revolves – around itself and around the sun. See 36/38c+d+e below.

103 36/38b: "- - - for a period determined by Him (Allah*) - - -". For as long time as Allah has predestined.

*104 36/38c: The normal translation of 36/38a – see 36/38a above - (Arab: “li-mustaqarrin laha”) is (translated from Swedish): “And the sun runs to its place of rest” which is way out wrong. But as the old Arab written language far from was exact, Muhammad Ali’s transcription is a possible, if less likely one – as is “(to) the end point for the course which it follows” or - inserting other vowels among the written consonants (in old Arab only the consonants were written) and getting the expression “la mustaqrra laha” – “it runs its course without resting” (Abd Allah ibn Mas’ud/Zamakhshari). Or “The sun runs its course to a certain extent, then it stops” (Baydawi: “The Lights of Revelation” p.585). No matter which translation you choose here it is wrong. Also see 36/38d just below.

Next time you meet a Muslim seriously telling you how exact the Quran always is, do not laugh – it is impolite.

105 36/38d: (A33/21 – in 2008 edition A33/19): “And the sun runs his course for a period determined for him - - -.” But the Arab expression “li-mustakarrin laha” is unclear. The normal translation of this expression when the Quran is explained, is “And the sun runs to its place of rest - - -“ which is something very different (and which in surah 18 is a pond of murky water). Muslims frequently tells that here is meant the place of sundown, but the sun does not rest there. To mention a 3. translation in the 2008 edition of “The Message of the Quran” this passage is changed from the above mentioned normal translation, to “- - - it (the sun*) runs in an orbit (!!*) of its own - - -.” Except for the fact that the sun does not orbit Earth, they have managed to adjust the text to nearly modern astronomy – honesty or no honesty concerning the real meaning in the text. And to make the enigma of this clear and unmistakable text crystal clear: If you change a few letters and read the above quoted Arab text like this: ”la mustaqarra laha” the meaning as mentioned in 36/38c just above changes to “- - - it runs without having any rest - - -.” (One of the old authorities, ‘Abd Allah ibn Mas’ud is reported to have quoted it like that – an essential fact it seems like, because that is less wrong than the text in the Quran. In the mentioned 2008 edition this is used as an excuse for making the Quran look more correct than the normal translation does. Honesty and intellectual integrity?) At least: Some clear text! And these variants also are in the Arab text, as the relevant word(s) there has/have more than one meaning. Allah (?) really uses a clear language. Also see A. Yusuf Ali’s comment in 36/38b just below.

106 36/38e: (YA3983): “And the sun runs its course for a period determined (“mustaquarr”) for it - - -.” According to this comment, it is possible to read at least 5 meanings:

“- - - a limit of time - - -.”

“- - - a period determined - - -.”

“- - - a place of rest - - -“.

“- - - a place of quiescence - - -“.

“- - - a dwelling place - - -.”

All these meanings are correct according to the original Arab Quran – and its unfinished alphabet.

Very clear language in the Quran? Or just clear?

107 36/38f: "(Allah is*) the Exalted in Might - - -". He in case never has proved that might - there only are words and claims.

108 36/38g: "(Allah is*) the All-Knowing". Not if the Quran is his work. But also see 2/233h above.

109 36/39: “- - - till she (the Moon*) returns like the old (and withered) lower part of a date-stalk (which takes a crescent form*)”. Wrong. The moon does not become a crescent - it only looks like that, and even Mohammad could have seen that, if he had been observant: Within the circle indicated by the crescent, and which in reality is covered by the moon, you never see a star. Any god had known this. Muhammad obviously not. Who made the Quran?

110 36/40a: “It is not permitted for the Sun to catch up the Moon - - -”. It is not physical possible for the sun to catch up the moon - not in some 5 billion years (then it perhaps will happen - - - if the Earth is gobbled up by the sun). A god had known.

111 36/40b: “It is not permitted for the Sun to catch up the Moon - - -”. Visibly this actually seems to happen now and then - during solar eclipses. Muhammad even witnessed such one once - and superstitious persons believed it had something to do with the death of his son Ibrahim. But that happened years after this surah was published, and no comment was added here.

**112 36/40c: “- - - nor can the Night outstrip (be longer than*) the Day - - -”. Wrong. At high latitudes the night always are longer than the days in winter. A little past the Arctic Circles (a little past (towards equator) because of refraction – bending of light in the atmosphere) the night even lasts 24 hours a day for a shorter or longer time each year – for how long depends on the latitude. The Quran has a strong tendency to pick natural phenomena and tell they prove or are signs for Allah, without first proving that Allah really is the reason for them. For one thing such “proofs” are entirely invalid as they only rests on unproved claims. For another: It each time comes to our minds that (trying) to use invalid statements and “proofs” is a hallmark for cheats and swindlers. And for an ironic third: Sometimes the “proofs” even turns out to be really laughingly wrong - in a book claiming to come from an omniscient god. And not least: If you need to use made up arguments, this means you have no real arguments.

There is another possible meaning of "not outstrip": that the night cannot "walk past" the day. With this meaning the sentence is correct - though it is an open question at high latitudes with midnight sun in summer and "eternal" night in winter.

113 36/40d: “- - - each (night and day*) swims along in (its own) orbit (according to Law).” Wrong. Night and day are constants - they just seem to move because Earth revolves in the sunshine. Any physicist will laugh from this – night has a fixed position determined by the sun, and only seems to move because of the spin of the Earth. It has not the faintest similarity to an orbit. Any god had known - even a tiny, baby one in a hidden corner.

It is a nice extra touch that they swim along in orbits “according to Law”.

114 36/41a: “- - - Sign - - -.” Invalid as proof for Allah. See 2/39b above.

*115 36/41b: “And a Sign for them (humans*) is that We (Allah*) bore their race (through the Flood) in the loaded Ark - - -”. No wooden boat could possibly carry the load the Quran says: Noah + his people + 2 of every animal + food and fodder for a long time (the Quran says nothing about how long, the Bible tells that the rain started 7. Feb. one year (1. Mos. 7/11). 1. Jan. next year the water had drained away (1. Mos. 8/13). And finally 27. Feb. that year the earth was so dry that Noah and his animals got out from the ark (1. Mos. 8/14-15). This means 1 year and 20 days - 385 days - in the ark.) Even Muslims today see that this is very wrong, and try to explain it away by saying that only domesticated animals was meant, but that is not what the Quran tells. Also: Islam tells that the ark stranded on a mountain in Anatolia in Turkey - the 2089 m high Mt. Al-Jedi - (not Ararat in Turkey), but if water was that high, where did the animals not represented in the ark survive? - and survive for that long (the Quran as mentioned does not specify the time, but the Bible says more than one year)?

116 36/41c: "- - - the Ark - - -". A historical anomaly.

*117 36/41d: “And a Sign for them (humans*) is that We (Allah*) bore their race (through the Flood) in the loaded Ark - - -”. Contradicted by the Bible, which tells the god involved was Yahweh, not Allah. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

118 36/42: “And We (Allah*) have created for them (people*) similar (vessels) (similar to the ark*) - - -“. We have never heard that Allah built boats. Muslims tends to say Allah showed man how to build boats, but that is not what the Quran says.

119 36/43a: “If it were Our (Allah’s*) Will, we could drown them (mankind*) - - -”. See 14/19d and 35/16 above.

120 36/43b: "- - - the there would be no helper - - -". In comes once more the question about Yahweh - perhaps he at least would help his followers?

121 36/44: "- - - Mercy from Us (Allah*) - - -". See 1/1a above.

122 36/45a: "When they are told (by Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

123 36/45b: "Fear ye (non-Muslims*) that which is before you and that which will be after you - - -". In plain words = become Muslims.

124 36/45c: "- - - receive Mercy (from Allah*) - - -". See 1/1a above.

125 36/45d: " - - - they (skeptics to Muhammad*) turn back - - -". How could this reliably be written in the claimed "Mother Book" (of which the Quran is a copy according to Muhammad) billions of years before it was said or happened? One more of the many texts or quotes in the Quran which could not have been reliably written into the claimed "Mother Book" (13/39b, 43/4b+c, 85/21-22) in Heaven (of which the Quran is claimed to be a copy) eons ago, unless predestination was and is 100% like the Quran claims many places (if you look, you will find more cases than we mention - we only mention some of the obvious ones). If man has free will - even partly only (an expression some Muslims use to flee from the problem full predestination contra free will for man (and also contra that there is no meaning in praying to Allah for help, if everything already is predestined in accordance with a plan "nobody and nothing can change" - a problem which Muslims seldom mention), and an expression no Muslim we have met has ever defined) - and can change his mind, full and reliable clairvoyance about the future, not to mention the distant future, is impossible even for a god, as the man always could/can change his mind or his words once more, in spite of Islam's claims. There are at least 3 reasons - 2 of them unavoidable - for this:

When something is changed, automatically the future is changed.

The laws of chaos will be at work and change things, if even a tiny part is made different.

The so-called "Butterfly Effect"; "a butterfly flapping its wing in Brazil may cause a storm in China later on" or "a small bump may overturn a big load".

This that Allah predestines everything like the Quran claims and states many places, is an essential point, because besides totally removing the free will of man (in spite of the Quran's claims of such free will, or some Muslims' adjusted "partly free will for man" - to adjust the meanings where the texts in the Quran are wrong, is typical for Islam and its Muslims) - it also removes the moral behind Allah's punishing (and rewarding) persons for what they say and do - Allah cannot reward or punish people for things he himself has forced them to say or do, and still expect to be believed when he (Muhammad?) claims to be a good or benevolent or moral or just god. Also see 2/51b and 3/24a above.

And as mentioned above, full predestination also makes prayers to Allah meaningless, as everything already is predestined according to Allah's Plan - a Plan which no prayer ("nobody and nothing") can change.

Also see 3/154e, 6/149a, 7/34a, 14/22b, and not least 27/22-26 above.

126 36/46a: “- - - Sign - - -.” Invalid as proof for Allah. See 2/39b above.

127 36/46b: "- - - them (skeptics to Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

128 36/46c: “- - - Signs - - -.” Invalid as proof for Allah. See 2/39b above.

129 36/46d: "- - - they (skeptics to Muhammad*) turn away therefrom". See 36/45d above. 

130 36/46e: (A36/27 – in 2008 edition A36/25): “No Sign comes to them (non-believers*) from among the Signs of their Lord (Allah*) - - -.” But another translation: “- - - - no message of their Sustainer’s (Allah’s) messages - - -.” Message is a wider word than sign. A sign can be a message, but a message can mean a lot more information than a sign. Which one did Allah (?) mean? And these variants of course also are in the Arab text, as the relevant word(s) there has/have more than one meaning. Allah (?) really uses a clear language.

131 36/47a: "- - - the (bounties) with which Allah has provided - - -". Everything is gifts from Allah according to the Quran.

132 36/47b: "- - - Unbelievers - - -". one of Muhammad's many negative names for non-Muslims. 

133 36/47c: "- - - the Unbelievers say (to the followers of Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

134 36/47d: "- - - the Unbelievers say (to the followers of Muhammad*): 'Shall we feed - - -". See 36/45d above.

135 36/47e: "- - - if Allah had so willed - - -". See 14/19d above.

#136 36/47f: "- - - ye (Muslims*)are in nothing but manifest error". All the errors in the Quran indicates that the non-Muslims here were right.

137 36/48a: "- - - they (opponents of Muhammad*) - - -" A historical anomaly.

138 36/48b: "- - - they (opponents of Muhammad*) say, 'when will this - - -'". See 36/45d above.

139 36/48c: "- - - true - - -". See 2/2b and 13/1g above and 40/75 below.

140 36/49a: "- - - they (opponents of Muhammad*) - - -" A historical anomaly.

141 36/52a: "This is what (Allah) most Gracious had promised". At least it is what Muhammad and his Quran promised.

142 36/52b: "This is what (Allah) most Gracious had promised". There never was a case where it was proved that Allah gave a promise - not to mention kept one.

143 36/52c: "- - - (Allah) most Gracious - - -". Read 1/1a and see if you agree.

144 36/52d: "And true was the word of the messengers!" The tale Muhammad is telling "confirms" Muhammad's claim that he is telling the truth. Convenient.

145 36/52e: "- - - true - - -". See 2/2b above.

146 36/52f: "- - - messenger (included Muhammad*) - - -". See 63/5a below.

147 36/53a: "- - - they (non-Muslims*) will be brought up before Us (Allah - on the Day of Doom*)". Often claimed, never documented. It only may - may - be true if Allah exists and is a god correctly described in the Quran.

148 36/53b: "- - - they (non-Muslims*) will be brought up before Us (Allah - on the Day of Doom*)". Contradicted by the Bible, which says they will be brought before Yahweh that day, not before Allah. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

149 36/54a: "- - - that Day - - -". The Day of Doom.

150 36/54b: "- - - not a soul will be wronged in the least (on the Day of Doom*)". Wrong. There is no small (but too big) sinner deserving the sadistic and everlasting torture in Hell - punishment, ok, but nothing like this.

151 36/54c: "- - - ye shall be repaid the meeds of your past Deeds". Even though the goodwill of the god and also his forgiveness is essential also in Islam, it is less essential and the balance between your god and bad deeds mote essential to your acceptance to Paradise, than the same in especially NT where the goodness of the god and his forgiveness is more central than in the Quran - and consequently your deeds less central.

152 36/55a: "Verily - - -". See 2/2b above.

153 36/55b: "Verily the Companions of the Garden shall have joy - - -". If the Quran's tales are true, and if Allah exists and is a major god.

154 36/55c: "- - - the Companions of the Garden - - -". The good Muslims heading for - or in - the Quran's and Islam's heaven. See 10/9f above.

155 36/55d: "- - - Garden - - -". The Quran's - and Islam's - paradise. Also see 10/9f above.

156 36/56: “They (Muslims*) and their associates will be in groves of (cool) shade reclining on Thrones (of dignity)”. We still are in the paradise taken from the royal dreams of poor and primitive people living in a too hot country – but is that all an omnipotent god are able to offer? Also see 10/9f above.

157 36/57: “(Every) fruit (enjoyment) will be there for them; they shall have whatever they call for - - -”. A very material paradise. Also see 36/56 just above.

158 36/58: "- - - a Lord (Allah*) Most Merciful". See f.x. 1/1a above.

159 36/59a: "- - - ye in sin - - -". One of Muhammad's many negative names for non-Muslims.

160 36/59b: "- - - in sin - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses words like this, it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code. We also may mention that just this word often covers very different deeds, acts, words, and thoughts in the Quran and Islam, than in more normal religions (Islam is a religion of war - in spite of its loud slogans), not to mention how much its meaning in the Quran often differs from the basic of all human moral; "do against others like you want others do against you". Read the surahs from Medina and weep.

One small remark: As Yahweh's religion and f.x. moral code at many points are totally different from Allah's, you may qualify for Yahweh's Paradise even if Muslims condemn you to Hell - if both exist. One more of the 100% proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

161 36/59c: "- - - this Day - - -". The Day of Doom.

162 36/60a: "Did I (Allah*) not enjoin on you (man*) - - -". If Allah does not exist, this only was done by Muhammad, not by Allah. Many a self proclaimed "prophet" both before and after Muhammad have done similar things and made a platform of power for themselves - though not as successful as Muhammad. (And if Muhammad was mentally ill (f.x. TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy) lik Also see 67/9c below - a strong one.e modern medical science strongly suspects), he may have at least partly have believed in his own tales - he was too intelligent to believe all of them.)

163 36/60b: "- - - ye (people*) should not worship Satan - - -". This sentence may be a bit ironic, as one of the theories for who made the Quran just is Iblis/Satan (f.x. parts of the Quran's (im)moral code and the religions many points of inhumanity, may strengthen this theory).

164 36/61a: "- - - ye (people*) should worship Me (Allah*) - - -". Contradicted by the Bible, which says you should worship Yahweh (Allah or his companions are not even hinted to in the Bible, in spite of the Quran's and Muslims' strong claims - not unless Allah is part of the dark forces. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

165 36/61b: "- - - the Straight Way - - -". The road to the Quran's paradise - but only if everything is true in the Quran.

##166 36/62a: "But he (the Devil*) did lead astray a great multitude of you (people*)". As the Quran with all its errors is not from a god, this multitude may include all Muslims - especially if the real maker of the book is from the dark forces. A plain, but sad fact.

167 36/62b: "Did ye (non-Muslims*), then, understand?" That just was one of Muhammad’s main problems before he grew powerful enough to force his religion on people and big enough warlord to tempt his religion on warriors wanting loot: Too many understood that things were very wrong with his new religion.

168 36/63: "This is the Hell of which ye (people*) were (repeatedly) warned!" See 3/77b above.

169 36/64a: "Embrace ye (non-Muslims*) the (fire) - - -". = Go ye to Hell.

170 36/64b: "- - - this Day - - -". The Day of Doom.

171 36/64c: “- - - for that ye (the “unbelievers”*) (persistently) rejected (truth).” The “truth” in the Quran at best is just partly the truth. Too many mistakes, etc.

172 36/64d: “- - - for that ye (the “unbelievers”*) (persistently) rejected (truth).” Perhaps some - f.x. the followers of Yahweh - persistently clung to the real truth?

173 36/64e: "- - - (truth) - - -". There is none so eager claiming that his words are true, as the cheat and deceiver. Another hallmark for cheats, swindlers, and deceivers is that they only have more or less loose claims and fast-talk for arguments.

174 36/65a: "That Day - - -". The Day of Doom.

175 36/65b: "But their hands will speak to Us (Allah*), and their feet bear witness - - -". Why does an omniscient god need witnesses? He is presumed to know and decide everything himself.

176 36/66a: "If it had been Our (Allah's*) will - - -". See 14/19d above.

177 36/66b: “If it had been Our (Allah’s*) Will, We could surely have blotted out their eyes - - -”. A bad deed in case, and it was not done - because of benevolence or inability?

178 36/66c: "- - - surely - - -". See 2/2b above.

179 36/66d: "- - - the Path - - -". The claimed road to the Quran's and Islam's paradise. See 10/9f above.

180 36/67a: "And if it had been Our (Allah's*) will - - -". See f. x. 14/19d above.

181 36/67b: "- - - We (Allah*) could have transformed - - -". One of Muhammad's many, many never proved claims. Claims are cheap.

182 36/68a: "If We (Allah*) grant a long life to any - - -". Not possible unless Allah exists and is something supernatural.

183 36/68b: "- - - will they (non-Muslims*) not then understand?" Quite likely that is what many do; understand that things are very wrong in the Quran.

184 36/69a: “We (Allah*) have not instructed (the Prophet (Muhammad*)) - - -.” But Muhammad was no real prophet. The definition of a prophet was a person who could see at least parts of the unseen, and thus a person who:

Has the gift of and close enough connection to a god for making prophesies.

Makes prophesies which always or at least mostly come true.

Makes so frequent and/or essential prophesies, that it is a clear part of his mission.

A few things Muhammad said, came true – like it has to do for any person saying many things through many years – and most of what he said which did not come true, was forgotten (also this is what normally happens if it is nothing spectacular). But he did not guess the future correctly often - actually he statistically and according to the laws of probability should have "hit the mark" far more often by sheer chance than he did - there just are a few cases where Muslims will claim he foretold something correctly, and few if any of them are "perfect hits". But then the Quran makes it pretty clear that even though he was intelligent, he had little fantasy, and that he also was nearly unable to make innovative thinking (nearly all his tales and his ideas in reality were "borrowed" ones - though often twisted to fit his new religion).

The main things here are that Muhammad never indicated that anything of what he said was meant as prophesies, that he never indicated, not to mention claimed, that he had the gift of prophesying - of "seeing the unseen" - that it nowhere is documented that all/most of what he said about the future came true (point 2 above), and finally that both he and Islam said and says that Muhammad was unable to see the unseen (extra revealing here is that the old Biblical title for a prophet, was "a seer" - one who saw the unseen (f.x. 1. Sam. 9/9)) and also that Islam even today admits there were no miracles connected to Muhammad “except the Quran” (prophesying is a kind of miracle - seeing what has not yet happened). (This fact that Islam admits there were no miracles connected to Muhammad "except the revelation of the Quran" also is a solid proof for that all the miracles connected to Muhammad mentioned in the Hadiths, are made up stories - but all the same many a mullah and imam and scholar use these stories, which Islam admits are made up ones, as "proofs" for that Muhammad had supernatural powers and was a prophet. Honesty is not the strong side of Muslim religious leaders.) Also see 30/40a and 30/46a, and we also should add that his favorite wife (and infamous child wife) Aishah according to Hadiths (f.x. Al-Bukhari) stated that anyone saying Muhammad could foresee things, were wrong.

Verse 7/188 also is very relevant here: "If I (Muhammad*) had knowledge of the Unseen (= what is hidden or what has not happened yet*), I should have - - -". IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT MUHAMMAD DID NOT HAVE THE PROPHETS' ABILITY TO SEE "THE UNSEEN" - he was no real prophet. Similar in 6/50a, 7/188b, 10/20c+d, 10/49a+b, and 72/26. 

As mentioned: Also relevant here is that the original title of the Jewish prophets as mentioned was not "prophet" but "seer" - one who saw at least parts of the unseen. (F.x. 1. Sam. 9/9#, 1. Sam. 9/11, 1. Sam. 9/18, 1. Sam. 9/19, 2. Kings. 17/13, 1. Chr. 9/22, 1. Chr. 26/28, 1. Chr. 29/29, 2. Chr. 9/29, 2. Chr. 16/7, 2. Chr.16/10, 2. Chr. 19/2, 2. Chr. 29/25, Amos 7/12, Mic. 3/7 - some places the two titles even are used side by side). Muhammad thus so definitely was no seer - prophet - even according to his own words; he had no "knowledge of the unseen". One more proof for that he was not in the same line - not to say league - as Jesus, if the Bible and/or the Quran tell the truth about Jesus on this point.

Many liked - and like - the title prophet, and there have been made other definitions for this title - the most common of these are "one who brings messages from a god", or "one who represents a god", or "one who acts/talks on behalf of a god". But the fact remains: Without being able to prophesy, he or she is no real prophet. A messenger for someone or something - ok. An apostle - ok. But not a real prophet.

***This is a fact no Muslim will admit: Muhammad in reality simply was no real prophet or seer. Perhaps a messenger for someone or something or for himself – or perhaps an apostle – but not a real prophet. He only “borrowed” that impressive and imposing title. It is up to anyone to guess why.

It also is remarkable that Muhammad relatively seldom used the title "prophet" about himself in the Quran. He mostly used the title "Messenger", even though messenger in reality means an errand-boy (Muslims try to make this title something big and imposing, but this is the meaning of it). "Prophet" on the other hand is a heavy and impressive title telling a lot about the person. May the reason for why he did not use it so often, be that he knew he did not have what it took to merit that title, and was a little careful using it, so as not to provoke questions or comments? (And is this also the reason why Muslims try to pretend that "messenger" is something more impressive and heavy than "prophet"?)

If the Quran simply belongs among the apocryphal books, many things are easy to understand, and it at least belongs in that line and tradition, even if it is further "out" than most of the others. Muhammad also fits the picture of the leader of an apocryphal sect, admittedly more immoral and bloody than most of the others.

Also see 30/40h and 30/47b above.

*185 36/69b: “We (Allah*) have not instructed (the Prophet (Muhammad*)) in Poetry - - -.” As for Muhammad not being versed in making poetry, this is a claim used by Islam as a “proof” for that the Quran is not made by Muhammad. But the claim is invalid – you do not have to be versed on poetry to spin tales like in the Quran. Actually the often naive style and helpless repetitions, etc, indicates that it is not made by a good poet or essayist. And besides the Quran is not poetry, but prose.

186 36/69c: “- - - this is no less than a Message and a Quran - - -.” At least it is far less than a true message and a true/correct Quran which the Quran itself proves – far too many mistakes, twisted arguments and too much invalid logic + some clear lies. Etc.

##187 36/69d: “- - - this is no less than a Message and a Quran - - -.” But in case from whom? With all its mistaken facts and other errors, contradictions, unclear language, etc. it is from no god. It hardly can be even from a devil - no devil would use a book that helpless and full of errors, because he would know that sooner or later he would be looked through and lose credibility. (One possible explanation: May be the god demanded it done in this way to permit the Devil luring more people to Hell, so that it should be easy for persons using their brains - the second most valuable gift a human has after life itself - easily should see and evade the trap. This in case also may explain the Quran's demand for blindness - blind belief and blind obeying.)

The last alternative is that the Quran is man-made. Actually the helpless composition and style of the book (except a linguistically polished Arab language - linguistically polished through some 250 years up to around 900 AD by the best Muslim brains) and all the scientific mistakes which one believed were correct science at the time of Muhammad in the "Middle East", indicate this.

188 36/69e: “- - - a Quran making things clear”. A book with this many mistakes, contradictions, misleading “signs” and “proofs”, etc. makes things confused rather than clear.

But all the same: Remember that the Quran here claims it makes things clear. It is a good thing to know each of the many times Muslims claim mistakes are not mistakes, but parables or something.

189 36/69f: (A36/41 - in the English 2008 edition A36/39): "- - - the Quran is an integral element in the process of divine revelation". = An integral element in the Jewish and Christian revelations. This is a central Muslim - like norml never proved - claim and dogma, but it is wrong. The Quran is fundamentally so different from the other scriptures, that it does neither fit nor belong in that series. Islam and Muslims and the Quran itself try to explain away this well known fact with that the Bible and other scriptures are falsified, but both science and Islam itself have delivered solid proofs for that this is not true - neither of them has found one single proved falsification of a relevant and authentic scripture, this even though there are many thousands of such manuscripts known.

190 36/70a: "- - - it (the Quran*) may give admonition - - -". A book with that many errors, etc. and with a partly immoral moral code, etc.?!

191 36/70b: "- - - those who reject (truth)". One of Muhammad's many negative and often insulting names for non-Muslims.

192 36/70c: “- - - reject (truth (the Quran*)) - - -“. The Quran at most is partly true – too many mistakes, etc. Also see 13/1g above and 40/75 below.

193 36/71a: "See they (humans*) not that it is We (Allah*) Who have created for them - - - cattle - - - ?" Well, cattle existed for eons before man found out he could utilize them some 15ooo years ago. They simply were part of the nature and the fauna, not created for the humans.

194 36/71b: "it is We (Allah*) Who have created - - -". See 11/7a above.

195 36/72: "- - - We (Allah*) have subjected them (cattle, etc.*)to their (people's*) (use) - - -". See 11/7a and 36/71a above.

196 36/73: "Will they (people*) not then be grateful?" Most likely they will - if it is proved or at least made likely that Allah really made this.

***197 36/74: "Yet they (non-Muslims*) take (for worship) gods other than Allan - - -". Most natural, as they do not believe in Allah - some even knowing how much is wrong in the Quran and thus in Islam.

198 36/75a: “They (different gods*) have not the power to help them (man? gods?*) - - -". One pertinent question: Has Allah ever proved any power at all? And another: What about f.x. Yahweh? - if the old books tell the truth, he at least has proved his existence and power - - - if as said the old books tell the truth. 

199 36/75b: “They (different gods*) have not the power to help them (man? gods?*): but they (whom?*) will be brought up (before Our (Allah’s) judgment Seat) as a troop (to be condemned.” To quote A. Yusuf Ali: “There is some difference of opinion among Commentators as to the exact meaning to be attached to this clause.” To be blunter: Islam just is guessing at what it can mean. Unclear language simply.

200 36/76a: "- - - grieve thee (Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

201 36/76b: "Verily - - -". In a book where so much is wrong, the word "verily" cannot be relied on unless there are proofs.

202 36/76c: "Verily We (Allah*) know what they hide as well as what they disclose". See 2/233h and 35/38b above.

203 36/77a: "Doth not man see that it is We (Allah*) Who created him from sperm?". Wrong - even if we overlook the fact that here once more Muhammad claims a natural phenomenon as glorification for his god without the slightest proof for that it is true, this is wrong:

In normal English "created man" means to have created the "animal" race called "man". But see 6/2b above.

But even if it here should be meant each and every human born the natural way, it is wrong, as a human is hot made from semen, but from one cell of semen plus one egg cell which fuses together and start growing. Muhammad believed semen was a kind of seed which might start growing when "planted" in a woman - he even did not know about the egg cell, which any god had done.

204 36/77b: "- - - it is We (Allah*) Who created - - -". Similar claims you find many places in the Quran, and we find them as interesting each time, as there never was a proof for that Allah created even the left back foot of a gnat. There only are words and claims - whereas Yahweh has proved a lot if the old books tell the truth about this.

205 36/77c: (A47 – in 2008 edition A45): “Yet behold, he (man*) (stands forth) as an open adversary (to Allah?*).” But then we are back to the Arab words. Razi and Zamakhshari sets “khasim” = “natiq” and then you get this meaning: “- - - he (man’) shows himself endowed with the power to think and to argue.” Choose what you like in the "clear and not to be misunderstood" linguistic masterpiece named the Quran.

206 36/78a: "- - - (man/non-Muslim*) forgets his own (origin and) Creation (claimed being from Allah*) - - -". See 11/7a and 36/77b above.

207 36/78b: "Who can give life to (dry) bones, and decomposed ones (at that)?" Muhammad claimed that Allah gathered all the bits and molecules and fluids which had made up you, and resurrected you physically (but to a young adult). This was a bit difficult for the skeptics to believe, naturally.

208 36/79a: "Say (Muhammad*) - - -". A historical anomaly.

209 36/79b: "He (Allah*) will give them (humans*) life (here resurrection*) - - -". See 7/158i above.

210 36/79c: "He (Allah*) will give them (humans*) life Who created them for the first time!" See 6/2b, 11/7a and 21/56c above.

211 36/79d: "For He (Allah*) is well-versed in every kind of creation!" See 6/1e, 6/2b, 7/158i, 11/7a, 21/56c above, and 65/12 below.

212 36/80: "- - - fire out of green tree - - -". See 11/7a above.

213 36/81a: "Is not He (Allah*) Who created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth - - -". But was it he - among all the gods claiming credit for that creating - who created it? There only are the loose, never proved words of an unreliable man (al-Taqiyya, Kitman, even broken oaths and betrayals) with strong motives (f.x. lust for power) for telling tales, like many false prophets do and have done throughout the times. Only on this man's undocumented claims does this unproven claim rest - and the same man's other claims are proved wrong and a few times even clear lies, literally far more than a thousand times. The chance for it to be true is feeble to say the least of it. A very minimum demand is that Islam proves something before they can expect to be believed. Also see 11/7a above.

214 36/81b: "Is not He (Allah*) Who created the heavens (plural and wrong*) able to create the like thereof?". He at least has to prove it - there are so much wrong in the Quran, that its claims and words are not reliable. As it is unlikely he created the first time, it is as unlikely he will be able to create a second time. 

215 36/81c: “- - - heavens - - -.” Plural and wrong. See 2/22d.

216 36/81d: "Yea, indeed (Allah created it*)!" Wrong unless Islam proves it - not claims, but proves it. There is no indication at all for that Allah created the universe - on the contrary: According to the Quran's description of even the near universe, the maker of the Quran - claimed to be Allah - did not even know what it looked like (see chapter in http://www.1000mistakes.com ).

217 36/81e: "- - - indeed - - -". See 2/2b above.

218 36/81f: "For He (Allah*) is the creator Supreme - - -". Often claimed, never proved. Also see 6/2b, 11/7a, 21/56c above.

219 36/81g: "(Allah is*) of skill and knowledge (infinite)". Not if he made the Quran - the knowledge there is very finite.

220 36/82a: "Verily - - -". In a book where so much is wrong, the word "verily" cannot be relied on unless there are proofs.

###221 36/82b: "Verily, when He (Allah*) intends a thing, His Command is 'Be', and it is!" It is not for mere humans to speculate about why a god might want company, but if the god for some reason did want it, he according to the Quran just could say "Be a son" and Jesus was. This as a comment to Muslims' - and the Quran's - repeated question about how the god could have a son when he had no consort. (Besides in the very old Hebrew religion there also was a female deity - the male god's Amat. (Source "New Scientist" and others). Thus Jesus well could have been created "the natural way" if that is necessary for gods. The Amat was over time forgotten - the strictly masculine society of the old Hebrews did not respect a female, even not a female deity.)

222 36/83a: "So glory to Him (Allah*) - - -". Please read 1/1a and see if you think he deserves it - if he exists.

223 36/83b: "So glory to Him (Allah*) in Whose hands is the dominion of all things - - -". Muhammad has a strong tendency to glorify or give credit to Allah for everything without the slightest proofs - words are cheap. But it is thought provoking that the believers of even small pagan gods and "powers" do the same for their gods and "powers".

224 36/83c: "So glory to Him (Allah*) in Whose hands is the dominion of all things - - -". Contradicted by the Bible, which says that it is in Yahweh's hands, not in Allah's. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

225 36/83d: "- - - to Him (Allah*) will ye all (humans*) be brought back". Often claimed, never documented - never even documented that Allah exists, in contrast to Yahweh who made so many miracles that there is no doubt about his existence - - - if either the Bible or the Quran speaks the truth on these points. (Beware that the Quran mistakenly calls Yahweh Allah when it "borrows" him from the Bible or from religious legends and fairy tales - but the basics of their teachings are so fundamentally different that it is obvious they are not the same god).

Surah 36: Sub-total: 225 + 14.479 = 14.704 comments.


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