1000+ Comments on the Quran: Surah 108 -- AL-KAWTHAR (Abundance)

Revelation: Likely 630 - 632 AD.

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The quotes and comments

001 "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful". Please read the surahs from Medina, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral code, the unjust/immoral parts of sharia, and the Quran's rules for lying, thieving/looting, enslaving, raids and wars, plus the rules for treatment of girls and women - free and captured - and see if you agree. Always when there is a distance between words and corresponding demands and deeds, we personally believe in the demands and deeds. Glorious words are cheap, demands and deeds are reliable. Glorifying words and claims are too cheap for anyone to use and disuse - when you read, judge from realities, not from propaganda.

002 108/1a: "To thee (Muhammad or Muslims - the Quran is not clear*) have We (Allah*) granted the Fount (or river?*) (of Abundance)." But how much is such a promise worth if Allah does not exist, or if he in reality are from the dark and cheating forces?

003 108/1b: "- - - Fount (or river?*) (of Abundance) - - -". The Arab word which is used here, al-kawthar, also is the name of a river in Paradises (A108/1). This river Allah has promised Muhammad according to YA6286, and this verse may confirm this. Quite a gift for a desert dweller - and quite an Arabism.

004 108/3a: "- - - he who hateth thee (Muhammad/Muslims*) - - -". One more of Muhammad's many negative names for non-Muslims.

005 108/3b: "- - - he who hateth the (Muhammad*) - he (non-Muslim*) will be cut off ("abtar"*) (from Future Hope)". This only is correct if the Quran is from a god, and in addition tells the full truth and nothing by the truth - both of which all the mistakes, etc. in the Quran proves is not the case. Very nice for Muhammad. Also see 3/77b above.

006 108/3c: "- - - he (non-Muslim*) will be cut off (from Future Hope)". But here is a hidden meaning - hidden for non-Arabs: (A108/2 - omitted from the English 2008 edition): "With this word - "abtar" the Arabs named the man without male descendants, as they meant that a man's reputation and words about him could not be kept alive after his death without male descendants. The sons also meant strength, and in the end power. - - - As a man's prestige in this way to a large degree depended on his number of sons, the word "abtar" to a high degree was a demeaning title. The Prophet Muhammad got at least two sons, but they both died as infants, and it is told that among the insulting words used against him by his enemies in Mecca, was just this word". An Arabism not possible to understand the meaning of, if you do not know life in Arabia. Why does an god who is claimed to be the god for all the world use so many Arabisms - but hardly any information from other places and nothing from places really distant from Arabia?

007 !08/3d: (A108/2 - omitted in the English 2008 edition): "The Prophet Muhammad got at least two sons - - -". (YA6288) tells he had 2 sons with Khadijah, and then there was the son Ibrahim he had with his colored slave girl Marieh. Two are sporadically mentioned in Islamic literature, as they died very young - Qasim and Ibrahim. The third hardly is mentioned at all. He also had four daughters (all with his first wife, Khadijah), but only one of them - Fatima - survived him, and just by half a year. If one believed in higher forces one might believe he was punished for something through is children.

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