1000+ Comments on the Quran: Surah 1 -- Al-Fatihah (The Opening)

    Revelation: In Mecca, ca. 610 – 614 AD

    The quotes and comments:

    001 This short surah – 7 short verses (in Arab “ayah” – pl. “ayat”) – is reckoned to be the essence of Islam – perhaps like John 3/16 is reckoned to be the essence of the NT in Christianity. It is quoted/recited in every prayer and on many other occasions. It is quite an irony that this surah clearly is Muhammad’s words – Muhammad is praying to Allah (no god prays to himself) pretended to be eons and more old and sent down to Earth by a god.

    *002 1/1a:

    “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful”. Please read the surahs from Medina, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral code, the unjust/immoral parts of sharia, and the Quran’s rules for lying (see 2/2b below), thieving/looting, enslaving, raids and wars, plus the rules for treatment of slaves and of girls and women – free and captured – and see if you agree. Always when there is a distance between words and the corresponding demands, deeds and introduced rules and moral, etc, we personally believe in the demands and deeds and rules and the moral. Glorious words are cheap, demands and deeds enforced rules and moral are reliable. Glorifying words and claims are too cheap for anyone to use and disuse – when you read, judge from realities, not from propaganda.(Is there something symbolic in that in the very first line of the Quran, we must point to rules for and use of dishonesty, partly immoral moral code, partly immoral and unjust laws, etc. in the book, and thus with Muhammad and in Islam?)

    003 1/1b: “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.” This expression – in Arab named Bismillah – is at the opening of all surahs except no. 9, but only in this surah is it reckoned to be part of the surah.

    004 1/1c: “In the name of Allah – - -”. One main Arabism (see 4/13d below) in the Quran: Muhammad simply transformed the old Arab god al-Lah to his god Allah – see 1/1d just below.

    #005 1/1d: “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.” Allah is in Islam said to have 99 names – these are 3 of them. The name Allah derives from the name of the old pagan main god in Mecca and Arabia, “al-Lah”, which by the way does NOT mean “God” like Muslims like to claim (they often use this name for Allah in the west, because it camouflages some of the differences between Allah and God/Yahweh (not the same god in spite of Islamic claimed – the basics of the religions are too different and the differences cannot be explained away by the never documented Islamic claim that the Bible is falsified, as science long since has proved this to be untrue – and Islam has proved it even stronger by being unable to find one single proved falsification among tens of thousands of relevant manuscripts or fragments older than 610 AD)), but “the god”. This name again may be connected to the ancient god “El” and Allah may originally have been the Moon god – the moon (Luna) being something more benevolent than the scorching sun (Helios or Sol) of Arabia. Muhammad simply took over this Pagan god, changed his position from main god to the only god, and changed his name slightly from “al-Lah” to “Allah”. Plus claimed that Allah just was the correct name for the old Jewish god Yahweh, whom Christians know as God. Everything as normal for Muhammad without the tiniest proof or documentation.

    ##006 1/1–7a. “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds; Most Gracious, Most Merciful; Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee do we worship and Thine aid we seek. Show us the straight way, The way of those Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray”.

    This really is a bad one as it is a prayer to Allah, it is not Allah speaking (when Muhammad is to repeat what Allah says, Allah gives the order “Say”) – and besides Allah does not pray to himself!! A clear mistake compared to what Islam claims: It is all sent down by Allah (The Quran is said to be either made by Allah, or never made, but has always existed – the last claim is impossible, though, as angels are speaking – and speaking to humans – at least one place (41/30-32) in the Quran (this also according to Muslim scholars), which proves that the Quran cannot have been made until after at least the first angels were created and not even until after the first humans existed. Actually Muhammad speaks also other places in the Quran than here – at least 8 placed it is said (2/286, 6/104, 6/114, 11/2-3, 19/36, 27/91, 42/10 and 51/50-51) – so when can the Quran have been made? – not until after Muhammad was born and a grown man.) A clear mistake.

    Also the places where it is clear that it is Muhammad that is speaking contradict the statements that the Quran is from Heaven, made by Allah or never made but existed from eternity – it as indicated above cannot have been made before Muhammad said what he said (at least not if man has free will).

    It tells something that in the very beginning of the Quran, and in what is said in a way to be the essence of the book, there are things seriously wrong, compared to the for Islam very fundamental – but unproved – statement that the book is sent down by an omniscient god, and is perfect and without mistakes.

    *007 1/1-7b: “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Praise be to Allah – - – Thee do we (Muhammad and Muslims*) worship and thine aid we seek. Show us the strait way – - -“. The Quran starts with a contradiction. All the places where Muhammad quotes Allah starts with the word “Say”. It is not present here, which means that it is Muhammad or Muslims who are praying – as said above; in a book claimed and presumed to have been made by Allah at least before Adam, since also Adam (who in reality never existed as man developed from earlier primates according to science) was introduced to the book, but perhaps have existed since eternity – which means at least since before the Universe was created some 13.7 billion years ago). And a book which is the revered and unalterable “mother book” in Heaven (13/39, 43/4, 85/21-22) – revered by Allah and his angels in his own “home”. Impossible and a solid internal contradiction.

    Muslims try to explain it with that Allah is omniscient and knows everything, and of course knew this, too – that Muhammad would be praying, and included it in the “mother book” at the beginning of time.

    The problem only is that this is even theoretically impossible if man has free will – and if man has no free will, then for one thing the Quran is lying, and for another thing: How then explain that all the bad and unjust persons in reality are acting according to Allah’s wishes, and how justify that a presumably good and benevolent god forces humans to behave in such ways that they end in Hell?

    The combination of that Allah knows everything long before – not to mention that he decides and predestines everything – and free will for man is an absolute impossibility, even for gods. Actually it is a version of “the Time Travel Paradox” and that paradox is long since proved unsolvable.

    An easy way to understand this is:

    1. If Allah is omniscient: The moment Allah says: Now I know the future, man can do nothing that changes what Allah knows, because that would make Allah’s knowledge wrong. Man has no free will from that moment (and remember that Allah has decided and knows your life since before you were born, and in this special case much longer – he f.x. according to Hadiths decides your future and whether you are to end in Hell or in Heaven when the fetus which is to become you, is 4 months old = 5 months before you even are born) – .
    2. If man has free will: Then it is not possible for Allah to know the future, because a man can always change his mind one more time, after Allah thought that now he knows the future. Then Allah is not omniscient, or at least not fully clairvoyant.
    3. Some Muslims try to explain this away with claiming that man has partly free will – an expression never used in the Quran, and we also never have found an explanation for what it means. But this “explanation” is meaningless, as if a person cannot change his mind about something, then he has no free will in that case, and is just a puppet. Besides as mentioned: The claim that man has free will is never restricted in any way in the Quran.

    Actually Islam admits they are unable to explain this – probably largest – contradiction. Their solution simply is to say: We cannot understand or explain it, but is has to be true, as Allah say so in the Quran (!!!) We quote from “The Message of the Quran” – a book certified by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Islamic Research Academy (Al-Azhar in Cairo is one of the 2-3 foremost Islamic universities in the world),(A6/141 – In the English 2008 edition A6/143): “- – - the real relationship between Allah’s knowledge of the future (and, therefore, the ineluctability of what is to happen in the future) on the one side, and man’s free will, on the other – two propositions which, on the face of it, seem to contradict one another – is beyond man’s comprehension; but since both are postulated by Allah (in the Quran – a book full of mistakes*), both must be true.

    The ultimate defeat for intelligence and knowledge. And the ultimate victory for blind belief.

    But as for this explaining away of how the prayer is taken into in the Quran – a copy of the claimed very old “mother book” – there are only these 5 possible solutions:

    1. Allah was praying to himself in the “mother book”. Too ridiculous to discuss.
    2. Muhammad was really praying, but outside the text from the “mother book” and then adding it into the Quran. But how much more of the texts in the Quran is then from outside the “mother book” – just added to it?
    3. It really is from the “mother book”, but Allah or Gabriel forgot the essential word “say”– but how many more words are then forgotten in the Quran?
    4. It – the order “Say” – was in the “mother book” and neither Allah nor Gabriel forgot – but Muhammad did. But then – if he forgot something, how much more did he forget which should have been in the Quran?
    5. Muhammad or someone made up the Quran or at least this surah, and forgot to pretend it was from Allah.


    Pick your choice.

    There are similar contradictions – Muhammad speaking – with the claim that it is all from Allah, at least in these verses: 2/286, 6/104, 6/114, 11/2-3, 19/36, 27/91, 42/10 and 51/50-51. In addition there as mentioned above, is at least one place where it is clear that angels are speaking (41/30-32) – which makes it impossible that the book can be from eternity, as at least some of the angels had to be created before the book (if not angels could not speak in the book (and as they spoke to humans, the book could not be made before there were humans) – and actually the similar goes for Muhammad – he could not speak in the Quran before he was born.

    008 1/2a: “- – - Allah The Cherished and Sustainer of the Worlds (plural and wrong*)”. This is one of the very, very many not documented or proved claims in the Quran – claims in the Quran which as easy can be used by any believer in any religion on behalf of his god(s) as long as he can evade the requests for proofs. There nowhere inside or outside Islam ever was a single proof for his loose claim or other loose claims, this in spite of many requests for proofs, which Muhammad was unable to produce. Loose claims and loose statements or claims, etc. built on other not proved claims are very cheap as long as you do not have to prove anything Muhammad, the Quran, Muslims and Islam used and use such ones very often.

    009 1/2b: “- – - Allah The Cherished and Sustainer of the Worlds (plural and wrong*)”.Contradicting the Bible which is telling Yahweh is doing this. (In spite of the Quran’s claims not the same god as Allah – the teachings are fundamentally too different.)

    010 1/2c: “- – - the Sustainer of the Worlds (plural and wrong*) – - -”. Often claimed, never documented – and a claim any believer in any religion can do free of charge on behalf of his god(s) as long as he does not have to prove anything.


    011 1/2d: “- – - the Worlds;” The Quran tells there are 7 worlds (65/12b). Hadiths adds their names (see 65/12b) and the names of their inhabitants. Hadiths also indicates that those worlds are flat like our earth, and say they lay one on top of the other – and with Hell underneath. At the Day of Doom sinners even can fall through them all into Hell according to Hadiths.

    012 1/3a: “(Allah is*) Most Gracious, Most Merciful;” 2 more of Allah’s claimed 99 names.

    013 1/3b: “(Allah is*) Most Gracious, Most Merciful”. See 1/1a above.

    013a 1/3c: “(Allah is*) Most Gracious, Most Merciful”. According to the Bible Yahweh is better – especially in the New Covenant.

    016 1/4c: “- – - the Day of Judgment”. In the old Arab religion there was no after-life, or if there were, this idea was little essential. But of course roaming people like the Arabs (even the Meccans had been nomads only a few generations earlier, and were now traveling businessmen) had heard about religions with a Day of Doom and resurrection. If Muhammad or someone made up the Quran, it is likely that this idea came from old Sumerian or similar religions via the Mosaic (Jewish) religion. (It is to be remembered that the Quran contains nearly no – if any – new or original histories or ideas at all. They are “borrowed” from the old Arabia or mainly from neighboring cultures and religions).

    017 1/5: “- – - Thine (Allah’s*) aid do we seek”. It is to be hoped he exists – if not no aid is to be found.

    018 1/6: “- – - the straight way – - -”. This is an Islamic expression for the road to heaven – similar to the Biblical expression in NT “the narrow road” as a contrast to the Bible’s “the wide road to Hell”. (But a “straight road” may be easier than a “narrow road” – - – if it is real.)

    019 1/7a: “- – - those on whom Thou (Allah*) hast bestowed Thy Grace – - -”. = Muslims – - – if Allah exists and if he in case is a god who have bestowed his grace on a war religion and its warriors.

    020 1/7b: (A1/4): “- – - those whose (portion) is not (Allah’s*) wrath – - -.” To whom does “those” who gets the wrath refer to here? F. ex. Al- Ghazali and Muhammad Abduh mean it is those that have left Islam. Others have other definitions – often sinners or non-Muslims. It is still debated after 1400 years. Clear speech? (An extra point: You meet claims that no-one leaves Islam. Here it is confirmed by Islam that it does happen – and especially Al-Ghazali was and is a real heavy-weight in Islam, “the greatest Muslim after Muhammad”. He must be speaking the truth. It also is a reality that many leave Islam today (just look at Internet), even though it may be dangerous – Muhammad ordered that such persons were to be killed, and it still happens, as there “is no compulsion in religion” or in Islam. (correct quotation: “Let there be no contradiction in religion” – an order or a wish, not a fact.)

    021 1/7c: “- – - (Muslims*) go not astray”. Not if Allah exists, has sent down the Quran and the Quran in addition tells the full truth and only the truth. But if the Quran is a made up book – not to mention if it is from dark forces pretending to be Allah and Gabriel (Muhammad would be unable to see the difference) – where will then Muslims end if there is a second life? – remember that a book with so many mistakes, etc. like the Quran is not from a god. (It is heresy and slander and an insult to blame a god for a quality like the Quran).

    Surah 1: Sub-total 21 comments.

    For the mistakes also see “1000+ Mistakes in the Quran” (http://www.1000mistakes.com), and for Jihad: “1000+ points on Jihad and on the greed, lust, distaste-mongering, apartheid-mongering, hate-mongering and war-mongering used building up to Jihad in the Quran and in Hadiths” (http://www.1000mistakes.com/jihad-holywar/index.php). And for tit-bits from this page see http://www.1000quran-comments.com.

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    10/32: “- – - apart from the Truth, what (remains) but error?”

    (A6/92 – English 2008 edition A6/93): “- – - it is in the nature of man to regard the beliefs which have been implanted in him(!) from his childhood, and which he now shares with his social environment, as the only true and possible one – - -”. This goes for Muslims more than for any other, because the imprinting is much stronger.

    “Religious “knowledge” nearly always in reality only is belief – often strong belief, but only belief”. (In Islam exactly nothing of any consequence is proved.)

    A world dominated by Islam is quite possible – Islam is expanding. Will it end up like North Pakistan or Afghanistan or like Saudi Arabia without oil – or somewhere in between? – and this because of a religion which itself proves that something is seriously wrong with its teaching, and also that there is no god behind its “holy” book (no omniscient god makes mistakes), and thus not behind the religion.

    A nice future for our grandchildren?

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