1000+ Claims in the Quran - Invalid Unless Proven, Surah 74


SURAH 74: AL-MUDDATHTHIR (The One Wrapped Up)

(Mecca, 611 - 615 AD)


001  "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful". Please read the surahs from Medina, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral code, the unjust/immoral parts of sharia, and the Quran's rules for lying, thieving/looting, enslaving, raids and wars, plus the rules for treatment of girls and women - free and captives - and see if you agree. Always when there is a distance between words and corresponding demands and deeds, we personally believe in the demands and deeds. Glorious words are cheap, demands and deeds are reliable. Glorifying words and claims are too cheap for anyone to use and disuse - when you read, judge from realities, not from propaganda.

002 74/3a: "And thy (Muhammad's*) Lord (Allah*) do thou magnify!" There is little doubt about that Muhammad magnified Allah - may be even created him.

003 74/5a: "And all abomination shun!" Thieving/robbing, womanizing, raping, suppressing, lying, breaking oaths, torturing, enslaving, slave trading, murder, mass murder, hate mongering, war mongering, raids for thieving and enslaving, wars - they all are "lawful and good" if done in the name of Allah (a fact which makes this even more repulsive), so - yes, "all abomination shun!".

This is one of the points which should have had an impact on the Quran's moral code, but the book uses a twisted - often very twisted - way of understanding that word, with the result that Muslims doing even horrible things - like lying, deceiving, stealing, extorting, raping, enslaving, torturing, murdering in the name of Allah - believe or at least are able to claim that what they do is good or even glorious.

004 74/5b: "- - - abomination - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses words like this, it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code. See f.x. 74/5a just above.

005 74/6a: "Nor expect, in giving, any increase for thyself (Muhammad*)!" This is an easy claim, and a claim followed up by Islam, telling how poorly Muhammad lived and how little his family inherited after him. They normally never mention that the reason why his family inherited so little, was that he had said that what he owned should go to the religion, not to his family. He at least had 3 estates (in Medina, Fadang, and Khaybar), and each of his long time wives had her own house (though possibly small ones) according to Hadiths. His daughter Fatima fought the first caliph, Abu Bakr, the rest of her short life to get the inheritance after her father - also never mentioned by Muslims. It also takes a good increase in wealth to run a family with 10 longtime wives (1 - Khadijah - was dead) + concubines + short time wives + others (one knows the name of 11 short time wives, 16 short time wives, 2 concubines and 7 where one does not know whether was married to him or not = 36 all together - see the chapter about Muhammad and his women in http://www.1000mistakes.com .)

But the real increase was his increase in power - parts of it built on rich bribes he gave - stolen from the surroundings.

006 74/10a: "Far from easy for those without Faith". Perhaps - but which faith? - it ought to be a true one, which Islam cannot be, as the Quran is from no god, and on top of all is full of mistakes (a main proof for that it is not from a god, and definitely not from an omniscient one).

007 74/10c: "- - - Faith". Islam - only Islam represents faith according to the Quran. But what if f.x. Yahweh was the real god?

008 74/11a: "Leave Me (Allah*) alone (to deal) with the (creature (man*)) whom I created (bare and) alone". Well, some years later Muhammad started to "help" Allah with managing those creatures - especially the ones that did not want him as their dictator. This verse is abrogated – made invalid - and contradicted by at least these verses: 2/191, 2/193, 3/38, 3/85, 3/148, 4/90, 5/33, 5/72, 8/12, 8/38, 8/38-39 (the warning), 8/39, 8/60, 9/3, 9/5, 9/14, 9/23, 9/29, 9/33, 9/73, 9/123, 25/36, 25/52, 33/61, 33/73, 35/36, 47/4, 66/9. This includes many bloody threats, but also verses advising or permitting political, social, economical, etc. compulsion (with the sword in the background if you protest) – we mention a few here: 3/28, 3/85, 3/148, 4/81, 5/72, 5/73, 9/23, 14/7, 15/3, 33/73, 35/36. They are all quoted under 2/256. (At least 28 abrogations).

####009 74/11c: (YA5784): "The question of Justice and Punishment to men is for Allah alone. For man at his best (also Muslims*) can see only one side of the truth, and only Allah is All-Knowing". Muslims - f.x. Muhammad and judges or terrorists - should remember this. They also should remember that this is even more true if the claimed Truth in the Quran is not true or if Allah is a made up god, not to mention if he is something real, but from dark forces dressed up like a god, like parts of the Quran and parts of its moral code may indicate.

This point should have had impact on the moral code in Islam, but is overlooked by all militant Muslims.

010 74/12: "- - - I (Allah*) granted resources in abundance - - -". Everything anyone owns are gifts from Allah, not mainly a result of what you do yourself.

011 74/12-17: "To whom I Allah granted resources in abundance (etc.*) - - -". = The well off non-Muslims. Muhammad's standard explanation for why many non-Muslims had a good life, whereas many Muslims had a poor life, was that Allah in his unfathomable wisdom had decided it so - "but calm down - Allah will punish them in the next life and you will be on top!" Two nice claims, but none of them ever proved.

012 74/16: “- - - Our (Allah’s) Signs - - -.” Invalid as proof for Allah. See 2/39b above.

013 74/24b: "- - - derived from the old". Here Muhammad's opponents were right; nearly all his stories in the Quran were old stories from the Bible, from legends, from different religions, from folklore, even from fairy tales, which he "borrowed" and twisted to fit his preaching. There are practically no original stories and no original thinking in all the Quran - it all simply is a new mix of old stuff.

014 74/25: "This (what Muhammad preached*) is nothing but the words of a mortal". Already at that time many saw something was seriously wrong with Muhammad's new religion. But he became military, economically (from stealing/robbing, slave taking, and extortion included heavy land tax, + tax) and by assassinations too strong for them.

015 74/29: "Darkening and changing the color of man". When skin is fried (in the fire of Hell) it grows brown and then black - but Muhammad makes no reservation for Negroes, who already are black. Had a god, claiming to be the god for the entire world, forgotten such a reservation? - there after all were many millions of Negroes in the world.

###Also the big differences between the Bible's and the Quran's hells are more than big and fundamental enough to prove that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - if they had been, also their hells had been more or less identical.

016 74/31a: "And We (Allah*) has set none but angels as guardians of the Fire - - -". Many Muslim scholars believe Allah also runs Hell, as the Devil/Iblis could not run it without the permission of Allah, as Allah is claimed to be omnipotent. This - that Allah has the guardians of Hell - may be a slip of the tongue showing that this is correct. But what does this in case tell about the claimed good and benevolent god Allah - if he exists?

017 74/31c: "- - - a trial - - -". But why does an omniscient and predestining god need to try people?!

018 74/31j: "- - - those in whose heart is a disease - - -". One more place in the Quran Muslims looking for hidden meanings in the Quran, are described as "those in whose heart is a disease", as hidden meanings in the Quran only is for Allah to understand. Normally in the Quran this is a name for non-Muslims, but in just this case it may mean Muslims who are doubting Islam and/or hypocrites, as non-Muslims ("Unbelievers") are mentioned separately.

019 74/31k: "- - - Unbelievers - - -". Non-Muslims. - but perhaps believers of a real religion?

##020 74/31l: "Thus doth Allah leave to stray whom he pleaseth - - -". This is one of the big differences between the Quran and NT - and alone a proof for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god: Yahweh is not pleased to let anyone - anyone - stray and get lost. See f.x. "the lost sheep" (Matt. 18/12-14), the lost coin" (Luke 15/8-10), "the lost son" (Luke 15/11-31), "the 11. hour" (Matt. 20/8-13) in the Gospels. The same god? The question is an insult to Yahweh and to his new covenant (f.x. Matt. 26/28).

##021 74/31m: "Thus doth Allah - - - guide whom He pleaseth - - -". Another (see 74/31l just above) big difference between the Quran and NT: Allah guides whom he pleases, Yahweh everyone who wishes and manage to qualify. One more indication for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

022 74/31n: "And this is no other than a warning to mankind." Some years later it - Islam - became an enforcing war society. When this surah was dictated by Muhammad around 611 - 615 AD, he simply had not any power for more than "warning", but he changed his mind when he grew military stronger after 622 - 624 AD.

023 74/32a: "- - - verily - - -". It definitely is no proved verity/truth. See f.x. 61/4a above.

024 74/38: "Every soul will be (held) in pledge for their deeds". Is this fair if Allah predestines everything you say and do, like the Quran states? (The Quran claims that man also has free will, but this is not possible to combine with full predestination, even for an omnipotent god, as the two are mutually excluding each other - in the non-material realms of life, there are things impossible also for omniscient and omnipotent gods.)

025 74/39b: "- - - the Right Hand". In the old Arabia the right side was the good side, and the left the bad side. Is it a co-incidence that it is the same in Heaven? Yes, we know that some Muslims claim that Arab is the language spoken in Heaven (if not f.x. the Quran has to be translated from the claimed "mother book" it is a copy of, and they accuse all other Quran's than the Arab one to be not exact - - - because they are translated), and the Ammaddiyya Muslims even have "proved" that Arab is the original language on Earth. But childish stupidity aside: Is there a distinction between good and bad side in Heaven like in the old Arabia - but very far from in all country? An Arabism? Is the choice of good and bad side in case the same as in the old Arabia? Or has simply Muhammad or Allah or Iblis or whoever made the Quran, thought that this superstition was universal as it was self evident in Arabia?

As for the similarity between Arabia and Heaven on this point, there are 3 possible explanations:

A coincidence.

Arabia - but few others - has learnt it from Heaven.

Heaven has learnt it from Arabia or someone.

We may add that the reason why the left hand is the bad one, simply may be that they use this hand + a little water or a small stone or something to clean themselves behind, after using the toilet. (But as one according to Islam does not need toilets in Heaven, this reason does not exist there.)

026 74/40: "- - - Gardens (of Delight) - - -". The Quran's and Islam's Paradise - see 10/9f above.

027 74/40-42: “(They (good Muslims*) will be) in Gardens (of Delight): they will question each other, and (ask) of the Sinners: ‘What led you into Hell-Fire?’” There is not a longer distance between Paradise and Hell - communication is possible. This is not the only case of such communication in the Quran. How come if Hell lies beneath the 7 Earths, whereas the Heavens far above them?

###Also the big differences between the Bible's and the Quran's hells are more than big and fundamental enough to prove that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - if they had been, also their hells had been more or less identical.

028 74/41b: "- - - Sinners - - -". Remember that when the Quran uses words like this, it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code.

029 74/43: "We (non-Muslims*) were not of those who prayed". But what is the idea with and effect of prayer in the Quran and in Islam, if Allah has predestined everything long before, and according to his Plan which nobody and nothing can change? - the two claims are mutually excluding each other.

030 74/44: "- - - nor were we (non-Muslims*) of those who fed the indigent - - -". This is also something you many places meet in the Quran: Haughty, never proved claims saying that Muslims help the poor, whereas non-Muslims do not. There are about half as many Muslims as Christians in the world - many living in fabulously rich countries and millions living in the West. Does the Islamic world contribute half as much as the Christian world to the many international help programs in the world?. Do the Muslims living in the West each contribute the same as non-Muslims living in the West? According to our information no.

031 74/47a: "- - - (the Hour) that is certain". What is certain, is that the human race once will come to an end. What is far from certain is that the end will come like "an Hour" like claimed - but never documented (as always in Islam) - in the Quran.

##032 74/48: "Then (in the possible next life*) will no intercession of (any) intercessor profit them (non-Muslims*)". Contradicted by the Bible at least as far as followers of Yahweh go. This even more so as the moral and other codes of conduct laid down by Yahweh often are so deeply different from the ones laid down by Allah(?), that large groups Allah condemns to Hell, Yahweh will invite to his Paradise - and the other way round (Yahweh's rules follows "do unto others like you want others do unto you", Allah's all too often not - one more of the strong proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.) Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

033 74/49: "Then what is the matter with them (non-Muslims*) that they turn away from admonition?" The explanation may be as simple as that they see the claimed "admonition" is based on something which is full of mistakes, contradiction, invalid logic, etc., and thus impossibly can derive from a god.

034 74/54a: "- - - surely - - -". See f.x. 2/2b and 61/4a above.

035 74/54b: "Nay, this (the Quran*) surely is an admonition". Wrong. At the very best it at least is not sure it is a good quality admonition - all the mistakes, etc. in the Quran proves this.

036 74/54c: "- - - admonition - - -". From a book full of errors, contradictions, etc., and with no god behind it?!

037 74/55: "Let any who will, keep it (the Quran/Islam*) in remembrance!" What one at least ought to keep in remembrance, is that no god ever was involved in a book of a quality like the Quran.

038 74/56a: "But none will keep it in remembrance except as Allah wills - - -". Predestination. See 74/31k+l above.

039 74/56b: “He (Allah*) is the Lord of Righteousness - - -.” A Lord making laws that f.x. say that killing and raping and stealing are “lawful and good” (8/69a-d), at least when it is done in his name, and who says that a woman shall be strictly punished for indecency if she is raped, and cannot bring 4 male witnesses to the very act, is not righteous – on the contrary: It belongs to the most inhuman, worst, and most unjust laws in the entire universe. The last mentioned law – about punishing the raped woman – is among the very most unjust laws that have ever existed (may be together with the law that says that stealing/robbing, extortion and killing in jihad – everything is jihad – is “lawful and good”), especially as Allah (if he exists and is omniscient) knows she is not guilty. On many points the opposite of benevolent.

A man correctly telling that a woman has been indecent, is lying to Allah if he cannot produce 4 witnesses - even if an omniscient Allah has to know he is speaking the truth.

A woman who has been raped, is forbidden to tell who it was, unless she can produce 4 MALE witnesses WHO HAS ACTUALLY SEEN THE ACT. If she cannot produce 4 such witnesses, and all the same tells who the rapist(s) is/are, she shall have 80 whiplashes for slander. And she also is to be strictly punished for illegal sex, even though an omniscient god knows she is telling the truth!! Probably the most unjust and amoral law we have ever seen in any not extremely primitive society or culture.

It is 100% permitted for an owner to rape his female slaves or prisoners of war (may be this is why Muslims so often rape women during conflicts - f.x. earlier in Bangladesh and earlier and now in Africa). The Quran even directly tells that it is no sin to rape also your married slaves or married prisoners of war, as long as they are not pregnant. The price for the victims is of no interest for Islam and the Quran - and some Muslims.

It is glorious and the Muslims’ right to steal, rob, plunder, and to kill non-Muslims during jihad - and almost any conflict is declared jihad (holy war). It is “lawful and good”.

To claim that Allah is the Lord of Righteousness, is dishonesty.

040 74/56c: "- - - Righteousness - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses words like this, it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code.

041 74/56d: "He (Allah*) is - - - the Lord of Forgiveness". There only are 2 who can forgive - the victim and a god. For this to be true, Allah has to exist and in addition to be a major god (not f.x. someone from the dark forces masquerading - and cheating Muhammad - as a god). But also see 1/1a above.

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

8752 + 41 = 8793 remarks.


Not formed like questions for proofs, but what needs to be proved normally easy to see all the same. And: References you do not find here, go to "1000+ Comments on the Quran".

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This work was upload with assistance of M. A. Khan, editor of islam-watch.org and the author of "Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery".