1000+ Claims in the Quran - Invalid Unless Proven, Surah 15


SURAH 15: Al-Hirj  (The Rocky Tracts)

(Medina, 621 AD)


001  "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful". Please read the surahs from Medina, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral code, the unjust/immoral parts of sharia, and the Quran's rules for lying, thieving/looting, enslaving, raids and wars, plus the rules for treatment of girls and women - free and captives - and see if you agree. Always when there is a distance between words and corresponding demands and deeds, we personally believe in the demands and deeds. Glorious words are cheap, demands and deeds are reliable. Glorifying words and claims are too cheap for anyone to use and disuse - when you read, judge from realities, not from propaganda.

002 15/1c: “These are the ayat of Revelation - - -“. Well, is the Quran a revelation? – and in case by whom? There theoretically are 5 possibilities:

1. A god – but the Quran proves that is not the case; too many mistakes, etc.

2. Some dark forces, f.x. the Devil – perhaps in disguise. Muhammad had not one chance to see the difference between Gabriel and the Devil dressed up like Gabriel. The inhuman religion of war may point in this direction.

3. A mental illness. Modern medical science suspects he had TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy). This illness can give religious experiences and fits just like Muhammad is claimed to have had.

4. Humans at the time of Muhammad. The fact that many of the mistakes in the book are in accordance with wrong science in the Middle East at that time, may point in this direction.

5. Muhammad himself. Muhammad’s lust for power - and women - may point this way. It also easily will explain point 4. Add his lack of ethics and moral and it also may explain point 2.

The clear conclusion is that it at least was not revealed by a god, like the Quran claims - too much is wrong in the book. Points 3 and 5 may be the most likely ones - may be combined.

003 15/1d: “- - - a Quran that makes things clear.” With that many mistakes, etc., and often with diffuse text, it makes few things clear and some things very unclear - f.x. what is the foundation Islam rests on?

But there is absolutely no doubt that the Quran means the book tells and explains everything exactly and clearly = everything is to be understood like it is told or explained (= literally) if nothing else is indicated.


More down to the Earth: Muslims often explains away mistakes, etc. in the Quran with the claim that what is written there, is not what is meant - it is a parable or an allegory or something. A book where you have to guess what is literally meant and what are parables - and what the parables in case mean - definitely is not easy.

######That the Quran tells - directly or indirectly, but clearly - that the texts in the Quran is clear, explained by Allah, and to be understood literally, you find f.x. these places: 3/7b, 3/138a, ##6/114da, 11/1b, 15/1d, 18/1d-e, 18/2a, 19/97b, 20/113b+c, 24/34, 24/54j, 26/2a, 27/1b-d, 28/2, 36/69e, 37/117c, 39/28b, ##41/3da, 43/2a, 44/2b-c, 44/58b, 54/17a, 54/22b, 54/32a+b, 54/40a, and 75/19. Worth remembering each time a Muslim or Islam tries to "explain" away errors, etc. by claiming the text means something different from what it says. In such cases either the Muslim/Islam lies when he/she claims the text means something different from what it says (the claim often is that it is a parable or something), or the Quran lies when it says that the book uses clear texts where nothing else is indicated.

The listed points are all collected under 3/7b and 44/58b.

Or perhaps Allah is so clumsy and helpless when he explains things, that he needs help from humans to explain what "he really means"? (Nonsense to say the least about such claims lying under such "explanations".)


004 15/3a: “Leave them (the disbelievers*) alone, to enjoy (the good things of this life) and to please themselves - - -.” Many places in the Quran you will find claims similar to this - that the reason why non-Muslims stay non-Muslims, was/is that they were/are so bent on living a good life - or a selfish or bad life - here on Earth, that they were not interested in the next life. Anyone knowing people will know that the truth was not as simple as that, but again it is a psychologically good idea to paint the opposition in dark colors and make them "small" and selfish and unwise - they do not "see the truth" because of stupidity and selfishness. It also makes "us" contrast favorably with "them", a psychology and a technique often used by manipulating leaders, especially in politics and in religion - it works especially well among naive and uneducated followers and among people who want to believe or who have tendencies to wishful thinking and with little of critical sense. Muhammad knew people.

005 15/4a: (A15/4): “Never did We (Allah*) destroy a people that had not a term decreed and assigned beforehand”. Here Mr. Yusuf Ali once more seems to have translated a bit freely – may be because he knew the real meaning impossibly could be correct. According to Muhammad Asad, “The Message of the Quran”, the literal meaning is: “Never did We destroy a people unless it (the community) had known a divine writ - - -.” Perhaps Mr. Yusuf Ali knew the rules for ”al-Taqiyya” (the lawful lie – a duty when it comes to defending Islam). Homo Sapiens is something like 160ooo – 200ooo (195ooo?) years old - and before that f.x. homo habilis, homo erectus, etc. Writing has existed just some thousands of years. But thousands and thousands of tribes and peoples disappeared before that - and also thousands and thousands later in communities which had never learnt to read. Can thousands of peoples – not persons, but peoples – have died out without Allah’s knowing it, before writing was invented they could read the Quran? - and in contradiction to the Quran's claim that every people had had prophets and books like the Quran? Here something is wrong to say the least of it. And on top of that: There is not one single trace anywhere of something similar to the Quran written - or preached - before 610 AD.

006 15/5: “Neither can a people anticipate its term (date when its luck or life runs out - their day of death*), nor delay it”. No matter what people do, they cannot foresee or influence their date of death. Clear predestination - - - except what about self murderers - they decide when to die themselves(?) Another point: As you see it is not dangerous to go on raids or into battle - you will not die until the time Allah has predestined. (Believe it if you are able to - possible if you know nothing about f.x. probability or statistical proofs.

007 15/6e: “O thou to whom the Messages is being revealed! Truly thou art mad (or possessed)!" Even at that time many saw that something was wrong with his teaching.

008 15/7b: "Why bringest thou (Mohammad*) not angels to us if it be that thou hast (speak*) the Truth?" One more of the many requests for proofs - requests Muhammad always had to evade, ####sometimes with lies like "no-one will believe even if they get sure proofs/miracle". Muhammad was too intelligent not to know this was untrue - some/many had come to believe. The only normally intelligent and educated person believing in excuses like this one, is the person who strongly wants to believe, or who is so brainwashed that his brain does not work.

009 15/7+8: “’Why bringest thou (Mohammad*) not angels to us if it be that thou hast (speak*) the Truth?’ We (Allah*) send not the angels down unless for just cause: if they came (to the ungodly), behold, no respite would they have (it would suddenly be the Day of Doom*).”

#####It is not a just cause to prove to millions of non-Muslims and to doubting Muslims that Islam is a true religion? See 6/8a+b+c above.

010 15/9c: "- - - We (Allah*) will assuredly guard (it (the Quran*) (from corruption)". Some Muslims mention this as a proof for that the Quran is an exact copy of Muhammad's words - Allah guards it against corruption, and then nothing can possibly have changed even a comma. But the history of the Quran is pretty turbulent, and many versions have existed - nobody knows how many (at least 4 much used before the official version was made by Caliph Utman, and at least 20+ later (a long period many more) - 14 of them canonized). This mainly because of the unfinished Arab alphabet - it was not completed until around 900 AD. Finally 7 different editions were canonized, each of them in 2 versions = 14 different. Slowly most of them fell into disuse, and today there mainly are 2 versions in daily use - Asim after Hafs and Nafi after Warsh, but 4 others are a little used: Nafi after Qalun, Abu Amr after al-Duri, and both versions from Ibn 'Amir. So just you guess if the Quran has been corrupted!

####There also is a small fact: In chapter 12 Joseph was sold "for a few dirhams". But dirhams did not exist at the time of Muhammad. For one thing Muhammad thus could not talk about that coin, and if he all the same did, nobody had understood what he was talking about. A strong proof for that the Quran is not the exact words of Muhammad - at least not all of it (and if some is and some not, which are his words and which not?)

(In Arabia at the time of Muhammad one used Greek drachmes. The first dirhams were copies of Persian coins where the words "In the name of Allah" were added, and made under caliph Utman. The first "real" dirhams were made under Abdalmalik in 695 AD. The Persian coins may have been called dirhams - a word derived from drachme - but it is ever so clear that even they did not exist at the time of Joseph some 2ooo+ years earlier.)

Another point is that if the Quran is not from a god, what the book says about the god guarding it, is totally without any value, as also that claim may be a made up one. And no book as full of errors and other weaknesses is from a god.

011 15/9e: "- - - We will assuredly guard (it (the Quran*) from corruption)". YA1944: "The purity of the text of the Quran through fourteen centuries is a foretaste of the central care with which Allah's Truth is guarded through all ages". #####Not one word about the troubles because of the incomplete Arab alphabet around 650 AD. Not one word about the many varieties of the Quran (14 canonized ones + some accepted ones). Not one word about changes through the time - documented f.x. by the finding of the "Quran-graveyard" in Yemen in 1972 ("small but significant differences from today's Quran"). Do you find it strange that persons used to honesty and to straight scientific ways of thinking, sometimes feel disrespect and distaste when studying Islamic sources? - And Abdullah Yusuf Ali: "The Meaning of the Holy Quran" is one of Islam’s "flagships" on the intellectual medium level of intended readers!

012 15/10a: "We (Allah*) did send Messengers before thee (Muhammad*) - - -". The Quran claims all people to all times have been sent prophets teaching Islam - the number 124ooo is mentioned (not in the Quran). Neither science nor Islam has found one single trace from them, except the old ones from the Bible - and they spoke about Yahweh and about a religion too different from Islam to be from the same god.

######An interesting mathematical fact: If we operate with a normal religious time frame, Adam lived something like 5ooo years before the claimed last prophet, Muhammad. If we say that Hadiths' number 124ooo had been correct, and that each of them worked for 25 years, there all the time from Adam till Muhammad should be on average 620 active prophets working for Allah around the world (some 3 in every country during all those thousands of years). None of them (except the old Jewish ones - really working for Yahweh) left one single trace anywhere on the entire Earth. Even if you reckon the entire age of Homo Sapiens - 160ooo-200ooo years - there in case during all these eons have been 15-20 prophets working all the time. But no trace from them or a religion like Islam, a god like Allah - or a book like the Quran.

Believe it if you are able to.

013 15/11: "But never came a Messenger to them (people*) but they mocked them." On one side this is not true - there were prophets in Israel who were not mocked (f.x. Samuel) - any god had known this, Muhammad likely not, as he at least in 621 AD hardly knew the real Jewish scriptures. But on the other hand these were good and psychologically nice words for his followers to hear in a difficult year like 621 AD; Muhammad's situation was normal for a prophet - he had to be a prophet.

014 15/14: "Even if We (Allah*) opened out to them a gate from heaven, and they (disbelievers*) were to continue (all day) ascending therein (they would not believe*) - - -". This is one of the places in the Quran where Muhammad explains away the difficult question why he could prove nothing.########## And it is one of the places where he knew the fast-talk was a lie: If there was opened a gate to Heaven, and people knew it led to Heaven, there would have been a run for it, and "seeing is believing", at least in cases like this - and Muhammad was too intelligent and knew too much about people not to know this. The same goes for any intelligent person today - they know this would be the result. Even intelligent, brainwashed Muslims know this deep down.

####015 15/14+15: “- - - They would only say (when experiencing a miracle*): ‘Our eyes have been intoxicated - - -”. Wrong. At least some had come to believe. These two verses are a piece of fast-talk. There is some fast-talking in the Quran - trying to explain away things and facts and ideas and not least questions which are difficult to explain or answer. See the chapter about fast talk in the Quran. And there are even more fast-talk among Muslims today, trying to explain away mistakes, abrogation, changes in Islam around 622, etc., not to mention trying to present Islam as a peaceful religion. Just in this case one tries to explain away questions for proofs for Allah and for Muhammad's connection to a god.

##But the really bad thing about this point is that ###########it is one of the points where Muhammad himself knew he was lying – at least some would believe in Islam if he produced miracles or could in other ways prove his claims. He was too intelligent and knew too much about people not to know this – this even more so as he himself told about heathens becoming Muslims after they had experienced miracles (f.x. the magicians of Pharaoh), and he also had a good example in Jesus who got many believers from making miracles – some refused to believe no matter, but quite a number of others did after miracles made by Jesus (miracles made also according to the Quran).

###016 15/16a: “It is We (Allah*) Who have set out the Zodiacal signs in the heavens (plural and wrong*)”. Actually we think there is nothing in the universe that Muhammad knew about, which he did not claim credit for on behalf of his god. Only a pity Muhammad was limited to what he believed he knew - which produces extra doubt when things on top of lack of proofs, sometimes are really wrong.

################On thinking it over: It really is strange that Allah makes no claims of credit for things Muhammad did not know about - in Muhammad’s and Islam’s future that would have made elegant proofs for Allah. There are none - no true foretelling at all and also no scientific or other facts that were unknown at the time of Muhammad, which would have proved Allah later. (This in stark contradiction to such claims from lay Muslims. But check those claims - till now each and every of them have been wrong. And another curious fact: You meet those claims from lay Muslims without much education, and you meet them in media meant for lay Muslims or sometimes for non-Muslims without too much education - often run by educated Muslims, but aiming at "the masses". You seldom find it in media/books meant for really educated persons. Strange, don't you think so?)

017 15/17a: “- - - We (Allah*) have guarded them (the Zodiacal Signs*) from every evil spirit accursed: - - -” According to the Quran, the stars – included the Zodiacal signs – are fastened to the lowermost of 7 heavens (material ones – they have to be if the stars can be fastened to one of them). But jinns/bad spirits wanted to spy on the heavens, and had to be chased away by stars used as shooting stars. And then the Zodiacal signs were guarded at the same time. According to science this is utter nonsense to at least the fifth power. Any god had known – even baby ones – but Muhammad not. Then who made the Quran with all its mistaken facts, etc.?

###018 15/17b: “- - - We (Allah*) have guarded them (the Zodiacal Signs*) from every evil spirit accursed: - - -”. When you know a little about astronomy, this is such a nice claim, that we like to look at it. Incredible that anyone with a measurable IQ is able to believe such a text.

##019 15/18a: “But any (jinn/bad spirit*) that gains a hearing by stealth (by spying on the heavens*) - - -". According to the Quran, jinns and bad spirits often try to spy on what is going on in the Heavens, by trying to listen to what is said. (If you think this is stuff from a fairy tale, do not blame us - a lot of the stuff in the Quran is from fairy tales, legends, etc.).

##020 15/18b: “But any (jinn/bad spirit*) that gains a hearing by stealth (by spying on the heavens*), is pursued by a flaming fire, bright (to see).” According to the Quran, the stars are fastened to the lowest of 7 material heavens (37/6-7, 41/12). The stars are lights and decoration, but are also used for shooting stars for weapons to chase away jinns and bad spirits. (YA comment 1954: "A shooting star appears to be meant".) Muhammad did not know that the mass of a star is somewhere in the range of 1 shooting star x 10 to the 20. or more power and utterly impossible to use as a shooting star in our atmosphere – for the reason of its glaring light, for the reason of heat, for the reason of irradiation, for the reason of gravity, for the reason of sheer size, etc. As said in 15/17a above: Scientific nonsense and insanity to at least the 5. power. No god uttered this fairy tale stuff – but Muhammad did not know any better. Then who made the Quran?

#021 15/19b: “- - - set thereon (on the Earth*) mountains firm and immovable - - -.” But no mountain was ever set down – not to mention from somewhere above. They without exception did grow up, no matter whether they grew up because of volcanism or because of tectonic activity (the only two ways mountains are made). Any god had known – but Muhammad not.

022 15/19c: "- - - mountains firm and immoveable - - -". A main reason for setting down mountains on Earth, is to stabilize the (flat) Earth, so that it shall not start wobbling and perhaps turn over and drop you off. (Modern Muslims explains that mountains shall stabilize against earthquakes, but that is a newer explanation. Besides mountains do not stabilize against earthquakes - on the contrary sometimes - thus also that "explanation" is wrong).

023 15/20: "We (Allah*) have provided therein (the Earth*) means of substance - - -". See 11/7a above.

024 15/23a: "And, verily, it is We (Allah*) who give life, and We Who give death - - -". That Allah can give death, Islam and all its raids, wars, pogroms, murder, mass murder, terrorism, etc. have given solid proofs for. But as for giving life, this is something the Quran many times claims, but which neither Muhammad, the Quran, Muslims, Islam, or even Allah himself ever has produced on single unmistakable proof for - only miles of loose words and as loose claims. (Whereas Yahweh/Jesus produced plenty of proof if either the Quran or the Bible tells the truth on this point). Also see 21/56c below.

025 15/25d: "(Allah*) is Perfect in Wisdom and Knowledge". Not if he made the Quran - or did somebody else make it in his name?

026 15/26a: “We (Allah*) created - - -". Ever so often claimed in the Quran, never proved anywhere - one of those easy claim anyone can use free of charge, as long as no proof is necessary.

027 15/27a: “And the Jinn race, We (Allah*) had created before - - -". According to this, the jinns were created before man. Jinns are a typical Arabism - something special for Arabia and its surroundings. (You f.x. may find djinnies in Jewish folklore and fairy tales, but not in the Bible. This tells that Jesus and the other Jewish prophets - and also Yahweh, as he never mentioned them - for some reason or other meant jinns were no part of a next life. Which is the more reliable? - the Bible or the Quran?) They have a not small, but very unclear share of the supernatural part Islam's world, together with spirits, etc. Beware that in spite of that "jinn" often is translated with "spirit", this is wrong. Jinns are invisible material beings, not sprits. Jinns were and are no part of neither the Jews' nor the Christians' religion.)

028 15/27b: “And the Jinn race, We (Allah*) had created before, from the fire of a scorching wind.” Here is something wrong. It is said several places in the Quran that the Jinns were created from fire - and one place it is said from fire without smoke – not from a hot wind.

(At least 3 contradictions).

029 15/30b: "So the angels prostrated themselves (for Adam) - - -". Just for the record: You find nothing like this in the Bible - there the angels belong to a higher sphere than man. One of the proofs for that the Bible and the Quran represent different gods and different religions.

030 15/30-31: "So the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together: Not so Iblis - - -". This verse makes trouble for Islam as it mentions Iblis among the angels. It is nowhere directly said what kind of being Iblis - the Devil - was/is. Here it is indicated that he was one of the angels. But Allah created the angels from light, whereas it is clearly stated a couple of places in the Quran that Iblis was created from fire, and in that case he should be a jinn. It may also be added that many Muslims mean that all this was theater arranged by Allah to fulfill his great Plan - Iblis could not make a Hell against Allah's will, as Allah is omnipotent. Hell thus must be a part of Allah's Plan, and Iblis' disobedience part of Allah's total predestination. But what does that in case tell about the claimed merciful and benevolent god Allah

031 15/31: "Not so Iblis - - -". Iblis refused to accept that man was superior to himself. May be to the anger of Allah - but maybe not. As Allah is omnipotent, nothing can happen without his permission. Therefore Iblis could not do this without Allah's permission, Muslim scholars say - and they continue that this must be the result of a decision made by Allah, because he wanted a Hell, and that this scene was something predetermined - an agreement between Allah and Iblis. In short: Allah wanted or needed a Hell - perhaps for punishing not obedient men and jinns and perhaps others - and set up this scene together with his servant Iblis.

But if Allah set up such a sadistic and horrible Hell, it tells something about him.

And why did he need the theatre - the farce - this scene is?

032 15/32: "(Allah) said: 'O Iblis! What is your reason - - -". Why should an omniscient god ask for this? - if he was omniscient, he knew on beforehand. But as mentioned above, it might have been part of a theatre.

033 15/35a: "And the Curse shall be on thee (Iblis - the Devil*) - - -". How seriously can this have been meant if this scene was prearranged between Allah and Iblis (a necessity if those Muslims are right who means that Hell is a part of Allah's power and Plan)?

034 15/35b: "And the Curse shall be on thee (Iblis - the Devil*) till the Day of Judgment". What will happen to Iblis then? We have been unable to find the answer - nothing in the Quran, vague speculations other places. And nothing of this will in between mean anything to Hell. But: As sinners do not go to Hell until the Day of Doom, that day cannot be the end of Hell - and what then about its ruler, Iblis?

##035 15/36a: "Give me (Iblis/the Devil*) then respite till the Day the (dead) are raised." But this period is just an intermezzo for Iblis - the time he can use for luring men and jinns to Hell. - f.x. the Muslims if the theory that Iblis is the reality behind the Quran is correct. His real region is Hell, and his reign over the sinners does not start there until after the sinners are judged and sent into Hell at the Day of Doom. So why respite only to the Day of Doom only? The Quran sometimes(?) is not logical./p>

Nothing of this is from the Bible.

036 15/37: "(Allah) said: 'Respite is granted you (Iblis/the Devil*) - - -". Iblis got his respite - or perhaps his order from Allah?.

037 15/39a: "Because Thou (Allah*) hast put me in the wrong - - -". This only is correct (as seen by Iblis) if Iblis really was thrown out from Heaven. If this scene only was a prearrangement between Allah and Iblis (for the benefit of whom?), also this is part of the theatre. (Some Muslims believe that Hell is run with the permission or perhaps as a part of Allah's Plan - if not it is not possible to understand how Hell could exist - - - against the will and wish of an omnipotent god.)

Nothing of this is from the Bible.

038 15/39b: "Because Thou (Allah*) hast put me in the wrong, I will make (wrong) fair-seeming to them on earth, and I will put them all in wrong - - -". This is the claimed rationale and reason behind Hell in the Quran - it is Iblis' revenge for being thrown out from Heaven.

If the Quran in reality is made by dark forces, this verse may well explain large parts of the book's moral code, and many Muslims' behavior.

039 15/39c: "Because Thou (Allah*) hast put me in the wrong, I will make (wrong) fair-seeming to them on earth, and I will put them all in wrong - - -". What kind of being did the claimed omniscient Allah create when he created Iblis, if this scene is real? - and what kind of sadist is Allah if it in reality is he who is behind the establishing of a Hell that horrible and that sadistic? - so out of all proportions inhuman compared to fair punishment for the after all medium sins of most sinners.

040 15/40: "- - - except Thy (Allah's*) servants - - -". Iblis did not get permission to hurt good Muslims. (An irony if Iblis in reality is behind the Quran, which is one of the theories for whom in reality made the Quran, as it is not from any god with all its errors). On the other hand: The prohibition in case does not have to be a true one.

#041 15/41b: "This (way of My (Allah's*) sincere servants) is indeed a Way that leads straight to Me." This is one of the very many never proved claims in the Quran. It is an especially sincere and sinister one if the theory that Iblis/the Devil is the real maker of the Quran, is the true one - and the indicators pointing in that direction are a bit too many for comfort. (Though happily the theory that the book is man-made, is more likely. With all its errors and weaknesses it is not from any god).

042 15/42b: "Over My (Allah's*) servants (man/Muslims*) no authority shalt thou (Iblis/the Devil*) have, except such as put themselves in the wrong - - -". But how can anyone "put themselves in the wrong" if the Quran tells the truth when it many places claims that Allah decides and predestines everything? Muslims will tell you about man's free will, but if Allah decides everything, man has not free will - and if man had free will, Allah cannot be entirely omniscient (because f.x. after Allah says "now I know the future", man always can change his mind once more, if he has free will - - - which means Allah's knowledge is wrong). Islam has given in finding an answer to this impossibility - only lamely says that it has to be true as it is said so in the Quran(!!) They forget that some of the immaterial laws are absolute even for omnipotent gods (an easy example we have mentioned before: One mathematical 1 + one mathematical 1 can give only one answer even for gods - the mathematical 2). There are things which are impossible also for omnipotent gods - f.x. to combine Allah's total predestination many times stated in the Quran, with full or partly free will for man. Or the other way around. Something is seriously wrong here.

043 15/42c: "- - - put themselves in the wrong - - -". Beware that when the Quran uses expressions like this, it is in accordance with its own partly immoral moral code - f.x. refusing to go on raids for stealing, enslaving, murdering, etc. for Muhammad and the good and benevolent god Allah, are very bad.

044 15/43c: "- - - Hell is the promised abode for them (non-Muslims*) all!". A relevant fact here is that never in all history and pre-history there was one single proved case of Allah keeping a promise. (The best proof for this, is Islam's silence about such a proved case.)

045 15/44: “To it (Hell*) are seven gates: for each of those Gates is a (special) class (of sinners) assigned.” The worse non-Muslim - or even Muslim - sinner, the worse part of Hell you will end up in. This is not from the Bible.

046 15/45-47: “The righteous (will be) amid Gardens and fountains (of clear-flowing water. (Their greeting will be): ‘Enter ye here in Peace and security’. And We (Allah*) shall remove from their hearts any lurking sense of injury: (they will be) brothers (joyfully) facing each other on thrones (of dignity).” An existence one could envy them - - - if it was not for all that is wrong in the Quran, that results in a lurking feeling of “what if”. – what if all this also is wrong? – what if it is fairy tales to attract people – and warriors - to build a platform of power for someone? – and even worse for the ones believing in religion: What if there exists a real religion somewhere, one that Islam blocks the road to? (What is totally sure at least, is that the Quran neither is made by an omniscient nor by a good and benevolent god).

The many and fundamental differences between Yahweh's (where you become like the angels) and the one of Allah is one of the many absolute proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - if they had been, the Paradise had been one and the same.

####047 15/46: "(Their (the righteous'*) greeting will be): 'Enter ye here in Peace and security". This is all very nice - but who are the really righteous ones? Remember here that real morality and ethics do not build on Muhammad's selfish, self centered, and primitive war related "moral" code, but on something like "Do unto others like you want others do unto you".

o48 15/47: "- - - facing each other on thrones (of dignity)". There are many humans , so there must be endless rows of such thrones. Inspiring. And a primitive paradise.

049 15/48: "- - - nor shall they (people in Paradise*) (ever) be asked to leave". But 11/108c may indicate that Paradise is not quite forever.

050 15/49a: "I (Allah*) am indeed Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful". Please read the surahs from Medina and see if you afterwards agree to this claim.

051 15/50a: "- - - My (Allah's*) Penalty" - - - does not exist unless Allah exists - but may well exist even if he in case may be belongs to the dark forces.

###052 15/51b: "- - - the guests of Abraham - - -". According to the Quran these were some angels in the shape of men, who later continued to Lot. According to the Bible it was Yahweh and 2 angels - all three in the shape of men. (1. Mos. 18/1, 18/10, 18/13, 18/17, 18/20, 18/22, 18/26, 18/33 - When the word "Lord" is used like here in the Bible, it always means Yahweh.). The two angels later continued to Lot in Sodom (1. Mos. 19/1).

053 15/51-60: The angels visiting Abraham - details different from and/or often contradicting the Bible. This story - like a number of others - are with variations told several times in the Quran (as said viewed as literature the Quran is not a good book - f.x. often boring and repeating itself like here).

Not mentioned just here, is that the Quran claims Abraham built the Kabah mosque in Mecca - not mentioning that it is some 750 miles/1200 km by air and mostly harsh desert between Canaan (included Sinai) where Abraham lived, and Mecca. You are free to believe it. And not mentioning that the camel was not introduced that far north at the time of Abraham.

054 15/52b: "He (Abraham*) said (when the angels came*):, 'We feel afraid of you'". In the Bible he did not feel so, but gave them food, which they ate (1. Mos. 18/8) - - - which contradicts other places in the Quran which claims that Abraham grew afraid of his guests because they did not eat. (In the old times it might mean they were enemies, in the Quran angels do not eat, as they do not need to - one more indication for that the angels of Yahweh were different from the angels of Allah, and thus were from different heavens, and thus from different gods.)

055 15/56b: "- - - such as go astray". The indicated meaning is "such ones who do not believe in Islam". It is up to you if you will believe that Islam existed some 2500 years before Muhammad, at the time of Abraham some 1800-2ooo BC. The earliest traces which are ever found from a god like Allah, a religion like Islam, or a book like the Quran, are younger than 610 AD, when Muhammad started his mission - a fact Islam and Muslims NEVER mention.

056 15/57b: "- - - O ye messengers (of Allah) - - -". As these were angels, it is worth remembering this sentence, because the Quran some places says all messengers to man were men.

057 15/71b: “There are my daughters - - -". Muslim scholars refuse to believe Lot said this. According to the Quran Lot was a prophet (not so in the Bible), and a prophet simply could not say anything like that (it would in case stain the title of "prophet" and thus also Muhammad.)

####"Facts are facts to us only if we want to believe them - and the other way around". Some reliable religion and scholars!

058 15/72c: "- - - in their wild intoxication, they (the men from Sodom and perhaps Gomorrah*) wandered in distraction, to and fro". If they were wild from erotic lust, it sounds unlikely that they wandered to and fro in distraction. The explanation in the Bible would have cooled them down, though: The angels struck them with blindness (1. Mos. 19/11).

059 15/73: "But the (mighty) blast overtook them before the morning". Contradicted by other places in the Quran telling they were killed by a rain of brimstones (f.x. next verse - 15/74). (Muslims "explain" this away with a volcanic explosion and eruption, but you do not get brimstones from volcanism.) It also is contradicted by the Bible which tells they were killed by a rain of burning sulfur (1. Mos. 19/24) - which by the way is possible to combine with volcanism. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs. Also see 11/82c.

Another point here is that the main volcanism in Arabia finished some 400ooo years ago.

060 15/76a: "And the (cities (Sodom and Gomorrah*) were) right on the high-road". A good piece of information, as nobody in reality knows where they lay, except that it was somewhere in the region of the Dead Sea, perhaps near the north-east shore - - - if they ever existed.

061 15/80a: "The People of the Rocky Tract also rejected their messengers". - just like Muhammad was rejected in Mecca. Thus rejection was normal for prophets according to the Quran - and Muhammad thus must be a normal prophet. Nearly everything older prophets experienced, paralleled parts of Muhammad's life up to the time the time the surah was published.

062 15/80+83: “The people of the Rocky Tract (Al-Hidjr in northern Hidjaz in Arabia*) - - - the (mighty) Blast sized them in the morning (and killed them*)”. Allah had some killing sprees - and what was ok for a god, may be morally right for his followers?

063 15/83b: "- - - a mighty blast seized them (non-Muslims in "the Rocky Tract"*)- - -". Comment YA2004: "The mighty rumbling noise and wind accompanying an earthquake". There is no wind (and no blast) accompanying earthquakes - the mechanism producing wind is totally different, a fact even educated Muslim scholars know, but all the same they produces arguments like this. Intellectual dishonesty - there is a bit much of this in Islam. And in a religion using dishonesty/lies, how much is true of their arguments? - and of their religion?

#####The reason for this dishonesty, is that it is believed that "the people of the rocky tract" just is another name of the Thamud tribe. And in 7/78 the Thamuds were killed by an earthquake. 11/67, 15/83, and 54/31 they were killed by a mighty blast. And in 69/5 they were killed by " terrible Storm of thunder and lightning!". Voila!: Make wind/blast accompany earthquakes or let the noise represent a blast to hide this mistake in the Quran - but forget the thunder and lightning! But neither wind nor blasts nor thunder nor lightning is a part of an earthquake.

#####Honesty too often is not essential for Muslims and Islam. The main thing is to make the Quran and thus Islam look like they are true. But when even persons like Muhammad Yusuf Ali uses dishonesty - here an al-Taqiyya (a lawful lie), how many more lies are there then in Islamic literature and argumentation? - and in the Quran and in Islam?

064 15/85a: "We (Allah*) created not the heavens (plural and wrong*), the earth, and all that is between them, but for just ends". See 11/7a above.

065 15/85d: "And the Hour (Last Day*) is surely coming - - -". A last day will come for man. But it is far from sure it will happen like what the Quran tells. So much is wrong in the Quran, that also this easily can be wrong.

066 15/86a: “For verily it is thy Lord (Allah*) who is the Master-Creator - - -". Similar is often claimed in the Quran. But till now there is not proved Allah has created even the left hind foot of a fly. Words are cheap and can be used by anybody - proofs are more reliable.

067 15/86b: “For verily it is thy Lord (Allah*) who is the Master-Creator, knowing all things.” The mistakes in the Quran in case mean that someone else has made the book – or that Allah does not know all things. But see 2/233h above.

068 15/87a: "And We (Allah*) have bestowed upon thee (Muhammad/Muslims*) the Seven oft-repeated (Verses) and the Grand (complete or claimed high quality?*) Quran". No god ever sent down a book of this quality.

069 15/88b: "- - - lower thy wing - - -". An Arab expression meaning "take care of", "defend", etc. But why does an omniscient god use expressions only Arabs understand in a book claimed to be for the entire world? - and a book claimed to be clear and easy to understand?

070 15/88c: "- - - nor grieve over them (non-Muslims - who after all will end in Hell*) - - -". Quite different from NT, and f.x. its "lost sheep" (Matt. 18/12-14).

071 15/89: "I (Muhammad*) am indeed he that warned openly and without ambiguity - - -". This may have been true in Mecca in 621 AD, but it changed to also to include enforcing as soon as he gained power in Medina a very few years later.

###072 15/90: "- - - those who divided (scriptures into arbitrary parts)". = those who falsified the Bible. Here we are back to one of Islam's central, but never proved claims: That the Bible is falsified. The claim is long since proved wrong by science - and an even better proof for this is Islam: If they during the 1400 hundred years had found even a microscopic real proof, you had found it in all media and in all relevant university textbooks. You only find claims, a lot of speculations and some al-Taqiyyas. But as Islam cannot survive without the claim that the Bible is falsified (it will in case mean that Muhammad was/is wrong and the Bible right - and thus that the Quran is wrong and Islam a made up pagan religion), Muslims cannot afford to let go of the claim. Better with blind belief, than to have to face the possibility that the religion you have based your life on, may be made up and wrong - no matter what price a false religion might cost you if there is a next life.

073 15/94a: “- - - turn away from those who join false gods with Allah.” This was in 621 AD. Already the next year Muhammad started to change his religion towards war and blood, and stopped turning away from non-Muslims as soon as his and his successors' military strength was powerful enough to demand conversion to Islam - later on Arabs mainly got the choice: Become Muslims or fight us and die. This verse is contradicted and often “killed”/abrogated by at least these verses: 2/191, 2/193, 3/28, 3/85, 3/148, 4/81, 4/90, 5/33, 5/72, 5/73, 8/12, 8/38-39 (the warning), 8/39, 8/60, 9/3, 9/5, 9/14, 9/23, 9/29, 9/33, 9/73, 9/123, 25/36, 25/52, 33/61, 33/73, 35/36, 47/4, 66/9. This includes many advising or permitting political, social, economical, etc. compulsion (with the sword in the background if you protest) – we mention a few here: 3/28, 3/85, 3/148, 4/81, 5/72, 5/73, 9/23, 14/7, 15/3, 33/73, 35/36. They are all quoted under 2/256. (At least 29 contradictions).

074 15/94b: “- - - turn away from those (non-Muslims*) who join false gods with Allah.” See 2/165c above and 25/18a below.

075 15/96b: "- - - but soon will they (non-Muslims with other gods*) come to know". May be this just means they will get the "knowledge" that Muhammad was right, may be it means they will be punished - see in case 3/77b above.

##076 15/99: “- - - the Hour that is Certain (the Day of Doom*)”. Because of all the mistakes in the Quran, certainly also the Day of Doom is uncertain – at least in the form described by the Quran – as this easily may be an error, too. This even more so as all the mistakes in the book prove that it is not made by a god, and Muhammad was a self proclaimed prophet unable of prophesying, and who then is left to tell us the true future? (By the way: What is a prophet unable to prophesy? – a title stolen because it sounds impressive? Muhammad never made real prophesies (there were a few sayings which are remembered because they happened to become true or partly true, but no real prophesying). Whereas a real prophet is a man/person making prophesies, and prophesies which at least mostly - or always - are coming true. The only possible conclusion: Muhammad was no real prophet; he only "borrowed" the title – like so many other things he borrowed, and like so many self proclaimed "prophets" through the times. May be a messenger for someone or something – perhaps for himself(?) - but not a genuine prophet.)

3170 + 76 = 3246 remarks.


Not formed like questions for proofs, but what needs to be proved normally easy to see all the same. And: References you do not find here, go to "1000+ Comments on the Quran".

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