1000+ Claims in the Quran - Invalid Unless Proven, Surah 14


SURAH 14:  Ibrahim (Abraham)

(Mecca, 621-622 AD)


001  "In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful". Please read the surahs from Medina, the immoral parts of the Muslim moral code, the unjust/immoral parts of sharia, and the Quran's rules for lying, thieving/looting, enslaving, raids and wars, plus the rules for treatment of girls and women - free and captives - and see if you agree. Always when there is a distance between words and corresponding demands and deeds, we personally believe in the demands and deeds. Glorious words are cheap, demands and deeds are reliable. Glorifying words and claims are too cheap for anyone to use and disuse - when you read, judge from realities, not from propaganda.

002 14/1b: “A Book (the Quran*) which We (Allah*) have revealed - - -”. The same old question: Can a book with so many very clear mistaken facts and other errors really be revealed by an omniscient god? And is it a coincidence that many of the mistaken facts are in accordance with what one believed in Arabia at the time of Muhammad – even with fairy tales? Impossible. It is not a god’s stories.

#003 14/1f: “- - - in order that thou (Muhammad – by means of the Quran*) mightest lead mankind out of the depths of darkness and into light - - -“. No book with that many mistakes and that doubtful moral can lead anyone into light. The same goes for any religion so suppressing, inhuman and so full of Nazi-like ideology (before you protest, beware that these are not our words, but f.x. C. G. Young's), discrimination, blood and war, and “all power to Muhammad/the leader” - or "der Fürer" to use that famous title.

004 14/1g: "- - - by the leave of their (Muslims'*) Lord (Allah*) - - -". We quote YA1870: "It is insisted that every Prophet speaks not from himself but from Allah". Except for that the Bible tells it was from Yahweh, this may be correct - but only for real prophets. For false prophets this possible rule is not valid. Muhammad was no real prophet - he had not the gift of being able to make prophesies, not to mention the fact that there was no god behind his claimed holy book and all its mistakes - and might have been a false one (all the errors, etc. in the Quran indicates this - in addition to his inability to "see the unseen").

005 14/1i: "- - - (Allah is*) the Exalted in Power - - -". Often claimed, but not unmistakably proved one single time in 1400 years.

006 14/1j: "(Allah is*) Worthy all Prize!" Please read the some 22-24 surahs from Medina and see if you agree - there is much dishonesty, rape, suppression, apartheid, and blood, but not one valid proof for his existence. Also see 1/1a above.

007 14/2a: "Of Allah, to Whom do belong all things in the heavens (plural and wrong*) and on earth!" One of the many undocumented claims Muhammad makes for glorification of his god - claims any believer in any religion as cheaply can make on behalf of his god(s) as long as he can evade any question for documentation - Muhammad never - never - proved anything of essence for his religion.

008 14/3b: "- - - they (non-Muslims*) are astray by a long distance". Only if there is a god behind the Quran and the Quran in addition tells the full truth and only the truth + the god(s) they believe in does/do not exist. The mistake is even worse if the Quran is made up and there instead exists a real god somewhere else.

009 14/4b: "- - - in order to make things clear - - -". A book where too many things are unclear or even wrong like in the Quran, cannot make things clear - clearly demonstrated by all the mistakes, etc. Muslims believe in even today.

010 14/4c: “- - - Allah leaves straying those whom He pleases, and guides whom he pleases - - -.” Not the same god who was behind NT. See f.x. "the lost lamb".

011 14/4f: "- - - He (Allah*) is Exalted in Power - - -". Often claimed, never proved. If it had been proved even one single time in these 1400 years, it had been impossible not to know it - Muslims had told about it whenever there was a chance.

012 14/4g: "- - - (Allah is*) full of wisdom." Read "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran" or http://www.1000mistakes.com , check if the quotes there are correct, and then see if you agree in this claim.

Not to forget: If Allah is behind the Quran and all its mistakes, etc. this in case proves he is not full of knowledge. AND: If Allah is full of wisdom, then he is not the maker of the Quran - by far too many errors in that book.

013 14/9b: "- - - 'Ad, and Thamud - - -". 2 tribes who according to old Arab folklore lived in Arabia in really old times, and whom you meet several times in the Quran. According to Islam they lived around and a little later than the times of Abraham but before Moses. Abraham lived - if he is not fiction - around 1800-2000 BC according to science and Moses around 1300 BC. There exists no real information about them, except maybe one or two small mentionings, and according to them, the Quran's time scale for those tribes is much wrong - they likely lived much later than the Quran indicates, though there is a small possibility for that 'Ad goes far enough back in time. The tales in the Quran are from Arab folklore, adjusted to fit Islam by Allah or by someone else. For the ones who do not know the Bible well - we f.x. know that quite a few Hindus read this, as there are problems with Islam in India - we mention that Noah is one of the very early persons in OT - the one who together with his family survived the Big Flood.

014 14/9c: "- - - none knows them but Allah". Again: Not unless he exists.

015 14/9f: "- - - we ('Ad, Thamud and others*) are really in suspicious (disquieting) doubt about that which ye invite us". As the Quran claims they were invited by means of a copy similar to the Quran to Islam, the reason may well have been that they understood something was seriously wrong.

###016 14/10a: "Is there a doubt about Allah - - -?" Yes, there clearly is: 

The absolute only source for the claims of his existence, the Quran, is a book so full of mistakes, contradictions, etc. that it is highly unreliable.

This book was dictated by a man with lust for power, a moral which was pretty amoral - cfr. his acceptance of lying (al-Taqiyya, Kitman and breaking of oaths), thieving, enslaving, womanizing/rape, murder, etc. - and possibly with a mental illness (TLE - Temporal Lobe Epilepsy?).

It is claimed that the religion is from Adam and before, but not one single trace of any kind older than 610 AD exists anywhere. The Quran claims it is the same as the "original Jewism", but that clearly is wrong. 

There never was any kind of reliable proof for any of the central claims in the Quran - including the existence of Allah. Absolutely nothing."

Allah has never - neither before Muhammad, nor during Muhammad's life, nor after Muhammad given one single reliable sign/proof showing that he exists".

The only possible conclusion is that there are good reasons for strong doubts about Allah's existence.

And even if he should exist there are good reasons for strong doubts about how he wants his followers to behave - partly because there is so much difference between Islam before 622 AD and after 622 AD when Muhammad started to need warriors, and partly because so much is wrong in the book, that also the claims concerning a possible Allah may be wrong.</0l>

017 14/10b: "- - - Allah, the Creator of the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth - - -". Often claimed, never proved. See 11/7a above.

018 14/10f: "- - - forgive your sins - - -". There only are 2 who can forgive: The victim and a god. Is Allah a god even if he should happen to exist? - he at least is not behind a book of a quality like the Quran. Besides: Even if he is a god - can he forgive? - to forgive means to change his predestined Plan, which nobody and nothing can change, according to the Quran. 

As for forgiving from Allah: See 2/187d above.

019 14/10j: "Ye (the claimed prophets*) are no more than humans, like ourselves! We wish to turn us away from the (gods) our fathers used to worship: then bring us some clear authority". Do you see the close parallel to Muhammad's own position in 621-622 AD when this surah was released? There are dozens of such parallels to Muhammad in the Quran - each story about a claimed prophet or good man in the book parallels Muhammad's situation at the time of releasing the relevant surah (with some exceptions for Jesus - he was too well known to twist too much). This simply is Muhammad's way of explaining away for his followers his difficulties and problems with being accepted by most people, and at the same time "documenting" that such problem were normal for prophets, and thus "proving" that Muhammad was a normal prophet. To quote Mr. Stalin: "Once is coincidence, twice is suspicious, thrice is proof". Muhammad did not make such parallels twice or thrice, but more or less every time he told tales about earlier real or claimed prophet (as said with a partly exception for Jesus - he was too special and too well known). Would a god need to prove himself or his prophet in such a clumsy way? - then who made the Quran?

But do you also see the parallel between Islam and the old pagan religions? Also for Islam nothing about their claimed god is proved - lots of claims like for other claimed gods, but not one valued proof. Belief simply because of "taqlid" - blind acceptance of what the fathers and the surroundings claim is the Truth, without even checking if it possibly can be true.

020 14/10-17: One of the many stories claiming that more or less all former prophets had had similar problems like Muhammad (this was in 621-622 AD before Muhammad started gaining power). Such stories were confirmations to his followers and alibis for his claims towards others that he was a "bona fide" prophet. As most of these stories ended with that the opponents either became Muslims or were severely punished, they also were pep-talks for his followers, and it was good for their moral to "know" the "enemy" will be punished, whereas "we" go to Paradise. True or not - it often is what you believe which counts for many. There are many storied like this in the Quran - they are easy for you to find. Also see 14/10j above.

021 14/11b: "- - - Allah doth grant His grace to such of His servants as He pleases". This and similar sentences normally in the Quran is an "explanation" for why good persons often had a bad life and the other way round - Allah's unfathomable wisdom. But just here it can be an answer to those who found an Arab prophet strange - Muhammad used it about himself quite a few times.

022 14/11c: "- - - Allah doth grant His grace to such of His servants as He pleases". Beware of that this also was Muhammad's standard answer when asked how he could be a prophet for the god even though he was no Jew.

023 14/11e: "It is not for us (claimed earlier prophets*) to bring an authority except as Allah permits". Muhammad never was able to prove one atom of his central claims. Here in his tale the situation was the same for claimed former prophets = Muhammad's inability to prove anything was normal for prophets - at least this is Muhammad's not proved claim (in reality at least some of the old Jewish prophets, included Jesus, proved their connection to something supernatural, if the old books tell the truth about this). Also see 9/98b above. But here he keeps an opening open: If Allah will. Which explains why some Jewish prophets included Jesus and even f.x. Paul made miracles - Allah did it.

024 14/11f: "And in Allah let all men of faith put their trust". Rather risky as long as there are no proofs and not even any reliable indication for that he exists - and if he exists; is he from dark or good forces? - he is no god if he is behind the Quran, as too much is wrong in that book for a good to have been involved.

025 14/12d: "Indeed He (Allah*) has guided us (Muslims*) to the Way we (follow)". But going where? - with a guidebook full of mistakes and not from a guide/(god)! (If Allah here should happen to be from the dark forces, then "bonne voyage" - - - and mercy to the followers!)

026 14/12f: “For those who put their trust should put their trust in Allah.” Wrong. See 14/12a+d above.

027 14/13e: "We (Allah*) shall cause the wrongdoers to perish". See 3/77b above.

028 14/18a: The same parable should be usable for the Muslims, as the Quran is from no god - no god delivers that quality.

029 14/18b: "- - - straying far, far (from the goal)". As the Quran with all its errors is not from any god, this may be the fate of the Muslims, too. But perhaps not for all non-Muslims - some may believe in a real god.

030 14/19b: “- - - Allah created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth - - -". Often claimed, never proved - and possible to claim on behalf of any god as long as no proof is required.

031 14/19c: “- - - Allah created the heavens (plural and wrong*) and the earth in Truth - - -”. That the Quran is the truth, is just a claim, not a proved fact. It is impossible to know if it is true, as long as the Quran only offers words and not a single proof. Words are very cheap - especially when it is clear that there are MANY mistakes etc. in the book. Also see 11/7a above.

032 14/19d: “If He (Allah*) so will - - -". This and similar sentences you often meet in the Quran. Muhammad tells about what Allah could/can do if he only will. The point, though, is that he seems never to will. It is like when you hear children or youths or immature adults trying to impress others with powers or riches or something they in reality do not have - bragging, if you want. Or bluffing?

But who except for immature persons rely on bluffs in real life? - cheats, deceivers, swindlers, etc. - the same persons who like blind belief and no difficult questions from their victims.

033 14/20: "Nor is that for Allah any great matter." If he exists, and if the Quran has told the truth about him and his power.

034 14/22a: “It was Allah who gave you a promise of Truth (the Quran*) - - -.” That the Quran is the truth, is just a claim, not a proved fact. With that many mistakes the Quran at best is partly true. Also see 2/2b above.

035 14/22b: "- - - reproach your (sinners'*) own souls (for sinning*)". Why? Why, when the Quran so clearly and so often states that Allah decides everything and has 100% predestination? It was Allah who decided that you should sin - how can he then punish you for it when he forced you to do it? As for "free will for man" which the Quran and Muslims blame, that is not even theoretically possible when there is full predestination by Allah - even Islam has given in explaining how that can be possible. (But Islam cannot drop the claimed free will - for one thing there then will be more serious mistakes in the Quran, and the religion a false one, and for another Allah then will be a morally very bad god, punishing man for sins he himself has forced them to do. Therefore they say: "Even if it is impossible, it all the same must be true, because Allah says so in the Quran" (A6/141) - likely the lamest of all "explanations" you meet from Islam. In the immaterial sphere of existence there are things impossible even for omnipotent gods.) Also see 3/154e, 6/149a, and 7/34a above and not least 16/35e below.

036 14/23a: Rather like 13/35 above, with the addition: “Their greeting therein will be: ‘Peace’” This word is about the only one referred to as permitted talk in Paradise, in all the Quran. The intellectual level is just not indicated to be high there. Even in a kindergarten and lower there are more intellectual activity.

037 14/23e: "- - - Gardens beneath which rivers flow - - -". The most frequently used Arabism in the Quran. And as said: Muhammad's Paradise is like the life of the very rich + more water and women, as seen through the eyes of primitive and poor male dwellers of a hot desert. But Allah should be the god of the entire world and all people. And why such a primitive paradise? – because as paradises come, this is a primitive one, and in the long run also a very boring one.

The many and fundamental differences between Yahweh's (where you become like the angels) and the one of Allah, is one of the many absolute proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - if they had been, the Paradise had been one and the same.

038 14/24-25: This must be understood like if a man brings forth good deeds, he will receive admonition. And of course the best of deeds was to go to war, when Muhammad wanted.

039 14/26b: An evil tree - and thus a not good Muslim - will be uprooted and thrown away (to Hell of course). Also see 14/24-25 above. But who is like an evil tree? - one living according to the Quran's moral code or one living according to "do to others like you want others do to you"?

040 14/27b: “- - - with the Word (the Quran*) that stands firm - - -.” Can words with that many mistakes and bent logic, etc. like in the Quran stand firm on other platforms than cheating, brain washing, pressure and wish for power? Plainly no.

041 14/27c: "- - - Allah will leave to stray, those who do wrong. Allah doeth what He willeth". 4 facts: "The lost coin", "The lost sheep", "The lost son", and "the 11. hour" (Luke 15/8-10 and 15/11-31 + Matt. 18/12-14 and 20/8-13). One more fact: Here there is so deep difference between the Quran and the Bible, that only this point alone proves that Allah and Yahweh are not the same god - and remember: Science has proved that also the claim in the Quran that the Bible is falsified, is wrong. And Islam has proved the same even stronger by not finding any falsifications at all among all the old manuscripts.

042 14/27e: "Allah doeth what He willeth". Allah decides and predestines everything - and from other places in the Quran, we know he predestines according to his inflexible Plan which nobody and nothing can change.

043 14/28b: "- - - blasphemy - - -". Nothing here is blasphemy unless Allah really exists and is a god. (How do you f.x. blaspheme him if he belongs to the dark forces? - naming him a god?)

044 14/30aa: "And they (non-Muslims*) set up (idols) equal to Allah - - -". They were equal to Allah if Allah just is another made up pagan god - and the fact that for one thing the Quran is of a quality where no god ever was involved, for another that neither Muhammad nor Allah ever were able to prove even a comma of the quranic texts or the very existence of Allah or Muhammad's connection to him, and for a third Allah originally was a pagan god Muhammad dressed up and claimed - never proved, only claimed - was not a pagan god. Equal? Unequal?

045 14/30b: "But, verily, ye (non-Muslims*) are making straightway to Hell!" Only if the Quran is from a god and in addition is telling the full truth and only the truth.

046 14/31b: "- - - regular prayers - - -". This demand for regular prayers - 5 times a day - was so essential for Allah (he even wanted more often, according to Hadiths) that it became one of the 5 "pillars" of Islam. For Yahweh such formalism was so totally without any interest, that a similar rule is not at all mentioned in the entire Bible. One of the 100% proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

047 14/32c: "It is Allah Who - - - sendeth down rain from the skies - - -". See 11/7a above. According to science this is done by nature - if not Islam proves, proves, otherwise.

048 14/32d: "- - - it is He (Allah*) who hath made the ships subject to you, that they may sail across the sea by His command - - -." No comments. And none necessary.

049 14/34a: "And He (Allah*) giveth you (Muslims*) of all that ye ask for". A questionable claim - we have met a lot of dissatisfied Muslims.

050 14/34b: "- - - if ye (people*) count the favors of Allah, never will ye be able to number them". Similar often claimed, but never proved. The fact is that there never through all times has been ones single proved case of Allah giving favor to anybody. Also see 11/7a above.

051 14/35b: “Remember Abraham said: ’O my Lord! Make this city (Mecca*) one of peace and security; - - - “. Abraham never visited Mecca. Besides: #########There was no city at the time of Abraham – this both according to reality and to the Quran. Remember how Hagar run back and forth there without finding people and without finding water. And even the nearby verse 14/37 mentions a valley, but no town. Mecca as a town was only some generations old at the time of Muhammad - some 2500 years after Abraham. Wrong and a contradiction with both the Quran and with reality. Also see 2/127a above and 14/35c just below.


Also remember that Abraham did not have the camel. The camel as a transport animal was not introduced in Abraham's parts of the world until some 1200 years later - and as a riding animal even later. Without the camel, to go back and forth between Canaan/Sinai where he lived and the dry valley of Mecca - through hundreds of frying hot desert - and with his huge flocks of animals, was not possible.

2 historical facts: The trade routes which later become Mecca's lifeline, were not established until after 800 BC - some 1000-1200 year after Abraham, which means there was nothing to live from in that totally barren valley at the time of Abraham (Mecca has on average 4.34 inches/110 mm rain a year - what a rainy place on Earth can have in 1 day. The rain mainly falls in small amounts during November, December, and January. Average temperature over the year 31 C/87F, average humidity 46.4% - both of which show that the rainwater quickly disappears). And there is not any kind of real proof for that Mecca existed until in the 4. century AD. This includes archeology. And one more point: Muslim sources we have not been able to confirm, tell that camel caravans out of Mecca started at the time of Muhammad's great grandfather, which in case roughly means at the end of the 400s AD or early in the 500s AD.

052 14/37a: "- - - I (Abraham*) have made some of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation - - -". It here is referred to Muhammad’s never documented claim that Ishmael - Abraham's son out of wedlock with the slave girl Hagar - settled in Mecca (which did not exist then, but now is situated in the dry, quite narrow desert valley). This is directly contradicted by the Bible, which clearly states that Ishmael and his descendants settled on the border of Egypt some place north of the Red Sea (1. Mos.25/18: "His (Ishmaels*) descendants settled in the area from Havilah to Shur, near the border of Egypt - - -"). And NB: This was written down at least 1ooo years before there was any reason for the writers not to give correct information. Also see 67/9c below - a strong one. But of course it is ok for Islam to prove - prove - the Bible wrong and the Quran right. But as we say: Prove, not just loose claims and as loose and invalid words like the Quran always use instead of proofs.

Another fact is that there lived tens of thousands of people in Arabia at the time of Abraham. Even if Abraham and Ishmael had settled in Arabia, they had made up less than one ten-thousandths of the "Arab forefather" - and in addition this less than 0.01% was much diluted by f.x. a large import of slave women from f.x. Africa (2/3 of the slaves imported to Muslim areas were women and children for the harems, and only 1/3 men. Slaves imported to the Americas were 2/3 men for work and only 1/3 women and children - also this 1/3 mainly for work, though plenty of exceptions happened.) Slave women were permitted for sex = there were children.

But to claim to descend from Abraham gave both Muhammad and his new religion weight. Such things have been done many a time through history.

Archeology has found nothing older than from after 300 AD in/around Mecca.

053 14/37ba "- - - the Sacred House - - -". This refers to the Kabah Mosque in Mecca. To take its history according to Islam:

It was originally built by Adam. Now, science and for that kind religion, believe that if Eden ever existed, it was in the wetlands of what is now South Iraq. All the same Adam went all the way from his home in or outside Eden, to this dry desert valley some months grueling march to the west, and built a big mosque there - what for we have never heard any Muslim explain. 

But during the Big Flood and during the millennia the mosque was destroyed. Some say that Noah repaired it, but that time passed and wore it down. When Ishmael grew old enough to be a helper - it is not said how old - Abraham, therefore, rebuilt the big mosque. No Muslim have ever explained us why he built it so big for just his own after all small family, or why he built it a thousand miles from where he lived - and thus a place where he and his family never could use it, and in a place where yet nearly no-one lived.

We also points to the fact that neither Adam, nor Noah, nor Abraham had the camel. How did they then travel those long and many miles through the horrible Arabian Desert? No Muslim have ever been able to explain us this - but then most Muslims are not aware of the problem, as "the Religion of the Truth" never tells its followers that Abraham did not have camels. Also: From where did those 3 learn the technology to build big stone constructions? F.x. the largest "buildings" Abraham according to the Bible made, were a few altars. And what about the time used? - to build one of the big stone churches in Europe easily took 20-30 years for highly qualified and sizeable work force. The two amateur stonemasons Abraham and Ishmael on the other hand seems to have built the Kabah in some weeks during one or a few of Abraham's claimed visits to see his son in that desert valley.

But new millennia took its toll. Some years before Muhammad became a Muslim, the Kabah was rebuilt. But the now rich merchant city could not afford to use the full foundations of Abraham - that big he had built his far of and far into the wilderness mosque for his family. The rich Mecca had to build smaller.

There are times one starts wonder what brainwashing - included religious such - does to a man's brain and his ability to use his brain.

The very plain story is that neither Adam, nor Noah, nor Abraham, nor any other Biblical person ever was in the Mecca Valley, not to mentioned built anything on a mosque there. But it is good propaganda as long as anyone believes it. Also see 2/127a above.

Also: Archeology has found nothing older than from after 300 AD in/around Mecca.

054 14/37ca: "- - - Sacred House - - -". Kabah Mosque in Mecca. One of the really strong proofs for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god - and Jesus and the other Biblical prophets not in the same religion as Muhammad. For Allah this is the most holy place on Earth. For Yahweh the place is so totally without any meaning and so totally non-interesting that it is not even mentioned in the Bible - and not one of the old Biblical prophets, included Jesus, ever uttered the smallest wish even for a visit or a hajj there. If Yahweh and Allah had been the same god, Kabah had had the same value for both of them. And if the old prophets, included Jesus, had had books similar to the Quran like Islam claims, they had known about Kabah and Mecca and the duty of making at least one hajj - pilgrimage - there.

Like said: The Kabah is one of the strong proofs for that things are seriously wrong in the Quran.

055 14/37d: "- - - regular prayers - - -". This demand for regular prayers - 5 times a day - was so essential for Allah (he even wanted more often according to Hadiths) that it became one of the 5 "pillars" of Islam. For Yahweh such formalism was so totally without any interest, that any similar rule is not at all mentioned in the whole Bible. One of the 100% for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

159 14/38b: "Truly Thou (Allah*) dost know what we (humans*) conceal and what we reveal: for nothing whatever is hidden from Allah - - -". See 2/233h above."

056 14/39e: "- - - the Hearer of Prayer (here indicated Allah*)!" One thing is that Allah can hear no prayers unless he exists. Another: Prayers what for - if what the Quran tells that Allah predestines everything years and decades and more on beforehand, and that nothing can change his predestination, prayers just is naive waste of time in Islam - they can change nothing.

057 14/40b: "- - - regular prayers - - -". This demand for regular prayers - 5 times a day - was so essential for Allah (he even wanted more often according to Hadiths) that it became one of the 5 "pillars" of Islam. For Yahweh such formalism was so totally without any interest, that any similar rule is not at all mentioned in the whole Bible. One of the 100% for that Yahweh and Allah are not the same god.

058 14/40c: "And accept Thou (here indicated Allah*) my (Abraham's*) prayer". What for? If everything is predestined like the Quran states many places, prayer have no effect - nothing can be changed.

059 14/41a: "- - - Thy (here indicated Allah*) Forgiveness - - -". Allah can forgive nothing unless he exists and is a god.

As for forgiving from Allah: Also see 2/187d above.

060 14/47a: "Never think that Allah would fail His messengers in His promise - - -". That will highly depend on if Allah exists, if he is behind the Quran, and if the Quran on top of this tells the full truth and only the truth. But good propaganda for stiffening up the power of Muhammad.

061 14/47b: "Never think that Allah would fail His messengers in His promise - - -". There never was a proved case neither of Allah giving a promise, nor of keeping one - neither to a prophet, not to anybody else. If such a proved case had existed, every person on this Earth had been told about it - and repeatedly.

062 14/47c: "- - - Allah is Exalted in Power - - -". Often claimed, not one single time in 1400 years unmistakably proved. (Jesus and Yahweh at least proved both their existence and their powers if either the Bible or the Quran or both tells the truth on this point.)

063 14/48d: "- - - Allah, the One, the Irresistible". Similar often claimed, but never proved - and words are cheap.

064 14/49-50: “And thou (Muhammad/Muslims*) wilt see the Sinners that day (Day of Doom*) bound together in fetters - their garments of liquid, and their faces cowered with Fire”. A bad place and distress similar to the most painful possible on Earth. Also see 3/77b above.

We may add that Muhammad at least once murdered a man (Kinanan) by spreading him out on the ground and lighting a fire on his chest, to make him tell where Muhammad could find riches to steal - - - and then he raped Kinanan's young wife, Safiyya bint Huayay, the same night. #####Muhammad - the ultimate moral idol in Islam.

065 14/52a: "Here is a message (the Quran*) for mankind - - -". Ok, but from whom? No god ever was involved in a book of a quality like the Quran, so who then? Dark forces? A sick brain? A cold brain? - or a combination of 2 or 3 of these?

066 14/52b: "- - - He is (no other than) Allah (the only god*) - - -". But see 2/255a above.

3104 + 66 = 3170 remarks.


Not formed like questions for proofs, but what needs to be proved normally easy to see all the same. And: References you do not find here, go to "1000+ Comments on the Quran".

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This work was upload with assistance of M. A. Khan, editor of islam-watch.org and the author of "Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery".