Much can be said about Islam. Our book "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran" lists 1700+ wrong facts (the likely correct total number is some 2000), and all together some 3000+ errors and contradictions (a special kind of errors). Plus Muhammad lies at least a few times in the Quran.

Islam also is the religion of dishonesty - it is the only one of the big religions which accepts the use of dishonesty. Yes, when it comes to defending or promoting the religion, Islam even advices you to use dishonesty "if necessary" - al-Taqiyya (the lawful lie), Kitman (the lawful half-truth), Hilah (the lawful pretending/circumventing) all are integrated and formalized parts of the religion, and of its moral code. The same go for deceit and betrayal, as Muhammad accepted this and used it - remember his words "war is deceit" and "war is betrayal" and f.x. his slaughtering of the peace delegation from Khaybar. Even oaths can be disused and broken (2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2) - pay expiation later if necessary. (How to trust Islam and unknown Muslims, when one knows about these rules?)

And dishonesty is not only limited to daily life in Islam, but also part of their claimed holy book, the Quran. There are at least a few lies in there. F.x. Muhammad some places tells that the reason why Allah did not prove himself or Muhammad's connection to him, by making some miracles, was that it would make nobody believe anyhow - and this after he had told about Pharaoh Ramses II's sorcerers, who all became devoted Muslims because of a couple of small miracles made by Moses, and after he knew about the effect miracles had on the followers of Jesus.

Accepted dishonesty in the Quran and Islam is not only in words, but also in deeds - stealing, etc. One may camouflage stealing and extortion during and after wars by words like "looting", etc., but there is no way of hiding that it is stealing, and especially so when one self initiates the raids. There also is no way of hiding that such stealing was and is not only permitted by the Quran and Muhammad, but the accepted and normal payment for the Muslim warriors later - and a mighty incitement for Muslims to take part in raids and wars. And a main source for the young Islam to finance itself, its bribes, etc. Perhaps the most clear "ok" one finds in 8/69: "But (now) enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good". An extra distasteful aspect is that it must be stolen in the name of the god - = during/after "holy" war/jihad - to be entirely lawful.

Similar goes for rape. It is very clear in the Quran that it is permitted to rape slaves and captives of "holy" wars - we may again quote 8/69: "But (now) enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good". But there are other verses which are even more direct, + the fact that Muhammad himself raped at least 2 captives (Rayhana bint Amr and Safiyya bint Huayay), which makes it completely lawful and morally ok - whatever Muhammad said and did is completely ok and sound moral for any Muslim to do. F.x. more than 200ooo MUSLIM girls and women were raped by Pakistani soldiers during the short war in Bangladesh in 1971 - and those only are the official numbers. And that was not even a "holy" war. Also where Muslims live in other cultures, Muslims are over-represented in making hit-and-run rapes (likely because rape of captives is rather accepted in the Quran + non-Muslims are sub-humans, also this according to the Quran).

As bad: Similar goes for slave taking, slave trading, and slave keeping, included sex slavery. All of this is ok in the Quran, and as Muhammad himself practiced all 4 of these aspects of slavery, all 4 are morally ok - also according to the moral code in the Quran, and lawful according to the Sharia laws (which Islam fights to introduce where they are not already accepted). At present western ideas have made official slavery impossible, but that is secular laws forced on Islam from the outside, not the everlasting religious Sharia laws. Mauritania did not prohibit slavery until in unbelievable 1982, and did not make it a punishable crime until in even more unbelievable 2007. And ca. in 2010 we saw a report from UN telling that there were 24 million slaves or people living under slave-like conditions in the world - a sizeable percent of them in Muslim areas. How much are you willing to bet that slavery will not reemerge if Islam gains world domination? - and world domination and suppression of all non-Muslims is their official goal according to several points in the Quran ("till they pay jizya (extra tax*) with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued" (9/29)). Apartheid, to say the least of it.

Also there is the infamous acceptance of sex with children - pedophilia. As this was practiced by Muhammad - with his favorite wife, the child Aishah - there is no doubt: It morally is completely ok and impossible to get real acceptance for forbidding it. There is no lower age limit in the Quran, but it surely is ok from the girl is 9 years old, because that was when Muhammad started sex with Aishah. (Nowadays many Muslims try to claim or "prove" she was older, and strangely all of them try to claim she was 17 - the lowest age where you for sure can say it was not pedophilia even when the man was much older (Muhammad was well over 50) - but her real age is too well documented).

And there is the dark chapter of war - included raids for riches and captives for extortion or slavery. Islam was quite peaceful until after Muhammad had fled to Medina, and there started as a robber baron. Then Islam suddenly changed from peaceful to a brutal religion of war- a large and deep change Islam NEVER mentions - which clearly orders that one shall use any means of warfare to gain victory and riches - cfr. f.x. Muhammad torturing of Kenana (or Kinana) ibn al-Rabi to death in 628 AD, to make him tell where there were riches to be stolen. In a way worse: All the 4 Sunni (and as far as we know also in Shi'ia) schools of law, told that the fact that the opponent was non-Muslim, was good enough reason to declare "holy" war - Jihad - and in a Jihad you can do practically anything you wish, as the clear order is: Use any means to win. And afterwards the conquered riches and people belongs to you, and you may do at least practically anything you like to it/the victims (nearly the only thing prohibited, is to rape a pregnant woman).
Also Islam is the religion of terrorism: 80-90% of all terrorism in the world, is done by Muslims. Remember here the Quran's order: Use any means to win. Any means.

Another point: All the errors, contradictions in the Quran - see f.x. "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran" - prove that Islam's slogan "Islam is the Religion of Truth" is wrong. (And strangely Islam and Muslims seldom claim that "Islam is the Religion of Honesty" - but with al-Taqiyya, Kitman, Hilah, etc. and disuse of even oaths ok, that would be difficult.)

It also is worth mentioning that the Quran contains lots of slander and slanderous names against all non-Muslims - worth remembering when Islam or Muslims complain about negative words about themselves; for one thing they started it themselves, for another few use as strong words about Muslims as the Quran some places use about non-Muslims, and not least: The slander in the Quran is the official point of view of Islam, not private words like most said by non-Muslims about them. (All this worth remembering if you are brought to a court for slandering Islam or Muslims - it is difficult to for the judge to judge you, if you prove that the official Islam and its Quran uses stronger slander and worse against all non-Muslims. ####An extra point: Islam is now (2014) working for to have UN prohibit "slander of other people's religion". They should choose their words carefully not to have the Quran prohibited if they succeed - it contains a lot of partly hard slander against all non-Muslims and their religions.)

Any Muslim claiming that "Islam is the Religion of Pease", either has never read the complete Quran, is brainwashed, or knows he/she is lying. The surahs from Medina - which are the dominant ones according to Islam's rules for so-called abrogation - are plainly and purely (though not only) preaching a harsh and inhuman religion of war. Fight for Allah and the leader, use any - any - means to win, treat the opponents and captives and other victims just the way you like - and steal anything you want, but remember: 20% to Allah/the leader. To steal from and destroy the lives of fellow human beings in the name of the god, is pretty disgusting - or stronger - for people from normal cultures. But you find no kind of empathy in the Quran, except some with fellow Muslims.

Also: All the errors in the Quran - see f.x. "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran" - prove that the Quran is not from a god. No god makes a "holy" book full of errors - yes, no omniscient god makes errors at all. All the errors in the Quran also may be one of the reasons why Islam demands blind belief, no difficult questions, and "believe like your father" (= "taqlid").

Further: As the Quran provably is not from any god - no omniscient god would deliver a claimed holy book of that quality - also the claimed god al-Lah/Allah is a made up Pagan god, unless Islam provides real proofs for the opposite. This even more so as al-Lah/Allah perhaps just is another name for Hubal. (Mecca bought an expensive statue named Hubal, representing the main god, from further north, and then placed it in the Kabah temple - now mosque. It is unclear if they also imported a new main god, or if Hubal was the name only of the statue, and the statue really represented the main god = al-Lah/Allah in Mecca. Even though nothing is proved neither for nor against, scientists tend to believe the latter, partly because there normally was only one male god in a temple - added female god(s) ok, but normally only one male one, and then there would not be room for both the male al-Lah and the male Hubal. Another point concerning Allah/Hubal: As the statue Hubal was brought from the north, where the Ba'al culture flourished, it is possible (though not proved) that Hubal was connected to the Ba'al culture. Ba'al means Lord or something like that, and Hu-Bal or He-Bal may be translated to "Our Lord".

We also remind you that both Islam (strongly against their wish and will) and science strongly have proved that the never documented Muslim claim that the Bible is falsified, is wrong. The Quran also indirectly, but very clearly, proves that if the Bible had been falsified, it could not have been done until after the year 33 AD - and science has many old manuscripts and fragments that the present Bible is identical to the old texts. (Next time you meet claims from Muslims, demand that they prove their words; not one of the central religious claims in Islam is proved by a valid proof.)

To sum up:

Samples of Muhammad lying in the Quran. (Lying = untrue claims). See saparate chapter.
Islam is the Religion of the 10ooo Never Proved Claims.
Islam is the Religion of the 3ooo Errors.
Islam is the Religion of the may be 2ooo Wrong Facts.
Islam is the Religion of the Claimed "Holy" Book with at least Some Lies.
Islam is the Religion of Dishonesty - Trade mark of Cheats and Deceivers.
Islam is the Religion of Dishonest words - al-Taqiyya, etc.
Islam is the Religion of Accepted Deceit according to Muhammad.
Islam is the Religion of even Disuse of Oaths.
Islam is the Religion of Unreliable words.
Islam is the Religion of a Never Proved God.
Islam is the Religion of the Never Proved, Only Claimed Messenger.
Islam is the Religion of the Claimed "Holy" Book Proved Not from any God.
Islam is the Religion of Proved Wrong Slogans - f.x. "Religion of Truth".
Islam is the Religion of Invalid "Signs" and "Proofs" - Trade mark of Cheats and Deceivers.
Islam is the Religion of Blind Belied and "Taqlid".
Islam is the Religion of Accepted Stealing.
Islam is the Religion of Accepted Slave Taking and Extortion.
Islam is the Religion of Accepted Sex Slavery/Harems.
Islam is the Religion of Accepted Rape.
Islam is the Religion of Accepted Pedophilia.
Islam is the Religion of Suppressed Women
Islam is the Religion of Suppression of All Humanity = it’s Official Goal.
Islam is the Religion of Apartheid - based on Religion.
Islam is the Religion of Extortion - Jizya from all Non-Muslims is its Official Goal.
Islam is the Religion of Discrimination - based on Religion ("Feel Themselves Subdued").
Islam is the Religion of Discrimination - based on Gender.
Islam is the Religion of Slander.
Islam is the Religion of no Empathy, except some with fellow Muslims.
Islam is the Religion of Aggression.
Islam is the Religion of War.
Islam is the Religion of Religious War for Riches, Rape, Power - and Slaves in the older times.
Islam is the Religion of Inhumanities in War and Terror.
Islam is the Religion of Terrorism - order: "Use any means".
Islam is the Religion of a Made Up "Holy" Book - If Islam does not PROVE Otherwise.
Islam is the Religion of a Made Up God - If Islam does not PROVE Otherwise.
Islam is the Religion of a Pagan God - If Islam does not PROVE Otherwise.
Islam is the Religion for the apartheid elite - the Muslim man, and especially the warrior.

Just pick what slogan(s) you like - they are all correct.
What seldom is claimed is:
"Islam is the Religion of Honesty".

As mentioned above: Our list is not complete. If you search in the Quran, you will find more. Especially in the first half or a bit more of the Quran, we were a bit "conservative" with what to include. We also mention that you will find more which need proof in chapters like "Unclear language in the Quran", "Free will for man?", "The Carrot and the Stick", etc. Also points relevant to the Bible needing proofs mostly are placed in the book "Yahweh/God, Jesus, and his disciples in the Quran", etc., and of course most of the clear errors mostly are placed in "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran". Nearly nothing in the Quran - and exactly none of the central points - is proved by a valid proof (on the contrary much is proved wrong).

But to build one's life and one's hope for a perhaps everlasting next life on tales to a large degree "borrowed" partly from legends, wrongly retold stories, and even made up stories from another religion, plus even from fairy tales, and partly on stories and legends borrowed from one's own old and neighboring pagan religions + a former pagan god and local old pagan rites, all told by a man who provably believed in the use of dishonesty, cheating, deceit, and lies as working tools, and a man who liked power + riches for bribes for more power - and women, and where in all this nothing of any essence is proved correct - not one point - whereas a lot is proved wrong - well, to build one’s life and hopes for a next life only on such "taqlids", and against proved facts telling things are seriously wrong in the religion and in its claimed holy book, takes a lot of naivety and, yes, "taqlid" (blind acceptance of what the fathers claim is the truth, "because so our fathers and grandfathers were told, and then it must be true").

Points which we find clearly wrong, we often omit from this book and instead list them in our books "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran" and/or "1000+ Comments on the Quran". If you disagree and think a point is not obviously wrong but needs proofs, or if you discuss with Muslims who claim the point(s) is/are right, go to those two books, and nearly always you will find a comment on or information about the point in one of those two - or in both.

You will find many, many repetitions. This is because the Quran has many, many repetitions. (We have not commented on quite all repetitions, though, (except on nearly all in "1000+ Comments on the Quran")).


When you listen to a person you know is reliable, within wide limits you accept for truth what he or she tells. The same if you do not really know the person, but reliable persons tell he is reliable. Or when you see that most of what he tells, is what you from before know is the truth, you are willing to accept that what he tells which is new to you, also may be the truth. If there is no reason to disbelieve, you accept what is said - at least until new information or facts may indicate that things are wrong - and you only demand proofs if there are reasons for to demand so.

The case is different if there are reasons for doubting the person's reliability - not to mention when you know he/she is unreliable, and also when you see that much of what he/she tells, is wrong. F.x. when it is clearly documented that the person accepts the use of dishonesty as a working tool - like both the Quran and the Hadiths surely prove that Muhammad did. Al-Taqiyya (lawful lie), Kitman (lawful half-truth), Hilah (lawful pretending/circumventing) - the names likely are younger than Muhammad, but building on his words. Not to forget deceit, betrayal, and breaking of words and promises and even oaths (2/225, 5/89, 16/91, 66/2), which all were accepted and at least partly used and advised to be used by him, if that gave better results, according to the Quran and to Hadiths. Even in the Quran there are cases where Muhammad did not only lie, but had to know he lied.(He f.x. told about the pharaoh's sorcerers who became believing Muslims only because of a small miracle Moses made, but he all the same claimed that the reason why Allah did not prove himself by making a few miracles, was that miracles would make nobody believe anyhow.)

It is naive in the extreme to believe that a man with such a moral code "may have lied to or deceived 'the others', but never done so to 'us'". And this becomes extra naive when the man has strong motives for lying or bluffing - motives like wish for respect, strong wish for power, strong wish for riches for bribes for more power - and for women. If you blindly believe such a person without demanding proofs for his claims, etc., you only have yourself to thank for being cheated. In the case of Muhammad, there is the extra fact that many a man have used religion to gain power - and for that case women - so that there is an extra reason for looking out for deceit.

Therefore it is a very relevant fact that most of the contents in the Quran just are claims and statements and stories, etc. which are not proved - not one central religious claim or statement in the Quran is proved by valid proofs; "A proof is one or more proved facts which can give only one conclusion".

Because of this, we below have listed points in the Quran which need proofs to be believed by rational, educated, and not brainwashed brains of reasonable quality.

Beware that the list is not complete, that we mostly have omitted the borderline cases (there are plenty all the same), and that we have omitted most - not all - plainly wrong points (see "1000+ Mistakes in the Quran" and "1000+ Comments on the Quran for these), and most points where the reason for questioning is divergence from the Bible - see our book about Yahweh/God and Jesus in the Quran, and the chapter about Muhammad claimed to be found in the Bible, in our book about Muhammad in the Quran (we here repeat that both science and Islam strongly have proved that in spite of the Quran's never proved claim that the Bible is falsified, that claim is not true - proved wrong by the fact that in some 44ooo relevant manuscripts and fragments older than 610 AD (when Muhammad started his mission), neither science, nor Islam, has found even one falsification relevant for the present Bible. Some errors and some mistakes normal for hand-written manuscripts, yes, proved falsification not one - guess if Islam had screamed about it if there ever was one, but nobody ever heard such a scream.)

You further will find a number of the points in the Quran where the texts - mostly according to Islamic information literature - are unclear or with more than one possible meaning ("different ways of reading" to quote Islam. There are many such points in the Quran. For one thing they make one more strong proof for that the book is not from any god - no god is so helpless and unclear when explaining things, and especially so when he(?) time and again stresses that the texts are clear and easy to understand = to be understood like the words say (= literally), if nothing else is clearly indicated. For another they totally kill the Islamic argument that the language in the Quran is so outstanding, that only a god can have made it - to blame this helplessness and vagueness and unclear tales on a god, is slander and sullying and heresy. And for the third: Even though the language in the book to a far too large degree is at late primary school level (except for parts of the linguistics which was polished by the best Islamic linguists for some 250 years (from ca. 650 AD till ca. 900 AD)), it is very clear that - like said just above, but repeated here because Islam disuses claims about the language in the Quran so much; the maker of the Quran states time and time again and also stresses that the language in the book is plain, simple, easy, and to thus to be understood literally if nothing else is indicated. He simply intends the texts to be plain and easy to understand. Such a maker does not wrap up the majority of his meanings in difficult to guess parables, etc. This fact therefore "kills" also the many, many "explanations" form Islam and from Muslims claiming that mistakes, etc. in the Quran are not mistakes, but parables or allegories, etc., where one has to guess the meaning, and guess only for meanings - logical or illogical or wrong - which makes the Quran look ok. (There is much of this in Islam's and in Muslims' debate and propaganda.)


Beware that we mostly do not stress exactly what in the quotes below needs to be proved, but normally that is easy to see anyhow.

You will find many repetitions. The reason is that the Quran repeats and repeats and repeats itself - it is not good literature that way, too - and we have to follow its texts.

Much (or most) of the texts in the Quran just are claims, statements, etc. which never were proved - actually not one single central religious point in the Quran is proved. Worse: We have below listed much which needs proofs to be believed by rationally thinking minds, but read the Quran and you will find more. If not Islam brings forth proofs, all and every one of the texts we quote - and more - from the Quran in this book, are from questionable or even unreliable to invalid or plainly wrong.

Add these unreliable and worse points to some 3000+ clear mistakes, contradictions, etc. in the Quran, included some 2ooo wrong facts, plus at least a few lies, and you get a divine(!!??) book which is quite a basis for a religion, for hope for the possible next life, and for a Paradise - and what a literally royal Paradise!

Even some backward and primitive pagan religions are not so strongly proved - proved - wrong as the Quran and its Islam are. In addition many religions also have divine, not only royal Paradises.

############################### And we repeat: A fact - and serious point - is that to "explain" that the Quran means something different from what it really says, is to corrupt it.
But remember: Even though Islam is a harsh religion, and built only on a book which itself proves (by means of all its mistakes, contradictions, helpless language (except the linguistics - polished by top linguists for some 250 years), some lies, etc.) that it is not from any god, and definitely not from any good and benevolent god (it is a distaste, discrimination, hate and war religion), and even though this results in a harsh and pretty inhuman culture - all the same you shall not judge Muslims bad, just because they are Muslims. The majority are just as human as you and me. Of course it may be difficult to know who is good and who is bad, and this may merit some care towards unknown Muslims, but the majority are as human as anybody else.

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This work was upload with assistance of M. A. Khan, editor of and the author of "Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery".