Islamic Disuse and Twisting, Etc. of Sciences:

G:  Geography


G1.  (Sample from “Examine The Truth” - ETT).

“The Quran states that there are internal waves (in the sea*) in chapter 24/40”.

What verse 24/40 says about waves is: “- - - overwhelmed with billow topped by billow - - -“. There is not one word in the Quran about internal anything at all in the sea. And anyone who has seen really rough see, recognize the picture of sea really in uproar: Enormous waves topped by smaller waves, topped by even smaller ones – up to 4 times.

ETT also claims that as the expression “in a - - - ocean”, is used, it means internal. But “in a - - - ocean” refers to the darkness deep down there. It is not said that the billows are down there. Also what is told is above the billows, is not more water, but the clouds = it is billows on the surface.

Islam and its Muslims  often have problems with the rules for making logically correct conclusions, and they also often seem to be unable to - or do not want to - see the difference between words like “a coincidence”, “possible”, “perhaps”, “probably”, “likely”, etc., etc., and the word “proof”. If they like a point, they use it or twist it and name it “a proof”. But a definition for a proof is: “A proof is one or more proved facts which can give only one conclusion”. Here the underlying fact – that Muhammad meant internal waves – is not proved (actually it is highly likely he just described storm billows), and in addition more than one conclusion (f.x. also the far more likely one that Muhammad was describing the surface of a really rough sea) is possible. ETT’s claim is invalid as a proof.

G2.  (From “The Scientific Evidence That God (Allah*) Exists - - -“, by H. A. El-Najar (HAN)):

“And the Earth, after all, He (Allah*) made it egg-shaped”(he shows to 79/30). HAN claims that this proves that the Quran knew the real shape of the Earth hundreds of years before science (though some 900 years after the Greeks). And this is a claim one frequently met, but more seldom today as too many know the reality.

One thing is that Earth is not egg-shaped. It is oval with the diameter from pole to pole some 13 miles (some 21 km) shorter than the one at equator.

By far more serious here is that the original Arab text does not talk about an egg, but about a nest. (HAN here refers to modern North African Arab language – we have not checked on that, because the Quran was not written in modern f.x. Libyan Arab, but in Arabian Arab from around 650 AD). The original text of the Quran here compares the Earth to the nest of an ostrich – and such a nest simply is a piece of flat earth. But one translator to English, Rashad Khalifa, instead wrote “an ostrich’s egg”. And “voila” and wonder and miracle: At once a lot of Muslims had a proof for that the Quran had miraculous knowledge.

We may add that of the 60+ translations to English and the hundreds to other languages, as far as we know all except Rashad Khalifa use words for flat here – and that also Islam does not reckon him to be among the good translators.

And not least: The old Greeks knew that the Earth was a globe – they even knew a reasonably correct diameter. And as the Arabs got most of their “scientific knowledge” from Persia and from Greece, it had been no proof for divine knowledge even if Muhammad had said it was a sphere – or an egg.

We may also add that for Muhammad it was such a matter of fact that the Earth was flat, that the shape of the Earth nowhere in the Quran really is specified. But every time it is compared to something, it is compared to something flat – a fact HAN forgets(?) to mention. As mentioned before: Honesty and truth is not always the main target for Muslims in religious debate, but to “prove” by honest or dishonest (al-Taqiyya, Kitman, Hilah, etc.) means that the Quran is the truth and from a god.

G3.  (From “wireclub “/topix/religion”).

“Merging (of day/night – night/day*) here (31/29) means that the night slowly and gradually changes to day and vice versa. This phenomenon can only take place if Earth is spherical”. In reality, yes (sphere or cylinder, in the Quran no. In the Quran it is told that night and day follows their courses – they move. And if night and day moves, you may get exactly the same effect on a flat Earth.

And even if the Quran had said Earth was round, it would not prove divine knowledge – the Greek had found out this some 900 years earlier, and Arabia got much of their knowledge from Greece.

Thus there are at least 4 possible conclusions/explanations:

·      Earth is spherical and Muhammad got that information from Allah.

·      Earth is a cylinder with the sun over its “equator”.

·      Earth is flat and day and night moves along in their trajectories, like the Quran really tells.

·      Earth is spherical, and Muhammad got that information from Greek knowledge.

With 4 possible conclusions, this is no proof (“A proof is one or more proved facts which can give only one conclusion”). This even more so as it is not proved that Muhammad meant a sphere – he overwhelmingly sure just described what he saw each morning and evening.

G4.   (From “The Scientific Evidence That God (Allah*) Exists - - -“, by H. A. El-Najar (HAN)):

Verse 24/40 tells that there is darkness (not “black”, but darkness) deep down in the oceans. As nobody could dive that far down at that time, HAN claims that this must be a proof for divine knowledge in the Quran.

But you do not have to go all the down there to see if there is darkness there – just as you do not have to go inside a big barn to see if it dark inside. If a door of the barn is open, you can see from a long distance if there is darkness inside. F.x. anyone swimming in the ocean with his/her eyes under the water will see the darkness down there.

This “proof” is too primitive and naïve to comment any more on.

G5.  (From Mission Islam/The Scientific Miracles of the Quran – short: MI/SMQ).

“He (Allah*) wraps the night up in the day, and wraps the day up in the night”. The fact aside that science tells it is nature which makes night and day, MI/SMQ claims this shows that the Quran tells the Earth is globular – a claim way above my head (and according to my university I have an IQ well above normal). No matter what form Earth had had – even flat – there would be night and day if the Earth moved spinning around the sun like it does (but around a diameter). Unless MI/SMQ explains better, this is a totally invalid “proof”. This even more so as Muhammad did not need any divine knowledge to describe what he saw outside his own door every morning and evening.

What MI/AMQ in addition conveniently “forgets” to mention, is that every place in the Quran where Earth is compared to something, it is compared to something flat. The Earth in the Quran – and in Muhammad’s descriptions – was flat, just like the Arabs believed at that time. (That the Earth was flat, was such a matter of fact, that the shape of the Earth is not even specified in the Quran.)

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